...The Rose of Heaven...

Alexander Volenski


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The Vesuvian's

Love Verse 96, (C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski

Love Verse 96, is a book of analogy's and essays on various subjects:
love, nature, the cosmic, music, famous authors/authoress's, etc.;
an interesting piece of information and thoughts.

The following is an unedited excerpt from Love Verse96.
Topic: Mount Vesuvius, Italy.

The Vesuvian

The rose of heaven
the tree-heath
the madonna lily white
the spike lavender
the love-in-a-mist blue and white
the butcher's broom greenish flowers
the savory
the rosemary
the snapdragon
the red-valerian
cork oak

Yes, the list is long
of that which is to be seen growing
on the land and shore next to a sea,

Mediterranean, a sea which is seen
every moment day and night
from Mount Vesuvius,
unless blanket clouds appear.

Vesuvius is of Campania,
Campania the region of southern Italy
on the Tyrrhenian Sea near Naples;
is of the ancient Oscan People and language.

Vesuvius also is of before the Oscan,
as a Mother of God might be,
Vesuvius of the absolute,
of the "first,"
of the true,
also of the site.

Vesuvius is of the Vesuvian spirit
Vesuvian soul
Vesuvian Angelic
Vesuvian wonder
Vesuvian temperament;
Vesuvius is to be remembered,
not to be forgotten.

The Vesuvius realm is a kingdom ancient,
and also of classical,
a dominion which has also received much ash,
volcanic ash and fire-lava...
smoke and fire,
as sent from a lofty site
of heaven.

Pompeii knows full well
how a rain storm of fire can be,
as so too does Herculaneum and Stabiae,
surrounding cities of Naples,
all near to the foot of Mount Vesuvius.

These cities and people
all know truly what 10yards deep of lava can do,
as in the eruption of 79AD,
such is the record of history.

And so too there is another record of history
as in the ancient Biblical:

 and the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,
 and the leopard shall lie down with the kid;
 and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together;
 and a little child shall lead them.
                    Bible, Isaiah 11:6

Long ago a man from Spain one day said to me,
"when a human is born,
the window of their sight
is very small and narrow,
and as they grow
that window eventually becomes
wider and wider."

A man born of Sicily, one day did say to me,
"and who am I,
what am I, and who are they?"

Long ago a woman born of America did ask me,
"what kind of a planet is this?"

And what is this 'who and they,'
what is this 'small window and large,'
'what is this planet'?

How do we view Vesuvius,
and what did Isaiah mean 11:6;
it is difficult to understand,
and who will take the time to think these things out?

Perhaps these things,
words (comments) questions
from Spain and Sicily and America,
two men and a woman,
biblical writings,
have nothing to do with this life...
windows of sight, understanding,
who and whom and they,
what kind of planet.

Perhaps..."I am,"
is all that matters;
and what did that word 'am'
mean to the Oscan of Campania?

Perhaps..."this moment,"
is all that matters,
and the other expressions and questions
merely small side-paths
and nothing else.

A view through a window,
and a woman did ask;
and I wonder of how I answered her that day,
for surely I did say to her,
"what kind of planet is this...
it is a convalescent planet,
everybody has a problem."

And what causes a problem,
what allows a problem to continue,
what helps it exist and multiply,
is it the problem,
or is it merely the way of thought?

What does a Spaniard,
a Sicilian,
a Beautiful Woman,
a Vesuvian,
say about the cause of a problem,
and what is the ancient problem
which hovers over us in the present;
black foreboding cloud!

Parmenides (c450BC),
in his poems may have expressed it clearly
2500yrs ago,
something about:
 'beware of the naming of things,
  and also of the opinions.'

Thus, a short message of importance
from one of the ancient scholars,
a message ignored completely,
as history is proof.

Do we read and acknowledge,
do we think and relate,
do we take the time to understand,
do we attempt to clear away obstacles;
surely such things must be done
if we are to find the answers
to the expressions of the
Spaniard, Scilian, American Woman,
Isaiah, Parmenides, and the Vesuvian.

Windows small and large,
who am I,
what am I, and who are they,
what kind of a planet is this;
what is the ancient problem,
what is the ancient key,
what did Isaiah mean,
what is this naming of things;
and how to find and understand.

Is it all in a simplicity
which is so simple it is seen,
yet still remains invisible?

Perhaps the invisible is only seen
by a little child who leads.
And if that is true, and also understood,
surely one does (or should) find a tear to suddenly appear.

But let us move on to Mount Vesuvius
and see what there is to see.

And two lovers (she and he) climb a path,
a path which does reach the upper region
Mount Vesuvius;
the air misty and cool,
and as they traverse,
so too does much feeling and thought
lead them.

As they ascend
visions do arrive in mind
while each step does follow the other;
and the open-way now slowly does begin
to communicate and express through to them,
does speak and begin to converse as within them.

'she thought of a blueness,'
veil of blue-glaze sky and air,
and then whiteness,
and suddenly a blue then white butterfly
came fluttering near her,
and she did smile and felt much joy
from the flutter view blue & white.

'he thought of a whiteness'
then a blueness,
and suddenly a fiery dragon appeared
within his imaginary-mind,
and the dragon was large-heavy,
and when it moved it shook the ground
and smoke and fire came from its mouth.

The butterfly and dragon,
the blue and white,
she and he,
all together on a path...
Mount Vesuvius.

She and he were two who did advance,
they were, 'Vesuvians';
two who did journey upon an open way.

And of the dragon and butterfly...
which one has more power,
and would/could a dragon catch a butterfly;
does a butterfly know more than a dragon?

As the Vesuvians continued to ascend
the surrounding mist became thin and vanished within
the now warm afternoon air.

And...other thoughts came to their minds also,
as simple answers rode a breeze or two,
ah...many answers and sensations of those two,
she and he,
imaginings and wonders of awe,
thoughts that surely would fill a book.

For with the simple step by step
within the clear and sunny air,
also came the clear open thought of thought
within the open clear simple moment to moment....

Then these two paused to rest, and sat on the ground near the path,
a place which was high up by the clouds,
and the land below could
be seen.

The woman then said as she smiled,
"the rose of heaven grows and blooms, pink is the flower."

The man nodded and said as he looked to sky,
"the rose of heaven blossoms and is sweet, green is the leaf."

And then together they said,
"the rose of heaven is a wonder blessed,
beautiful is the rose of heaven."
Then they smiled and nodded to each other,
and stood to continue their climb.

The day was now very sunny and calm, all very much at peace,
as also the rose of heaven which now was knitted to that afternoon;
an afternoon with shared words of love, words from the heart of two,
two loves Vesuvian.

How does one gather a glimpse into that which was (the Ancient time),
how does one see clearly, and feel that which did take place
on that open path, two loves Vesuvian.

And the history and Kingdoms, the many races and Empires,
which have passed beneath the heights of Vesuvius,
in truth, what real human value have they?

Have those who passed, found peace and compassion,
have they found what Isaiah 11:6 wrote of,
have they the rose-words of heaven
which two Vesuivians spoke of,
and have the human histories
sincerely tried to accomplish harmony for all;
have they searched to find the important?

What is the...'importance'?
Where does the real importance reside?
Is 'importance' linked to a beginning?

Does an afternoon walk within the highlands of Vesuvius,
by Vesuvians,
is that all which is important.
Are they the key,
are they still the importance?

Those two Vesuvians, and that which took place
there upon that mountain during those moments,
is that the 'essential importance'?

Is all the history
which follows that moment,
'the history which we see recorded
since that time,'
is that history merely a side-road,
and of no real significance...

I mean, where has that multitude of history,
where has it led too,
other than the pain and misery caused
by the destructive element of war and chaos.

Surely as we view the history of the Campania region,
and the thousands of years of bloodshed and misery,
of the warring and struggle just to survive,
of the luxury and wealth squandered by a select few,
surely as one views that history,
one will question the true significance of this time and place,
and also look to a eruptive Vesuvius.

So the Spaniard and Sicilian,
the Woman of America,
and the biblical script of Isaiah 11:6,
the poem words of Parmenides,
and the shared love words
of two Vesuvians on the mountain path,
what do they signify,
and are they the only key importance
to each and every day...
to each and every one of us;
and from them,
can we find the important key to our self
and the open way?

                                        This page created April 98