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Miss Love

Love Verse 96, (C)1996,(C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski

Love Verse 96, is a book of analogy's and essays on various subjects;
love, nature, music, famous authors/authoress's, etc.; an interesting
piece of information and thoughts.

The following unedited excerpt from Love Verse 96.

Miss Love

"...and what a system,
do you hear me,
what a system!"

"When I arrived here on an aura beam, traveling faster than light,
first I searched for my body, found it,
and then connected some of the blocked off wires,
ya, making myself WIRED, ever get wired...?
that's how it was for me."

Then that evening I walked outside and looked up into the sky, luckily
there wasn't any smog, the sky was clear...
...I didn't have to grok in order to see those stars on the other-
side of smog, stars...not Hollywood Stars, but the kind of stars
which glow in the night...

Where I come from, that kind of heavenly bliss is called,
"the star fields of Miss Love."

When was the last time you looked at the Big-Dipper or Aquarius and
Virgo, yes, the constellations have a way;
...when was the last time you looked to the Pleiades, Sister of Seven,
when was the last time you listened for the chimes of an aurora-
borealis northern-lights, or felt the sensation from a shooting star,
when was the last time you listened to your heart, or heard your
feelings speak of the stars, star meadows...Miss Love,
and how long will it be, when will it be, when you shall listen to
that which your were born to understand and be knowledgeable of, 
messages from those dear star fields, 'star meadows of...Miss Love.'

When was the last time you felt the grief and enduring sadness of the
stars, when was the last time you took time to listen to your heart
which ever calls to you, alone as you are, alone upon a planet adrift
in space, an alone planet in an alone solar-system, a system which
should have thriving life everywhere on every planet, on every moon,
on every asteroid; held planetary-reservation in space...the Earth...
'a region of the hidden-away zone.'

Do you remember how and why Australia, the land-down-under, was
populated by the British...sent their criminals there or anyone who
was creating social waves; the Victorian Age was quite a control too.

And what was done to the American Indians...savages they were called,
but no-one ever mentioned scalping was originally popularized by
white-traders who sold Indian scalps to the wealthy; and as to the
American Indians, savages uncivilized...they were eventually put on

And of course the Black African's who were brought to this country as
slaves...sold by their own people from that place called the
Gold-Coast, all part of something linked to the Golden-Triangle.

What do these things really mean, must be more than merely historical
data, criminals and Australia, scalps and reservations, golden
triangles and slaves...is that what this planet is all about,
criminals, reservations, slaves?

And WWII, with its huge concentration camps and the extermination of
the Jews, also the extermination of the Russian-People by the
Communist; 9 million Jews, 75 million Russians...whole city
populations exterminated, something which the Political-West knew all

Yes, the first half of this century was very much the exterminating
kind...alone planet, alone solar-system, isolated, corrupted, and why?

Ask yourself, "has that extermination trait really disappeared or gone
away?"  Or is it very near and ready to start again; and how will it
be this time?

(How would it be, it would probably be something like)
first get ride of the sick, disabled, aged, then the weak, poor,
and uneducated...
then the ugly, uncontrollable, natural.

Do you think this is all fantasy, something a writer has just thought 
up, something from a vivid SF-book...not at all; these are real acutal
extermination facts (or possibilities), which anyone can verify any
time...at least until the system control-censors delete that
(verification) part of history too, just like they have censored
so many other important things.

Ever ask yourself why (?), the JFK files are sealed, hidden away and
shelved, off-limits until sometime in the next Century; censorship at
its best is all around.

But, let's move on to other things, perhaps something brighter or more
sparkly, maybe some champagne or music, or even thoughts of that
beauty...'Miss Love'.

When was the last time you asked youreself why you were here, and what
the star-shine within its silent moment to moment really means to you,
'star meadows, Miss Love.'

It is weird how time has changed things and so quickly...for 999
Centuries plus, humanity has wandered the Earth either on foot, or
with horse and wagon, seeing the stars every night, nights to ask
self, "what do those sparkles mean to me?"

And now one Century out of a thousand...suddenly there's a difference,
why suddenly has this one Century stood-out from the rest?

Transportation unlimited, communications unlimited, and electric
lights/modern building, all of course designed to block the night sky;
everyone living inside a room, and those who might venture out in the
night and away from their television screen, cannot see the stars
anyway...to much smog.

In amongst all the glitter and modernism,
world domination and technology,
do we...does anyone ask...why one Century out of 999
has suddenly moved into space,
perhaps there is a systematic motive and more,
and what's the reason...who controls it...and is it, 'friend or foe?'

What are the odds, that only one of a thousand Centuries would
suddenly have all this technology?

That's ten-thousand years...?...or is my math off a little; you know
the point and what I mean...why the sudden change?

...Is it real or an illusion?  Could movieism be taking hold?
...What's the hurry up with technology all about?
Is something coming...?...grok, grok, grok.

And now since I mentioned champagne and nice music, and alluded to
that heavenly beauty...Miss Love, the Muse and verse within me says,
 "take five my friend,
  let's cruise."

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