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Alexander Volenski


The 'Journeys Saga' LINKS.

Volenski's page: This is the 'home site' of all Links.
Geneva: Chapter 1 of the novel...a European romance.
Genoa & Savona: Chapter 2 of 12...
Monte Carlo: Chapter 3 of 13...
Melody: Chapter 4...of the novel, 12 chapters total.
The Meeting: Chapter 5...Stilly & Harry meet..
Ibiza: Chapter 6...and the journey continues!
Crystal Dreams: Chapter 7...a sensual evening/moonlight.
The Child: Chapter 8.......
The Oasis: Chapter 9...autumn in the desert.
Dedicated Love: Chapter 10
The Winged Disc: Chapter 11...
The Blue Sapphire: Chapter 12...the 'journey' will continue one way or another.
Empathic Expressions: The 'home site' of the series...world mythology and ancient legends...18 locations on the planet.
Mount Rainier: The 'home site' of the nature book in 8 Chapters...a summer visit to Mount Rainier.
Wilderness Expressions: The 'home site' a series, 14 tape narrative recorded at a rough camp; the Pacific Northwest.
Journeys 2: The home-site of the book, 9-chapters.
Open-Publishing: Publishing/copyrights/licenses--important information.

Journeys of the Mind

Journeys of the Mind, (C)1994-2004 A. Alexander Volenski
Unedited Excerpts

This is the 'site' for the novel 'Journeys of the Mind'/12 chapters,
125,000 words/romance/love; the following a short introduction.

Location: Europe, Monte Carlo, Ibiza, ancient Egypt.

Also learn about the Winged Disc...'cosmic connections'?
There are a variety of theme's in this novel...and also it's a novel
of 'love' in which too there are a variety of theme's.

This is a story about Stilly and Harry.  Infatuation, passion, sensuality,
and loves magic casts an aura, a spell, sending these two lovers on a
journey beyond the social domination and authoritative untruths, rising
them both to a level were they find loves freedom far greater than either
ever imagined.

Journeys of the Mind is more than a romance fiction, it can also be a
kind of user friendly novel for looking into the mind and love; plus, it's
a book of values; a book of empathic fiction.  Styles: empathic, with 
vitalism, and polyphonic prose/poetry; there's a lot of poems included.

Journeys of the Mind is a romance about two people who together 
discover their love for each other to be a love entwined with the
ancient past, and the future; they discover a pinnacle mystery about
themselves and the love which they were born to preserve for all time.

Journeys of the Mind is an advanced novel of love...love the universal 
ingredient of which we all are born to enjoy and share with a special

It's all enjoyable and imaginative.

So follow the LINKS, and experience the 'journey',
the journey of love.

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