...It is warm and sunny in Ibiza...

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Journeys of the Mind, (C)1994-2004 A. Alexander Volenski

Chapter 6, unedited excerpts
Location: Ibiza, Spain...the island.
Characters: Harry & Stilly.
Time: Mid-June


  The Balearic Islands of Spain, lay together in the western Mediterranean,
with Ibiza, a southern island of that group.  Ibiza is an island with much
history, ancient history, an island controlled over the centuries by many
different races and conquerors, an island perhaps with hidden mysteries.
  Stilly and Harry arrived on Ibiza, at 10:15am, Dominique was waiting
with their car, map, and keys to the villa.  They thanked her and drove
away from the airport toward what they referred to as their romantic
getaway.  This was the first time either had been to this island of the 
Balearic', and later they would look upon their stay, as an immaculate
inception, for many extraordinary events were to take place which would
effect their lives forever.
  Like a poetic level which takes a single thought...forming it with feeling
and expression so it can touch the fibre of emotion, and embrace, share,
discover, and release stored passion, similarly, their new found love for
each other had taken such a poetic flight; and it now flew as upon billowy
cloud, carrying both (of them) with it, both soaring and clinging as in a daydream.
  ...The villa was built upon a small hill surrounded by grass and shrubs,
all on one level.  There were no neighbors, isolated it was, and very privately
it stood awaiting these two as they approached.  From a distance as they
drove, Stilly and Harry could see the villa placed remotely by itself
encircled with a cluster of tree and vegetation.  As they neared, the
villa's integrity and design qualities silently spoke through its architectural
style.  There appeared to be enchantment and charm which radiated from this home
located as it were alone atop small hill; a kind of fascination seemed 
present which allowed this abode to emerge as more than just a villa.
  They drove up the driveway and parked next to the door, both slowly
got out.  The steps of the entrance were stone and slate, and the entrance
itself was enclosed by an over-hanging protrusion built off of the roof
above the entry.  There was a large double arched door made of solid
planks of wood with straps of iron, Castilla, Medieval, was its guise;
the door appeared like something one would find upon entering a castle.
Carved deeply on the arch above the door were the words, "La Casa Sin Tiempo,"
(the house without time).
  Unlocking the door, they both entered; the scent within was sweet, almost
lusty, deep and earthy, fresh and cool.  The floor marble, alabaster and slate,
all polished-smooth glossy; large thick rugs covered here and there.  The
interior was very plush, well lighted, with bedrooms on opposite ends of
the house; the living area and kitchen made up the center of the dwelling;
and one sensed an energetic spirited presence resided there...
  ...Stilly stood for a moment in the living room looking through the
glass sliding doors and toward the patio and very green lawn beyond; how
like a picture or back-drop this view toward the outdoors emerged, almost
  ...Carrying in their baggage, Harry called out, "where should I put
your luggage?"  Stilly was in the kitchen, and looking back his way she
answered, "I think the bedroom on the left is for me."  Harry carried her
bags in and placed them next to the bed, then returned to the car.
  Leaving the kitchen, Stilly went to her bedroom.  It was very elaborate
and decorated in white and gold.  There was a round bed, and on it a white
spread with large red and white roses outlined in gold, the stems and leafs
of the roses a very brilliant green.  The rose pattern, a large circle
which the cut stemmed roses were laid out from, and in the middle of the 
circle, a golden disc; the roses alternated red and white.  All the furniture
was gold leaf, and the paintings on the white walls were framed also in gold.
Small paintings of birds, flowers, young girls in a meadow, sea shells,
and one framed gold cross carving with a swirled intricate sculptured 
pattern engraved on the cross's wooden surface.
  Turning from the bed and looking toward the patio doors, Stilly saw a 
small table next to the glass wall, with a statuette of a white dog upon
it, this figure was facing toward the outdoors, peering toward the lawn.
Seeing that, Stilly suddenly felt startled and surprised at the presence
of the dog motif, no-one knew of her dreams of a white dog with its formal
character.  Stilly let her feelings relax a moment and reasoned that this
figure was most probably a mere coincidence.
  The ceiling of the room was covered with a white cotton-silk material,
pleated with fan like folds which spread out from the head of the bed.
Above the headboard of the bed was a massive carving of wood, also covered
in gold leaf.  The carving depicted a naked kneeling man and woman, both
comely, beautiful the woman in shape and form, lean and handsome the man.
These two figures faced each other from the outer portion of the carving,
both kneeling on one knee with out stretched winged arms, they were holding
their heads down bending inclining their bodies toward a disc in the center.
The gold covering of the wood was polished in a luster that made these
two seem alive, for they had a aliveness similar to the marbled sculpture
figures from the Renaissance era in Europe.  The disc between the two
knelling forms was silver and about 3inches in diameter, a separate configuration
to the carving.
  Stilly moved closer to the bed and looked at this singular object in
silver.  The disc was metallic and not wood, and she realized it was an
individual creation.  In the center of the silver disc was a clear crystal,
half an inch in diameter, very polished and smooth; the disc was also
engraved with wings along its outer edge.
  ...Harry tossed his leather duffle bags on the king size bed and looked 
around his bedroom.  Dark rough cut wood and grey stone for the walls,
the bed and furniture were a dark wood and leather combination.  At the
foot of the bed a large iron and wood chest, it looked very old as though
it had been carried over many miles of rough terrain.  Looking above the
bed he saw a sword, it was hanging on wrought iron hooks and appeared to
be very old too, and he wondered if sword and chest had traveled together.
On the walls were paintings and ink drawings of battling men with swords,
war horses, fortress towers with rough landscapes, shields and tents in a
meadow of summer; colorful paintings too of distinguished men all dressed
in ancient attire surrounded by pretty women.  Next to the bed on the left
was a small table with a large wax candle, opposite on the right another
table with an alabaster oil lamp.  The floor of the room was entirely of stone
tile with several large woven rugs.
  ...Stilly was in the kitchen looking in the refrigerator when Harry walked
up behind her, and putting his arms around her as she leaned forward, he 
asked, "find anything good in there?"  "Lamb chops tonight, but where is the
champagne?"  "Probably in the bar, let's go see."  "Then explore," she
answered.  "That's the idea, maybe a walk on the beach if it's walkable,"
he added, letting go of her.  She turned and gave him a kiss, and then
they both walked together into the living room.
  ...[A few hours later]...Harry took her hand when they reached the path
which led in a steep descent for a short distance, curving to the left, small
clumps of foliage and rock were scattered here and there, they went slowly
looking their surroundings over as they went, and finally they reached
the shore.  The beach was pebbled, and as the surf came in, they could see
bits of seaweed floating on the water and also a few sea birds were gliding
in the distance over the waves.  The afternoon was very clear with just
a little breeze, the sea seemed to slumber in the warm air as it reflected
brightly back while they stood looking and listening to the surf as it
rolled in.
  ...(Finding a nice place on the beach)...Together they laid back and
Stilly put her head on Harry's shoulder as he placed his left arm around
her, then they both closed their eyes to take in the sun and have a little nap.
  Random patterns hovered in pictured quality, and seemed to appear with the
soft rolling sound of the waves coming in, each cascading swell sending
new and different impressions to their inner-visionary and listening
quintessence.  It was as though they both had stepped together into a land
conceived entirely within their own selves.
  ...And as kissing lips touch, they play together as upon the harp, the
harp of the mind, conveying the rhythm contained in two hearts, hearts
which now sang a song of lyrical encouragement.  "Do come dance with me
my love, do come and dance, and let us spin upon the floor of our delight,
do come dance with me my love, do come dance, and let us soar above the
isle of our joy, do come dance with me my love, do come dance, and let us
glide within the rhythm of our love, do come dance with me my love, do
come dance, and let us become two dancing love's as one, do come dance
with me my love, do come dance, and while we glide, let the melody of love
kiss us, oh yes, kiss us two to be as one, do come dance with me my love,
do come dance...."
  ...In the realm of their day-dream, all became clear and real as they met
within 'A Dreaming' where their dream-lines merged.  'He opened my eyes
and I opened his, all would be remembered, nothing forgotten, for this
was our dream of loving.  His hand knew where to find mine and how to hold
on until we kissed,' both being sent toward what is called, 'dream-awaking'.
  ...Come touch my lips, breathe into me love, while I kiss your mind with
pleasure, reach the top most sensation and together we will ever become
as one.  Loving her would bring me something in time that neither mind or
imagining could ever do.  Her desire took more of me each time we kissed,
and I could not help but want to kiss her more.
  ...Stilly and Harry both stood holding hands as they 'dreamed this dream'
together.  And suddenly they were inside a white glowing enclosure.  All was
whiteness, then in what appeared the center of a room, they saw an alabaster
stand that had a white pillow laying upon it.  The stand was a single pillar
about 4ft high, podium in appearance, it was there the silken pillow
rested.  Upon the pillow lay the golden necklace with blue sapphire gem,
they both moved closer, and as they did, the surroundings of the room
dimmed a little, and as the whiteness subsided, they both saw what appeared
to be a large computer panel with many small rectangular lights flashing
in colors of the rainbow.
  The panel was next to two long beds.  They walked passed the alabaster
stand with golden necklace and blue gem, and over to the bunks, to look
in.  What they saw were two people who resembled themselves, each in their
separate bed, and both appeared asleep and breathing.  Then turning to
gaze back from where they had just walked, they both saw Melody who now
entered the room.  Stilly and Harry continued holding hands as they watched
Melody, and it appeared she could not see them.
  Melody passed by the gem, only glancing at it, and walked over to the
two beds and peered at those two semblances, breathing and laying so still.
Then she moved closer to the panel and for a long time studied the flashing
lights, yet she touched nothing.  Then she turned and walked back toward
the way she had come, and on her way she stopped at the stand and gazed
at the necklace, then she picked it up and placed the blue gem necklace
around her neck.  Melody moved a few steps and seemed to disappear through
a misty-white door, and was gone.
  Stilly and Harry, both moved closer to the beds and computer panel, and
could see that these two people looked to be nearly identical in likeness
to themselves.  Upon the computer panel were inscriptions, however in a
language or symbol that neither could decipher.  Then everything faded,
and they both heard the sound of the surf rushing in, and their dream did
not stop...
  ...Stilly opened her eyes at the sound of his voice and spoke also,
"did you just experience what I did?"  Harry nodded, "yes, I think we just 
had a dream together."  ...Then Stilly asked, "what did you think of where
Melody took the gem?"  Harry was silent for sometime, then he theorized,
"I don't know what to think, yet it seems the gem is really connected
in some way to us."  "Getting at the truth of the matter," Stilly commented.
"Yes, and I think the reason Melody didn't see us was because we were just
spirits, what do you think," Harry asked.  Stilly paused for a moment and
then answered, "I think we both are of the same energy as the two who were
sleeping in that place, and perhaps we just rode in upon our own selves,
so to speak, and in that way were able to observe what Melody was doing
without her knowledge."  "Could be," Harry said nodding, "also, maybe Melody
is part of what this is all about, perhaps she is an important link placed
to help so we can understand and solve whatever we have to work out."
  It was quite obvious that Stilly and Harry could only speculate at this 
juncture of their understanding, for so many variables existed; it would take
time to fully see all as it was meant to be seen.  Stilly smiled, "dreaming
thoughts of you and me while we dozed here by the sea," and then she gave
Harry a long and lingering kiss...
  ...The human psyche, soul spirit mind, with a telepathic clairvoyance,
levitates within the human being, releasing perception unlimited; if only
we develop and learn to perceive.  The human psyche in many ways is like an
island unto itself, individualized, and that island characteristic loosens
itself or exists more freely seemingly, when placed upon an island atmosphere.
There is something self reassuring about a natural boundary such as a sea.
  ...Stilly and Harry finally returned to the patio, and after sitting down
poured out what remained of the champagne into their glasses which were resting 
on the table.  They sipped in silence both looking across the lawn, the trees on
the outside edge were showing shadows and a breeze fluttered against them.
Then an abrupt gust blew that seemed to disappear as quick as it appeared,
it was more like a bump of wind, and they both looked at each other, then
back to the lawn and trees.
  Unexpectedly in their silence, they both saw something move on the lawn,
come out of no-where, materializing suddenly, and then a young girl appeared
alone standing-looking in their direction.  She wore a light blue dress
and sandals, and had long blond hair.  She walked slowly toward them and
held in her hand a small flowered stem; and when she reached the table
where Stilly and Harry sat, she laid the flowered stem upon it, smiled,
didn't say a word, and just disappeared into the air.
  If an experience like this wasn't witnessed by two people, a person might
have thought they were having illusions.  Stilly looked to Harry, Harry looked
to Stilly, then they both looked at the flowered stem which lay on the table.
"Harry did you see what I just saw?"  "You mean the young girl?"  "Yes."
"I'm glad we both saw her together, otherwise I wouldn't have believed it,"
Harry commented.  "The flower is still here, so it must have been real,"
Stilly responded.
  ...A flower is a tiny thought that a meadow would first see.  The flower
of the meadow, picked by a maiden of an ancient past, who walked among its
rolling hills with dear peace, dwelled in an immortality solely her own,
which she called 'sweet love'.  The maiden of the meadow endures with 
honeyed thoughts of duration, for she has the flower of a song within her
heart.  She understands and prevails, as the meadow accepts all it can of
her identity within her heart of love.
  The music of the flower or even the stars, is often hard to hear, and
tranquility surely helps.  And love, though quiet in many ways, gives to
us singing words that come in spoken thoughts as we travel and imagine
within our excursion through life.
  The wind in her hair, touched, soothed, and caressed the maidens form,
as opportunity in its wonder and continuance, carried on.  She stood and
looked to the sky, its blue glow and white clouds stretched far and wide,
she knew the moon would soon shine.  Her fingers felt her hair as she 
reflected upon those remembered by her, and of their abodes that she had
known in her past; a past which reached far to a beginning.
  She was a woman knowing the infinite and all it entailed, for she was
one of the immortal kind.  Ah yes, the immortal kind, a kind that knows
full well how influence and persuasion live and command a realm specific
to all.
  As she stood looking upon the meadow, and then to the sky, she felt the
cool breeze that blew upon her brow as a momentary subconscious expression
came from deep within her.  And a dry pleasant fragrance glided within a
freshness of its own, bringing new feeling and emotion to her mind.  The
moment seemed suspended in an interval filled with wonder, simplicity and
permanence, just like the sky and sun, which carried all forward in an
infinite way toward that of the immortal kind; a realm conceived by love
with the future.
  The scent of the flower drifts upon the wind, as its bouquet is shared
eternally with the beginning, the present, and future, for the fragrance
of the flower reaches, touches, soothes, all perception.  The maiden of
the meadow with her beauty and persuasion, walked through fields of summer,
and as she walked she preserved the ancient (hidden) within that of the 
present.  For as she strolled within the meadow flowers, she fashioned a doorway
from her singing song, and whistled a pathway there too, a revealed trail
which led to her and the beginning, a path always to remain open, at least
for those who could sing and whistle.
  [Stilly & Harry are now driving the island/evening] a gust of wind and in
the sight of a blue sky, small white clouds dotted along the horizon as 
Stilly and Harry both sipped now and then the wine and felt refreshed, 
relaxed and very pleased to be where they were in their imaginings.
Stilly and Harry lingered a while around the ruins, they walked and talked
and exchanged sweet oddities of fun, they held hands and kissed and both 
became more and more filled with the passions of sensual delight.
  She kissed the palm of his hand and placed it upon her heart, he took
her palm and kissed it too, and placed it upon his forehead, she traced her
finger over his eyelashes and kissed her finger, and he lifted his hand
from off her heart and placed it upon his heart, and she kissed him deep
and full upon his yielding lips, mouth to mouth, mind to mind, body to body;
so sang sweet deep passion to their harmonious sensuality.  And desire
strong and tender tingled pulsed danced, as seductive and even erotica
became awakened to a twilight night approach.
  They eventually withdrew from their picnic atop that hill overlooking the
fields below and imagined together and perhaps silently hoped, a maiden
of the meadow somehow someway may be going with them.  They drove the old
roads (of the island), passed the old farms, and talked as they headed
to their home which sat alone by the sea.  Stilly and Harry, neither knew
that they both were now moving towards a phenomenon, a spell they were
compelled to move within, an enchantment, an endeavor...
a request named, 'the wish of the lovers kiss'.


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