...Winged cloud, chariots of departure...

Alexander Volenski


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The Winged Disc

Journeys of the Mind, (C)1994-2004 A. Alexander Volenski

Chapter 11, unedited excerpts
Location: Egypt and the Oasis of Siwa.
Characters: Melody, The Egyptian, and Ab.
Time: Late summer/autumn.

The Winged Disc

  Multiple dimensions, like a vast array of proportioned weather fronts all
stacked at random, always expanding or changing.  A throng of possibilities,
multiple dimensions, (all) for the intellect to ponder, each one leading to
another.  Multiple dimensions, like a multiple of time zones for the time travelor
to map upon.  Each century, a dimensional segment, each decade, a multiple of
that segment, each year, a minuscule part of the whole, and multiple dimensions
could be just another way of imagining how 'all time' can be viewed.
  Multiple dimensions within a view of history, with each separate era stacked
upon the other, layered lattice like clusters seamed together made to run along
a linear scale of time.  Stone Age, Ancient Man, Civilized Man, Classical periods,
Pre-Classical, and so on, each era a dimension of its own.  It is important that
one distinguishes the trees from the forest as one views multiple dimensions,
especially the numerical kind.  Often near to multiple dimensions, one can expect
to find numbers, not always, but usually they will be there.  Multiple dimensions
of the confusing kind, can be imagined as undone numerical progressions massed
together numerically, arrayed as missing-links, designed to create something
unfinished, all building upon themselves, never meaning to complete, ever in a
pursuit to keep all sealed by incompleteness.  The vast array of numbers scattered
everywhere, all mixed in random arrangements, numbers insignificant, made to seem
significant.  Dominating and authoritative the jumbled mixture numerical seems to
be, keeping the calculating mind preoccupied with incongruent themes which tell us
little of what we really are about; overshadowing our individuality with cold
systematic control.  Look around yourself, see any numbers, and how important
to your completeness are the numbers; are they just there to over-work
peripheral vision, or are they doing something else?  Are they harmful and holding
you back?  And what effect does the vast array of numbers project, scattered as
they are everywhere we look, seen every moment of the day, and what impact
do they have upon our subconscious self?
  Multiple dimensions can also be a strange exotic place, teeming with many types
of divergence, where situations could become once-removed from any kind of
reality, yet all would seem like reality in every way.  On a scale of ten,
with multiple dimensions, the scale could read as a thousand meaning ten, or
perhaps a dimension would arise where numbers do not exist at all.  Imagine a
mathematician suddenly thrust into a world where numbers did not exist or have
any value.  Would there be enlightenment in such a dimension?  One must always
be cautious with numbers.
  ...Melody cried quietly as she left the Egyptian in the middle of the night,
leaving a note upon her pillow.  Leaving the Egyptain, created a tremendous strain
that pulled at her emotions, and a great anxiety hovered over her.  For she knew
it was possible she could lose him to a multiple of dimension.  The enormous
apprehension Melody lived with, was the thought also that reptition may catch
him there, duplicating, reproducing, imitating, doubling, simulating in ways
that may lead-on indefinitely.  Over and over the concern came that the multiple
dimensional flux in its systematic way may institute a full-circle to the realm
he was in, sealing everything and everyone in; a very dangerous probably
possibility.  It was one thing to travel in and out of different time zones,
and quite another to be caught in one.  The irony of it all was that the
Egyptian didn't know it was happening to him, for only Melody realized the
dilemma and range of his memory block; and that they were just a step away
from having what Stilly and Harry both now shared.  She couldn't just tell
him, for part of the riddle was tied to his own developing concepts.  There
also was a chance that maybe the table was turned, and it was she, not he, who
was really not remembering.  Very perplexing it all was for them both, and she
rationalized that maybe for some reason unknown to her, this was part of their
true design, yet what would be the purpose of such a fashioned scheme.
  Dimemsional plains, like lattices, individual oblong realms with rounded
edges, all layered and stacked closely together, one upon the other, to form
a globe-like spherical shape; all appearing like a planet in space with latitude
border lines outlining each individual dimension.  Glowing misty realms pulsing
to the beat, as the living heart beats for the pulse.  Moving plains, some
elliptically fluxing, moving up and down over and through smaller plains inside.
Living plains of life, worlds within worlds, all tied to 'memory', a multiple
dimension of its own.  Like rainbow wheels within wheels, the round and supple
dimensional plains can be imagined to be, spinning, whirling, twirling,
pulsing and fluxing in a motion passionate, even sensuous it would seem.
  ...Specturm plains, dimensional radiance, velvety ermine whites surrounded
by color, tingling within the sense of sight; and darkened night sky suddenly
lightens into a vibrant deep sapphire blue, infused with snowy moonlight shine.
...Consciousness within consciousness, as one within one, and the tide rushes
in and out, kissing, caressing in a fondling way, the earthy sensuous shore.
Dimensional plains, like elliptic pathways of planetary sphere's, each 
individual globe following its own melodious avenue, coming close, drifting away,
passing over similar domains; each traversing upon their own individual track...
  The technique of the Winged Disc, moved through windows, to be upon and within
any dimensional formation.  And while there, the individual with the Disc, could
inspire, observe, feel, even motivate and shape the configuration of events 
related to individual persons within that dimensional plain/visited.  This
shifting power and consciousness to travel within dimensions, to attend various
plains of time, would not always be able to correct that which was distorted or
displaced.  However, a traveler could become present in a time and place before
such things took effect.
  The path of Truth is like a dimension of its own, unending, unlimited, meets all
needs, and has all that is of use; dead-ends, are paths where the 'distortions'
are known to exist.  Once the dead-end is realized, the true path can be looked
for, found, or even manifested.  One with help, could be diverted from, even
pulled out of, a dimensional dead-end.  And in so doing, become aware enough to
perceive their complete self and the entity they really are; a place where
their total perceptive self should, must, and does reside.
  ...Now to return to Melody, and the Egyptian, a man striving to regain his
memory, and to realize what has happened to him.  The Egyptian was in reality
Maro Leman, born in Geneva.  Maro Leman grew up and lived on Lake Geneva within
a small family estate next to the shore.  Maro was a tall and pleasant featured
man, slender, with very deep-blue eyes with specks of brown; a handsome man.
His hair was dark, a mixture of brown and black, and in the summer, the sun
brought out streaks of amber within it, as he tanned into a deep bronze.  How
Maro experienced the life of the Egyptian in an ancient time, will now be
  Maro was born to a historical Geneva family, in that, their line could be seen 
reaching, tumbling, curving, a thousand years and more.  Maro Leman spent his youth
swimming the lake, fishing, sailing, climbing the mountains, playing the piano,
and keenly inquisitive of the ancient.  He was well educated, and completed his
schooling in England.  Melody and Maro had met there (England) while both were
working on their doctorates in archaeology.  Their's was a chance meeting, no
dream glimpses like Stilly, it was entirely so it seemed at the time, a random
encounter.  They met at a museum of Natural History, and with that meeting
something seemed to click between them, and as time passed their relationship
continually grew, as loves aura steadily encompassed them.  They often wondered
though, why they had never crossed paths while both grew up in Geneva.  A year
later they were married, and then traveled to Egypt, so they both could continue
their studies on Egyptology.
  Maro was a lively character, active, and sometimes very humorous, but also within
his tall and lanky frame, there was a seriousness, especially when it came to his 
research and exploraton of antiquity.  While examining Egyptology, he had come
on to alluding references which pointed toward time-travel.  Small bits of
information appeared in several places, ancient writings, paintings, legends,
and the Oracles of the Ancient World.
  Ah...those mysterious Oracles, who seem to have drifted away to be hidden behind
the annals of time.  However, historical archives still leave the way open for one
to stroll through that meadow of humanity's forgotten past.  The Oracles of the
Ancients are many: Delphi, the Star of the Seven Sisters, Delos, Claros, Colchis,
Epidaurus, Athens, Gades, Dodana, Ammon, Thrace, Mycenae, Arcadia, Beotia, Paphos,
Aphaea...and the list goes on.  Each Oracle, a personality in itself, or even a
Goddess or God.  Oracle, a vast complex which consisted of many personalities who 
all had their own 'motives'.  Apollo, Diana, Aesculapius, Hercules, Jupiter, Mars,
Minerva, Pan, Trophonius, and Venus...all are presented and immortalized for those
who would travel toward the forgotten beginning; a beginning recorded in the
language of our past.
  ...Geometric form, pictured messages, intellect at work, manifested natural
surrounds, like Oracles in silence, and then the Oasis of Siwa too, became
obviously significant.  The Oasis of Siwa appeared to be a possible-link to what
was described within the cryptical significance of material Maro and Melody
together now investigated; Siwa was directly mentioned.  So they both traveled to
Siwa, rented a small apartment, and set to work exploring, delving, recording.  It
was near the ancient ruins of a temple that Maro and Melody spent most of their
  ...It happened one day as Maro took a walk alone in the afternoon and did not
return.  Evening approached, and Melody went looking for him, but all she found was
his note-book lying on the ground, open with pencil near, and his day pack which
lay upon a large rock.  Melody informed the authorities of Maro's mysterious
disappearance, yet he was not found, nor any trace or clue to what may have 
happened.  Over the course of a month she waited, hoping Maro would suddenly
appear, and in that time searched the oasis, and studied his notes, as she tried
to find an answer to his disappearance.
  It was  during that time, that Melody uncovered the 'cache' which held the
Winged Disc's; and reaching in she took one out.  The cache was cubic in shape, two
hand spans, it was dirt colored, very camouflaged; inside were latticed shelves
that held each disc firmly in place, no marking on the cache, the interior a
charcoal black.  'Oh, silvery disc, awaiting, ever yearning to fly, to attend and
travel for one meant to arrive.'  Melody held the silvery disc and gazed upon the
inscribed wings engraved along its outer edge, up lifting wings, full and
beautifully done.  The disc was a little over 4inches in diameter, and about 1inch
thick.  It was concave in shape, like a discus, and very light weight.  The surface
material looked like silver, however, Melody sensed it was of some other
composition.  One must keenly imagine and realize, that the outer appearance of the
disc was exquisite, flawless, immaculately done, "very refined and rare it is,"
Melody whispered to herself as it lay cradled in her hands.  The etched and
engraved wings emerged and almost seemed alive, as precision loomed forth and
touched the inner senses of her mind.
  Engraved on what appeared to be the front side, were the wings which reached in
singular fashion from the bottom to the top, along the outer edges, the right wing
on the right, the left wing on the left; a small button was located in the space
where these two wings came close together near the top.  In the center of the disc
was a clear crystalline stone, very smooth, with engraved miniature wings around it
too.  The outer edge had a malleable covering that rimmed it, a dull gray color,
it too was engraved, but with a design of weaving lines.  ...Its warmth and
smoothness felt nearly like human warmth, and the passion within Melody
momentarily rushed through her, bringing a small smile to her lips, "this feels
so good," she said to herself.  It was then that she pressed the button between
the wing-tips.
  Suddenly the crystal lens in the center fluttered with light, and the disc
vibrated hummed a moment, alarming her, yet she held on to it.  The humming was
similar to a computer booting up, and Melody felt a sensation pass through her
forehead, brief warm intensity, then it passed.  Looking to her right from where
she stood, a dome shaped structure appeared, it fluttered like the crystal lens
as it established itself out of the invisible.  It was then that Melody realized
that she had been 'transported' to where she now stood, a dimension where the
structure existed.
  Melody still holding the disc, slowly walked to this small dwelling and stepped
onto its entry way.  No one was there, yet the shelter seemed lived in, she 
opened the door and stepped inside.  A central room emerged large and open-circled
in fashion, like the exterior dome, the walls white, and the floor gray slate, a
large desk in the center, there were counters and shelves along the exterior walls.
The room was filled with many plants, manuscripts too, ancient ones, that were
piled and scattered about; whoever lived here had been very busy collecting
artifacts.  There were many stone tablets with inscriptions, vases, figurines,
masks, busts of women and men, shields and swords, jewels, rings, necklaces,
a treasure chest filled with gold and silver platters, cups, and untensils;
items laid everywhere in the room.
  ...She walked over to the desk and sat down in the chair next to it, the desk
appeared to be a large solid colorless slap of a crystalline material, perhaps
sapphire or topaz.  As soon as she sat down, a screen blinked on that was built
within the desk top, and she saw a man standing who turned and looked toward
  ...Then he moved closer, until only his upper body could be seen on the
screen.  He spoke in a voice very precise, clear, and distinct, saying, "hello,
greetings to my abode, I am Ab, and would have been there to meet you except I
am at this time on a mission for one Maro Leman, of whom you are searching...
You are Melody Leman, I know this because the disc retreived that information
from you, else you would not have been transported to my dwelling place."
Melody asked loudly, "what has happened to Maro, where is he?"  Ab answered,
and at the same time knew Melody's concern, "Maro has been shifted onto 
another dimension; when he activated the disc he found, it startled him and
he dropped it, and by letting go of it, he lost his continuity to the disc,
and was shifted to where he now is...I see you didn't make the same mistake...
I learned of the incident and followed him to this dimension, I am with him
now, but he does not know my connection to the disc, nor does he remember 
what happened...the place we are is like a parallel plain located in ancient
Egypt, he is healthy physically, but suffers from memory loss, a displacement
of thought, separate too the dimension where he originated...a common occurence
with such shifting, this shifting effect is a design (for security reasons)
built in the disc."
  Melody listened intently and then asked, "what can I do to help him?"
Ab thought a moment then responded, "Maro's recovery will take time, it is best
for him to unravel what has happened, at his own pace, yet not entirely...he
knows me only as a friend...a guide perhaps would be a better term...your
presence here would give him the close personal tie that he needs to link
with himself, a link for regaining memory."  Melody asked, "how do I get
there?"  Ab showed no hesitation and spoke in a slow lengthy way, "on the far
wall is an enclosed shelf, open it, and inside you will find smaller discs of
similar design to the one you have, take one, and then return the large disc
that brought you there to the cache where you found it...after that is done,
press the button on the smaller disc whenever you want, and you will come
here appearing near to wherever Maro is at that moment...remember, he will
not recognize you, yet will be attracted to you..."  Melody answered, "all
is understood, and you will be there?"  Ab nodded...then the communication
link faded and the screen became again...a crystalline desk top.
  Melody sat very still for a long time thinking and surveying the room.
Whoever Ab was, he certainly was well equipt and also seemed very wise, his
concern for Maro seemed very responsible and that comforted her apprehensions.
  ...Melody got up from the chair and walked across the room to the enclosed 
shelf with discs.  The shelf was very long with a clear covering, Melody lifted
the lid.  There were many different discs, silvery ones, gold, emerald, blue,
a lacquered black, a glossy white, and one of varied spectrum, half a dozen
or more each.  All had the same configuration of engravings with clear-crystal
center.  She would take one of the silvery, for it resembled the homer-disc
which had brought her there.  Each disc was attached with a small woven wire
chain the same color as the disc, so one could wear it around their neck.  A
ribbon of like color held each disc in the case, and it too was metallic,
about a quarter-inch wide.
  She pulled the ribbon on one of the silvery discs, and the ribbon quickly
disappeared through a slot on the panel.  Then she heard instructions that
followed, "place you hand over the disc and speak your name very clearly."
This Melody did, and as she spoke her name, she felt warmth come up through
her hand.  The same tingling sensation surged through her head, and she felt
sensuous passionate urges flooding over her body, a delicious flush tantalized
and teased her thoughts, as emerging reflections of passionate, even erotic 
love pulsed through her mind.  Then a voice came from the disc, it was her
voice, exact in every way, it said, "I will go where you go, but I will take
you there, you must always keep me close, only you will I move, and if somehow
you are lost, it is here I shall return for another to search and find that
place where you were left behind."  There was a pause, then it continued,
"the button between the wings is the one that shifts you and me, always keep
me either in hand or around your neck when propelling, otherwise I will
disappear and return here...if someone else tries to use me, I will shift
them elsewhere, yet remain where you are...for I am only for you."  Then Melody
asked, "how do I tell you where I want to go if I don't know the name of the
place?"  The disc answered quickly, "concentrate on person, place, or thing,
of where you want to go, and I will take you there...
  ...Melody lifted the disc out of the case and placed it around her neck,
then she closed the lid and picked up the homer disc and walked out of the
dome dwelling.  She returned the homer to the cache nearby, and as she placed
it in its holding slot, the dome structure disappeared, and the dirt around the
cache became camouflaged again.  Then concentrating upon the apartment, she
and Maro had in Siwa, Melody pressed the button, and in an instant she was
standing in the living room.  Impressed and relieved to know everything 
performed as stated, Melody sat down on the bed and thought for a long time.
  What she now possessed was very powerful, and it made her very powerful,
yet in her rationale she knew too, Ab had similar power and was somehow
connected.  He would have to be spoken with at length, she must determine
his presence in all of this and where he fit into it.  The personal and private
worlds, abodes, villas, our bodies, even flying machines, were not meant to 
exist or be shared, infringed upon by or for other's.  Individuality, original
composition, absolutes, ultimates of self awareness, uniqueness, realm of love
two in one, though sharing the air, sun and its pulse, are still private and
personal domains, no different than the home in which we live.  ...Imagine a
room filled with a collection of exquisite Meissen porcelain, or a Gallery of
Art displaying a multitude of priceless paintings, or even a vault full of cut
and uncut diamonds, and ask yourself why all is held under lock and key and
patrolled by guards.  For we live in a time, dimension, world, how ever
you want to define it, where the private, personal, even individuality of self,
is not safe from tampering, destruction, abuse, misuse, by others.  How many
scientist are there out there, who know this cold icy reality, all in the name
of civilized man.
  Melody stood up from the bed and walked to the dresser where she found a long
dress in simple design and weave, this she felt would fit into the ancient
world guise of where she was going.  Then she picked up Maro's gold gem ring,
put on her leather sandals, placed the disc around her neck, concentrated upon
Maro, and pressed the button.  Melody found herself standing upon sand near
water, and looking to her right was Maro standing alone, gazing at her with a
surprised look on his face.  He was very tanned, and wore a white robe with
the Egyptian design of nobility around his neck, his deep blue eyes seemed to
sparkle sending out their glow, a glow with warmth and searching thoughts.  
She sensed his power, not only in mind and will, but also to the surrounding
physical domain.  A sudden smile came to his lips, his hair was medium length
with flashes of amber, and she saw abundant compassion and sterness in his
smile.  She stood perfectly still feeling passion and emotional elations,
electrifying urges, sensuous desires, yet all of those feelings she would hold
inside, for she must act as someone new, someone unknown, so she showed little
expression, and just smiled to him.  As he walked toward her, she knew it was
really he, inner truths spoke to her as she recognized his walk, his physical
characteristics, and when he touched her hand, she leaned forward and embraced
him warmly, then braced back and looked deeply into his eyes, listening.  Yes,
this was really him, there was no doubt, yet he did not know her as in reality
to be his wife.  Yes his wife, a woman who he had often said was vastly more
than wife, to him he had said, she was "a love of love, infused illumine
total."  Now she must live with the man who shared love with her, yet he did
not know or recollect anything of that love.  She would hope to find that even
his unconscious love for her was truly the identical unwavering love that he
had for her, a love very substantial and sincere.
  ...Together they would grow and discover, perhaps even recognize other
distinctions of their love for each other, and learn how love embraced them
thoroughly; a situation that up until now neither could have experienced
prior to these events.  And as before stated, Melody stayed near a year with
the Egyptian (Maro) and conceived within that time and place a child of their
love, who would be born and named Minuet.
  ...During the months that Melody stayed there in ancient Egypt with Maro,
she talked many a day with Ab.  ...Both talked a lot about Maro, Melody always
inquisitive, searching to learn all she could about what had happened to him,
and in that way became more knowledgeable of the disc.  'Temporal Vortex Shock'
is what Ab called Maro's condition, very controlled, very stimulating too,
for Ab speculated that Maro's surroundings, even emotions, were probably
intensified several levels above normal.  They both looked for patterns in Maro,
perhaps indicators which they could utilize to help him.
  ...Eventually Melody told Ab she was going to have a child, that she was two
months along.  This new development concerned him, and he cautioned Melody that
it would be best for her to return to the dome abode.  That traveling with the
disc in her condition, especially after four months along, would not be advisable.
For he had no information as to the effect time travel would have upon Melody,
or the unborn child.  Perhaps there would be no danger, but Ab insisted that
she not take that chance.  So Melody, with love child yet to be born, Minuet,
slipped away one night, leaving a note upon pillow soft and fragrant.
  ...When Melody returned to the dome, she lay upon a couch there and felt much
happiness, and extreme sorrow.  Love, with all it entailed, and her experiences 
through the entire life as Melody, she realized was an experience beyond the 
threshold of what words could now describe.  Her mind moved so fast, logic, 
rationale, human feelings, emotions, choices, parallel thoughts, dead-ends, and 
she knew she must find the correct way, a single pinnacle pathway, or perhaps lose
Maro.  Was the power of the disc and all it could do for her, more valuable than 
the heart-felt love, absolute love she knew she truly had for and with Maro.  Must
she give the disc up to have Maro, and how would that effect her parents, Stilly
and Harry; or was there a path that endowed to her and Maro, the disc and their 
love and lives together.  Would she have to sacrifice her link with the immortal 
future in order to release Maro from that which he now was controlled, what must she
do to break the spell he now was under.  At that moment she had no answer.  A great
fear hovered over her, that she may end up in a time and place, if she made the
wrong choice, where everything she knew became hidden within her subconscious, no
memory, recollection, knowledge that any of this ever existed, yet Maro would be
there.  And the stern fortitude within her gathered momentum, courage, grit, and
endurance, as she strained in her imaginings to strengthen her will in defiance to
such a conclusion.  She would succeed and have Maro, their child, and the discs
also; she would have no other way.  Total commitment, awesome resolve, certain and
correct, unwavering, determined, astonishing, aggressive, Melody became.  She must
not lose focus of the ultimate goal, the pinnacle achievement which was the same as
her parents accomplishment.  The golden necklace with 'blue sapphire gem' was
calling her, she could see it clearly in her mind, the jewel was there reassuring,
giving its power, and she felt a great wave of warmth overwhelm her; her parents
were giving their strength.
  The caravan reached the oasis near middle day.  The Egyptian and Ab dismounted
from their camel's, and as they did Ab asked the Egyptian, "I have something to
show you, would you take a walk with me?"  The Egyptian looked steadily into Ab's
eyes, he felt short tempered, almost angry, but reasoned that calmness he should
always have when he was with this man whom he trusted so much, then he answered,
"yes, let us walk, I would like to see what it is you will show me."
  Leaving the caravan, while everyone was busy setting up camp, Ab and the
Egyptian walked alone to the large lake of Siwa.  They had gone a distance around
the lake, and near the south-west corner, Ab stopped and said, "stay close to me
my dear friend, for soon you'll know that which you must remember, that total
memory you seek."  The sun was bright, the path dry and dusty, all was quiet,
the lake glistening with sheen, and finally they stopped near a mound of dirt.
Ab looked around to be sure no one followed, for it was common practice that
the guards or guard would be near.  Once he became sure they were alone, Ab
kneeled down and dug in the dirt uncovering the cache, and he lifted its lid.
  The Egyptian's eyes opened wide as momentary flashes of realization tumbled
free within him; he knew he had been here before.  He watched Ab take out a large
disc, silvery engraved it was.  Keen and sure the Egyptian became...  Holding
the disc Ab spoke, "stand close and put your hand upon this disc with me and 
watch, there yonder will appear an abode to be."

  ...Look there, see the sky with its endless arrangement, and there the clouds
in their perpetual newness, there too, the sea with its color rich and yearning
to bring life, and look to the mountainous meadowy lays with cradled lakes so 
smooth, and see the creatures too, whom all abide and roam looking to the moon.
And while we reside here on this planet Earth, seeing and knowing what we see,
we also know we should not alter that which is vast and profusely simple.  Lips
taste the moon dropped dew, the sky sings its song that love has heard through
centuries of time, while the future resides free and abundant.  A future
looking for the present, as also do our dreams, dreams that are struggling
to reach...to become quietly within our lives.


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