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Alexander Volenski


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The Blue Sapphire

Journeys of the Mind, (C)1994-2004 A. Alexander Volenski

Chapter 12, unedited excerpts
Location: Ibiza
Characters: Stilly & Harry
Time: Summer

The Blue Sapphire

  Now the final chapter to illuminate upon a private and hidden place where two
love's reside, resting there in bunks so white; a dominion also some-what once-
removed.  This was the place before written of, where Stilly and Harry walked
in dream, into a whitened room where the blue sapphire lay upon pillow, a room
with two people asleep in bunks glossy and soft, two, who looked to be the 
twin's of Stilly and Harry.  The area was open with computer running, its 
flashing colored lights in rainbow tones, a computer guarded so it seemed by
life-like statue of a white dog.  A site also with a large room where two 
vessels were, flying machines, which were unlike any that Stilly and Harry had
ever seen; beautiful and powerful are the vessels.  Suspended time it may seem, 
this whitened realm where spectrum lights flash and shine in rainbow hue, with 
computer there that cares for all these two may need and do.
  The two in paused recline, have existed for all time, just as the twinkling
stars which shine too, have existed for all time at least as far as human kind 
can define.  Even though couple there appear to slumber so, still much there 
is they behold which also may be told.  For within that quiet sphere, where
body touches sleep, their minds were wide awake and danced to the music of 
mystique.  Telepathic messages, roaming, soaring, surging through, meadowy fields
of mind, envisioned forms communicating live with intelligence active and so 
keen.  Divine this space does seem to be, as within some holographic site of 
dream, where emotion strong and new, sensaton pure and clear, frolic, jump, and 
skip along...lighted sphere prestine.  The vast and wondrous range, Estate of the
Innate, abounds along within these two, to reach, embrace in space.  And as they 
love within their love, bonded love indeed, they travel upon passions beam, 
'extending their love'; reaching, touching, knowing Stilly and Harry who also are
the pair.
  Can we imagine a space like place, a place perhaps that we might know within our
silent selves, have we looked deeply within and really seen?  Oh yes, so fine it is
when we reach complete.  Whitened realm, computer lights, two within that know.  A 
stand of alabaster, holding sapphire blue clasped by necklace gold, is a site which
resides not far from vessels two, in large and lighted room.  Elaborately these
surrounds abound, designed within a cloaked-dimension form, held in gentle grace
they are, and if it be known it might be told where in outer-space.  Did they 
originate elsewhere upon a night-time sky, or within a bonded coupled love, or have 
they always just been here, original Earth design.  Are they the future coming to 
us with hope, to free us from our maze...so we may find our long forgotten days.
  Cosmic intelligence, engineered complete, is something we must learn to find,
like vessels cradled neat.  Flying machines that fly so fine, musical pulse to 
glide, are vessels which may simply be hidden somewhere beneath our feet.  The 
beauty of the perceptive, with intellect held and contained, seems a marvelous 
thing if perceptively we go to find our hidden theme.  This word (perceptive), can
be as an invisible emotion to display our human feeling, generosity and desire, 
yet if our feelings are not shared, can we really say we are perceptive.  
Interaction is a necessity, exchange a reality, if perceptive we really be.  
How long it is until we learn to hear our tele-empathic dance like sway, which 
travels in a wave like light, to touch our perceptive shore.  Perceptive we must
be, so clarity can journey on, for waiting actuality to meet.
  Reaching outward with their minds, coupled two of whitened room did now speak, 
"perceptively we see and know you're there (Stilly & Harry)...we know your touch and
what you hear, how you truly are, and though we appear immovable, resting all so
free, still mobile we really are whenever we wish to be."  With shared sensitivity
a bonded love does speak, as minds communicate suspended so in whitened room,
shared meaning moral point and theme, pulsing too and fro to each, as upon a
fashioned moonlit beam.
  (couple-two, continue speaking) "The kiss of love is for us, and where love sails 
so sails our heart.  The time is right, ours to do, so let us charm the sky, your 
minds and sight, with form and light.  Lips taste like flowered moon bloom true, 
sprayed with fragrant dew, while sky and iris sing a song that love must share with 
two.  Within the solemn centuries, weaved amidst the passing time, is our love and 
place we have as rainbow shines in sky...now that you know how this all is, from 
coming here to us, we ask that you both do strive to be within this realm, for much 
is yet to see...to help you on your way, is the 'Jewel of Destiny', blue sapphire 
blend complete, a gem that knows much more than we, a gem for you to seek."
  Upon white silk, blue Jewel of Destiny does rest, and this special silken pillow
holds what eternity sustains, for within the gem's luster hue a power does reside,
which reaches far beyond the blue which shines inside, a mighty potency exists,
performing many things, one of which of course comes with 'the wish of the
lovers kiss'.
  Stilly and Harry were in the villa, it was the afternoon following the signing
of the deed, which gave them full possession of the villa and all of its property.
Outside, the weather had turned from sunny to overcast, and a light drizzle had
begun.  Harry lit the fireplace, and together Stilly and he relaxed in front of
the fire, upon the couch, both sipping a cocktail.  On the marble table laid the
signed deed.  The surprising events which they both had experienced since 
meeting each other, seemed like something out of a Hollywood movie, or what one
might read within the pages of a fiction novel, except they were really living
it.  As they moved along, the rhythm that they followed would take on many
styles, presently, they were in a phase-mode of readjustment.  This up-grading of
their past lives and personalities into the present, would not be easy as they 
sifted through their rational and emotional selves, merging and converging all
that they were in the past into that of the present, as both looked to their
future.  They knew, that now their mannerisms, nature, and temperament, were
evolving into something new, changing, modifying, accomodating all that they
were before they met in Geneva--into that which they now were here on Ibiza.
  They would spend many months there on the island, as they slowly matured into
the identities which they both now possessed.  Both would have to learn and
recognize the 'old thinking' whenever it surfaced, as was normal for it to do,
and put the positiveness that it possessed somewhere within the 'new'.  They
would also have to open their minds to the dimensional concepts and realities
of 'traveling time', a field of thought which no-longer was constrained, or 
isolated to a set time configuration with limited bounds.  There no longer
would be the starts and stops that birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood,
would generate as one moved from one level to the other.  Their social concepts
would no longer be riveted to just living so many years and then to eventually
die.  That had changed for them; there were only starts now, no stops.  Stilly
and Harry would learn to view their life, their existence, as a continual stream
of life, an everlasting beacon of light, and as their journey unfolded, so too,
they would grow and mature with it.
  The perception and experience of 'traveling time' would open a way of thinking
quite different and unique in itself.  They would learn that traveling time,
though unlimited in many ways, still was tied to the circumstance of the time
visited.  An example being: if Stilly or Harry were to go to a line of the past,
where their parents were still alive, would they be able to bring their parents
into the future, and void-out the tragic events which took place in that past?
Maybe so, but would their parents want to change anything, perhaps they would
not.  Stilly's and Harry's development with traveling time would show that usually,
yet not always, as traveler's went into the future, what they found there was
actually what they were looking for, which in Stilly's and Harry's case
would be their parents.  The universal strategy of life, would it seems, care
for its own, care for given events, thus, the tragic ending of life with Stilly's
and Harry's parents, took place, was established, did exist there in that time,
yet that did not mean that their parents were not 'somewhere in the future',
a place which Stilly and Harry could find them in, if they wanted too.
  Traveling time, takes on a new and surprising dimension with new and eye opening
concepts, something Stilly and Harry would learn to understand.  As Ab had said
to the Egyptian, "we're of the future, living in the present, looking to the past."
The grand essay, of the living subconscious and consciousness, is very divine,
a composition which meets all human needs, and perhaps in reality, Heaven was
really a future place, where the unknowns of a living person were presented and
known.  Somewhere in the vastness of ourselves, all is preserved 'as long as
we do not unreserve it.'  That is why Truth and Forgiveness are so all 
important to those who know.
  Stilly and Harry began to focus in upon that whitened realm abode of two,
to know all that was present there.  Reaching-to, bridging-with, is how they
went, and what was known by those two within that realm, slowly and steadily
was fused into Stilly and Harry.  Great felt emotion came to Stilly and Harry,
which opened areas of their human nature, where all could be expressed and
known.  As those emotions came, they tumbled out as 'thoughts received' in
spoken verse, most of which Stilly recited; and Harry too, eventually opened
up to speak the verse that channeled through Stilly and himself.
  This is how some of the verse went.  Angel's of our dream, please smile upon
our love for thee, so we may spell our lives with happiness and loveliness, and
find our loving free.  Create a splendor of ever growing charm.  Open our hearts
to that endless expanse of love, where we will surely meet our perpetual newness,
an extension so sublime, laid-out for us in time.  Grant a love deep within,
a love that will come and open up, a love of grace and modesty, of strength
and wit renewed.  Enliven our minds with songs of mild intensity, sensual
passions too, with verse and lyric, that will carry us to reach the stars with
tune.  Touch our bodies with glowing radiance, where youthful bliss is soothed,
a bliss through which we are renewed.  Breathe into us the endless breath of
love, which fate will only enhance, never bring harm to us, and place us both
together in a time where we are free and blossoming.  Bring children to us,
that we may hear their message, and bring laughter to our ears as we sit with
friends, wherever we may be.  Forever dream-us in desire with pleasures strong
and good, pleasures warm and smooth as a dear and heavenly kiss.
  These we ask thee, Angel's of our heart, to ever love and bequeath unto us,
a spirit, a body filled with grace.  Oh, starry heaven, love with love, submit
our minds to always link in truth, merged in twain as one.
  The two within that realm heard all, and then spoke, "it is understood that
when the seed on the cypress falls, and the moon turns gold, that someone deep
within the halls of Hades, and the heights ascending, will give love's their
free chance together."
  Stilly and Harry heard that message from two in whitened room, a message
received within themselves at the same instant; then Stilly continued to recite
that which came to her mind.  Sunlight opal halo, that caresses sky with its
arrangement like diamonds whirling the wind of light, does free the spirit of
the mind.  Florescence, touch upon our bodies, and give luster to our sharing,
so our experiences will ever blend while loving.  As our exercising mind does
move to the rhythm of our bodily delights, we see, hear, and feel, that which is
hidden within us, something which we rarely knew till now.  Love spoken with
emotion, free's yearning for desire; all comes alive, and continues to absorb
our passion.  The sound of the air which we hear, is as a melodious rhythm
to enhance our will, a will to seek sweet enchantments for our pleasure, as our
wishing heart's are soothed with desire.
  The stairway of love, has steps that curve like a rainbow, steps we wish to
trod, as we view all we are inside, a vista that we share, a vista not forgotten;
we see things which were hidden somehow from view, a view that we together now
will find.  Even in the misty days, the air is full of tiny dream like sparkles
of acknowledgment, and at the end of day, as halo circle sun appears, we know
we both are linked in mind to you, for we love as one.  So dear love's, come and
be with us through night or day, and even though our separate days may be, still
embrace our minds, so bonded love will be able to succeed.
  Come dear love's and let us play as we dance away the darkness, let us love
through to the dawning glimpse, so we may find attraction and mystery, eagerness
and bliss, all within our kiss.  See to it that we remember always our deepest
love, the love of lasting sensaton, the love where our hearts do abide, whitened
realm, abode so true.  Do touch the dawning light of day upon our tender brow's,
a dawning light which comes to let us play, play high upon a meadowy lay, and 
ever there let us go in splendor so, that we always be so charmed as we embrace
arm in arm, while we learn of you both in bright whitened realm so new.
  Two love's of whitened room now spoke, "there through the sky, we two do fly
and glide, as though we were a winging flight of birds soaring toward the
seasoning ground.  Passing ships in the night we be, and we know you there
as two who ever approach us, reaching out to say something joyful to our minds."
  Stilly now added more verse: send us humor to the spirit, so that our body
and our future, will always be able to let us know you two there, and no matter
how long we are parted so, with just our minds to know, still together there
with you we eventually shall be, as we both do strive to find our way.  Love,
please give us clear new air, where we can love as one, and with that freshness,
let us swirl and twirl upon the floor of life, where we can dance the dance of
living, one devised to see within our dreams.
  The two in whitened room answered, "we give a kiss to you forever, a kiss to
spell the sea, a silent kiss for two to love as one."
  Then Stilly continued, we feel it longer than tomorrow, sensuous caresses,
and the breeze ever serene, comes like a key to open love.  We both do know
love gains all, and that the stars are especially for lovers.  Let us woo, let us
start to glow, as we kiss and see all around us.  Love's wonder, fluttered and
pulsed, like the aurora borealis, sending out its blushing gentle fusion through
the night sky.  'Let love's wonder, always share these moments with us, whenever
we stand hand in hand gazing into starlit sky.  Make each kiss, a kiss that can
dream, and forever let us be.'
  Two in whitened room were moved from the verse they heard, and responded,
"in the lovers dream, is a spirit with an answer still, and beauty comes to be
whole, so we can see completeness, as onward kissing into spring we go, remember,
even a little kiss is all so powerful.  Kiss ever so softly, and give your lips
upon a warming song, so we may leave the mist; and as we do, we might see the
leading light opening so, with spiraled reaching arms--oh, cosmic realm of the
universe with center luminous all bright with glow.  As sweet roses come to bud
and bloom, let the petal soft, fluff in drift upon you lips, fragrant sweet it is
to touch your minds and touch our minds, both of us to know.  Listen to us, as our
arms quietly and steadily reach toward the mirror of your love.  A rainbow comes in
the night, stars shine bright, clouds open light, while moon free of shaded cloud,
becomes as opal light to whisper in the night...wind from heaven comes to speak,
while doves in peaceful time of night, glide and soar while in their sleep,
perching so upon their leafy branch of dream, and within our sounding minds
we too do dream of you.  Think of love, my sweet ones of song, come and be with
us tonight, sailing through the sky in a vessel that ever floats so near to you;
loitering like a warm breeze, summer evening touch, sending crystal messages, to be
included in your 'song' of singing.  There is a star in heaven, one for loving and
one to share, and do you know the dream, the one of love?"
  Stilly and Harry, became infused with living energy, and continue their verse.
The sky of love is filled with simple clouds that we can feel.  Clearness,
encompasses the heart of love, and in so doing, free's the splendor of sight,
a sight that let's us see, see that which is hidden from us.
  ...The two in whitened room now spoke again..."The rainbow of the shining
sky, colors the conscious mind, and enhances the energy spirit within all
who view.  A rainbow is a reminder, that spring has arrived, a spring which
dances ever toward the reaching arms of summer, and the rapid spinning mind
of Earth whirls on.  Time transforms a simple task of immortality, while
the stars send their messages of awareness.  And in soothing night as you
wander among dream, you two will clearly see, how the impressions are concealed,
like wave upon wave conceals the depths of sea.  Our light within, will reflect
concealed impressions outward, and of the hidden, you two will perceive..."
  ...On they would go into a place with endless height's, where they might touch
and see delight, knowing all where they stood, seeing all as they would.
  The blue sapphire, Jewel of Destiny, within the holding form of golden
necklace, has much to tell, much to disclose, yet all must come in due course.
There upon the daylight stream of light, and within quiet night's of moon,
and there too, in starry sky all twinkling so, blue sapphire jewel too does
repose.  For all time and existence this blued gem, which holds a key of light
within, within the mind and heart of love; and this all is known too, by
the stars above.
  Stilly and Harry, Melody and Maro, Minuet, and their site, villa on Ibiza,
all reside within a calm, where their hearth of peace and loving compassion
shall always be, as they all reach toward other worlds of consciousness.
Ab the solitary man, who resides in domed abode with Winged Disc, too,
abides with hearth of peace and loving compassion, reaching to other worlds
and peoples there.  Stilly and Harry both do proceed upon that which is
complete, and in the course of time, perhaps more can be written of that
which they, two love's, have experienced within the vastness of unending time.
  It is here that I reluctantly pause upon this verse, so that the lines
and messages within the lines, can find their way, and may Love and the
Future be complete and good to you...


[Here ends Journeys of the Mind; perhaps in the future, Journeys 2;
note: text is yet to be proof read].

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