...The hearth, the center of Ages...

Alexander Volenski


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N. Europe: The Viking Age...
N. Europe-2: Side 2 of the tape...The Viking Age.
Japan: The Land of the Rising Sun...
Japan-2: Side 2 of the tape on Japan, Land of the Rising Sun.
S. America: The land of the high Andes Mountains...and the Amazon forest.
S. America-2: Side 2 of the tape...the High Andes and Amazon Basin Peoples/Myths/Legends Ancient.
Egypt: The Pyramids, Kings/Queens/The beautiful blue Nile...the weighing of the heart.
Mesopotamia: The land between two rivers, the Babylonian Empire and Summerian's Ancient.
Rome: The Empire of conquests.
Rome-2: Side-2 of the tape.

Empathic Expressions

Empathic Expressions, (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski.
Global-vitalism, world-spirituality, universal-links,
cosmic-laws and order.

'Empathic Expressions,' are immediate narratives, impressions,
perceptions, from a first reading of a book on World Mythology
and Ancient Legends.  No-editing or pre-dialogue involved,
no-filtering or scrutinizing by a team of secretaries.  Comments
and analogies are immediate and focused on universal-links
related to various Nations--their human immortality aspects on
planet Earth; all linked in myth/legend.

The series consists of 25-tapes (90min each); 18-locations on the planet.

Also a notation: this series...is not created for any kind of a 
debate with historians, or other scholarly individuals--statements, 
and view points made, are to show an horizon, areas, pathways;
horizons to look into and to contemplate upon.  There maybe an
impression in some of my wording and phrasing, that I'm taking a 
critical stand, but I'm not taking a critical stand--all I am doing 
is giving my impressions, which I have defined as --
'empathic expressions'.

The following list is of this Empathic Expression series on World Mythology:

Greece~3 tapes
E. Europe
N. Europe
N. America~2 tapes
Mesoamerica~2 tapes
S. America
Africa~2 tapes
Australia~2 tapes
Oceania~2 tapes
SE. Asia


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