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Empathic Expressions, Mesopotamia; (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski.


  This area, Mesopotamia, and the Middle East of the Ancients, would take
(up a large region) in present time, all the way from the Mediterranean at 
Gaza and Jerusalem, Syria, eastward passed the Euphrates River and the Tigris
River, even futher east passed the Persian Gulf, and probably aligned somewhere
between present day Pakistan and Iran.

  Mesopotamia...  Babylon was one of the largest cities of the area in ancient
times, and in present time, it would represent Iraq.  From my other readings,
some of the historians recorded that the land was very rich near the Euphrates
river, similar probably to the agricultural cultivating areas of the Nile River
of Egypt in ancient times.  [Babylon, a large city and Empire; 4000BC; Babylon
in meaning has passages in cuneiform inscriptions: Bab-Ili, "Gate of God,"
'bab' meaning 'gate' and 'ilu' meaning 'god'; two era's, the ancient Empire,
and "Babylon the Great" (600BC) under Nebuchadnezzar.]

One begins to realize that over the last 3000yrs the area of the Middle East,
has slowly...because of all of the warring and devastation of nature in that
area...it has turned into quite a desert type terrain in present time, but it
wasn't always that way; it use to be very beautiful, extremely plush, very
rich in nature and growing and harvesting.

...So we know here...at least I know, that war has devasted...been not only a
destructive force for humanity, because of the killing and the loss of life,
and the upheaval of cities and peoples, their homes destroyed...but it also...
war is also a destructive force for the natural world, the natural habitat.
And so...war is something to stay away from if one expects to survive and to
continue a cultural and social type of development.

The word 'Mesopotamia,' it means, 'the land between rivers,' and the 2 rivers
are the Euphrates on the west, and the Tigris River on the east; both the
Euphrates and Tigris flow south from Asia Minor, which would be east of present
day Turkey and south of the Black Sea.  There's a mountain range there that
both of those rivers flow out of as they flow south, that mountain range runs
east and west.

...The city of Babylon, I've read several things about it, its construction...
it was surrounded...in one description they said that it was surrounded with huge,
huge acreage's of wheat lands; I imagine they grew other crops besides wheat,
but in that description they talked about the wheat...the wheat fields.

And then there was a huge wall, the wall was quite tall and wide that went
around the city, I don't have the exact size of the wall.  The city...it might
have been as much as a mile square, or 2miles square, or rectangular...something
like that...then they said from that wall was some more wheat fields...that was
like an outer wall...then there was the main wall of the city itself that
surrounded the entire city, and the Euphrates flowed right through the middle
of the city.

So it was quite a rich city, a very plush city and with plenty of food and 
agricultural things, and also plenty of water, because of the river itself.

The Queen Semiramus, founded Babylon, I don't have the exact date of when she
founded it, but it was probably at least before or near, as far back as 2000BC.
She, (the) legendary say's...was born of a Goddess [the Syrian Goddess, Derketo].

A lot of the powerful and intelligent types of Kings and Queens throughout
history...the people eventually recognized a high degree of awareness and
understanding in that (a particular) king or queen, so they eventually saw
(realized) the type of compassion their Ruler reflected upon the people...helping
the people make their life better, things of that nature, (thus) the people
became very close to that type of a king or queen, they loved them very much,
they respected them very much, and eventually that's probably why they would
say, "ah, that King, or that Queen, must have been born from a God or Goddess,
to be this way," to be so good.

And I think that's where some of that...those are my views...that's where 
some of that came from.  And of course that made it difficult for the Ruler
who was given that type of position, or stereotyped in that way, because then
they had to not only do what they normally would do, but they also had to
represent a personality...they'd have to represent decisions more in a 'divine
way,' something like that...so it made their job a little harder.

Semiramus, there's quite a few different stories about her, and she also led
her armies in battle, and was able to conquer the land all the way towards India.
She probably was quite a woman...from what I undersand, she was exceptionally
beautiful...that this woman, Semiramus, was not only powerful as a Queen, and
highly, highly advanced as far as ability, intelligence, but she also had an
extremely beautiful body.  That she was...when men looked at her, they desired
her...it automatically keyed!  And that she radiated a very deep warm penetrating
type of feminine sensuality even...so one can see Babylon founded by her...she
founded the city; and you know, there are the temples and the different Gods,
and religious centers in a rich Euphrates Valley.

This river is wide, I'm not quite sure how wide, but it probably was a least
1-mile wide in many locations, maybe more, and the water...that land there...it
was a real paradise, it really was...an extremely beautiful paradise.  And there
were hundreds of thousands of people that lived in the city, it was highly
populated...and there was always enough food, and there was all of...the fact
that when tribes that came out of the northern mountainous regions of the
Caucus Mountain's, north of Mesopotamia, they brought their cattle and their
livestock, they brought their...they probably brought other types of things
to sell/barter; I don't know if there was pottery or weaved baskets, things
like that...they may have brought in all kinds of things, 'where do we take
this?  We take it to Babylon, because there we can get the best trade for it,
the best price, etc.,' so that was another portion of attraction to Babylon.

And then what happened when they reached there?  "Ah, look at this city!"
It was quite a place, I mean, when you imagine these walls that were probably
50 to 75ft high, and wide enough for 2 chariots to pass on, and there were
2 walls, and wheat, crop fields in-between, and water...a huge population...
then there was all the beautiful sculpturing and things that were inlaid upon
these walls...these walls aren't just necessarily blank...they were inlaid
with a very rich blue color, blues and gold's.

When one comes out of the mountains, and goes down along this nice river, and
through this plush valley, and they meet all the little villagers along the
way, the little houses here and there along the way, for miles along the river...
and then they finally see in the distance the walls of Babylon, and they had
heard all the stories about Babylon, "of the pleasure there," I'm sure that
added to its popularity.  And in this day and age, even with the city only 
remaining in ruins...everyone...I'm sure there are very few individuals in
the world that haven't heard of Babylon...so...and I would put that beginning
credit of the city to Semiramus, a Queen, a beautiful woman, (who was) intelligent,
and also very aggressive and stern.

...And here's a little bit of Babylonian myth...there's so much that I won't
have time to put it all on this tape.  This one here is a story of Zu...[a huge
bird (dragon) that stole the Tablets of Destiny, Tablets of Fate, which belonged
to the temple of Enlil (Enlilship, 'of intelligence'); creators of fates, who caused
people to spring up like grass; the tablets were also known as 'the casting of
decrees'.]  Zu, stole the Tablets of Destiny, which gave the wearer control
of the Universe.

The God of the Universe, Enlil...there was a problem when Zu stole the Tablets
of Destiny...he was (eventually) brought to judgment by Ea, for stealing the
Tablets...Zu then became (or) appeared as an enemy of the high Gods, and had
an effect upon the religious structure of that area...because the Gods he stole
the power from refused to recognize the power that (Zu) he possessed with the
Tablets [these tablets were most likely of a crystaline composition].

Now this is the same old story, the way it looks, with individuals of power (who)
are always afraid of someone that has supreme power over them...but it would be
interesting to research the Tablets of Destiny...to find out what it/they
looked like, to try and to decode it/them; I'm sure there may be some very
important answers to humanity in those tablets.

...It's quite obvious that for 3000 or 4000yrs, a certain mind maturity level
existed in the ancient world, and now that we have all this technology...we're
at/in a different phase...and it's a necessity that that phase also reflect the
development of spirituality, self awareness...and the technology today should
and could be used to help the entire human race to raise itself to a higher level
of awareness and compassion towards each other...respect...things of that nature.
This is going to have to be done...and I think the powerful leaders of the world
know this, they just...or they are unaware of it (?)...they think that all of
this time of plenty is going to last forever...it can be stopped very easily
and quickly...just through a couple of events (which) could do it...and I think
on one of the other tapes, I said something about, "everything is held together
with a very thin thin thread," and in many ways it is...

I think to strengthen that thread, and to reinforce it, one is going to have
to have a culture and society that not only respects each other, but also has
insight and understanding of a wider-vision, a more cosmic-universal vision,
and also a spiritual development beyond the level that it is now.

In some of the Persian myths of that area, they talk about a 'renewal of
creation'; that there's a great struggle between powerful deities, and eventually
there was to be a renewal of creation, 'the slaying of the Bull Mithra'
was believed to bring again a world without hunger or death, and to assure
immortality.  That's part of the same theme that seems to be interweaved
throughout history by all of the various types of races, no matter what
locations they are in on the planet.

[here begins side 2 of the tape]

...[Semitic people (4500BC) probably came from an area of Anatolia, arriving in
Sumer around 3300BC], the Sumerians of Mesopotamis, basically were...it's
recorded that they were 'the first'.  They hold the oldest mythologies,
apart from Egypt, Egypt holds ancient ones too, but the Sumerians...probably
this is recorded in history, laid out...were the first to lay out mythology
that was pictured...a world order that was harmonious, and that man and the
Universe would be sustained by 'divine decrees'...and that the Babylonian myths
reflect, I think in contrast, 'an unpredictable universe, which poses crucial
questions for humanity.'  Those crucial questions are there to be answered,
it's a form of learning and self development.

The stories (myths) of Gilgamesh and that Epic, and of Sumer, the Sumerians,
and their different dynasties, these are all important, but they all lay out...in
my mind they lay out a fundamental pattern that's seen in all these different
mythologies and legends, historical legends of the ancient time.

...The Sumerians were exceptionally remarkable in some of their religion/
interpretations.  They had a very consistent...were very consistent in their
religion, with independent cycles and deities.  And Sumeria was a very close
together Nation as far as location...and each kind, or each small area, were
all clustered together just a little ways south of Babylon; it was all an
area called Sumer.

I think that what I see in this development, the Sumerian city states, 2000BC
and forward, what I see is that there were over 2000yrs of re-population in
that area of the world.

And there's always this question that I wonder about...(to begin with) why was
there such a small population on the planet?  And why did the Nations like the
Sumerians and the Egyptians, why were they originally located where they were?
Why weren't they somewhere else on the planet?  Why weren't they in China, or
in S. America, or the Antarctic...why were they located where they were?

This is I think an important point that should be searched out, and it goes 
back to the fact of what I said in one of my other tapes, about the fact that
it is the geographic location on the planet which is significant, not the race
itself.  The race itself reflects through their cultural and creative, and
their social order, the energy content of that area where they're
living, or where their cities are.  It's the location, and this location
(significance) should be plotted or at least looked into.

It should be understood that there must be...there seems to be a memory barrier;
when one tries to visualize or envision what life was like in those areas 7000yrs
ago, it is very difficult to even envision it...but, the question which keeps
coming up to me is, "what was there before that...?"

Now we know there were these...the Flood of the planet...(and) someone would
probably say that it killed off everybody.  What caused the Flood?  They say,
'God caused it.'  What an easy way out!  There's got to be more to it than just
that...there's got to be more, must be more to what caused the flood.  Were
the races already here, was the entire Earth populated like it is today...
before the Flood?  And after the Flood...all that (population) was erased?
That's pretty hard for me to believe, because there'd be some remnant, there
would be something found.  In this N. American (Continent) they haven't found
anything that indicates some kind of a large civilization existed...the point
I'm trying to make is, it's almost as though the human race (has) only been
on this planet for 7000 or 8000yrs, or for 20,000yrs...I don't know...it's 
hard to understand these historical dates!

...I mean, this Darwinian Theory, is kind of a theory one could speculate
with...what if the Darwinian Theory proves false, where does that leave all
these other questions?  You see, it would be easy to take a question like...
and answer it with a Darwinian Theory...(but) if the Darwinian Theory is false,
then everything has to be looked at again from a different direction...
this is the point I'm trying to make.

If we work hard in this present time to develop the entire human race spiritually...
with (developing) their telepathic abilities...push hard for individual development
and a moral conduct, and respect for others...I think and know within myself
that what we'll end up with in a very short period of time, we'll end up with
the entire human race having answers to what took place before the Sumerians
came along, before the Egyptians came along; and what was going on here (on this
planet).  Those answers...that's a big void that has to be filled...and the
total-truth has to be known about it if we're going to be able to go from this
point on...go from this point on in the sense of a continued social development,
(raising) higher and higher in awareness and in civilization itself.

Basically, what I always seem to come up with when I'm reading this kind of
thing, is that there's always been God's, some of them fly around in the sky
in chariots, flying chariots; were those chariots UFO's, were they airplanes?
Is there such a thing as time-travel?  Has a civilization in the future that
we're reaching towards, our future, is the civilization up there...with the
technology...developed some kind of a time-travel apparatus that goes back
in time and establishes new societies?  Is there a chance that somebody from 
a future, takes people from the future and places them in the past, ancient
past, where they populate whole...start whole cities and civilizations and
cultures, and (those implants) are eventually called God's because they were
the first ones?

...What I'm saying is, there's been this closed mindedness for 1500yrs at
least...very closed down...and now it's been opened...'the door has been
opened,' that's why the technology is here.  Why did the technology start
in this century?  To me I find no accidents in anything that takes place,
I don't believe in accidents...everything to me has a purpose...there's
purpose in everything, there's a purpose in why the technology came in this
century that we have, there's a purpose of why it happened.

I think what our leaders need to do is sit down and look at that 'purpose',
look at what's been developed, look at this energy system, the way it's
going...it's like a run-away rocket...who knows where it's going to land,
(and) how it will explode!

I'm not talking about placing more control on more areas, what I'm talking
about is, "if your going to go somewhere, know where your going," unless
your just looking for adventure.  And I don't think a Nation or any country
on this planet in this present time can afford the luxury of just having
an adventure.  I think that this is a very serious time, I think it is a
serious time in the history of the human race...I think things are coming
to a point of no-return, a point of absolute isolation, there's also a threat...
which it appears as a threat...there's a threat to the natural world, otherwise
there wouldn't be all the environment agencies trying to counteract one 
problem after another.

When one looks at some of the Asian parables of the Tiger chasing its tail,
the Snake devouring its own tail, I think these are parables that apply to
some of the major systems that are in control at this time, and that the
results will be exactly the results that are in those parables.

It is quite remarkable the comfort-zone that one finds in the United States,
with the luxuries in the sense that life is not very difficult...everything 
seems too easy.  I mean, I in my life, I always question when something is
too easy, I always wonder if...if there is a twist to it somewhere.

And when I look at the big picture of the way the last 5yrs, the developments
that have taken place (in present time), I begin to say to myself, "it looks
to easy."  It looks as though it is running itself; nobody is running anything,
it's just sort of running itself.  And how does an automobile run itself down
a highway without...a driver?  One begins to wonder, (what will happen) if
all of a sudden this system that's in place, takes a decision to go in a certain
direction that will be harmful to the entire culture and society...I think
it could go in any direction it wanted too, anytime it wants too!

...How does one overcome these problems?  You know...'I don't know that
they'll ever be overcome,' there's a possibility that there's only failure
on the horizon, the future horizon, but in my mind I think failure can
be overcome, I think it's only a temporary barrier.  However, if one does
fail, one is better off to be knowledgeable of why it happened, and not
be ignorant or not know how come it happened.  It's not going to do humanity
any good if there is a Global Catastrophe, to blame it on a God, or on 
a race, or on something like that...that's not going to help the problem;
this is a global problem, amongst all the races, these races have to be
united and understand that they must work together to find solutions.

The United Nations, was an Institution that was formed to try to overcome
problems of war and conflicts, however, its become very archaic in the sense
that its format hasn't changed over the last 50yrs, and  that's why these
problems haven't gone away.

It's one thing to form an Institution and to try to do good for humanity...
"but when one plants a tree in the forest, the tree does not remain a seedling,"
it continuously grows and takes new form, and it takes new shape...it
produced and shares some of its leafs to produce new ingredients for new
growth.  If such a tree doesn't receive the necessary water to sustain
itself...water to a tree would be a 'tool of life'...if that tool is taken
away, eventually the tree will decline.

It's the same basic simple solution...it can be applied to so many
different things...and in the result, one will see the tree,
and they'll also see the forest, not just one or the other.

    "It is important to realize that there is a forest,
     and also that there is an individual tree here and there too."

And that pretty much is the end of this side (side 2) of the tape.

So I'll end it here...

[end of Empathic Expression, Mesopotamia, world mythology/ancient legends.


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