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N. Europe

Empathic Expressions, N. Europe, (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski

N. Europe

  Northern Europe--the Scandinavian Deities, and the Viking Age.  I think in
many ways this mythology would be related to perhaps the...to a portion of the
Greek mythologies about Jason and his voyages and explorations with the
'Argonaut's', because the Scandinavian's, Norway, Sweden, and the British
Isles, and Iceland, were also explorers, adventurer's to a degree; and that's
what...that's how I see a relationship.

Time elements, time charts: the 1st. Century BC, Germanic Peoples living east
of the Rhine started (became established)...the Rhine River.  The 3rd. to the
6th. Century AD, Germanic expansion, migrations.  (The time chart) goes up to
about 1000AD, a thousand years, 1100yrs...this span.  The Germanic and 
Scandinavian Mythology is rich, 'but fragmented and scattered'.

Most of the literature remaining was produced in Christian Monasteries, 'Prose-
Tales' known as, for an example, The Icelandic Saga's, composed long after
conversion to Christianity, but still contained some memories of 'old beliefs
and customs'.  So there would be some censorship there, I'm sure that came
along with it...see, that's one of the problems.  And that relates to a lot
of the things I've said on the other tapes about censorship, it's such a
degrading sort of thing, censorship.

I mean, who has the right to say...to obliterate spiritual visions and legends
that have been passed down for thousands of years.  Who has the right to 
obliterate those?  You know if a person is part of a religious belief that
disagrees with legends...they don't have to read those legends, they don't
have to consume them as part of what they are.  But that doesn't
give them the right to obliterate it, anymore than it gave Rome the right to
burn the cultural center of the known world, the Library of Alexandria, Egypt...
I mean, there was all kinds of information there, that was collected over many
centuries, the Library of Alexandria Egypt...just as a side point here...that
contained all of the knowledge that could be gathered up of the known ancient

...there's one historian who was in there, before it was all destroyed and
lost...said that, 'there were gigantic rooms filled with nothing but manuscripts,
tablets, all kinds of things, plus there were people coming there to Alexandria,
knowledgeable individuals from different races in the known world then...that
came there to record their information.'

There were millions of manuscripts, scrolls, lost.  That shut the door on a lot
of...it closed down entire areas...

You know, it's just part of the same old problem; these same kinds of censorship's
went on later on...went on because certain religious powers at certain times
throughout the centuries, decided that certain things shouldn't be recorded, so
they obliterated them; skipped over them, hid them away, so the people couldn't
get them.  There were even times in Europe when it was against the law to learn 
to read...isn't that interesting.  That a person didn't have to learn to read,
if there's anything they need to know they could go to someone, a scholar
that was...the Church would tell them whether or not they needed to know a 
certain thing.

I'm not pointing a finger at the Church or anything, because there's a multitude
of goodness in all the different religions in the world, and I recognize that,
and I know that it's all part of importance.  The thing I'm focusing on is
censorship, this secrecy thing...it is very degrading, it will bring down, it
can bring down Nations, this secrecy.  It certainly holds a Nation back from
raising its spirituality and its emotional maturity levels.  You can see all 
throughout history, even in present time, Nations who are structured and held
from individual development and learning; it lowers all kinds of things in
their countries, holds them back.

Anyway...moving on here...the German speaking people of Europe, held a large
region there by the Rhine River, the Danube River.  They had separate tribes
and Kings, Warrior leaders, and when the power of Rome declined, they spread
out in all kinds of different directions.  Some settled in southern Norway
and Sweden, and in eastern England, southern parts of it, other tribes went
to Russia, some went to Italy and Spain, N. Africa.  So, there was a lot of
movement around within N. Europe, and they all represent in many ways
explorers of some sort, of some kind.

Conflicts: they had the same kind of conflicts between their Gods and Monsters.
Some Gods established order, riches, art, wisdom, displayed divine realms.
Others brought Monsters, threats, chaos, war, restlessness, warfare, insecurity,
hardships; here again we see this same problem, the 'destructive force' and its
effect on the human race.

These Scandinavian's--their Gods granted knowledge, past and future knowledge,
inspiration and poetry, music; they supported their Kings in battle, for victory
in battle.  There's a lot of lost Gods in this mythology also...  They had a
Diety, his name was Tacitus [in Latin means 'silent', silent man], God and
Ruler of All; and he was worshipped in a sacred woods.  They had a thunder God,
Donar [friend of mankind, enemy of the giants], which was associated with the
oak-forest of N. Europe, identified with the Roman Jupiter and Hercules, his
symbol was the Ax, standing for power and lightening.  They had a lot of ships
also in their myths, chief symbols.  They had a Netherlands with a powerful
Goddess there, Nerthus [Teutonic Earth Mother/Goddess of fertility]; a Goddess
of the North Sea Coast, Nehalennia; also a Queen of Heaven, consort of the Sky
God, her name, the Goddess Frea, with many Deities attached to the 'mothers'.

Eventually Wodan, an extremely important Diety, identified with the Roman 
Mercury...Woden brought furtune in battle, symbolized warriers on horseback;
a sinister figure, finally condemning his followers to defeat and death.
Men were sacrificed to him by hanging.  Though he was a guide to the Underworld,
he was still associated with the Sky, symbolized by the Eagle, the Wolf, the
Raven, creatures of the battlefield.

He was linked to Runic symbols [Runic alphabet also called 'Futhark',
uncertain origin], gifts of 'ecstasy,' because he inspired warriors
and poets.  He possessed a 'spear' the power to bind and loose through his
knowledge of battle spells.  There's an area that ties in a part of the Celtic
linguistic mythology symbolism's and powers...'to bind and loose power through
the knowledge of battle spells,' those are probably verbally spoken spells;
they could even have been chanting's on the battlefield before battle, things
of that nature.

The Swedish have some rock engravings, ancient ones from the 'Bronze Age,' a male
figure with a 'spear'; a Sky God more than likely.  (There are) all kinds of
symbols on this huge slab of rock, it's not a rock, it's a slab that nobodies
ever going to move, I don't think, unless there's a huge earthquake there.
It's got carvings all over it, all kinds of symbols, I mean some of these symbols
are extremely unique, they look like all kinds of patterns, cosmic patterns.

See here we go back to the fact 'that location' (it is the location) on the
planet and the energy portals of those locations these people migrated through
(that inspired particular cultural expressions).  In ancient times you know,
there were a lot of individuals and a lot of tribes that moved around, they
moved from one location to another; they were always searching for a better
more comfortable way of life.  An area where they could cultivate enough food
to sustain their people, and also have a nice climate, an area that wasn't
overrun with other tribes, warlike tribes.  And also areas that they felt
good at...

You know, if a person goes into the back-country to do some backpacking and
hiking in this present time...I'm sure as they travel through the forest and
up over ridges of mountains and down through valleys, they camp at different
locations...they have a feel for that area where they happen to be in...some
areas feel good, some areas don't feel good.  I mean, there's kind of an
energy content, some kind of a spiritual type of feeling, a message.

And I'm sure when these tribes traveled through N. Europe, they hit locations
that felt good, 'they liked to stay there.'  You see everything is tied to
location also, in this riddle, this riddle of humanity on a planet Earth in
an isolated solar system, located on the fringes of the Milky Way Galaxy.
And this little planet, this one planet Earth, with all the various societies,
cultures, and Nations on it, all part of one human species-race, are all
linked to this Galaxy, this vast Milky Way and the billions of stars, planets,
thousands of planets.

You see there's much more going on that we're all part of, and to...the 
human race has got to wake up in this technical age we're in and don't be so
naive; and utlize what's been presented to them and made available.  If they
don't utilize it, something else will; this 'destructive force' will definitely
get a hold of it...you know I wonder if it already has it...that maybe these
tapes are to-late, to late of a communication to do any good; I hope they do
some good, I hope they have a positiveness.

I'm looking at an Eagle here...moving on to the N. European mythologies...there's
a metal sculpturing of a shield, from the 7th Century AD, and when I look at this
thing, it looks 3-dimensional...it has a 3-dimensional form to it, even though
it's just a flat shield, a real fancy looking shield with carvings, and it's
printed (painted) with designs and things; messages within a message.

The Viking Age...let's move on to that...(and a carving) the World Tree and
its realms; on the tombstone from the Viking Age, found in Northern England.
It has an image on it of individuals holding up an arch of some sort, what could 
that suggest...'holding up the sky from creation,' somebody mentions...it's hard
to say.  It looks like an adult and a child, and there's animals around them.
There's another one here from 500AD, a memorial stone, Sanda, in Gotland; an
early diagram of the 'cosmos'.  The whirling disc of the Heavens, the Sun the
Moon, below the World Tree in its center, a ship at the bottom..."the departure
of the dead from this world,"...perhaps.  But when I look at this, this
particular photograph of this stone, what do I see, I see something that this
man...a man said just recently...I read an article or picked up an article on
the Internet.  An individual was talking about the Milky Way Galaxy being a
'twin dwarf,' having another Galaxy just exactly like it; that both this Galaxy
and its twin, are part of a larger Galaxy that we just haven't been able to 
see yet, but it's there...

When I look at this stone from 500AD, this memorial stone, I see some symbols
carved into it that look like they're describing twins, twin-sphere's that are
linked together.  And you see, the 'World Tree,' the Sun, Moon, the Heavens,
the Cosmos...'Diagram of the Cosmos.'

This even relates to some of the things I've mentioned on the other tapes,
about planting a seed, or a tree, a seedling...and as it grows it doesn't
remain a seedling, it grows taking on new shape, new form; there's a little 
tree on this particular one also which kind of relates.

'...9 worlds set one above the other,'...the tree of life...why nine worlds?
The 'guardian tree' of the Gods, where they hold their councils, symbol of
Universality linking different races of beings; forming the center of nine worlds.

See there's all kinds of messages, little links in all these mythologies; there's
been a tremendous amount of effort by the human race on the entire planet,
everybody subconsciously has been doing these kind of things (trying to leave

It would be a great problem wouldn't it, to be living during those times, and to
know so much (universally)...and how do you get the information to these other
locations on the planet...how could you ever reach them in a life time?  And
once you reached them, whatever turmoil's you may go through, would you still 
be able to relay the information...it can be done now in this time, in this
century--if individuals do it, take the time, the effort, see the importance,
understand that...just like these tapes...they're all pointed in that same
direction, the direction that the Viking Age was going toward; the World Tree,
its realms, its cosmic connection.

These just aren't my ideas, these analogies that I've put on these tapes that
talk about the human race coming from elsewhere in the universe...(and) for
some reason are here on this isolated planet in this solar system, planet Earth.
These just aren't my ideas, I see it in all this other stuff, it's there.
It's important that these things are expanded upon, brought up, fortified, and
brought together.  It's important that the entire human race on the planet 
learns to interact with one another, to do away with this 'destructive force'
of war, killing, bloodshed.  Those are only barriers put up to shut this
development (of the human) down, to hold everybody back, to hold the races
back, that's all it's here for, there's no purpose in it (war/destruction) at
all, other than to hold the people here, to enslave them.  That's the only
purpose it's here for, there's no purpose to it at all (war, etc.); there's
no such thing as punishment, the only punishment that the human race is
suffering, is the punishment that the 'destructive force', destructive element
of energy has placed on them, but normally they're not that way.

I'm sure when one travels through the universe, if they could ever reach that
point, they'll find thousands and thousands of planets with the human race on
them, doing all kinds of different things, different than this...it's very
possible that those individuals in legend know about us.  That there's a race
somewhere...there's a planet somewhere in a solar system in the vastness of
this Galaxy, there's a planet somewhere called 'Earth', where all the different
Nations of the human species are held prisoner, captive, by a destructive
element, a powerful destructive force that wants to learn all they can about
the identity, the psyche, the soul, the spirit, the immortality of the human
race; to get its secrets, to find out about it so it can conquer the human
race in the Galaxy, conquer the entire Galaxy.

I mean...there's all kinds of view points to look at and consider, and ask ones
self within their own heart, within the truths within them...'is this true,
could it really be this way,' is it some kind of a fantasy, or is it a reality,
it sure seems like a reality doesn't it...when you really sit down and take
away all the clutter and confusion and diversions surrounding us in this
century.  You take those all away, and just sit down and get serious about 
yourself, get serious about your life and where you are, and what your doing.

...And when I look through this N. European mythology, I see truths here too,
in the same context.  I look at the ancient...the bronze age carving somebody
put on a stone wall, on the side of a mountain somewhere, I look at all that,
and it sends messages to me; because there is a 'truth' there.  No matter how
it may appear, still there's a truth there, if one doesn't stereo-type their
thinking and censor themselves in their thinking...opens themselves...they'll
see that there are truths in a lot of things.  I mean, I imagine an individual
in present time, can walk through...down through the core of a huge metropolitan
area and see graffiti on the side of a wall somebody's painted on there.  You
know, they didn't carve it on there...it's not carved on a piece of rock like
these bronze age carvings are...so it probably won't last as long.  But still
we're living in a very fast world now, things are moving fast, so maybe it
doesn't have to last as long; but the messages are there, 'graffiti,' who knows
what kind of spiritual messages one will pick up just from something like that...
it's just another example.

...(Another point) you know this idea that 'one man will carry the burden for
the whole world,' that's very hard for me to understand, or even accept.  I
wouldn't expect any other...just a single other person to take the burdens and
the things that I have to go through...I wouldn't put that on somebody else,
nor would I expect them to hold it for me.

You see...we all...everybody has their own purpose, their own directions,
their own things they have to do, they do those things.  But through our
interaction with each other, we help grow and strengthen, we help each other.

We can see this same thing in this N. European mythology, and the Scandinavian
and Norwegian Vikings, sailing out through the North Sea, out and across...there's
even records of them reaching the northern continent...the Continent of N. America,
reaching it long before Columbus ever reached here.  Most of them never made it
back.  They got here to the N. American Continent, they weren't able to survive
for one reason...I mean it's a treacherous sea at different times of the
year (with hidden dangers, hazards, perils), and in that voyage there was a
crew on a ship, they all had to work, interact together, communicate, they
had...when they hit hard times, hard things along the way, things that were
happening, they had to be unified, they needed leadership.  But I'm sure
that each member of that crew didn't expect somebody else to do their work
for them...they all took their own place, did their work, whatever had to
be done, whatever their job was...

The point I'm trying to make here is, we can't...'this idea of one person
pulling the load for everybody,' it's nice, I mean there are good values to
that...but that's not exactly the way...common sense tells us, it's not
exactly the way thing are in reality.  There's interaction, there's sharing,
and everybody pulls the load, they all work together.

And they're talking about this very same thing in this N. European mythology
also, when one looks through it and sees the explorations they make and the
significance of the Viking Age, and all of its travels and expeditions that
it went on, into areas that were unknown...you know, 'the harsh Northern Sea.'

I mean, one has to find...no matter how one looks at it, one can't help but
respect the courage involved in this, this part of the human species.  No
matter how rough a tribe they may have come from, and what level of...the
emotional levels they had reached, were able to sustain...still there was
this courage thing, to look into the unknown, to go there...it's a human trait,
it's part of the human race.

  ...That's part of some of the sacrifices, the human sacrifices I talk about
in this struggle, in this struggle to find out, to get through these barriers;
find the missing links to humanity and what's going on-on this planet here,
this isolated solar system.

When those ships went out, they knew that it would be very rare, extremely rare
if one came back, and even if the whole crew would be there.  But those were 
sacrifices of courage that were made and taken.  And that's part of the uniqueness
and quality of the human race, the human species.  And this is known in the
Universe, in the Milky Way, in the Milky Way Galaxy, they know about it; why this
is going on...I don't have the answers, I think the answer will be known when
it's discovered, and made known to the entire race on the planet...none of this
secrecy stuff [of]..."Oh, we're going to hide this away for a few centuries until
they get more developed,"...that is so-so bad, to even consider such a thing!

These things are not to be hidden away, they're to be told and expressed!  The
human species on this planet has had 7000yrs of misery and sacrifices, trying
in all different ways to get through these barriers, subconsciously trying to
open themselves.  Being combated and held down by all kinds of different technics,
destructive technics from this energy.  The human race doesn't have to wait,
the human race has been struggling to find out about all of this for thousands
of years.

So anyone that comes along now, at least in my mind, and says the human race isn't
ready to know about this...I look at them and I wonder..."is this a real human, or
is it a cloned artificial human of the destructive force zone," the enemy.

You see...well anyway...these are just some comments that...as I said on some of
the other tapes, "I get carried away a little bit," quite a bit, and I should,
why not.  I mean, look at what's at stake, look at what's already been given, the
sacrifices and the hardships.  Those generations, in their sincerity looked
forward to the new generation finding out the answers; so let's don't let them
down in this one century out of 70 that has the technology that we can use
to accomplish it!

Anyway, I'll move on here to the next side of the tape...

End of Side 1; tape, N. Europe.


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