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Empathic Expressions, Japan, (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski


Ok, here begins Empathic Expressions of world mythology, and ancient legends
of Japan.  This whole series that I'm doing is of world mythology, (and) is
to show links and progressions, empathic expressions, subliminal expressions
of mythology and legend from different Nations in the world on the Earth.

This one here on Japan--I think as I look at the map of Japan, I begin to have
a feeling that the mythology of Japan will be different in many respects to the
mythologies that I've already recorded on Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia/India,
and China.  The reason I feel it will be different with Japan, is because Japan
is an 'island'...and on islands throughout legendary history, there's always
been a cultural difference than what one finds on mainland's.

In Egypt, and Mesopotamia, and India, and China, there are great rivers,
streams; Japan is an island, and this island atmosphere has different spiritual
energies than what one finds on mainland's.  There's something about the
energy of an island and its effect upon its peoples, that's different than
what one finds on mainland's.

I noticed this 25yrs ago when I was living in the Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean,
the studies that I did while I stayed in that area reflected a different form...not 
a different form...a different expression of spirituality than what I experienced
on mainland's.  I think as I go through the mythology here on Japan, I'm going
to find a more intense type of energy; I also expect to find a higher level
of spirituality with great struggles in it; struggles between the physical level
of emotion, and the spiritual levels of emotion.  I don't know why this is on
islands, I haven't been able to actually think about it for over a long period
of time, all I know is that to me, this is the effect it has; and it will be
interesting now to see what the mythology and history of legend from about
660BC to present is, with the island Nation and People of Japan.

...In some of the research I've found on (a neighboring Nation of Japan) Korea,
it's stated that it's very possible that Korea, its history could go back
as far as 30,000yrs...this is quite remarkable.  That it's very possible that
the reason Korea is sort of in the background and not front stage, as some of
the other Asian Nations are at this time, is because it is a significant energy
of some sort, that prefers to be there, but not to take a front stage.  I don't
know if 'front-stage' is a very good term to use, it seems lacking in expression.
Probably a better way of trying to give some view on Korea, it would be that I
would say, "it is a Kingdom of wisdom that prefers to remain unknown," which
is a very intelligent thing...

...(But) moving on here to Japan, the island.  It is an island that's elongated,
sort of North/Northwest, its bordered on the east by the Pacific Ocean and the Sea
of Japan on the west.  There's a volcano on the island of Japan, and I think that 
volcano is quite important, Mount Fujiyama.  I've always felt that volcanic areas
were highly filled with energy and much spirit...I just wanted to mention that
at this time.

[Fujiyama, also Fuji, Fuji no Yama; height 12,388ft; a dormant volcano since
1707, but considered active; the mountains name is of Ainu origin and means,
"everlasting life"; it's recorded the volcano was formed in 286BC by earthquakes;
the age is disputed too, as being 600,000yrs; the mountain is surrounded by
temples and shrines; the ascent in ancient times was done in white robes of
a pilgram.]

I think some of the myths that I'm seeing here in Japan, reflect a Nation a Race
of highly developed spirituality.  A spirituality that seems to have come about
almost unnoticed, perhaps this spirituality is a very pure form of energy.  I don't
at this point, know how pure, but it appears that it is a kind of energy that has
manifesting properties, that it...in their legends they speak about being able
to manifest physical objects, humans out of the combination of thought and will.
It's...this is quite remarkable to notice.

In my other tapes I spoke about the fact I see this century as highly advanced
in technology, a century standing out from among 7000yrs of history...the only
century to have this type of advancement in technology.  And that I felt that
it represents a kind of birth, or a kind of cross roads, or a kind of completion
to a long series of centuries in the history of humanity.  That there's a riddle
attached to it, a riddle that takes in all the races on the planet Earth, and that
the riddle is linked to a Cosmic Riddle, that the Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy,
which this solar system we are in is part of, is also linked too, (and is also) some
how about this riddle.  And that this is an extremely important time in the known
history, the last 7000yrs of humanity.  That it's a very serious time also...

When I look at the mythology of Japan, an island, I see also similarity in this
concept, they speak about 3 invisible Gods who came into existence near what is
called the 'High Plains of Heaven.'  There was a Lord of the Center of Heaven...
and I can see they speak of a beginning of the Earth, when it was young and not
yet fully formed; it resembled floating oil that was drifting like a jelly fish.

This is a mythology of Japan, and from that sentence, 'resembling floating oil
and drifting like a jelly fish,' I see a vision of Ocean near land.  I see water,
and I can imagine myself with this empathic expression, I can imagine myself 
standing on the shoreline and looking south, and seeing a man appear who says
to me to...be careful if I go in the water, if I swim in the water, and not to
get caught in the drifting floating water that resembles jelly fish.

And I say, 'okay,' and I jump into the water, and I swim out towards where
this...I can see the water...it's kind of thick and like jello, and one cannot
swim in it very well.  I became curious about it, (and) I wonder how deep it
is, how far down it goes, this substance, that's like...brown colored...foggy
brown color, misty brown...

So I swim down to the bottom of the sea, and lay there and look up toward the
surface, and it's very dark.  And I can still feel this kind of thickness in
the water; and as I look up, the sunlight is trying to shine through the
cloudiness of this dark water...and in one little place it does shine through,
and shines upon several small fish.  These fish are either white or silver,
because when the sunlight hits them, they sparkle and shine, they reflect the
sunlight in a whiteness or a silvered whiteness.  And they (the fish) look up
also at this light coming in from the sun through the dark murky water, and
they swim towards the sunlight.  And as I view this from under the water in
the vision, I say to myself, 'it is important, I'm under the water, it's
important for me...that is the way...that is the way to the light.'

So I start swimming with great effort, through this thick type of water (it
feels also like a force field) towards where the fish went, and I follow
that area and come to the surface.  And as I hit the surface, I rise above it,
and go to the shore.  And on the shore there is the same man that warned me,
or cautioned me to be careful in my swim, and he cannot see me, I am invisible
to him; and there are several (two) other men around him.  They're like there
on the beach, sitting on the ground.

And I am sort of invisible in the vision...and I come around and sit down next
to the man that cautioned me, and within myself I pulled energy from the Earth...
and that energy materialized me, so they can see me and I become in bodily form
again...and they all look and are astonished, 'how did I do that?'

And I explain to them that I was able to do that because I had studied the
4 lessons; and that the place I was just at was the 'primal beginning' of the
Earth...and that it was quite an experience; and that's sort of the end of 
the vision.

I think in this vision, what it represents is the beginnings of the Primal
Couple in Japanese mythology.  I think the vision represents the High Plains
of Heaven, and the Lord of the Center of Heaven, who has two companions
Takamimusubi, and Kamimusubi, those two are powerful 'kami' in their own right...

[kami, object of worship in Shinto and other religions of Japan; kami is
translated as 'God,' 'Lord,' or 'Deity,' and kami also includes other forces of
nature, both good and evil, which because of their position and being divine,
become respected and admired.]

...and as the vision closed, one of them looked at me and said that he was
going too...that he could see that the lessons I had gone through and exercised
with, helped me accomplish that experience.  And that he was going to study
the 3rd lession more closely before he tried, or before he experienced this
same type of event.

This is an important vision, it actually happened, I really saw it and experienced
it.  It is entirely related to this beginning expression and history of Japan,
I think it's about the Kojiki, it's about that and the floating oil drifting
like jelly fish.

[Kojiki, compiled in 712AD; the main source for the early mythology of Japan;
"The Record of Ancient Matters," the oldest Japanese mythological and historical

...You see, when one begins to develop their spiritual abilities, they begin to
have visions which they are supposed to have and experience.  Visions which
help to explain a higher level of riddle; the vision is to open unanswered areas,
to show realities that took place...there's symbolism involved.

The symbolism of the sunlight coming through the darkness is related in so many
different myths...it's in Biblical myths, it's in all...just about every area of
the world with mythology has a similar myth.  And what is important I think is to
realize that this beginning myth is also related to the Cosmic connection of the
Milky Way.  I think that the riddle on this planet, of why the human race is here,
I think one of the pits falls is that the human race thinks it originated here
(on Earth)...and that is incorrect.  I would hope that other individuals would
look in this other direction...that the human race didn't originate here, they
have been put here to solve some kind of a riddle, something unknown, something
extremely important to the entire Galaxy...that's another view point that can
be searched out.  And that this riddle is somehow always linked to something (like)
this vision I had of the darkness and the light coming through...and that there
were these fish that swam up towards the sunlight.

Now I think I should do a little work, a little description on some fish.  In
this vision the fish were silver or white.  ...Silver related to the moon and
belongs to a symbolic scheme, or chain, linking moon to water and to the female
principle.  The color of silver is white; the Latin world for silver is derived
from a Sanskrit word meaning 'white and shining.'  It summons faithfulness to
follow in its footsteps, to follow the silver and whiteness.

Ok...so I have silver fish in the vision...it says that fish are associated with
birth or rebirth and their cycles, that they are manifestations which occur upon
the face of waters; fish are at one and the same, saviors and instruments of 

In Greek mythology, the second age of the world was called the silver age, when
men ceased to revere the Gods and fell to killing each other; after death these
men became the good spirits of the Earth.  Among the Moslem's, the second heaven
was constructed of silver, and many other charms were written or mounted in silver
to increase their effectiveness.  In Hindu mythology, one of the 3 fortresses in
Heaven, from which the Asuras attacked the world, before Siva destroyed them, was
of silver; a city of silver.  The Egyptian God Ra, had bones of silver.  In China,
the moon is often called the silver candle, and the Milky Way, the silver river.

...As one develops their spirituality, and their inner self comes in contact with
their subconscious self, they will begin to have clear visions, clear dreams that
are extremely significant, and (that's to) help them to interpret and understand
things that they need answers too.

So let's move on into--the Japanese Underworld.

The subterranean world of the dead is known also as the land of darkness, the land
of roots, and the 'deep land'.  One must realize that if the Japanese are born into
a higher level of spirituality naturally...that they would have a clear dream world,
they would have clear visions, (and) in many ways they would know about

Some of these things over time they may not talk about to much, or write about, it
may be considered not respectful...so (please understand) I would in no way want to
offend anyone, any Nation, and Culture, in my work...and if I unknowingly have begun
(or do begin) including things that could do such a thing...I apologize, but I also
feel that it is important...if this world and the races on this planet are going
to interact with one another, someone has too--individuals have to step forward and
take away the blinders, the veils.

Otherwise the development that is a necessity at this time, because of the position
the world is in-in technology and advancement, will come to a close.  I have seen it
written, in sense, in numerous amounts of empathic expressions and symbols; but with
the unity and unifying factor of all the races on the planet in communicating and
working towards this one goal, to raise the spirituality between Nations, between
individuals, to share what is learned in one culture...the things they have learned
in their spiritual development toward their 'immortality', things that they have
learned to share with other cultures..."there has to be an interchange."

This hoarding of information, this censoring of certain things, to keep it amongst
just a group, a small group of individuals...in the last 7000yrs has created and
caused a lot of chaos and war, a lot of sorrow and bloodshed...and it has to be

The technology today is now...is so highly advanced that the race could be
annihilated completely on the planet, become extinct.  It could turn in on
itself, it also...the technology has started to head in a direction of mechanical
control; the mechanical controls could take over the human race, and turn the
human race into a race of slaves.

...Ok, back to the Land of Darkness. There's quite a few similarities in the/this
Japanese story and the Greek myths of Persephone...in the sense of the Greek
myths of Persephone and Hades...Hades the God of the Underworld...Persephone
ate food when she was taken to the Underworld, thus, she formed a link with the
Underworld...and in Japanese mythology...this is an example of how mythologies
parallel each other, and are linked in similarities.  In Japan they talk about
the eating of...'the food of the dead is said to create a bond with them,'
and when the Japanese Goddess Izanami...

[Izanami and Izanagi, the Heavenly Pair who created Japan from drops of brine;
the Divine Pair who created Earth and begot many important Deities.]

...The Japanese Goddess Izanami, meets her husband at the entrance to the land
of the dead, 'she wishes that he had come sooner, because she had already eaten
of the hearth there,' thus, she had created a bond with the dead...and went
through a transformation, from loving wife to raging demon...which would represent
a tragedy of some sort.  How to over come that tragedy?

When one acquires a higher level of spirituality, as they're going toward that
goal, they will go through and experience many emotional types of things...and it
is important for them to...those are like tests, emotional tests...and if one can
keep their rational and their wits about them, when they go through those momentary
experiences which happen...they will pass the test and become stronger; and then
new levels of awareness will open up.

This is quite a real thing, and I think when one reads the mythology of Japan,
and the tragedies in some of their myths, and the sincerity's involved there,
and the sensitivity described within the lines of those myths, one can see how
difficult it can be to pass these emotional levels.  To raise ones self, to
become closer to ones inner self, and to open ones subconscious mysteries to
connect directly with their consciousness.  To perceive these things one also
at the same time experiences emotional levels too...levels that have to be
maturely met and conversed with...and from those emotional experiences...it
raises one up to a higher level of strength.

If one fails in those emotionals...the emotional tests, so to speak...one still
has to go through it if they want to continue to develop their spirituality.
Nothing is made so difficult (that) it cannot be overcome.  I have yet in my
experiences, trying to learn about myself, found anything I couldn't overcome;
and I realized that the more difficult it was, the better it would be for me

...If one is going to open an area of themselves that has been barricaded, it is
going to take effort, it's going to take effort to overcome the barriers, to go
through the barriers, or over them however; and that effort is going to also
be connected to the emotional level of the human.

The emotion characteristics, the emotional uniqueness of the human being is
extremely valuable.  And it is something that can't be disregarded if one wants
to become very well balanced spiritually.  It's sort of perhaps difficult to
explain in some ways, but I hope I haven't left to much of a vagueness to this

I think my knowledge in Japanese culture is very limited, I've never been to the
island of Japan, so one must realize when they're listening to this tape, that
the views I'm making are only views coming at this moment...thoughts running
through my mind, and I am trusting the truth within me to speak in a way that
will be helpful...to express points of view that will open doorways, break
down barriers.  And also at the same time, hold the narrative of this tape
together within the theme relating Japanese mythology as expressing a higher
level of spiritual devleopment; at least that's what my attempt is...

[So here ends side-1 of the tape Empathic Expressions, Japan.]


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