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S. America

Empathic Expressions, S. America, (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski.

S. America

Ok, here begins another tape in a series of tapes entitled 'Empathic Expressions';
this series (is) on world mythology and ancient legends of the world.  These tapes
are also more than an historical documentation or summation in some areas
historically--but they're also put together to show a common focus that all the
world mythologies have that point toward a mystery, a hidden riddle, which is here
on planet Earth.  Earth an alone planet in an alone solar system, which is located
out on the outer edges of the Milky Way Galaxy.

These tapes also are designed to have a spiritual...show a spiritual context of
learning and development, so there will be a lot of comments on that particular
subject also.  Empathic Expressions mean, that I'm going through a book on world
mythology, a book that I haven't seen yet, I don't even know what's on the next
page...I'm going from page to page, and as I look at the photo's of different
sculpturings and artwork from different areas of the world on ancient legends
and mythologies, I'm recording what comes to mind at that moment.  Also it should
be noted that these tapes, are not edited in any way, what you hear here is an
immediate transcript or recording, and there's no editing involved, no filtering,
or anything like that...this is original, an original creation so to speak; and
I have no plans to edit any of this in any way, even in the future.  The concept
in back of these tapes were for my own personal file (library), my own personal
record of findings on this subject matter, to refer to latter at any time if I
needed too.  But at the same time these tapes were made to be shared with other
individuals who are interested in this same area...okay...and this particular
tape here in the world mythology area...'the ancient legends and myths of
S. America,' and here we begin...

The Continent of S. America is quite large, and the areas that I'll be speaking
about on this tape will range from 800BC, up to about 1500AD, about 2300yrs.
It will take in the 'west'...more or less the western coast of the Continent of
S. America...this is a large area, a large subject, and I'll do the best I can
to get most of the important points down on one tape, we'll see how that goes.

Most of the concentrated civilizations and peoples started in Peru, along the west
coast, and a lot of information has come from that area.  So probably one would
realize that even though the Continent of S. America is populated in all areas
of it...that most of the mythology that I'll be speaking about will be coming
from the central-western area of the Continent...right on the Pacific Ocean, or near
to it at least.  And I'll (also) refer too probably as I move along (to) some
of the Amazon Rain Forest Regions...

Everyone...the Amazon Rain Forest Region is basically...takes in kind of a chunk of
central and northeastern S. America, where the large rivers all flow into the 
Atlantic Ocean on the northeast coast, it's a heavily forested region...there's
quite a bit there...a lot of jungles and things of that nauture.

But along the western coast, it's at higher elevations...(and eventually) breaks out
of some of that...and even though it's a mountainous region...(still) on the west
coast is where these civilizations began, (even with the rough terrain) still they
lived there and built quite a few temples; and there's quite a bit to imagine of
those areas...

The Forest Peoples (lower elevations), which made up the Amazon area...the Rain
Forest People...had many tribal cultures, very complex mosaic's, social systems,
and hundreds of different languages.  They lived in the tropical forest, and
depended on various magical measures and precautions.  They perforated their lips
and ear lobes, painted their bodies, and these things were thought to or believed
too preserve health and fertility.  They also pierced their nasal...part of their
nose...to keep illness at bay.

The Shamans and ordinary tribes People also from living in the Amazon jungle and
forest, came on to knowledge over many centuries, of herbs and various drugs
(which grew in the jungle); and that turned into also ritual practices.  Cultures
found different herbs that would cause hallucinations...so it/that gives you a
little idea of what went on there (from drug influences and barriers).

Most of the tribes acknowledged a Creator God, the one that created the Galaxy, but
they took little interest...their Gods they refer too, they said, took little
interest in Earthly matters.  So they're talking about having a connection with a
terrestrial type of deity...their Gods...that didn't have much interest in the
Earth and their location where they were living and settled.  That's kind of a view
point that one could keep in mind as I move along through this tape, I'll refer to
that particular theme also.

The Forest Peoples (Amazon) had very good skills in agriculture, and also looked to
items like the Sun and Moon that would represent a close family tie...these people
lived a very simple life.  Most of the time I think they were naked, there's not a
harsh climate in that part of the world, it's extremely warm and mild, so I think
that's probably one reason why there wasn't a concern for clothing.  Even today
I think one would find the same kind of situation were they to explore into the
Amazon region.  Jacque Cousteau [1910-1997, French Ocean Explorer, environmentalist,
author/film maker, adventurer, inventor], did a whole series of documentaries on
S. America and the Amazon, they're exquisite and educational, and I think anyone
that hears this tape and also wants to look into some of the outstanding features
that I'll mention on S. America, would find a multitude of other...various other
examples of what has taken place there in the last 2000yrs/2300yrs/2500yrs...if they
were to be able to see some of the Cousteau documentaries that were/have been made.

So the peoples of...the Rain Forest Peoples, had a natural barrier from the west
that sort of isolated them, a natural kind of thing.  And the peoples on the west
coast probably made contact with the Amazon, but stayed primarily on the western
side of the mountain ridges (Andes).  Also that barrier, that natural barrier,
kept any migrating people that were to sail east out of the Pacific Ocean from
Asia, or the islands in the Pacific Ocean...(those peoples) would more an likely
hit the west coast because of the 'trade winds' and the different wind currents that
flow that way...and then would stay on the coast, but probably wouldn't think about
going on over the mountains and into the jungles of the Amazon.

They probably knew it was there, went up and looked at it from mountainous ridges,
but decided not to go into there...so I think one would find quite a distinct
separation between the Amazon Rain Forest Peoples, and what one will find in the
Andes Mountains.  ...As I said earlier, most everything takes place on the west
coast in an area of present day Peru, and present day Bolivia.  There's also a
large lake in S. Peru and NW Boliva, called Lake Titicaca.  That particular lake
is one of the few lakes in the world that is located at that elevation...[Lake
Titicaca, the worlds highest navigable lake; 12,500ft above sea level, 3200sq miles
with a NW/SE direction, being 120mi long and 50mi wide; the meaning of Titicaca
is uncertain, translated as Rock of the Puma or Crag of Lead.]

Ok, moving on here...there is also a lot of gold and silver found in some of
those regions, so the peoples also had that kind of thing; in other words, they
weren't just mainly poor types of agricultural societies, they also worked/
developed into the materialistic forms too.

In Peru, there's a large city, Cuzco, that's where the Inca Civilization, the
Inca Empire, was located.  The Inca florished around the 14th Century AD, sort of
at the end of this S. American time chart I'm looking at, which started somewhere
around 800BC.  The city, Cuzco, was also referred to as 'the land of 4 corners.'
It's kind of interesting, this 4 thing that keeps coming up on all the Continents
of...the Continent of N. America, the myths and legends from the Native Americans
of the N. American Continent speak about 4 worlds, 4 areas...the cultures and
civilizations of the Maya in the Yucatan region in southern Mexico, and Central
America, talk about 4 worlds also to a degree; the Chinese (even) talk about
4 foundations, 4 pillars to the world...here the Inca's talk about the same
thing, 'the Land of 4 Corners.'  So there always seems to be 4...this 4 number
has consistently come up on all the continents of this region of the planet Earth.

Ancient Religions--Spirit, Sacrifice, Sacred Journeys.

Most of the civilizations of S. America shared a common religious foundation and
mystic belief.  I want to point out here...which is something I mentioned on the 
majority of the other tapes...is that I found through this world mythology study
that...it's the location on the planet that's important, not so much the people
or civilizations.  It seems that what the people are expressing spiritually in their
cultures, in their legends, in their myths, ancient myths, has to do with the 
location of their civilization, their societies.  There's some sort of energy portal
(at different locations) that radiates all kinds of different things that the 
human species becomes sensitive too, through their spirituality and emotional 
maturity levels, and they reflect that in their artwork.  This is of a great
importance and point, that I haven't found mentioned in other areas, so in this 
area here of S. America, I can understand why they would have common features in
religion and in mystic beliefs...because those features are radiated somehow and
have a link someway to their location on the planet itself.

They found a lot of 'supernatural' ingredients in plant and animals, rivers,
mountains, etc., so they're kind of close to the concept that the Egyptians have
in their ancient myths which relate to the 'natural world.'  And one could also see 
that there's...the same 'latitude areas' of the world will also (have) this
same kind of thing I just mentioned on location.

The ancient's, 800-200BC, looked toward a 'Mythical Being,' which they produced
(describe) in their artwork...a Smiling God, a Staff of God, a Weeping God...we're
looking at emotion here aren't we...?

I mentioned on the other tapes, that I have found that each individual mythical
location on the planet, usually had a significant feature to it:

  The Egyptians basically focused on the relationship between the human being
  and the natural environment, animals, insects, fishes, birds, plants, etc..

  In India, it indicated that they're myths were centered around a 'central
  nervous system,' a cross roads area of some sort.

  The Asian area of China, Korea, and Japan, they indicated that their myths
  and ancient legends always held a dominance in depicting a higher spiritual

  The Celtic myths indicate a dominance feature focused on Linguistics, different
  languages, a kind of...their myths represent a kind of language purifier.

  The Roman myths and legends are connected to a kind of military conquest
  type of theme and direction.

I can see here in the ancient regions and religions of S. America, they're
looking...what I see so far...they're looking into the emotional area.  And that's
depicted in these Gods, a Weeping God, a Smiling God, the Staff of God, and so on.

They talk about Gateways of the Sun.  There's a lot of temple pyramid shrines--here
we go to the pyramids again, a link between other mythologies that have pyramids
also; Egypt, and Central America, and Mesopotamia in the Persian region of Asia and
Asia Minor have pyramids also (so there's a parallel link).

One must keep in mind that all of these religions are linked in some way, all of these
myths and legends...not religions...but myths and legends are linked in some way to
other Nations on the planet...they're all pointing towards a riddle, all of these
myths and legends always talk about a mystery, a riddle that they indicate.  That
there are a multitude of missing links to understand what this mystery on planet
Earth is, what the riddle is?

It doesn't matter where one looks in myth, they'll find this feature, and they're
all (the myths of the world)...they all basically come down to a common focus
which says, 'the human came from the Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, somewhere in
the Cosmos,' was somehow brought here to planet Earth.  They talk about different
problems and areas of the human struggle over 7000yrs; these struggles are all
similar, and all based upon one feature...which the majority of these different
world myths talk about...

They talk about a destructive element, a destructive energy and force, that
has...came also to this planet and caused all kinds of war, and killing, and
brutality.  And this is the theme that I've focused on, on all these tapes...that
the human race did not originate on planet Earth, a planet in a dead solar system;
that the human races were brought here...in some way they were brought and put on
planet Earth.  They were also handicapped in their sensitivities and abilities...

That the human race is an immortal race, that it has an extremely high significance
and value to the Galaxy Milky Way, that we're a part of in this solar system.  The
human has empathic, telepathic, paranormal abilities...they are...the human race and
species is immortal.  It has spiritual...it has the ability of spiritual and
dimensional travel, it has many souls added to that immortal complexity; it has
abilities to change shape, to take on other forms.

All of these things are talked about or related too in all the myths.  And that's
another reson why I'm putting these tapes together.  What I've come on to here is
something that I've looked toward for many decades, trying to understand the overall
riddle and mystery to what this life is on planet Earth here, as we see it today.

And also there's been a lot in the recent years here, there's been a lot of concern
I've had because of the fact that I've noticed that in 7000yrs there are about 50yrs
in the present here that has all of this high-tech, all of the high-tech in science.
It's had to understand in my mind, why for 7000yrs humanity on this planet lived a
certain way, developed extremely slow, and it was always the same.  And now, why out
of 7000yrs do we have 50yrs or 75yrs that are different? The technology in place here
indicates to me that...because it happened so rapidly and quickly...it indicates
to me that this is like a...the end to something that's gone on for 7000yrs; I don't
see it as a beginning, I see it as an end; and I also see a great threat here (too).

Because I realize that the 'destructive element' that came to this planet to
dominate, and to learn the secrets and the immortality features of the human
species...(the human) which is a big part, holds a large area in the Galaxy...the
destructive force that is here is a kind of force that wants to learn all it can
about the attributes and the abilities of the human race.  Sort of maybe with the
idea of enslaving it, or even duplicating it in some way.  And that over 7000yrs,
the time span that I've been using is 7000yrs, over this 7000yrs, one can see the
effects that the destructive force has had on all the different cultures and
societies...there's been domination and there's been censorship, there's been a
holding down of the natural development of the human being itself...and this has all
been going on...it's been going on...the destructive force has tried in all different
ways to completely enslave the unique qualities and immortality features of the human
race itself...and why is this?

And after a number of years I came to the conclusion that--there's a lot more going
on on planet Earth than most people even visualize, or even are allowed to visualize
in their everyday activities, or even in their education.  Few people are looking in
the direction I'm speaking about.  ...And they've (a few) tried to fight against it
in a multitude of different ways, and as one reads the legends and myths of the
Ancient Cultures, they're going to see this very same focus that I'm talking about...
it's there...it's crystal clear!

...That this has gone on for 7000yrs, and during that period of time, the struggle
in different civilizations to overcome this, and also find the answers to this
mystery of why...why the human is here...where did it come from, why it's here, where
does it go from here...they've (humans) tried in all different ways to open their
minds and spirituality's to answers these questions.  And through that search, they
have established and made a multitude of myths in the world, and recorded a multitude
of legends, legends that were put together...when someone finally found an answer,
or a missing link to this riddle, this mystery...it was recorded and became legend.

This (finding of a missing link) was also a form of a spiritual indicator; of the
level of development of that particular village or culture or society.  And that
(also) there were all kinds of different features in the spiritual developments,
that demand an emotional maturity level rise also...in other words, emotional
maturity advancements and spiritual advancements go together, you can't have
one without the other.

And now in this last 75yrs, suddenly after 7000yrs, suddenly there is a termendous
advancement in technology and abilities of that nature, and why, how come?  It's
because something...this is a focus point, this is a turning point...it's almost
as though this may be the end to a long struggle perhaps...or an entire enslavement
of the human species on this planet...I mean there's a lot of different ways of
looking at it, but they all point in these same directions...looking for missing
links...trying to tie things together, to find a way to understand what is going
on, and how to overcome it.

It doesn't take...it takes some sincerity in a person to begin to understand...the
luxuries and the technologies which we have today, make life sort of pass along
by itself...and these important things I'm talking about on this tape, which are
highly significant to each individual, each human being...are passed over...they're
just sort of skipped over...and this is dangerous, it is extremely dangerous to
the individual themselves.

There's this concept that something else will always take care of it.  Well that is 
a nice way of looking at it, but I don't feel within myself that that's the way
things work!  People have to develop themselves, they have to understand there's
more going on than just being born, having a family, and dying, and that's it.
There's more to this whole thing; and that they are more than just a body that
is born and dies and that's it...they're more than that.

They're made up of immortality, they are linked to a vast civilization in the
Milky Way Galaxy, they have a multitude of spiritual areas and dimensions that
they're a part of...they're born with telepathic and empathic abilities, these
abilities are somehow fogged over or clouded over by the destructive element that's
here...so they struggle along and can't quite understand why things are the way
they are...these levels have to be realized!

If one is going to have answers to these kind of things, they're going to have to
raise their spirituality, they're going to have to raise their emotional maturity
levels.  And what I'm talking about here, is that with the technology today, this
can be done and should be done globally...all the peoples on the planet, not just
a select few...all of them...everybody.  These answers...these things have to be
looked into, these riddles, these missing links, these indicators...otherwise one
of these days, somebody's going to wake up and what are they going to find?  They're
going to find themselves totally enslaved by an artificial kind of destructive
element, and they'll have more to lose in that enslavement than just the physical
body...believe me.

They'll be losing their identity, their spirituality's and all those aspects, their
abilities to manifest things out of the air, all of those things...their harmonic
abilities will all be enslaved by some kind of a destructive element and design.
That's what all the indications show...that's what this life on this isolated planet
Earth is all about...it's unnatural the way things are with everything that's taken
place in the last 7000yrs on this planet with these civilizations; it's totally...
it's way out in left field somewhere (the warring, bloodshed, brutality).  People
have to look in this direction especially now, this is the urgency time because of
the rarity of these 75yrs compared to 7000yrs...you see what I'm talking about here?

I hope I'm making some sense, I have the feeling like I'm rattling on and not getting
the point across, anyway I'll have to move on here...

And basically that's probably the reason I have this feeling, 'that maybe' I'm not
getting the point across, it's an empathic expression from what I'm looking at here
on the Continent of S. America.  There is...it almost seems as though...there's a
heavy, heavy form of censorship on that continent of some sort...or there's some
kind...maybe it has to do with...I don't know what it has to do with...it almost
seems as though it's a kind of...(that) the emotional levels that will be expressed
here (in S. America)...it's almost as though some of them (the emotions) are shut
down, or they're kind of 'tranquilized' in some way.  That's the feelings I get,
and I think that's why the description is coming the way it is at this time.
When one listens to the other tapes of the different regions, they're going to
get a whole different kind of presentation, that's different than what's happening
right here...I see it myself as I'm making this tape...so  there's something like
that here also, some kind of a tranquilizer, some sort of a energy that holds...kind
of a sleep-sickness maybe...I don't know, that sound ridiculous...

The Chavin [of 3 pan-Peruvian Indian cultures; the name (Chavin) derives from the
ruins in the highlands, Chavin de Huantar]...they have a lot of artwork from 800BC,
smiling faces, large eyes, big noses.  The myths of the highland, highland art,
some tropical forest creatures, Harpy Eagles, Jaguars, thick lipped, and even
some fanged appearances.  There's a lot of 'sacred journeys' to mountains and
springs, the temples, the shrines.

The coastal peoples were considered to come from the Supreme God, that his level
was higher and stronger than the Inca that came along later, thus they permitted
and acknowledged his shrine; the Inca built their own temples next to it.  I see
quite a similarity in some of their (Chavin) pottery work, I think it would be
related to even a Greek influence, or similar to Greek pottery work also...
however, the Greeks used a lot of black and white, and what I'm seeing here is a
lot of red and white.

They're having a lot of supernatural beliefs along the coastal civilizations...

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