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N. Europe-2

Empathic Expressions, (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski

N. Europe-2

Ok, here I move into a picture and chapter on Loki and Ragnarok, 'the
Trickster, the Wolf, and the Last Great Battle.'  Loki is a...was held in
bounds, tied, he finally got free, and led the Giants against the Gods in the
last great battle.

[Loki, God of destruction, fire, mischief, and evil; his father, the Giant
Farbauti, his mother Laufey or Nal].

[Ragnarok, 'the final battle' between the Gods and the Evil powers in which
all perish and the Universe is consumed by fire; the only survivors are one
man and one woman, Lif and Lifthrasir, 'the human pair,' who sleep safely in
Hodmimir's forest through it all, and reawaken to repeople the Earth].

The world was under constant threat from these Giants who coveted the Gods
treasures and threatened a return to chaos, and sterilizing the race.  Odin,
collected the greatest Hero's who had fallen in battle in Valhalla, so that
they would support the Gods.  Thor, wielded his hammer against the Giants and
kept them out of Asgrad.  ...So we have a battle between Loki and the Giants,
and Odin who supported the Gods.  That there's a hammer of some sort; it's a
poem about the...it describes the destruction of the world, "as if in a vision,"
this poem written somewhere around 1000AD, by Voluspa, 'the prophesy of the
Seeress,' a seer, a visionary.

In many ways, one can see a parallel here between what we're into in present time;
the Giants could represent many things in present time, and so could the Gods,
I mean, metaphorically it could be applied.  As one develops their spirituality
and gains in higher emotional maturity levels, they'll begin to realize that
things are pretty much knitted together in a way that relates to...everything
relates to itself in some form.

And that one must open themselves to see the picture clearly, and to realize that
it's a very complex thing, but it's so simple; and that they (one) can utilize
these historical references and mythologies of different Nations in the world, to
decode things for themselves, and for the major riddle itself.  And not to be so
naive...to believe something so completely, even if it seems so right, still if
one feels within their heart there's something about it they don't understand,
they question, it may be a falsehood...to search that out.  Because each individual
is born with a truth channeling within themselves, it can be confused in many ways,
and it is sometimes...whole cultures and societies can be communicated to in a
certain way to confuse their ability to see the truth, to know where it is, what
it is...but you can overcome those things, those things can be corrected...as long
as you realize that it exists, it's a possibility (falsehoods), and sometimes a
technic that the 'destructive force' uses to control certain areas.

And as one traverses their own individual developments, they're going to reach
areas that will be dictated and described to them in such a way that seems so
true, but always be weary, don't be naive, say to youself, 'okay, that is a
truth, but there's something about it that doesn't seem quite right.'  Find out
what that something is, search it out, share your information with other individuals
who are looking in the same patterns, the same directions, and may have similar 
questions on certain things.

This interaction between yourself and other individuals striving for this goal,
is like riding...like being a part of a crew on a Viking voyage from N. Europe
to N. America, thousands of years ago, it's no different...working towards the same
goals, sharing this interaction, finding out...'what!...how come...which way
should we go...is that a storm coming, are those birds up there in the sky
indicating something, are these Dolphins swimming along side the ship leading
us...should we follow them, go where they say, they know the easiest passage 
across this endless sea, all we see for days on end is just the sea, no land...are
they going to take us to where we need to go, can we have faith in them, we
must have faith in something.'

They discuss this thing amongst themselves in the crew, they look to their leader,
their Captain, a man that they have faith in, otherwise they wouldn't be on that
ship; they would have never gone on that ship.  They're sailing with a Captain that
they understand, they understand his masculinity, his morals, his way of doing
things, his way of communicating, they feel good with it, they feel they can be part
of it, so they became a crew on his ship; they share all this information.

It's the same thing in present time, there's still 'a voyage'.  It's like I said
(on the other tapes)...'there's an ancient song,' the song is like a voyage, it
plays over and over, we just keep adding new words to it, interaction, exchanges.
If we're going to find the total truth about what's going on, just about ourselves,
let alone the entire race itself, then it's going to take this interaction, it's
going to take this trust, this having faith in another individual.  And whatever...
however crude or however insignificant their messages are, don't look at it from
that point of view.  Look at it from the message, that's all that is important,
'the message,' pick out from the message the important points that fit into
wherever you are in your location, in your voyage, and take it from there.
Refer to it later if there's other points you need later, it's all part of a
voyage in many respects.

That's what these northern mythologies are talking about.  They're also talking
about the sacrifices that were entailed in it.  I mean, I see these sacrifices in
all the races and cultures, all over through history, all kinds, and in all various
different proportions and ways.  I mean...(and) how do you measure sacrifice?
It's linked to emotions, it's linked to spiritual will, I mean there's all kinds
of powers that are attached to these sacrifices.  This was learned and known by
many cultures, they used different kinds of sacrifices in different ways.  I'm
talking about this form of sacrifice, this form of sharing and interaction, but
also the part of exploration into the 'unknown'...trying to link it all together
is very difficult to do sometimes.  None of it's going to be easy, it never
was easy to begin with, but if we start working towards this area, and looking
in these directions, we're certainly going to come up with some solutions.

Wouldn't it be nice to overcome this destructive force, and do away with war and
bloodshed, and corruption, and pain and misery applied upon innocence.  Wouldn't
it be nice to get rid of it?  I don't even know if I'd want to capture it, isolate
it in some way, I don't know what good that would be, what would happen if it got
free again...and have to go through thousands of years of this all over again;
no...no that's not how I see it for myself, but I'm sure that somebody else has
a different view point, and that's fine.  I'm not saying that anyone should follow
anyone else's view, we all work towards a common goal.

The common goal is, find out the missing links, why we're here, the purpose to it
all, its importance in the Universe itself, and realize that it's not a small thing,
no matter how small it looks, it is not..."it is vast, it is big."

Most of this mythology here, some of the symbolism's, I notice there's always a
link between 'two areas', like two different Galaxies, there's some kind of a
link; there's a...that's another point that could be looked at.

Some of the sculpturing has a different type of medium, carved in stone; it's
quite obvious they didn't have some of the tools necessary to do a real precise
type of sculpturing, but what they did do is quite good; I mean if you compare
it to other sculpturings in other places.  But the message is there, and that's
the important part, the message; because from that message there's a realness,
a truth, because of the sincerity and the effort the individual made to place
it on the stone.  That individual did the best they could at the time with what
they had to work with; one of the stumbling blocks to it all is the fact that
the destructive force knows exactly how to hold a lot of things back.

This brings to mind a little conversation I had with an individual I did some
work for earlier this year.  We were talking about...he was talking about some
work he wanted me to help him with on his property; it had to do with cutting
some firewood for him from some downed trees in a storn, on the acreage he
has...to go through and cut it up for him.  And I was saying to him...explaining
to him, at that time I was having difficulty with my chainsaw, but I'd get it
repaired; there were a couple things I had to repair, it's an old chainsaw.
He nodded and he said, "well don't worry about that, I've got a chainsaw you
can use."  And I looked at him, and said, "oh, okay," but (then) I said,
"I don't like to use somebody else's tools, I'd rather use my own chainsaw,"
I'd feel better about using my own tools.  And he nodded, and he said, "your 
right."  And  this mans older than me by a few decades, and he says to me,
"you know, my father told me when I was a young child that, 'you've got to
acquire your own tools son, to do your work,' that if a man doesn't have the
tools, he can't do the job!"  That is a major point.

...This is an old adage of some sort that's been passed down from generation to
generation...it was passed to him, 50, 60, 70, (years ago) whatever, a long
time ago; the early part of this century.  It was passed to him from his father,
his father got it from someone else before that, it's been passed down generation
after generation, 'if a man doesn't have the tools, he can't do the job,' and 
that's true.  And the destructive force and element knows this, they know this
very factor.

If the men, or the sculptures that did this work up in N. Europe didn't have the
tools, they wouldn't have been able to leave the message, if the tools were taken
away from them.  No matter how crude the carving or descriptions, (or how) the
illustrations may appear, one looks to the subliminal message within it, they look
to express it in empathic expressions and ways...so the message will be carried on.

Here is sincerity in an individual that has a limited amount of tools to do it,
but that individual, whoever it was, put it down, wrote it down...they knew that
somewhere, some way, it would have importance, it would be carried on.  Now you see
when your dealing with a human race that has these kinds of qualities, no matter how
they're held back, they still make effort; that's a sincere form of fortitude,
that ranks very high in emotional maturity...it's a very high level, I would rate
it...very high emotion level.

Here's an individual that knows how hard it is for them to do this carving on stone,
but that they've got to do it...it has to be done.  There's a sacrifice there.
Who knows the days and days it took to do this, who knows the hardships that went
on during that period of time.  And the worry, 'what am I going to do with this,
this huge stone tablet, that I can move around a little bit, it's pretty heavy.'
But what am I going to do if any enemy tribe comes along and sees it and destroys
it, because they're jealous of it, because I was able to do it and they haven't been
able to do it yet.  What should I do with it, should I bury it in the ground
somewhere, what good would it be buried, that's like saying it's dead; because
burials would have that connotation.

You can see all the mixtures of different emotional thoughts and things that would
run through such an individual that did this carving, the one I'm looking at here,
or some other sculpture from that location of the world.  You see...you can see the
importance of it, and sometimes why it becomes so hard to put up with...when we're
living in a time now...one century out of 70 that has so much luxury, availability
of tools.

...And when one looks through these ancient mythologies, it would be an important
point to realize that tools were not all that easy to come by in those times; but
they were made, they were somehow put together.  And eventually (those tools) got
to the individual who had the ability to put it down in stone, hammer it in-in
stone, hammer and chisel.

How hard it was just to find a stone they could work with, to put this down.  Then
after it was all done...how were they going to see to it that some other 
neighboring tribe (doesn't destroy it), or some other force comes along and grabs
it and throws it into the sea where it will never be found.  I mean, it's got to
be put in a location where it can be preserved.  And it also has to be put down in
such a way that it won't be buried and never found.  Something's got to be
attached to it, that somewhere, someplace in the future generation, an individual
will come along and find this thing; so the message can be relayed.  You see, all
these sacrifices and efforts have been made all...for the last 7000yrs they've
been done; and we have one century with the abilities and technologies to find
all these things.

...So I don't question a piece of sculpturing, no matter how simple, or how crude it
may appear, when I look at it I know that there's been sacrifices all along the way
just to make that...some how it survived...there's a message there, find out what
the message is, apply it to myself.

Here's another one of a Giant bound, what's a Giant?  Who were these Giants?
We hear about them in different myths, but where did they come from, what were
they?  Where did they exist, how did they get here?  There's some more questions
(questions to have answers for).

The Viking Age, the Thunder Stone, fossilized sea urchins, objects thought to have
been dropped in thunderstorms from the sky.  Rituals of Norway and Iceland,
comedies, myths...Scandinavians wore silver hammer amulets...(a) face of the
Eagle, stylized beards, serpent symbols below...Thor's hammer was also carved
in grave stones.

There's quite a bit of very good metal work done on the hilts of these swords
and handles, you know...probably came along later than the sculpturings I just
referred too.  Probably because the tools were finally acquired and put together
in such a way that...the better the tools they could put together, the better
the results of their messages and sculpturings to pass on.

(More messages on) memorial stones; cords tied in certain swirling forms of
knots, poems written down about persuasion and malice, intent...raging rivers,
famous duels between Giants, the World Serpent that came out of the sea bed,
Sky Gods overcoming monsters and chaos, 'deceiving magic' trying to take the
strength away from the spirit, journeys in mysterious realms, they talk about
the level of the sea falling, the world almost destroyed, valuable treasures
hidden away.

It shows effort in some of this basic description, it shows effort against an
opposing force...and whatever tools that were available were used; that just
because some of the tools weren't there, they took whatever was available and
used it.  See, that tells you something about the human fortitude, endurance,
to overcome this struggle.

I mean, when one looks at what the ancients have done with what they've had
to work with, one sees quite...has to have an extreme amount of respect for 
them and their efforts.  And then when one looks at present time with all the
technologies we have at our finger tips, and see what kind of development comes
out of it...I mean...it's an embarrassment, it's a  total embarrassment and why?

Because of all the censorship, this embarrassment has become even greater.
I mean...one looks at the Industrial Age, and they see a lot of smoke stacks
puffing/fumigating smoke into the air, and they see a lot of beautiful clear
rivers destroyed, all the fish poisoned because of the pollution put into
it...does that make any sense?

I mean, when one looks at all the personal, physical, and emotional sacrifices
that have taken place throughout the centuries with what limited tools they had,
and they see the advancements that were made even with that...I mean, one has a
lot of respect for that; and then in present time we have all this power and
energy and things to do...and look what's come from it...I mean, one would expect
even greater accomplishments than what was done by the ancients, and where are
those accomplishments?  I don't see very many of them.  I'm not saying there
aren't any, but there's a great imbalance here, a great imbalance.

...There's all these mixtures and things, these diversions in everyday activity
that makes it so difficult in present time, and so it's no wonder I see people
walking around in the middle of midnight with sunglasses on.  It's no wonder that
I listen to music that comes off in so many different various harmonics that seem
scattered, but yet they're filled with subliminal messages.  I say, "ah, that
music is really scattered, compared to what it could be."

And I don't blame the artist or the group that put it together, I say, "they're
using the tools that are made available to them,' this is all they have to work
with, they wish they had a lot more, but this is all they've got.  And so I've
got to work harder now to even undersand what the problem is there, in a highly
technical age where all those problems shouldn't even exist, they (it) should
be easier.  The (new) music should be so pure and harmonic now, that when you
listen to it, you all of a sudden have visionary, telepathic expressions and
messages that come with it.

...Ok, let's move on to the next picture.  Also in this N. European mythology,
there's also quite a few places for the feminine side of the human race, which
is nice to see.  They talk about the Lord, the High Seat of Odin, and also
the beautiful Gerd, and Freyr, and marriage; different things like that...about
Land Spirits, who were said to dwell in hills, waterfalls, lakes and forests,
great rocks.

[Gerd, also Gerda; Teutonic mythology, daughter of the Frost Giant Gymir and
Angurboda, whose beauty attracted Freyr; this myth is linked to the 9 winter
months of the north.]

[Freyr, also Fri, Freia; the beautiful blue-eyed blond Goddess of Love, Beauty,
and fecundity; daughter of Van the Sea Goddess; she lived in the mansion Sessrymnir
her realm, she had a falcon garb which enabled her to fly, and a beautiful necklace,

...The Land Spirits also included benevolent mountain giants who protected men
and women from hostile beings, and helped in severe weather; 'supernatural
benefactors found in the folklore of Scandinavian and European countries
survived long after the coming of Christianity.'  The Land Spirits were prepared
to defend the land against enemy attack, and show anger toward people who
broke the law.  You can see that this mythology is good, it holds a Natural Order.
There's moral there, there's law, there's a spirituality aspect, it includes men
and women, a protector, it's a positive view of some things.

So it's not all war and killing and conquest, there are all these other things
also introduced and applied in these mythologies.  Female spirits, golden apples...
there's some things about golden apples in Greek mythology, about some races...
not human races, but 'running races,' the physical type...about some golden
apples there, that were put in.

...And there's Dragon Slayers, Hero's, trying to do those kind of things.
Combats between Lions and Serpents, mid 11th century Scandinavian, London 
Memorial.  This sculpturing here that I'm looking at...a stone from St. Paul's
chruch yard in London, it has the same type of artistic theme and medium that
one finds in Central America with the Incas (Aztecs), isn't that interesting,
mid 11th century; kind of a curious thing isn't it, that point.  In many
ways some of this Scandinavian mythology and some of the stories that are
going with it, resemble the type of mythical stories one finds in the N. American
Indians on this Continent; which would also say that...or show a connection.

...Then it pretty much ends up with one of the last stories here, 'death has
echo's of Thor's last battle,' where he slew the World Serpent, but was afterwards
overcome by its poison.  Kind of an epitaph of some sort, maybe something 
related to remember, a point to be looked for; kind of a warning of some sort.
This kind of thing reminds me of...you know..."what goes around comes around,"
I think one must keep that in mind also.

You know when one looks at the military weapons they have today, chemical
warfare; (that) kind of reminds...kind of relates to this last piece I just
said, "the World Serpent is destroyed," but afterwards Thor is overcome by
its poison.

You know, humanity has really...Science has really painted humanity and the
human race into a very precarious corner, with all this military research
on different types of weapons; it's a no-win situation.  These are weapons...
the fuse has already been lit, it's just a matter of how long is the fuse...
and each Nation along the way gets to sit on the powder keg while the fuse
is burning.  That's more or less what it looks like.

Something's going to have to be done about the arsenals that have been put
together; it's going to have to be done somehow.  I mean, the destructive
force has been very busy for the last 50yrs, it has been working day and night,
it never sleeps.  Its devised all kinds of things, and Science has just led
them along, and done all the work for them.  By developing all of these extremely
sophisticated lethal weapons...you know...an artificial intelligence now could
acquire those weapons and use them anytime they want...that's how dangerous
this has all become.

This is another point why these tapes are made, I see this danger, it is
crystal clear to me and not just to me, it's crystal clear to many-many
people in this world...I mean it has been (clear) for the last 20yrs, there's
been all kinds of demonstrations and things against this.  And what's happened
is...that its all been hushed up and hidden in...what's called, National Security...

"I look for a happy ending to it all, and I hope there is..."


[So here ends, N. Europe; note: text is yet to be proof read].

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