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S. America-2

Empathic Expressions, S. America, (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski

Side-2 of tape...

S. America

...What I see is like 3 different segments to the time chart.  It starts about
800BC and that chart runs up to about...somewhere around 200BC, that's like one
area.  Then another area kicks in and runs to about 700AD, and then there's
another phase that comes along...starts about 200AD, and runs up into 1500AD;
and the last one is the Inca...which a lot of people have heard about.  So
there's like three phases to this thing (S. America).

The myths of the Andes and the Inca, they've built their cities around the Andes
Mountains and the volcano's there, and the rivers that went down into grasslands.
this landscape is something else, it's quite different than what one sees in a
lot of other landscapes and mountainous regions of the world.  They said that
these landscapes were infused with spiritual power, 'the peaks, the abode of
Deities, Spirits,' and the rivers were attached to those, the lakes and caves.
That's where the Apu or Lord resided [Apu, the Sun God, in human form with a
gold disk from which rays and flames extended].  They had a tremendous amount
of pilgrimages to the mountain peaks.

And Lake Titicaca, I mentioned that earlier, that lake was kind of a center,
'religious center'.  ...The Inca, as well as their predecessors, considered
that lake and the vicinity around it extremely important...that's where the
'mythical origins' reside.

NW of the lake, quite a ways, it looks like about a 100mi or so, maybe longer,
there's an area called Cuzco, that's where the Incas said that their ancestors,
the mythical ancestors emerged; the place of origin, somewhere in that area.
They were 3 brothers, and 3 sisters, all dressed in blankets and shirts
of fine wool...and they all carried a number of gold vessels.  It says that,
one of the brothers hurled his sling stones to shape the landscape...as this
myth continues, there's conflict between the brothers, ones jealous of the
other...the same sort of thing that has been depicted in the majority of other
legends in the world.  There's a kind of destructive element influence creating
those...that kind of reaction between brothers and family.

The brother that seemed to have a lot of spiritual or other types of abilities,
the ability to disappear and reappear, his name is Ayr Cachi [there is other
information which says there were 4 brothers and 4 sisters, a confusion, maybe
Ayar Cachi who was endowed with supernatural strength was something else,
because as the legend says, he was walled into a cave by his brothers who 
feared his destructive power].  So one of the brothers is a spiritual brother,
another one is a conflicting type of brother, a third brother founded a city,
the city Cuzco, 'with the aid of a golden staff.'  There's a temple of the
Sun there, that's where it was built.

So just a little bit of background on the Incas, 3 brothers (perhaps 4),
each had a different characteristic, one was mystical and magical, another
one was a founder of a city and temples, and another one was a conflicting
type, [and a mysterious 4th which was isolated, the 4th sister (?) no information];
there's probably a message in (all of this) also.

The Great Pre-Inca city, Tiwanaku, is on the southern shores of Lake Titicaca,
and there's a monolith there called, "The Gateway of the Sun,' and shows all
kinds of pictographic script and design.  One is going to have to realize that
they're dealing here with a highly sophisticated message, and that it somehow
is linked to something...(linked) I think to something else that makes it operate or
work; and it's related somehow to the 'Creator' (or the 4th brother).

There's a little talk here about 'the first'...(that) the world was in darkness,
populated by a race of Giants, that the first people disobeyed these Giants, and
were punished, either by being turned into stone, or being engulfed in a great
flood.  The only survivors, a man and woman, were magically taken away to the
Gods abode...and that was the end of that.

Then there was another try at the humans...they were made out of clay...their
clothes were painted on them, which distinguished each Nation (perhaps color
of skin)...which also indicated distinctive customs, languages, songs.  That
particular God breathed life into his creations, that Gods name is Virococha.

We're looking at something here that is magical (perhaps even a cloning system);
(or) illusionary type of thing with that God and what's described of how these
creation myths...what they talk about...where the humans came from.  It's an
indicator of some sort of a control system, some kind of a unnatural one.  That
the God took the men and women into the Earth some how, and that they (those
men and women) eventually emerged from caves and lakes, and as they did their
Nations were established with shrines.

That the God ordered the Sun, Moon, and Stars, to emerge from Lake Titicaca...
And that the Sun, Moon, and Stars, went up into the sky, and that's why they're
where they are now.  There's also an indication here, that there was a time
before the Sun existed, when the world was populated by powerful primeval men
(who were these men?).  And that most of the founders to the important cities,
usually...eventually disappeared into the jungle.

...The Inca religion is dominated by a multitude of powerful Sky Gods...solar
eclipses were thought to be the result of the Sun Gods anger.  Here's a
civilization of the Incas, that's extremely rich in gold metal, probably 
jewels also, some of their political structures were laid out similar to
what one would find in the Syrian and Persian Empires; I think there's a
direct parallel here between the Incas and the Mesopotamia area, and east
of Mesopotamia (present day Iraq and Iran).

It's hard to say these next few things, I don't know for sure...but it almost
appears from some of what I've read so far, that this Inca civilization could
have been a civilization that was highly dominated by this destructive element
and force.  And it also could represent some...because one reason why this comes
up...is that I see all of this wealth and power, and some of the temples that
are built on top of mountains, this stuff is all extremely elaborate.  It didn't
last very long, the cultures, they faded away, but what happens in the mean time,
one reads about what their religious and spiritual beliefs were...one sees
there's indications of some sort of a Sorcerer, a Magician that has the ability
to manifest things, and carries a kind of mystical power with him...and that
everybody is controlled by this individual, or follows that individual.

They looked at the astronomy aspect, the celestial areas in the sky.  That there
was a Moon goddess, and a Thunder Deity of the weather, but the Galaxy itself,
the Milky Way was considered important...however the stars in that Galaxy were
regarded only as 'lesser deities,' patrons of certain 'Earthly activities.'

So here's a break-away mythology that's different then all of the mythologies
I've done to this point.  This is a break away, it's going in an opposite
direction.  All the other mythologies talk about the human coming from the
Universe, arriving here, God, or however that was done first...they (humans)
were brought here.

This mythology here talks about the human, being created here somehow by a
God that came here, but that this Earth is the center, the most important
place in comparison to the rest of the Universe out there, the Galaxy.

...And in that concept, they had a lot of luxary and wealth in gold and things
of that nature, plus there was a kind of a spiritual development level control;
one didn't really reach to a high level, they always were only allowed to stay
sort of low.  However, they did place some of the star formations...they linked
them to agricultural...as Agricultural Guardians.  However, even with that sort
of a religious context, referring to the stars and the universe (as lesser
deities), still they carried out precise observations of sunrises, sunsets,
and knew about the moon phases...that was all charted and calculated quite well.

I think when one views the Incas, and that region of the world, they must
keep in mind...that what they're seeing there is not the whole picture; a
very small portion.  But that there are answers in that area, probably not
discovered yet, probably hidden away somewhere in a cave, or whatever.  

...I think that there's also quite a bit of availability...I think one could
come on to finding something extremely powerful there.  It appears in some of
the reading between the lines here, and from looking at some of these
sculpturings and paintings...that there's a fear of being discovered, something
being discovered in that particular area.  The lake itself may have something
in it, Lake Titicaca, (something) that's hidden down there also; this is only
a kind of 'another' observation...but these are the empathic feelings I'm
getting as I move through this...

I think also that there's been quite a few phases in each one of these individual
developments; they were like little tests.  That's one indication that I have...
'Here we'll start a civilization, a city, build a temple, and just see...the
people there...we'll hold down their spiritual development to a certain level'
...who knows how...maybe through some form of intoxication, or something like
that...  Then sort of observe them from...over a period of time to see exactly
whether or not they can rise up out of this kind of system, and if they do, what
do they discover, what do they find.

...I keep getting this impression that it's (S. America region) some kind of an
experimental area, an experimental area, testing area of some sort related to
something going on in the Galaxy.  These indicators could be looked at I think
by somebody that is very knowledgeable in that area of the world.

They separated the sky into 4 areas, 4 divisions, and also their villages were
divided into quarters, intersections, with 2 major foot paths, 2 large irrigation
canals; things like that...this is taking place at Misminay, near the Vilcanata
River; that river is considered the reflection of the Milky Way.

That even though they believed that everything out in the Universe was lesser
than what was taking place on Earth, they still placed a lot of their animals,
and natural surrounding-things into the sky also...so they were still looking
in that direction.  That there were relationships, natural relationships, set
up between the people of that area and the Universe.

Even with the tremendous amount of archeology work that's been done in that area
of the world on the Incas, I think that they haven't really hit on to it yet, I 
think they've gotten close...but I think part of the significance of that area is
still hidden from them (Archeologist); and that it can be discovered and found,
but I think one will have to realize that in order to do that they're going to
have to be somewhat cautious and careful!

I envision all kinds of mazes...intricately woven together through pictographic's
on different shrines and temples...designed to close the mind down; to not be
able to perceive the actuality, maybe to perceive an illusionary form.  I think
there is a form of magic in that area that was brought together or utilized in
some way...it (magic) could have come from other locations on the planet; it's
a very (great) possibility of these things [in other words, magical illusions
are encoded/encased within the pictographic script which could entrap one who was
searching for the ultimate source].

Also there's indication's that they knew about 'dimensional shifting,' shifting
from one dimension to another...because they were aware of the magic of illusions,
and even though they may not talk about it to much...I think they kind of subdued
knowledge in a way, kind of held it down, kind of held it in a position where
only (a few would be aware)...because of a domination trait of some sort.  I don't
know if that has to do with internal Royalty families and (leadership) things,
creating this kind of thing; there's a discussion here (also) of inter-marriage
quite a bit.

And then with all of the...from the jungles and Rain Forest areas they had access to 
all kinds of different types of poisons, and hallucinatory types of herbs...I think
they may have experimented quite a bit...maybe that's one reason why they all of a
sudden came to have a certain type of belief in the relationship between this
planet and the solar system it's in, and the Galaxy itself, the Milky Way Galaxy.
This is another indicator of why their religions and their legends and mythologies,
kind of hold a grounding (isolated) sort of visionary realm...it's almost like,
'the landscape everyone, the horizon was designed by this God,' and that' it,
no one else can design their own horizon, yet other Gods did.

...So, they knew about those dimensions (that) did exist, but they tried to keep
control of it over the average individual.  There's a dominating factor here,
which to me is a direct indicator that, whatever created this thing (illusionary
zone)...it has a fear of being conquered.  So it subdues anyone else from being
able to have the same knowledge it has, or the same abilities, so there's-kind of
a fear there of being weak, of being inadequate in some way [there is also some
imagery of 'captured spirit children'].

...I think once one of these mythology areas, cultural areas on the planet, (once)
a riddle is discovered there, I think it will set up a chain-reaction of some sort
that will unravel all the rest of them; I think it has (would have) something like
a domino effect.

One must also be very...realize in back of their mind...if there is such a sequence
set up as a domino effect, the destructive element also knows that's a possibility,
or realizes it's an actuality, and has set up all kinds of barriers to not allow
that to take place.

And I think that possibly that's one of the features of this area of S. America,
it's a location where the 'destructive element' moved in very powerful, very 
controlling over the people there, and used it as an experimental place...a staging
area to see what would happen if they used this form of magic and illusionary form,
combined with nature and with the human elements; if they used this sort of pattern
(a domination/control), whether it could block a domino effect.

...I think one will also find in S. America and the Amazon Basin area, that there
will be some kind of a parallel and link to Africa, the Continent of Africa; not
only in the races...one will be able to see some of it in the characteristic's of
different cultural races and societies, or Nations.  I think they're also going to
see that the energy content in certain areas on the Continent of S. America, will
be extremely similar to energy portals and contents on the Continent of Africa.

The Indians of the Amazon and the Woodlands, consider that the Universe is a
Magical World, with many many spirits.  That humans could change into animals,
animals into humans; the boundaries, between human and animal, nature and (the)
supernatural...they see things that way.  A Universe, 'a world of transformations.'

That the worlds even been inverted, turned upside down.  Here's another indication
of what I mentioned about on what's recorded on the Egyptian tape.  The Egyptians
also recorded (that) the world, the Earth, had flipped pole to pole.  And there's 
an indication of this in some of the other mythologies, I think it's the Arctic
ones...and now it's down here in S. America...they indicate an inversion of some
sort.  This is from the Rain Forest myths of the Amazon; these things I just
mentioned.  Tropical Forest you know...that's quite a life isn't it...it would seem.

They still talk about 'lost souls', like the other myths do, and how some of these
can be communicated to through nature, like the Egyptians believed.  That there
were also Vaults to Heaven.  There is a Middle Earth...it would be something to
understand about this Vault to Heaven, what that represents, how it is symbolized.

They said there's 2 cross-beams across the sky that's like a mirror, and that's how
come (why) the Milky Way is there...that there's a main entrance to it...which is
'east'...and that's another reason the sun comes up there (the mirror effect
distorts the Milky Way's real image).

Ya, I think there's something one will find in this S. American mythology; they're
not only going to find quite a large area of magical and illusionary energies,
but they're also going to find the use of mirrors.  And I've discussed mirrors on
the other tapes, they're like 'soul catchers' in some of the beliefs and legends;
and so this all sort of fits into what I keep seeing, as I'm moving along here.

There's also the Shamans of S. America...(who) have visions through hallucinary
plants...that the Shaman communicates between this dimension and the supernatural
dimension or world; and uses certain types of plants to create a hallucinary vision
of communication.  They've tried all kinds of different combinations I think with
different plants and drugs, and things from animals, and even humans...to experiment...
to see where it would lead.  I think that's where some of the sacrifices probably
came from also...that concept.

There's quite a bit here to look into, which I'm not going to have time to put on
the tape; this is such a brief tape...there seems to be so much here; I'll try too,
as I move along, come up with some summaries.

They (S. Americans) show a link, a spiritual link with the ancestors, so that part
is there, like it is in most of the other mythologies of the world.  They like to
use a lot of red and browns also in some of their paintings; (there are) pipes also
for music.

That also...one can see these Ancestral Forest People are fond of music, which is
I think an extremely significant point.  Harmonics have a lot of magical energy

Fire was seen as having massive potential for destruction; fire is also in some
cases likened to the loss of innocence.  It will (would) be very interesting to
analogize what they mean by that statement.

Everything focuses around the Jaguar cat, all the way through that whole Continent
the cat is extremely important; (this is) quite interesting.

There's also an areas on 'Cannibalism rituals' in S. America, they have to do with
warfare, death, and regeneration; used as a kind of form to create fear...you
know...Cannibalistic tribes--'don't let them conquer you or catch you, because
they'll end up putting you into the pot,' type of thing.  A lot of those things
existed, perhaps even exist today in that part (of the world).  I think a number
of years ago I did a study on Cannibalism on the planet Earth, and I found that
there was a Cannibalism Belt that went around the whole planet within certain
latitudes.  I forgot the exact latitudes, but inbetween those 2 latitudes, all 
the way around the planet, cultures and civilizations, practiced Cannibalism.
There were a few variations here and there, where Cannibalism was practiced
outside that...what I called the belt...Cannibalistic Belt...but basically
that's where it existed most of the time in the majority.

So...kind of closing down here on S. America.  It's broken up into 4 pieces, at
least that's what the myths indicate, 4 different regions perhaps.  Presently 
I see the Amazon Basin area as one area, I see the western coast of the Andes,
another area, I see probably an overlap from C. America or Mesoamerica that
runs down into a portion of northwestern S. America.  But basically I only see
2 segments to it all, not 4.  And that...I think that might relate to one of
their myths about the sky having 2 parallels down it, with a mirror in-between
that...it's kind of interesting isn't it...they visualize 2 paths, 2 kinds of
lines running across the sky, and that there was a mirror placed inbetween them.
That's something that indicates some form of...what the Natives are talking
about there...they're talking about some kind of a form of an illusionary wall
or barrier; and that it has something to do with mirrors.

There's a lot of symmetry in plants and animals...when one looks at bugs, the
designs on insects, they'll see a lot of mirrored imagery there.  That may have
something to do with that...however, it also is an indication that the illusionary
magical things that were done to create illusionary things, was probably (or could
have been) done with some kind of a mirror.  That the areas in S. America, are
some how...they may be...I think there is really something here in S. America that
has not even been touched upon yet.  I think what's been...the Archeologist have
gotten into a lot of good areas and done a tremendous...a lot of work...and have
uncovered and spent years and years studying and searching...I think, that all
has been good, but (still) I think there's something they haven't found yet,
that's even more significant than what they already have uncovered.

There's something there...and it's hidden in a kind of simple way.  I can
visualize...almost visualize it, but everytime I try too, I pull up an image
of an Amazon Native of some sort; usually a young boy.  I just keep pulling
that vision up...it's like he's saying to me, "you've figured it out, you
understand it...we know it--we're not telling anybody about it."  And that's
sort of, more or less, what he's talking about.  He's even able to move around
in this vision, I mean I see it right now...he's even able to look at me,
smile...he's in a little area of the village...and turn around and communicate
with me...it's quite interesting.  This is extremely interesting...there's
a high amount of telepathic ability there within those Natives, even though
they may appear to be kind of illiterate and not to educated...I think there's
a high amount of clairvoyant and telepathic ability there.  That if it isn't
talked about in the context that I have, it's still realized in many ways.

And that this is what I'm relating to, too the Archeologist that listen to 
this tape...realize that what you've got so far is tremendously important
and extremely unique, and a great effort, however I feel to go with that,
I feel there's something yet your going to find that will be quite a bit
higher, and extremely important also...

That one must keep in mind, 'that that area of the world may have been used
by the destructive force as a kind of experimental zone.'  And that the
destructive force could have used that experimental zone to see whether
or not the illusionary barriers they placed on the planet in all the other
cultures would work...the illusionary barrier...to keep the domino effect
of unraveling...of finding a missing riddle to a culture, and having that
create a domino effect to unweave all the other barriers.  I think they've
worked extensively, and used S. America as a test site of some sort.

This is just another view point to consider, and if indications kind of come
along this way, then realize...that will add some positive assertive to this
overall analogy.

So that's pretty much it...that I can do so far with S. America, so I'll
close here...I think also, keep in mind that they express a lot of things
in Universal Color too.

All right, so at this point I'll bring this tape on S. America to a close...


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