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Wilderness Expressions tape-1: The campfire is warm, the stars bright.
Wilderness Expressions tape-1/side-2: Days are warm in September, and the nights cold.
Wilderness Expressions tape-2: Business Leaders, National Leaders, World Peace...
Wilderness Expressions tape-2/side-2: World Peace...is difficult to find.
Wilderness Expressions tape-11: Natural Immortalities, Love/Nature.
Wilderness Expressions tape-11/side-2: Is the human species immortal?
Wilderness Expressions tape-12: Expressions of the immediate, recorded live in the wilderness.
Wilderness Expressions tape-12/side-2: Comments on the poetry/prose from side-1 of the tape.
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Wilderness Expressions

Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997 (C)1998 A. Alexander Volenski

The Narratives:

Wilderness Expressions, was first recorded in the back-country at a 
rough camp in the Pacific Northwest, with a minimum of supplies and 
comforts; it covered 6-days during the autumn-season in the month of 
September 1997.  These are immediate off the top analogies and
narratives; no editing or re-arranging by a team of secretaries.

The following is a description of the 14-tapes (90min each) recorded 
at the ridge-camp -- elevation, approximately 3000ft.

The tapes:

1.  Introduction toward Wilderness Expressions.
2.  Business Leaders, National Leaders, World Peace.
3.  Nature/Animals.
4.  Publishing Industry/Earth Strata.
5.  Building Shelters/Tracking.
6.  Wilderness Visions/The Mask & Wolf.
7.  Lightening, Science/Healing.
8.  Releasing social pressures, stress; creative sensitivities.
9.  Wilderness Experiences.
10. Cultural Foundations.
11. Natural Immortalities, Love/Nature.
12. Prose/Poetry, expression in the immediate.
13. Rainbows, natural symbols presented.
14. Brief Summery, some personal background.

The written text of the narratives have very little if any editing; 
so what you read in the published form of the narratives is near to 
what is on the tapes.  The tapes are available also.

This series was composed in several styles--defined as, empathic 
expressions, vitalism; with analogies on a wide range of subjects.

Tapes are available.


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