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Business Leaders, National Leaders, World Peace.

Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997 (C)1998 A. Alexander Volenski


Business Leaders, National Leaders, World Peace

Ok, here's tape-2.
I kind of got cut-off there on tape-1; like I said, 'I'm sitting out here...
there's no-light, so I can't see my recorder...ran low on that tape, ran off.'

What I was talking about there, was that young woman, she...I didn't want to
stand...you know when I was that age, her age, I had the same kind of problems,
like everyone does.  You have relationships with individuals and have problems
there...it's always difficult.

What I was saying to her was, "look-it, I could tell you some of the things that
happened to me, and how I view your problem, but I don't want to voice those,
because I don't want to stand in the way of your own independence, free-will,
and I respect that."

I respect that independent free will in her, so I didn't want to barricade her,
or send her off in a direction that I went in, or someone else may have gone in-
my past; because where did it end up?  And I didn't want her to end up in a
situation that's already happened; so that's why I didn't say to her, 'you ought
to do this or that,' I just said, "don't worry so much about it, and realize that
your not alone in any of it, it's one of those things that happen and everything
will come out all right."  That's more or less what I was trying to say to her.

And that's sort of the same thing in why I don't like to get into politics and
religion; because I see they have...I realize the problems, but I don't want to
stand in the way of the political or religious independent thinking either!  I
feel they have too raise (themselves) above it and overcome these barriers
through their own development.

However, I try to record analogies or thought's in those areas just to try and
open new directions.  I think what we need to do in the United States of America;
you know, there's quite a problem basically.  When you begin to look at this last
75yrs, compared to the previous 7000yrs; this is kind of a cross-roads here.

This technology that we have today, in transportation and all that, its never 
happened before, this way.  And it's extremely-extremely dangerous, some of the
things that have been developed; a lot of things can happen.  At least could
happen.  And that could bring it all down, destroy everything.

I don't really want to see that; but I think one way to get out of that kind of a
problem is to open up...I think what's happening is, the cultures and societies in
the countries of the world are turning in on themselves; that's what they're doing.

It's kind of like a big whirlpool they're caught in, they're all starting to sink
into it; they're looking for all kinds of hand-holds, looking for spiritual help to
pull them out of it.  And those hand-holds aren't there, and they keep falling in
deeper and deeper, one problem adds to another one, and it keeps going.

That's why I mentioned on tape-1, we need to open up areas of communication from...
like these tapes I'm doing, I'm putting these tapes together, but who's ever going
to be able to hear them?; because of the way the system is set up.

The system...I'm not saying the system is bad, what I saying is, "we have a problem
that can be corrected," one way of correcting it is, let's utilize this new-
technology to open up...let the people be heard, instead of structuring everything
to be a certain way.

Just like the Entertainers...as I was saying, "who wants to be the No.1 Entertainer
for 25 or 30yrs," I mean, it doesn't make any sense.  I'm sure they don't want it
anymore than anyone else, but the money is there, so they keep feeding it.

What I'm saying is, "let the person on front stage, let them sit back, and let
somebody else come along," and not just somebody, but let a multitude of
individuals; let's see what's happening out there.

Open-up the syndication's, open them up in music and the written-literary world
and the religious world, open them up and let...you know there's this fear I think
that, "where is it going to lead if we do that?"  It's like...let's see, what's
a way of putting it...

...ohh!  I'm starting to get 'Northern Lights', believe it or not...I'll be darn,
ya, some real northern lights, some real streams going up, coming out of the 
northeast, quite bright, they're still on the horizon.

Anyway, one way of (getting back to what I just said)...I see this...we could say,
"there's the old thinking, and there's the new thinking," we're into the new
thinking now...we could call it that.

Let's open up the 'new thinking', free it! and move with it, things are moving
fast, so we can move fast with it.  But I think there's this fear by the
powerful powers of the world...ah, "if we let this new thinking go, where's
it going to lead us?"

And what I'm saying is, "where is the 'old-thinking' leading us, it's leading us
into a real-bad dangerous place; (plus) polluting the entire planet."

The Industrial area has to be recognized and looked too; there's a big problem
there; and then there's all these weapons of war now that could poison all the
water on the planet, kill thousands, thousands of people.  I mean it's scary,
and this is what I'm saying, "don't worry about the 'new thinking', free the new
thinking, get it out there, use this high-tech communication network to get it
out there, and get it out there quick.

Don't worry about where it is going to lead, because we already see where the
old-thinking is leading; we're caught, we're kind of like turning in on ourselves...
When you listen to the News everyday, and see what's going on in the world, and
in a whole bunch of other different areas, you begin to realize, 'hey, things
are going in a bad-way," we're turning in on ourselves.

It's like a big whirlpool, and there isn't any hand-holds to get out of it.
What I'm saying is, "this new thinking...let the talent and ability...let's
have faith in the people, they'll lead us out of this thing, will get us out
of this problem."

And not be so concerned and so obsessed with holding onto...these individuals
with billions of dollars that they're in control of...that's quite an
accomplishment, it's unbelievable, but it's an accomplishment that's been done.
However...it also is an indicator of an imbalance, when just one area has that much,
that much monetary power; it shows an imbalance in things.

It shows that we're missing out on some moderation here;'discipline and moderation'.
If you have discipline and moderation, you can take all that money and spread it out
into areas that will help give some hand-holds to raise out of this kind of a
whirlpool turning in on itself type of thing that appears to be manifesting in

It's going to lead into a gigantic global catastrophe.  It doesn't take a big
education  to see  that; it's one of those kind of things that can happen instantly
almost, because of how fast everything can move now.

You know, for me to send email to someone in Europe, it takes 3sec., isn't
that something, to send a letter in 3-seconds.  And if it's a huge document,
maybe it will take 10-seconds, I mean it goes quick!

What I'm saying is that, "we're moving fast, communication is moving fast,"
and if we don't free up, free things up, what's going to happen, the speed
of things is going to either explode or turn in on itself; it's just common sense!

When you look at the population of the planet that we have today, and the number
of individuals that control that population in the sense of financial and industrial
and religious, there's only a small percentage that control a gigantic population.

That's part of the problem.  Do you know what I mean?...maybe you don't...ok, let
me try to explain what I'm saying here.  It's all proportions basically.  It's 
real easy to understand.

If you go back 500yrs and look at the population of the world and the number
of individuals that controlled that population.  You'll see that the percentages
are different.  In other words, there was a smaller population and it was 
controlled by a certain percentage of individuals, they were leaders, etc..

And what I'm saying is, "basically today we have a population much larger than
it was 500yrs ago but the percentage of leaders are about the same as they were
500yrs ago, and that's a problem.

Because those leaders aren't able to do the things they're supposed to do.  There's
just to much for them to do, after all they're only human.  So how do you correct
that?  Spread it out is what you do!

It's like a friend of mine in Europe who is a writer, he sent one of his books to
a couple of the big publishers in Europe.  They wrote him back and said, "thanks
for sending your book, it's good, it's terrific, however, we've already picked the
150 authors for this year," and that's it for all of Europe.

This is one of the big publishers in Europe.  And he wrote me back and said,
"isn't that interesting?"  In England there are 250,000 active writers, but
the publishing system can only handle a 150 a year.  And then next year those
150 may be the same ones.

This is what I'm saying, "what this is doing, it's causing everything to turn
in on itself, because there's not enough information out there that the gigantic
population needs.  Inadvertently if this isn't corrected and diversified and
spread out...instead of having the top 100Corporations, there should be the
top 10,000 or 20,000, they all should have about the same amount of financial

And it's the same thing with entertainment...the population is demanding it...and
what's going to happen...the whole system is turning in on itself because there's
not enough individuals in decision making positions.  There's a lack, they can
only do so much to handle this massiveness, so the system is starting to turn
in on itself.  And that's why there are so many dangerous things happening in
the world; conflicts, etc..

"If this isn't corrected, and diversified and spread amongst more individuals, 
and done rapidly, what's going to happen is, we're going to end up with some kind
of a plague."  I don't know what!...but it's just common sense, "if you have
20billion people (only using 20billion as a hyperbolic figure), and the leaders
can't do things correctly (in a way) that those 20billion people need, you know
what's going to happen?"

All of a sudden your going to end up with...if a correction takes place..just
like the corrections that take place on the stock-market every 6wks or so,
depending on how it goes; they call them corrections.  If things aren't spread out
enough and diversified enough, what's going to happen is...your going to have a
population-correction, either through a massive tremendously violent war, 
world-war; or something else may take place.

...And the thing is that this 75yrs is different then the last 7000yrs, which
means that this is like a cross-roads; it's almost like saying, "look it,
if you want to keep what you've got, your going to have to raise your spirituality
and emotional levels of the entire planet and the population, otherwise, 
your going to lose it, it's going to come down."  In one way or another it
will happen!

This kind of thing has been recorded in all the myths and legends of the world,
all the different cultures of the world; they talk about these things happening.
They don't say when...I mean, who could ever put a time element on it..but they
say, "these are the things that will happen, or could happen."

And I'm saying, "look it, we've already been told through our ancient history,
things that can happen, so we already know the problems," history is a great
reference isn't it; it's an actuality reference, it actually happened.

And we can say, "look it, over that portion of history in that area, those things
took place, and we saw the conclusions of what happened, we're heading in that
direction, so all we have to do is correct that, and it won't take place,"
and we won't have the problem; and the population on the planet will level off
naturally, and not through a catastrophe or some gigantic type of world-destructive
war.  "It's important, it's important that it's done this way...such a simple
thing, such a simple thing."

...there goes another shooting star!  The Northern Lights have kind of faded a
little bit now, but that star was heading in that direction.

It sure is quiet up here tonight, really quiet, a little bit of wind here and there;
it's just the currents of the temperature, and every now and then you can hear the
trees off in the distance (small breeze blowing through them)...I don't hear
any animals though, no...no animals.

Couple years ago I was up here, spent some camping time here in the same location.
Now and then there were Coyotes, Owls, the Elk came through once, but not tonight.
Tonight is just sort of a quiet night, it's kind of like..."enjoy it," enjoy it
while it's here type of thing.

The Northern Lights, they're not real bright, just sort of hazy lines going straight
up into the sky from the horizon, not any color, they're probably a long ways away;
these are not like the ones you see up in Alaska, where they really get them.

Looking off into the northwest area of the sky...god, there's billions and billions
of stars!  Fact is, there's so many of them up there, that it looks as though you
could almost walk on them; there's that many.

...It's unbelievable what's up there!  Unbelievable...gigantic...seems to be more in
the northwest than there is in the south...yep, it's really nice, nice fire, quiet
mellow temperature...so anyway...

Ya, the fire is starting to quiet down a little, I don't know if I'll put another
log on, maybe not.  It's really a good feeling to sit here and have such...first
of all such nice weather for September, clear and dry and warm...

But to relax, and just sort of let myself go into this 'star field' that's here,
it's real...real.  What I mean is that it's not artificial, at least I hope
it isn't artificial.  I don't think I'd want to be part of something artificial;
that's the feeling that I have inside of myself.

What I mean is, I prefer to be just naturally what I am.  And whatever takes
place, hope that I've prepared myself for whatever my future will be.  I think
it's beyond the word hope.  The world 'hope' has a kind of catchy twist to it.
I don't know how to put it...  'I feel at peace with the Earth,' that's something
I've strived to be at for many decades.  I find that statement to be very

I remember a long time ago, I was talking to somebody, don't even remember who
it was now; they were very angry and upset about something.  I don't know if it
was something on the News, or exactly what it was, but they were really up-tight;
and they looked at me and wanted me to release, or make some kind of a declaration
statement as to whatever the problem was...and I just looked at them and said,
"you know," because they were looking for a destructive kind of answer, like,
'well we ought to go to war,' or something like that...of course not...I'm
not for that type of direction.  Anyway I said to them, "you know, I'm at peace
with the world."  And I (suddenly) just felt an energy wave sort of change in
that individual, I looked at their eyes when I said that...and all of a sudden
they just sort of lost all that up-tight-feeling when they heard that statement.

And you know a lot of times when I get a little bit up-tight myself, I get one
of those kind of energy surges, you just sort of feel it...it's something that's
good to have, because it's fortifying in some ways, but if it's used incorrectly
through verbal statements or physical actions...I don't think that's what it's
meant for.  I think it's meant to help elevate one spiritually and emotionally,
that's why those energy surges come in...and I try to remember to repeat to
myself, "I'm at peace with the world."

And I've tried to be at peace with the planet, the Earth itself, nature.
And I hope that the Earth understands that whatever things I may have done
in my lifetime that may have caused turmoil in something in the natural
world, those things can't be undone, but, I hope that the Earth is forgiving...I
try to be forgiving myself...

Looking into the Universe up here with all these stars, it kind of brings these
kind of thoughts to mind.  Because you see, the Earth is part of what's going
on out there...

The way I view things is that...somebody...I was having a conversation with a
very intelligent woman once, and she said to me there weren't any accidents in
the way things take place, that there is purpose in everything; and discipline
and moderation is important for a person to have...

Now it is kind of hard to sometimes hang onto those kind of lines, it's hard...
and I think that being at peace with the world or with the Earth, just making
the statement...is a form of showing that I'm striving for discipline; that's
one way I view it; and that there is purpose to everything that takes place.

That's kind of vague, that statement (purpose), it's kind of vague but I know
it's real, it's like common sense...that everything is kind of linked together
in one way or another.

It's like if you do one thing in one area, your going to get a reaction in
another area, because everything is sort of linked together.  And I think that
what I'm trying to get into here, in this line of analogy, is that I'm trying
to lay foundations, pathways, that lead to a higher spiritual awareness, emotional
awareness, and how to get along on that pathway.

I think being at peace with the planet is one way of raising, rising, because
then the planet's energy knows just exactly what's going on within me.  And it
also realized that whoever I am, it (planet) knows who I am because it picks
up some kind of vibration from me; from every human it picks up a vibration...

It sends out little messages, or little couriers...like tonight, I was sitting
here, it was almost dark, and I played some music on the recorder and it kind
of echoed through the area; it wasn't very long after that...here comes a 'bird',
comes flying right by within about 10ft of me, just sailed right on by...looked
me over, it's almost like...it heard the music and it came on down to find out
exactly who or where did that music...that melodic noise come from?

And it (the bird) came over here and looked me over, you see, things are
communicating, it's nature saying, "hey, there is somebody over there, what is
that?"  And they sent one of their scouts out in a bird form, and the bird
fly's by and sees who I am...sees the tent here and my little fire, and my
camp stove and all this stuff, my truck, and me sitting here in the chair;
and it automatically identifies...so the natural surroundings in this particular
location knows that the vibrations it feels from me here at this time, it
identifies...it may not put a name on it as, Alexander Volenski, like our
society has a name for everyone...but it identifies my energy content, and
it will know me wherever I am in this area.

Whenever I come along, it will automatically know who it is, and how I am here,
and that I'm striving to be at peace with nature and the world, and to understand
this 'nature', and that I recognize a unity factor here in this nature...that's
uninhabited, it's free, it's open, it's not censored and controlled...and it's
alive, it's real, it's perpetual also.

And that there's no accident to why this is the way it is...that there is purpose
in all of this; it's part of a 'Natural Order' to things...it's just here, it's
free, it's something I'm a part of, whether I have a human body or some other
kind of a body...it's something I'm a part of while I am here also...and that
there is sharing of feelings and thoughts, 'consciousness'...the Earth has a
consciousness, I have a consciousness.

What I'm trying to say also is, "the Earth itself is recognized by something
larger than it," in other words, the Earth recognizes me here at this location
up in the mountains, but it's much bigger than I am, but it recognizes me
because of what I'm trying to communicate...with what I am here at this time.

And the Earth itself is also recognized by something larger than it, and that
would be this Milky Way Galaxy up above that I can see.  So what happens here
on this planet is directly related to what is going on out there...because
we're all part of the same thing.

I think this is extremely important (that point).

...there goes another 'shooting star!'  That one there came up higher, it was
up higher, more towards higher above me, it went 'east' also.

So what I'm saying is, "what takes place on this planet with all the people,
is also realized by something greater than the planet itself," and what happens
here to the people, has an effect on what happens out there in the Galaxy...

So, a lot of times I think in this last 2000yrs at least, there hasn't been a
lot of regard for the natural world, there has been a lot of brutality involved,
and I think that's been radiated out into the Galaxy also...  And I think the
answers that have come back from that kind of thing, that's radiated out there,
is that, there is a consciousness out there that looks here and says, "they
need help in some way, how do we do it?"

Maybe they can't even locate us...I don't know, I mean...it's very hard to make
these analogies and not have some interaction with somebody else.  It would be
nice to have two or three people sitting around a fire like this, and just sort
of have a conversation and record it also, so it can be shared with the rest of
the world.

What I'm saying is that, "I think this last 75yrs, being as different as it is
in technology and all of those things on this planet, is a signal of some sort,"
it's different than the last 7000yrs, (and) it means that we're at a focus-point,
we're at a juncture of some sort, a cross-roads.

You know the Ancient's talked about cross-roads, and that they always looked 
for someone at those cross-roads who had wisdom, understanding, and knowledge,
to help them make the correct decisions when they were at the cross-roads;
'which way to go.'

Some of the things and problems that I've mentioned on this tape and the first
tape...in our cultures today and in the power and leaderships in the world, it
appears we're turning in...the system is turning in on itself, because we're
losing contact at the cross-roads; the intelligence and guidance which is
necessary at such cross-roads isn't there...or it's been desolved...or
something has happened so it's not recognized...

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