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Business Leaders, National Leaders, World Peace

Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997 (C)1998 A. Alexander Volenski

Tape-2, Side-2

Business Leaders...

Ok, side two.

This cross-road thing is an analogy that the majority of people can relate too.
We need to realize, that we not only need more leaders than we have...because of
the greater population, but we also need leaders that realize that we're at the
cross-roads.  That this time now is different because of the technology in the
last 75yrs which is different than anything in the last 7000yrs.

And at those cross-roads there are individuals that are already placed
there...are those individuals looked too, are they listened too?

I think what's happening is, that the guidance and structure that has been sent
to this planet from the Universe is being ignored.  A lot of things have 

When one looks through ancient legends and mythology, they see a lot of
cross-roads and turning points of different cultures and Nations, and they
see declines, and they see rises...

What I think is happening is that today, they (the leaders) are looking more to the
mechanical answer of a computer, and forgetting about the human element itself.
And they must realize that, that human element is more important than the
mechanical system, because the human element has more ability than the
mechanical.   The mechanical computer system is basically a...like they call it,
'an artificial intelligence,' it's a mechanical way of computing things, but the
human has the ability to compute much more than a computer and quicker; unless
of course, the human mind has been shut-down or herded off in a (obscure) direction,
and not given the tools it needs to develop itself, and to do the things it's born
to do.

Each individual has a mission, a purpose, that's why they're here in this life,
lifetime in this Century, that's why a lot of them are here...is anyone looking
for these individuals?

I think there are a lot of individuals that could help tremendously with 
everything, and would be willing to do it if they were recognized.  A lot of
things don't come into play, don't even begin to function until certain 
recognition's are made, they just sort of lay dormant, undeveloped.  It's not
a matter of development, they're just like a dormancy, until certain recognition's
take place, and then they step forward; but until then they just sort of stay in
the background.

And also in the last 7000yrs a lot of things have been set up by this beautiful
Galaxy that we're in, to help overcome the problems on this planet; it's like
there is a gigantic mystery here that has to be solved, something like that,
who knows?  That's one way of looking at it.

What I'm thinking is that, a lot of times individuals, important-individuals in
the world, it doesn't matter which gender they may be, they hold a certain
quality which is extremely rare and powerful, and if those things are taken 
away...something happens to those individuals and they're no longer with us,
then the things that they were...their purpose you see, it's not able to take
place, and that creates a big void there and upheavals come from those kinds
of voids.

And there are a lot of protective types of energies that become attached to
certain individuals now and then, and if those (protective) individuals, 
something happens to them and they're no-longer here, then they're no longer
able to do what their part is designed to do, and that can create catastrophe's.
It could even create wars, because the individuals who divert a Nation from war,
or a leadership from making the wrong decisions (are no longer around).

This kind of analogy can be seen worldwide today, because of the world
communications.  A 100yrs ago, if something happened at a different location of
the world, it took months for the message to be even received of what took place;
so things were still held together.  But now in this world communication network
we have, everything is understood instantly, (of) whatever takes place anywhere on
the planet.

So things move faster, and when gaps arise there is not a time element for a
safety kind of thing to fill in the void, the void in there and that's it...I
hope you understand what I'm saying.

A lot of what I've said on these 2-tapes...there's a lot of between the lines
type of things, and I'm not trying to be evasive at all; some of these areas
are so vast that I'm trying to talk and communicate with, that until I have
feedback, I have to present them in this manner, in this way.

Anyway...the (camp) fire is dwindling, the planet Jupiter is in the 'west', so
I've been at it (recording) quite a long time, the Pleiades are up, the seven
sisters, and there's a little bit of cloud cover, haze in the southeast, it's
still quiet...and I think what I'm going to do is close for now and pick up
somewhere tomorrow.

Anyway it's been enjoyable...even if I don't even have an audience other than
a 'future' audience who may listen to these tapes, be able to get a hold of them
anyway, or a copy of one; it's been good, and like I said, "I'm just trying to
do some good with the tools that I have to work with at this time."

There are a lot of individuals trying to do some good, but we need a means to be
able to continue...there's a lot of sacrifice to get to a certain level of
awareness and at the same time...there's a lot of sacrifice to get to those
areas, because a lot of things are (have to be) experienced to raise ones
spirituality perhaps, yes that's true...but a person goes through a lot of
things before they get to certain levels to kind of express themselves in certain
ways; and then each individual has a different way of expressing themselves...so
there is a multitude of variety, which is necessary to communicate with a
multitude of population.

...there goes another 'shooting star', that one there is going 'south', southeast.

So what I'm saying is, "there are a lot of sacrifices that a lot of individuals
make," and there is a lot of us that are out here...that, if we had more tools
to work with and a means to support ourselves at the same time financially,
there's a lot of good that could be done by a lot of people.

If the Nations, the United States of America...looks in this direction that I'm
speaking of here, and reaches out to those types of individuals in a massive way,
it will help raise the whole Nation...and other Nations will see what's taken
place and do the same thing.  We can raise the whole planet and divert it from a
catastrophe that appears to be approaching...there's so many dangers approaching,
and it's extremely scary; and I'm sure that I'm not the only one that has those
types of views; especially individuals in high places that have more information
than I can pick out of the air, or through a conversation with some other

There are individuals in powerful places that know things and I'm sure extremely...

...ooh! boy!...there goes a big 'shooting star' its heading 'north'; that one
there really went a long ways, I mean it had a trail on it; I couldn't quite
hear it, it was still up there a long ways.

So interaction between races and Nations, interaction between religious powers, all
the religious powers, an opening of the creative sense, take the controls off of it,
get it (the creative) out there some how through the networks that are already in
place, and be at peace with the world, be at peace with the Earth; communicate that
to the Earth in a big way...

And a lot of things will start happening, that will counteract these catastrophe's
that are here, they're like they are already here...they are just waiting to be
activated!  We can divert that, divert all those things through having faith in
the people, and allowing, finding a way for the people that have the messages
to get the messages out into the world.

I think a year ago I did some work for a woman, 86yrs old, she lives on a farm, a
small acreage, I went out there to do some work for a day, couple days.  Anyway,
she read over some of my books and said, "they were real nice to read," and I
said, "ya, but the only problem is, that they're hard for anyone to get their hands
on," because I don't have the ability to get these books out; I got them all set-up
within my own self publishing company, but I have no way of financing any large
type of distribution and anything like that.

So I said, "I don't know, it's taken me a long time to put all this stuff together,
I don't know if it will ever be able to be of any use," because who can get ahold
of them?  She was able to get ahold of them because she needed some work done one
day and happened to call me, because I had an ad for that type of work; other than
that, she would never have known about it (me and the books).

She says not to worry, "you've put the books together, that's important," but she
said, "as soon...even if only a few individuals read them,"...

...there goes another 'shooting star', its brighter, heading east.

...she said, "it will send out riffles just like a pebble in a brook or in a pond,"
she said that as soon as one person reads it, it's like someone just threw a pebble
in a pond, and it will send out a riffle and it will work.

What I'm saying is, "if you can get more of these kinds of things out and in a 
quicker way, and in a vaster way, those riffles will radiate all kinds of energies
and manifest all kinds of things that will help...help this vulnerability that we
are in now, because of the developments in the last 75yrs...we need to do some good,
and we also need to get the messages out so they'll be able to do some good, and
help counteract or divert any kind of massive catastrophe that is just hanging
around ready to happen.

Anyway, I'm going to stop here and pick up tomorrow sometime...


Ok, this is day-2 in the 'Wilderness'; this is evening now.

It's been a nice day, I had a lot of nice things happen (today)...I drove around
and saw a lot of animals, which was quite surprising.  Some Elk, a small band of
Elk crossed the road on me, it's really funny, I was just cruising along, not really
thinking about to much...you know this is the second day and now I'm starting to
really get into this energy that's here, that radiates right up from the planet.

So I was kind of cruising down the road and came around a bend, a wooded area,
it was really shaded and cool; because it was a very hot sun today...a lot of tall
timber and some 'vine maple'; kind of down low by the river.  I wasn't thinking
about to much of anything, I just sort of had a real neat good feeling, energies,
and I was just sort of going with it, and cruising along looking into the timber
and enjoying the road...its like one of those country lanes we use to see movies
of back in the 50's, where it was just nice and just such a good feeling going
down it...

Anyway...there was this (cow) Elk standing out in the road and a couple on the
side of the road feeding on the foliage there, and gee, all of a sudden they saw
my rig, I wasn't to far away and coming up on them.  So they jumped and ran 'east'
across the road to my left...and I thought, 'isn't that something,' it's the
first Elk that I've seen up here, that I recall anyway, this summer.

Then all of a sudden here comes a couple more across, further up, then a big bull
jumps out onto the road...and he just stopped right there and looked at me, so I
slowed the rig down right away.  He had a big rack, looked like a 6X6 at least,
six-points on each side, a real dark one...he wasn't a real heavy bull, but he
sure had a nice rack, a big rack; it wasn't a brush-rack, that/like they call here.
A brush-rack is probably about a 3-4yr old, maybe a 5yr old, and after that the 
antlers start getting a lot bigger; his was larger, but he still wasn't filled
out in weight, he didn't run 700lbs, he was probably about 450-475lbs, 500lbs maybe.
He was in good shape, real good shape; he wasn't to concerned, he wasn't to
excited about to much, he just sort of was looking me over, looking my rig over.

Then he followed the cow's to the left and up into the timber, he didn't go to far,
then he stopped, turned, and looked at me, I really got a good view, I could really
feel his vibes, his energies; there's a lot there in those animals, that particular
breed from the deer family, the large Elk.

Anyway, he finally took off with the cow's and disappeared into the timber, and I
thought, 'well, isn't that something, it's a pretty nice thing.'

Then I went a little further down the road and there was a grouse that flew up,
a 'ruffled grouse', we have two types of grouse here in the northwest.  We have the
'blue grouse', which are kind of a deep sapphire blue gray color and they are larger
than the ruffled grouse.  Ruffled grouse are kind of a brown combination; they call
the ruffled grouse here 'natives', native grouse; anyway it flew.  I went a little
further and saw another one that was just standing on the side of the road, I had
to slow down and it finally ran into the brush on the side of the road.  Then I went
a little further, about a half mile, and there was another one, and I thought,
'isn't that something.'

A number of years ago, I think 2-3yrs ago, I was cutting firewood one day up here,
it was a sunny day, and I loaded up my wood and was heading on out, cruising down
the road, kind of easy...and way up ahead on the bend where the sunlight was 
coming through on the road, was a ruffled grouse standing/sitting there in the
road.  So I slowed and shut the engine off, and just sort of coasted a little and
stopped, then I got my binoculars out...because the 'sun' was shining right on
the grouse.  And I put my binoculars on that bird to really try to get a nice
view with the sunlight hitting it like that; it didn't move, it just stood there.

...All of a sudden a 'purple aura' surrounded the grouse, it was unbelievable, I
never saw that before, it was like...it's hard to explain, the bird and everything
was clear in the binoculars, just regular like they always look with their
coloration, but as the sun was shining on this particular bird, there was a purple
aura around that bird also...isn't that something; I looked at that bird with my
binoculars for a couple minutes, then it finally went away...ya, that was quite a
unique experience; I hadn't noticed that before.

I also saw some 'band tailed pigeons' today in a flock; they migrate through this
part every year, they come out of Canada, and migrate down to Mexico.  They were
flying around here, and I got to watch them in the binoculars in flight; they are
quite a beautiful bird.  They have 'golden feet' and very...they're really a
beautiful bird, they have a black band on their tails, that's why they're called
band-tailed pigeons.  They have a little ring around their neck, light colored
ring, I forgot the color of it, it might be gold also, or white.  And then they're
kind of a sky gray color, something like that.

I also saw an Eagle today, a young Eagle, he's still brown color...the young Eagles
don't get their mature coloration until later on, I don't know how many years, but
this one here was gliding around camp for awhile, and I could see just a little
white beginning to come out on his tail feathers; that was pretty neat.

Also I had a mouse run across the road, running about 90mph, feet were really
going, of course I wasn't traveling fast, I was just cruising slow and just taking
it all in; the natural surroundings and fresh air.  A lot of smaller birds were
here and there, 'woodpeckers,' stuff like that, but I didn't see any deer today
at all.

But I've noticed this thing with the Elk over the years, there is something about
the Elk, they call them Roosevelt Elk here in the Olympic National Park area.  There
is something about them, I always notice this...when all of a sudden there are a lot
of animals that show up, sometimes deer and grouse and all kinds of stuff like
that...you can travel for a long ways and not see anything, days on end, and not see
any animals.  It didn't used to be this way, but it is now, they're scarce now, not
as plentiful as they used to be.  But anyway, I've noticed when the animals start
showing up here and there, there's usually 'Elk' around; it's kind of like they
all sort of go together, they just sort of hang together all the time.

And the feel is different too, you can almost...it's some kind of an energy, I 
don't know what it is...I don't know how to put words to it...you pretty much know
when your getting into the Elk, because the energies really peak up.

Then I got down by one of the bridges and there was a young woman and young man
with her, they had a rubber raft, and they had just pulled it out of the river
and crossed the road; perhaps they had a vehicle somewhere in that vicinity that
was going to pick them up.  They had floated the Sol Duc River, I don't know
how far, and had just come out.

A very beautiful woman, she was pleasant too, because when I drove by I nodded
and smiled, and she nodded back in recognition, which was real nice, because
sometimes you meet people out here and they're a little apprehensive to even say
anything to you or talk...they're kind of afraid because they are out here in the
'wilderness' and they're used to being around city areas...they feel more vulnerable
if they're not used to being in the back-country; and then when you meet people that
do spend a lot of time in the back country, they don't have that apprehension,
they'll shoot the breeze a little bit and share some of their adventures; so
sometimes it's nice that way.

But she (the young woman) was very pleasant, a very beautiful woman, she had very
long thick black or dark hair, I don't know it if was black, but it was a dark
color, and she had it tied...and kind of a curious thing...just as she nodded and I
kept going around the curve and passed them...the name Roxanne, came and popped
into my mind, and I just sort of wondered about that.  A rubber raft across a river,
a woman by the name of Roxanne with dark hair, she was tall, a tall woman, young and
extremely very nice features.

Then I passed a woman also riding a horse, I don't think it was a pale-horse, it
had kind of black spots on it here and there, I don't have the name of that type;
and she was riding her horse along.  It would be nice to ride horses up here in
the back country, it would be quiet, and you're way up high, sitting up high, so
you can see quite well, plus you don't have to walk, you can ride along...that's
pretty nice too.

This evening, I might have some Elk here in the canyon below the peak here, because
when the sun went down, it's dark now, and the 'moon' is in the half...it's called
a 'Lanula Moon,' that means a new moon in the half...but just a few minutes ago it
sounded like some Elk ran across...they might have heard me talk or something, I
heard some commotion down below here; or, it could have been a rock falling off the
side or face of this stone pinnacle (mountain) that sticks up here, it's got timber
on it, but it's basically all rock.

That's kind of interesting because that's the first time that's ever happened
(falling rock) if it was something like that...I've spent a lot of time up here
by this mountain, and had quite a few unique experiences also in this area, but
I've never heard any rocks fall off from it; anyway it either was that or there
will be some Elk down (in the valley) there in the morning when I get up at day
break; if I wake at first light and look down in there...they'll probably be
bedded down.

They won't hang around there much, as it gets light, they'll go up into the
timber, that's usually what they do...they're getting ready to breed now, this
is the time of year they do that, but I haven't heard any bugling from the bulls.
When I heard that commotion tonight...I didn't hear any sounds either...because
usually when they're in a group like that you hear them whistling back and forth,
they call it 'chirping'.  It's quite a neat whistle, I've tried to imitate it 
but could never...my tongue, lips...I can't get the whistle as pure as they do...

It's really something to come on to a herd of Elk that are feeding, grazing on
the side of a mountain somewhere, and to just sneak up on them and sit there and
watch them for awhile.  They sense your there, they're always looking around
anyway, but, they seem to be exceptionally sensitive to anything that's close
by or watching them...they pick that up, it's like a telepathic type of ability;
but they chirp back and forth, and it's really something to hear that chirping.
And of course the bull's bugle, they call it bugling, and that is quite a sound
too, you can hear it for miles when a bull does that...what that bull is saying
is that, "here I am, where are you cows?"...and when they answer, he'll go over
that way...

Over the years, one evening I was camped out 'west', and I heard a big bull way
across a canyon up on a tall hill in tall timber bugle out several times...and
then there was silence, then all of a sudden across the valley I heard a cow
chirp a couple times.  It's like saying, "we're over here, we know where you are,
so we'll meet up somewhere."

I think they use a lot of telepathic projection in their mental communication,
what they will do is...they know the terrain so well, they know where all the
little ridges and valleys are, and where the creek beds are, and I think what
they do is concentrate on a location, and that concentration is sent with the
whistle, and then/when the other one hears the whistle and they see a (mental)
picture of a location, and that's where they'll go meet.

Those are the feelings I've had on one form of their communication; so I just 
wanted to put these things down here to kind of share it with whoever comes on
to listening to this tape.

There's a little cloud cover tonight, not to much, it's just sort of scattered
out here and there; it's not cold, it's warm, but there is a little breeze fluffing
around here, not much.  I'm camped up on an open area that if it really storms,
I'll have to pull out of here because it doesn't have any protection from the
wind, especially if the wind comes out of the south or east, it will come right
up on me here, but I've got a little protection from the west which is the
prevailing wind if there is a storm.

The stars are starting to come out now pretty good, there's a lot of moonlight
tonight, there will be more moonlight tomorrow night too, because the moon jumps
up into the next quarter.  Three-quarter moon tomorrow night; surprising how
that gathers brightness from day to day.  The moon is now just kind of sitting
over there in the west, a few pearly clouds like fingers; it was a nice sunset
tonight, the sun was kind of a golden glow with a little bit of autumn red 
mixed in with it, and some of the clouds were kind of a little bit of blue or
purple in them, then the sky was a deep blue color, then some white clouds too.
It didn't last very long, the sunset, the coloration only lasted about 10min;
I can imagine an artist would have enjoyed seeing that, the combination, and
it's all natural.

There aren't two sunsets alike, or two sunrises.  It's like there aren't two
fires alike; I've got a nice fire going tonight, and I was thinking about
that...this fire I'm having tonight is different than the one I had last 
night.  They're both camp fires, but, they're different in some way...

I cut some more wood today, I found a nice dead fir, a small one, alpine fir
that had blown down.  It had been dead for a long time because there wasn't
any bark on it, and it had turned a light gray color, but it's still good
burning wood, solid inside.  That tree's probably been around about 300years
at least.

Yes, it was a nice day.  I'm kind of coming down to the end of this tape,
I'm going to have another tape that I'll start up here and talk about a few
other things; I don't know what I'll talk about tonight, we'll see what happens.
I'm kind of in a different frame of mind or mood then I was last night, it
will be kind of interesting to see what happens, or even if I have enough
energy to bring out some more points of importance.

That's all these tapes are about, they're basically just put together, kind
of like for my own personal library, but also for people also to hear, to
share with; it's kind of...I can imagine someone living in a city who aren't
able to get out like this, they may appreciate hearing some of these things
even though there's a lot of analogies weaved in with them.

Most people don't have time to read anymore, there's to many things to do,
so maybe they can pop a tape in their hi-fi and while they're cooking or around
the house they can listen to it and it won't keep them from any other activities
they might want to do -- or they might be bored with what happens to be on TV
on/at that particular time of the evening and decide, "I don't feel like reading,
but let's listen to this tape," and maybe pick up some imagery (weaved in the
tape), I don't know if it's possible too...if I can project it...

But if you can imagine what it looks like...

[and here ends, side-2, tape-2, Wilderness Expressions;
not all tapes are in a text format yet, as they become formatted,
I'll try and place them here.]


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