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Natural Immortalities, Love/Nature.

Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997 (C)1998 A. Alexander Volenski


Natural Immortalities...

Ok...this is tape 11, 'Wilderness Expressions.'

What I just finished up talking about on tape-10, is this 'universal love
energy,' pure energy, the energy that's necessary to bring into strength the
immortality aspects of the human species.

As I sit here, I'm sitting outside now, it's nice and warm outside the tent,
sitting in a lawn chair and looking at the mountain ridges, it's (weather-
clouds) starting to open up more and more, you can see more ridges looking
'south', there's a whole bunch of them...

...but I'm thinking about this 'love expression' thing and how important it
is; one must realize that I don't have all the answers to those questions about
myself.  I have a lot of answers about the love bonding that I have within myself,
and how vast it is; it's more than just this individual body that I have...I've
come to realize this love bonding that I have is made up of many other identities
also that are part of me; they've always been part of me, that's part of my
original composite and composition and how it's linked to the Universe itself,
the 'Galaxy' itself...it's something the Galaxy itself is also...

And there are some personal reasons of why I'm talking about this love thing now,
moving into it, it's something I wanted to do several weeks ago as I thought about
it, and then the last couple days in the evening taking a hike down the road,
just looking everything over...I got to thinking, "I'd like to put these tapes 
with some love-stuff in them also," because I realize within myself that that is 
the most important thing to me.

The only thing that I really want is 'to be complete and with love,' that's
basically all I want within myself, I know that is the most important thing to me.
And so some of this...analogies on these tapes and the suggestions to our cultural
leaders, is to open up the 'expression' areas, individual expression areas
through our Nation.

But there's kind of some personal reasons in that also, because I'm striving to
understand and answer questions I have about the love bonding within me and how
I can reach it; reach that part of myself, because I know that's where I belong.

I don't belong being alone the way I am here on this planet...in one way or
another...I'm not alone as far as...I'm not a hermit or isolated in that kind of
way.  What I mean by 'alone' is...I have a lot of real nice friends, and I
associate myself with all kinds of different people in walks of life and all
that...I mean, I'm not alone that way.

What I mean by the alone part is that I know I'm much more than what I am here at
this time, I mean there's parts to me that I want to get too, because I know
they're really purely part of me, and they want me to get to them...that's all
been realized.

And I have a lot of questions to this...how to go about that; so what I'm saying
is, in this idea of immediate channeling, and immediate type of recordings of love
expressions and feelings, either musically or in poetical forms, or just in
analogies or linguistic forms, or even in just listening to experiences between a
man and woman, as one example.

What will happen is, if the media is freed, freed up, I'll be able to listen to some
tapes of other individuals, or read some things that other individuals have done in
this decade on this love subject, because I know that's the 'immortal link' to what 
I'm all about...and if I can listen to some of their expressions, I'm sure somewhere
in what they have to say...(that) will help me raise myself so I can link in with
what I'm all about.

You see, they'll have different slants to questions that I have that will help me
have answers, that's kind of what I mean by, "there's also some personal things
involved in all of this," for myself and what I am in my completeness.

It's...the higher you raise your spirituality and emotional maturity levels, the
more you begin to realize that there is a love bond attached to you.  In some of
my work, literary work, I've expressed that as a kind of 'loved one'.  It's...a lot
of the writers in history have had this same kind of thing.

Solomon (King of Israel; c.973-c933BC) had the same kind of expression, and so did
Vergil (Roman epic poet; 70BC-19BC), and so did Dante (Florentine poet; 1265-1321AD),
just to name a few.  And even if you read into the historical documents of some of
the other religions in the world, you'll find that those individuals...

Buddha is a good example, that wasn't the name of the individual who started that
theology and religion, but if you read about him (Guatama or Gotama, also called
Siddhartha, Sakyamuni, Tathagata; c563-c483BC), he set down a lot of things to
follow which became Buddhism.  When you read that individual...I researched him
a number of years ago because he came up in some areas of love that I had questions
on, (places) where I wanted to find answers.

And when I read about Buddhism and the historical documentation I was able to get
my hands on, on how it was originally put together and started...by an individual
man and the love he had for a 'loved one', a woman...that's what it was all 
started with, it was all based on that kind of thing.

This is another example of the immortality aspects of love and how powerful it is,
it's an extremely pure energy, it's very similar to the physical type of energy
you find on this planet in the 'natural' environment, which also is a form of
pure love energy.

You see it in a lot of the animals, even the predator animals have a lot of love
in them...there are even legends in ancient history...

...there's a 'love bird' down here!, it just came in, isn't that interesting,
I'm talking about this and here comes a little love bird, he's sitting up on
top of one of these little fir trees; not to far away, just sitting there in
the sun, fluttering his wings, drying out a little bit and looking around.  
A very innocent type of spiritual entity in that bird, all birds have a very
high spiritual type of thing because they can fly.  And love spirits have
been written about in legendary form, and in ancient myth, have been written
about as something that can fly through the air...

But getting back to this predator thing, there's documents that I ran onto on
ancient legends in history that go way back, that say that at one time the
predator animals didn't kill other animals, they weren't predators at all.
That actually, they said, the Lion was a vegetarian, it never ate meat, but
something happened and it somehow evolved, didn't evolve, but somehow lost
a connection of some sort, and it went into becoming a predator and meat-eater;
meat in persay of killing other animals, devouring other creatures.  But in
the beginning it wasn't that way.

So what I'm saying is, "there's a lot of examples in the 'pure love' energy
that radiates from the planet also, and that the animals are filled with the
same kind of thing."  They also have difficulties because of some of the
surrounding fears they have from predators...they know it's unnatural
(predators), it's not part of what it's supposed to be about, but it's
happening...so they radiate a kind of communication...

If you have an opportunity to study some of the Wildlife and open yourself to
them, I mean really open yourself to them, just become part of them (spiritually);
you'll find an extremely powerful inner peace there...it's more powerful, like
I mentioned on tape-9, when I was talking about a 'dream vision' I had as being
an Elk for a few minutes.

But the energy content, the inner peace I felt at that moment was extremely
heavenly, I mean it was something I never felt in my human body.  So I became
aware of it, I became conscious of that through a shared dream vision as being
an Elk; because I met those Elk in the forest and they weren't afraid of me,
there was something about that particular moment when I came onto them...they
just stood and looked at me and weren't afraid, they didn't run away.  And I
sat down and opened myself to one particular cow Elk that was standing there,
just opened to that animal, then I had the dream that night of being that animal.

I mean it was a form of a 'direct channeling' of some sort, and what I learned
from that, it opened up channels within me, it brought out of my subconscious self
a consciousness that became consciousness.  There was this peace feeling and
overwhelming emotion that I felt from that dream vision, it opened up areas;
it was a form of peace...like I said, said several times now...it was something
that I never felt in this human body before, but all of a sudden after that
episode took place I realized that I'm part of that kind of thing; that it is
part of me, the feeling itself, the peacefulness, the wisdom that's there,
the understanding there; that animal had it, that animal was in-tune, intouch
with that kind of pure energy, that pure love energy, even though it's an animal.

And I realized that I'm part of the same thing.  Up until that moment, until that
experience took place, I wasn't intouch with that part of myself; that was a number
of years ago.  So I have strived to continue to develop that part of myself and to
open it up more, and to break down any kind of barriers that would barricade it.

And there have been a lot of barriers, believe me there have in everyday
activities.  Eventually I was able to say, "you know, this progression here of this
barrier, this real mean type of feeling, is a barrier that isn't part of that
feeling, that vision I had of peace with the Elk," so it's a barrier (mean-feeling)
and something I don't want.  I want this peace thing, this fullness, it's a complete'
some kind of a complete feeling.  Maybe I can explain a little more.  It's like a
complete feeling, it's unlimited, and it's solid in the sense, not in solidity sense,
but it's so strong that it radiates a kind of energy that you realize it can't be

That, it always will exist in one way or another, and that it's there, that it's
part of me; this is a whole area, a whole vast region of myself that I never even
knew about, I knew about it subconsciously, that's how I knew about it; it hadn't
become a tangible reality to me until that event took place.  And I didn't even
plan that event, I mean that event all happened by itself, I didn't even ask for it.

...Then all of a sudden I began to realize what I needed to do was to utilize that
particular moment and to let it grow, and let it become more vast, let it open out
and create much more for me; and from that time I began to realize and develop
myself relating to that kind of energy.

...One of the ways I visualize at this time of accomplishing that completely,
is through the interaction I have with other individuals on this planet, because
I'm not the only one that's striving for this kind of thing in one way or another;
everybody is, or tries too.

The questions I have as how to accomplish certain things in that area, some of
those questions can be answered just by listening to somebody else sharing their
love feelings or their emotions, or their momentary thoughts and expressions.

A lot of the things they'll say, will help form a destiny that is truly a true
destiny that's part of me, not a side-road type of destiny that leads off into
a dead-end somewhere...but my destiny to be complete.  And through hearing
other individual expressions in the same area, will help me, just as I hope
and know that maybe some of the things I've said on these multitude of
tapes...maybe there will only be a couple moments on one particular tape that
will open up some things for somebody else.

...I have always felt that this body doesn't have to terminate, I can step into a
dimension, a part of myself that is always there...and in that zone, in that area,
will be my loved one, and there will be all the other love bonds that we have with
other aspects of ourselves, because I know I'm much more than just this body.

Because when I look into the...even during the day when I look into the vastness
of the terrain and the planet and everything about it, and then at night when I
look into the Milky Way Galaxy, when it's clear and not cloud covered and it's
open and I can see all the 'stars' up there and the vastness of it; I know (during
that view) that I'm much more than just this human body, because I'm part of all
that...and it's all linked to the love bond within me, that loved one that is
part of me.

Why we're separated this way, I don't know...that's another question that I've
had many different views as to the answer to it, but I know the answers for me
and the episodes and the things that are going on with me, will be different than
any other individual; because we all have various different things about ourselves.

There aren't two alike (humans), there probably would be some parallel similarities
here and there, but basically we're each unique in ourselves, and our loved ones and
our love bonds are that way also, unique to each individual.  But in a unity factor
we can help one another in one way or another.  So that's part of one aspect of how
I see the pure energy of the love aspect, and how it is the 'natural link', the real
link, the reality link to the immortality aspect of the human species itself.

It doesn't really matter in my mind now, from what things that I understand, it 
doesn't really matter what race your in, I mean it doesn't even matter what kind
of personality an individual has; whether they're completely blocked off or
obsessed in other areas -- still they have a loved one within themselves too.
They just haven't found out about it for one reason or another; or they sort of
feel it now and then, but they don't quite understand where? or how?, and once
they start doing it, you'll be surprised how their life will begin to change.

Also their attitudes will change and at the same time their value system will say,
"hey, I use to think these materialistic things over here were really important,
but, they are important as far as some of the comforts I need, and some of the
tools I need to do certain things," an individual would probably say that...

Then they would also say...then all of a sudden they realize that there's this
other thing about themselves that's vaster and much more important, because it's
part of the Galaxy itself.  The we are of the Galaxy.

We're a form of the Galaxy itself, we're a form of its 'consciousness', and that's
such a beautiful thing, because that Galaxy is actually a 'love galaxy' basically;
if you really want to get down to it, and put some kind of terminology to it;
that's what it's all about...

We're living in a Love Galaxy, immortal pure energy form that we call love in one
way or another, and that we're of that, we're living in a love galaxy that's a form
of immortality, a form of consciousness, and we're a human species that has no
beginning or end, its always existed, because we're a form of the consciousness
of the pure energy of the Galaxy itself.

We're sitting out here on an isolated planet called Earth, in a kind of dead solar
system, why we're here and why this is going on, I don't have the answers to it, but
I know there are answers here and there that a person could find; and that's where
the interaction comes in...

The kind of interaction I'm talking about that has to do with this, is so free,
that one way to tap into it is not to rehearse a lot of things, and not to edit a
lot of things; that's why it remains free.

It's an unedited kind of thing, it's not pre-planned or rehearsed, it's a pure kind
of energy that can't be isolated or imprisioned...unless it's allowed to be that
way.  Some individuals have been entrapped in all kinds of different ways,
entrapped themselves within their own love energy, and isolated themselves that way,
without even realizing it; they've done it all innocently just because of certain
things that have happened to them in their everyday activities.

And what I'm saying is, "you can break those barriers down and free your love so it
can start functioning again."  One solution to that is to just voice it out loud,
"I want it freed, release the chains and free it, free everything about it!"
And it will begin to take place, "once you put the command there it will happen."

Because you're the captain of your own ship, you're the captain of your own vessel;
like your body is a vessel also, and you're the captain of all that, and you have a
'loved one' that sits next to you in that ship; this is just another way of trying
to give an example of how to visualize this thing...because it's so free...it's
not something that's isolated or is supposed to be, but it does get isolated or
it gets shut down in many ways; and I'm saying there are ways to open it up and I
know these ways work, because I've done them myself and they've helped me in a
multitude of different ways.

And they're not just my creation or my idea, my technique; a lot of these techniques
I've used, I've learned about through studying ancient myths and legends, and I've
found a line here and there that would do it...

...and here come two more 'love birds' they just flew by, they're having a nice 
afternoon here now too; and the sky is really beautiful, different shades of blue,
white clouds, clumpy clouds like balls of cotton moving along, along very slowly,
some of the clouds have little scripts to them, scriptic patterns, and it's quite

...so the 'love energy'...

...there's more than just one 'loved one' there...what I've been able to learn
so far is that, there are many...they're called 'love twins' basically, and that
the human, each human has several 'love couples' attached to them in different
dimensions; in different spirituality realms.

But there's basically...each man has a feminine gender that's part of him, which
I've called a 'loved one', it's also called a 'love twin'...and that each woman
has a masculine twin also; that's part of the...I learned this through studying
the ancient myths on this subject...a variety of different cultures in the world,
they all define it in this very same way; that there's more than just one individual,
we're made up of many twins that are part of us, and in some of the religions,
they call some of those twins 'souls' and in some they call them 'spirits', but
that's as far as they have defined it.

So when I researched that kind of stuff, I was able to locate information that
others had recorded from their findings in history, and what they said was,
"we're love twins," that the human species is made up of a combination of many
twins, and that we're all part of that aspect.

That's one of the unique features to the personality and character of each human,
and that it's all original in the sense that, it's always been there, it's
'immortal', it's immortal because it's a form of the Galaxy itself; which is
immortal, it's always been there...and that we're a form of that 'love
consciousness'; the human species is, and that's why we're such a unique species,
such a beautiful species in the Galaxy itself...I mean we're really a beautiful

...Because we are the Galaxy itself, we're a form of the Galaxies Consciousness,
and that's why everything we discover in our science and in our astronomy is 
linked so tightly and parallels so closely the human consciousness.

That's what we're all about, it's a form of our purity, it's a form of our
completeness, it's a form of our identity, it's a form of our psyche, our
originality, our free will, our independent will, it's a form of our compassion's
and uniqueness and relationships with others just like us, in the sense of,
they have these same qualities even though they have their own individuality...I
mean that's how beautiful this all is...

...you see, there aren't two humans the same...I have my own finger prints, my
own voice prints, my own way of doing things, and there isn't anyone else on
the planet that's like me.  We all have that individual uniqueness, yet we all
have this love bonded twin type of thing also and its immortality aspect, of
the fact, that we are a form of consciousness of the Universe, that it's
unlimited, there's no limit to it at all...you can have billions and billions
of individual people, and they're all going to be uniquely an individual unto
themselves, because of the vastness of what the Galaxy is...

I mean, you know the Galaxy itself is so big that all the individuality aspects
of the human race on the planet here would probably only fit in a small portion
of what can be out there in the Galaxy.  So what I'm saying is, "realize this
is all part of you!"

...and that if you just open that part of yourself up, it will just flow right
out, and you'll realize that what this guy, what Alexander Volenski's talking
about, and what a lot of these other ancient people, and a lot of people today
are talking about, is a reality, it's really there, "that's what it's all 

Once you tap into that, it takes the 'mystery' out of a lot of it, in the sense
of, is this true or isn't it true.  You can prove it is a 'truism' through your
own will, and through your own efforts to find out the truth of it.

When you open this part of yourself up, you're all of a sudden going to realize
things that will happen, I mean, they'll actually take place, and that will 
indicate that, "there is the truthism," this is a reality, it's real.  Then you
have more tangibility and more strength to hang on to it, and you'll say,
"ya, what all these other people are talking about is a real thing," that I'm
more than just this body, that I have a loved one, and there are a multitude of
love twins attached to me also, and they all want to get in touch with me...they
want to find me!

They may not know exactly how to go about some things, I would say that it's
probably as difficult sometimes for them as it is for each individual.  That's
why I say, "I've answered a lot of questions, and I know what's important to
me," being complete and with love is what I'm looking for, but there are a lot
of questions I have that I have no answers too.  So...I feel I can get some of
those answers very easily by reading other tapes by other individuals.

And that the tapes that will be of the most value to this whole concept, that I'm
presenting as a concept, but it's a reality, it's more than a concept...is that
basically, someone else will have answers that I can utilize to answer the
questions I have, of how I can link up...

And at the same time those answers will be presented to me, the ones that I
can follow the best will be the ones that are done immediately, with the
immediate type of channeling like these tapes are here.  Unedited, not rehearsed,
just right off the top, that's exactly what will have the most power, and the
most distinctness to it, I know that; so that's the way they have to be done.

I think that anyone that's reached some of the levels that I'm in of awareness,
in their own way will agree with me, "it has to be done this way."  What it does,
it reaches deep within the individual, I mean, when I sit down and do this stuff
that I'm doing right now, I haven't rehearsed it, I'm just talking...I'm in
touch with myself...I'm opening myself up to it and putting it into some kind
of a context that can be shared with other individuals.

But within this linguistic story of expressions, 'Wilderness Expressions' here
in this series, what you're going to pick up is a lot of pure energy that's
going to be recorded electronically on the tape, I mean it's going to be there,
and there's no way to filter it out...if somebody or something tried to filter
it out, the only thing that would happen would be the tape would be erased...

...now I've got a love bird within 5ft of me, its in the grass here chewing on
some of the seeds from some of the flowers, isn't that interesting?  Oh, I guess
it's not a love bird, this is a 'Chickadee', he's right up close though, he's
not afraid of me, he knows I'm talking and everything.  This is what I'm
talking about, he's 5ft away, he's not worried, that little bird is not worried
about me at all, because he feels a lot of good feelings coming out of me
at this time.  I'm radiating it because the Earth is radiating it to me, because
I'm striving to be one with the Earth and with the natural environment; and to
be at peace with the world also, that's part of it too, because I've strived
to be at peace with the world in a very sincere way.

And I've had to do a lot of things in ways that don't really seem to fit into
some of the social structure that is around me, but I've realized that some of
that social structure doesn't go in this direction, it kind of goes into a 
closed artificial dead-end type place.

So I've had to sacrifice a lot of my domestic life in order to be able to be
intouch with this part of myself that I know is more valuable and vaster
than anything I could ever accomplish in a life time domestically in a
materialistic frame of mind.  That's just part of some of it.

But how to put this love stuff together in poetical forms.  That will be very,
it will deman something...I don't know exactly...a lot of these things kind of
go...like I said, I think at the end of tape-10 or somewhere in there, I think
I said something, "I'll just go ahead and wait and see what happens and just
go with it..."

You have to have that kind of faith in yourself, that the love within you will
recognize that you recognize your difficulties, and you also recognize them,
that part of yourself; that 'love entity' part of yourself exist, it's real,
and it's 'immortal' and it's linked to the Galaxy itself.  That your all part
of it, and that you realize it.

That you've reached a part within yourself where you say, "hey, I realize
this is real, this is a real thing, it's not a fantasy, it's real!"  Then 
that part within yourself, the love bonded one within you will all of a
sudden realize that it's real also...in the sense that you realize it,
because your really hooked together, your bonded together mentally in a 
variety of different ways...

It is unbelievable how close mentally your linked; it's there...and once 
you realize it and voice it in one way or another, or express it in one
way or another, it sets up a communication, instant communication; and 
it's realized within that part of yourself...then that part of yourself
starts going in that direction saying, "let's try to link up somehow, let's
try to find each other."

Solomon wrote about...if you read the poems of Solomon, you'll begin to...and
look at it from the points I'm making here, you begin to realize that he's
talking about his loved one too...

[...and here ends side-1/tape-11]

[notes]  Solomon, King of Israel, son of David and Bathsheba; he was the
youngest son of David, but through the influence of his mother and Nathan,
he was made heir.  Nathan, was a Hebrew prophet and instructor of Solomon,
and also historiographer.  Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah the Hittite,
sinfully loved by David, afterward the wife of David.  David eventually
became the second King of Israel; he was the youngest son of Jesse of 
Judah; the Philistine giant Goliath was slain by David in single combat;
David's life was filled with many upheavals and conflicts, jealousies,
suspicions, hatred from those who held power; in many ways David could have
represented a threat to those powerful individuals (their position), or even
a Nemesis.

Solomon flourished and sustained the efforts of his father David...

Solomon, famous for his wealth, luxury, and according to Biblical accounts,
he had great wisdom, "a special gift of God."  The reputed author of
Proverbs, The Song of Songs, and Ecclesiastes, The Wisdom of Solomon in the

The name Solomon, was supposed to possess extraordinary magical powers
according to Eastern and European legends.  The Ethiopians are descended
from him through a son which the Queen of Sheba bore him; the Queen of Sheba
is extremely significant.

The Land of Sheba: a region of important people in Southern Arabia;
"from this country there came a queen to test Solomon's wisdom."

In Arabic legend the Queen of Sheba's name is Balkis, an Arabic name used
in the Koran.

One would have to realize that both, Solomon and Balkis, knew of the 'love twin'
connection; Balkis must have heard of Solomon's wisdom of love, and thus she
may have intentionally pursued him in hopes perhaps of finding answers for her
questions of the 'universal love' significance.

The ancient's were very advanced in area's of awareness, both in the physical,
and spiritual; they knew of 'the spirit without a physical body,' yet, it was
still of the physical!

'Balkis & Solomon, two who knew and also wrote much more than has survived
the nearly 3000yrs since their lives.'

I feel that -- there are some Royal Journal's of them,
either in secret possession, or yet to be discovered...


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