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Natural Immortalities, Love/Nature; Side-2

Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997 (C)1998 A. Alexander Volenski

Tape-11, Side-2

Natural Immortalities, Love/Nature

Ok...getting back to Solomon, you can see in his love poetry that 
survived, at least the stuff that we are able to get a hold of, that 
he's not only expressing the fact that he's trying to link up with 
her, his loved-one, he's not only trying to do that...in his own way 
he's expressed it in his love poetry, but he's also describing the 
domestic surroundings and influences that he has to deal with also at 
the same time.  So it's quite a struggle in many different ways in 
order for him to accomplish that feat of completing himself, and 
reaching his loved-one.

When you read a lot of the other writer's that have worked in this 
same area, you'll begin to realize that what Solomon did, he's not 
the only one; there's been a whole bunch of them.  And even the man 
that originated the religion of Buddhism, if you read his stuff, 
you'll realize that he and his loved-one...where he's striving toward 
the same thing, and that establishes a religion that's been around 
for thousands of years.

Then you read Vergil, you see he talks about his loved-one too, read 
Dante, Dante's 'Divine Comedy', you know he talks about his loved-one 
also, Beatrice is her name, and how he meets her; the Divine Comedy 
was written sometime about 800yrs ago in Italy
(probably 700yrs is closer).

Dante, quite a poet indeed, I mean, if you ever have the opportunity 
to get a hold of that book, you'll see.  He talks about Hell and 
Purgatory and Heaven, and how Beatrice helps him learn everything 
he's been able to write down, and she represents his loved-one...and 
how he's able to raise his emotional and spiritual level's to a 
degree where he actually has 'visions' with her, actually makes 
contact in many different ways.  And when you read the last chapter 
of the Divine Comedy, you'll begin to see that he's linking to her
little by little, and he actually gets to her; Beatrice comes to him, 
through his description there...

These kind of things are written about all the time...not all the 
time, but are written about in a lot of different places, so you can 
realize that what I'm talking about on this tape, and a couple tapes 
that will come after this one now...I'm going to really expand on it, 
and spend some time in it, since I have the ability to do it here, so 
far the environmental storm has kind of given me a little freedom;
you'll begin to realize that, "hey, what Alexander Volenski's talking 
about is something he's come to realize, but he's not the only one," 
there's a lot of people in history that's realized this very same
thing--it's a reality, it's really what we're all about.

And they've put it together in all kinds of classical literature that 
has been able to survive, and passed along; get into some of that 
stuff and you'll find out it's...there's another fellow too, I think 
his book was called 'The Prophet,' he wrote about his love-bonding 
also; these books are all over the place.

Then when you look into the artwork of the famous artist, you'll 
begin to see their expressions are all talking about the same very 
thing, I mean, look at Michelangelo's work of the Sistine Chapel for 
an example.

You see, Adam is depicted on the ceiling, where God reaches out his 
arm to make contact with Adam, to help link Adam with a higher 
spirituality.  And Michelangelo did an extremely beautiful depiction 
of that 'vision'; that is a Universal Vision for all Humanity, and 
the Catholic Church was able to accomplish a great feat by having the 
Sistine Chapel done...which shows that even though there's a lot of
upheaval and difficult things that the Church did to it's people, 
still the Church is a beautiful thing; the Catholic Church has a 
multitude of positive aspects to it.

You can see it in the Sistine Chapel as a representation of securing 
this 'Universal Love Bond' reality, that's part of the human species 

When you look at the area (of the Chapel) where God is painted on the 
ceiling by Michelangelo (Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1475-1564) quite a 
personality in himself; from the history that I learned on 
Michelangelo--when he was commissioned to do that work, he went into 
the Sistine Chapel area, and he never left it until it was done.  I 
mean, he was there, from what I understand, he never left that place
for 4yrs; he was there.

...So when you look at that Sistine Chapel, that Michelangelo did 
over a period of 4yrs, you begin...of course he had a lot of help 
too...he had other artist there helping him also, to do that, he 
didn't do it completely by himself...but you realize that he really 
linked...what he put down there, his creative ability is something 
that is linked--wasn't manufactured, the pigments weren't given to
him...he made it all himself, at least that's what I was told through 
the different individuals I spoke with when I was in Florence, and in 
Italy, and at Rome at the Vatican, and also in literature that I've 
read about the history of Michelangelo, and some of how he did his 

But getting back to what he depicts there in the sky on the ceiling 
there--where God is reaching out to touch Adam, 'and so God is making 
the link', he's making the spiritual link...and (what) he's 
(Michelangelo's) saying in that depiction...and the church is saying 
the same thing...

  'there goes a bunch of love birds flying by...'

...the church is saying the same thing...that the spiritual level, 
'that's the connection'!

And when you look at the imagery of God, the features that 
Michelangelo gave the appearance of God, you'll see next to God a 
'Woman', she's right next to God...she's kind of like next/by his 
left arm, and she's peering over his shoulder looking at Adam; that 
femininity is a very beautiful depiction of Adam's loved-one...you 
see, that's how it's symbolized, at least that's how I visualize this 
universal-bonding, this universality of ourselves; this is giving you 
an example of where you can see it in artwork.

When you begin to look at the artwork of the whole world, you begin 
to see different aspects of where it's related and how it all works 
together...and there are a lot of other things tied into it because, 
in some of the other artworks you'll find also struggles, they'll be 
depicting the struggles that a human goes through in order to reach 
the completeness of themselves, and be in complete contact with their 
loved-one...I mean, you'll see the struggle, there are a multitude of 

Like I said earlier, it's not an easy thing, don't think it's just 
going to happen real easily, because it's going to take an awful 
lot...it may not take physical struggles so much in a lot of ways, 
but it's going to take a lot of emotional struggles within yourself, 
because you're going to be able to sit down and begin to understand a 
lot about yourself, and clear communications and visions about 
yourself, and your loved-one; and how beautiful that loved-one really 
is, and how it really feels at peace, and the completeness...it 
radiates it into your inner-self.

...None of this struggle has been easy for any of us, and your going 
to have those kind of things.

If you are able to be at peace with the world, and remind yourself 
that that's what you want, and that the natural innocence and 
strength of the planet can help you be at peace with it...at the same 
time that will help you understand these emotions that will flow 
through your body...I mean, they'll, in some cases send complete 
tingles through your whole self...it happens...so...then from those 
types of episodes, you sort of become more mature...

And when you have a relationship with the opposite gender, and what 
happens is that they're in touch with this same kind of thing, so in 
a way they represent your loved-one, 'they personify your loved-one', 
and whatever actions they take and do, and how they reflect with 
you...is kind of a communication from the loved-one within you.

And, "if your very sincere, and really love the one your with," what 
you'll do is communicate to that feminine gender--if your a man, 
you'll communicate to that feminine gender, her masculine gender, and 
its expressions, and that's how you'll have a sharing of this love-

You'll reach all kinds of peaks together of realities, and visionary 
realms, by sharing that kind of energy sincerely with each other,
and showing compassion and understanding, and not allowing...not
dominating your love partner, or your sensuality partner in any way,
but letting both yourselves share equally.  Then you'll have 
sensualities that will be way beyond anything you ever imagined;
it's unbelievable what one can get from that kind of thing, that kind
of relationship.

I think why a lot of relationships dissolve and fall into a divorce 
state, is because the things I just mentioned aren't reached, there's 
a void; a void starts...so communications break down...sometimes love
couples separate because they don't realize that they're not 
communicating that love-bonding, in the way that they started
communicating at the beginning of their relationship.

...And what that does, it sets up a very difficult thing for the 
children to have to deal with, because then the children, who are 
born out of a love-bond, and know that's all part of them, (they) 
don't understand...it's hard for them to understand why a love-bond 
(marriage) would have to be broken...even though it may not be the 
complete love-bond with the 'loved-one' of the individual, still it 
represents that very same thing...because it's a form of interaction, 
it's a form of personification, depicting that part of ones 

...The young children have to understand that it wasn't their parents
at all that caused all this stuff, it's just the (social) 
environment, and the way things are run...and to realize that they do 
have a love-bond also, no matter what their parents may have done.

That every human being has this, that every human being all through
the last 7000yrs are made up of this thing; I mean it's vast--it's 

...It's because of what it (the love-bond) is, that is why you have 
what you have, because you are it!  You are a form of it's 
consciousness.  That's part of the unique quality of the human 
species; and that it's a re-generating thing, it's growing, it's a 
growing thing--it continues to grow, there's no limit to it.

"There's no beginning or end to it," that's what you have to
understand, and it may be hard to understand that particular
statement, but you just have to accept it, that that is the true 
reality, that's one of the 'Universal Answers,' that there's no-
beginning-or-end; it's always existed in one way or another...and 
that your a form of that consciousness, it's that pure...it's the 
purest thing you can ever imagine.

There's so much about it that you're supposed to know about, you're
born to know about it, it's part of you, it's part of you because 
you're part of it..."you are it!"  That's just a couple more things 
that go along with this particular theme.

And I think the younger generation should also realize, that wars,
destroy a lot of bridging too, bridges that have been established.

'War is a form of divorce also', it's a form of...some kind of a form 
of separation, and that's why it takes place; it's also a form of not
recognizing something...

...something in another Nation that's a love expression of some sort,
it's not recognizing that expression--and it's completely ignoring;
and that's how a lot of these wars get started.

A lot of times too in history, you see where there were certain 
leaders that hadn't developed themselves into some of the areas I've 
talked about on all these tapes...they were never able, for some 
reason or another, to reach that higher emotional and spiritual level 
of awareness, of what the overall pattern is of, what's going on...on 
the Earth here, and its link to the Universe.

They (the leaders), weren't able to visualize it that way.  So their 
visionary realm was closed down, it was very narrow, and eventually 
it turned in on itself.  It's like they looked into a multitude--
they walked into a room with a multitude of mirrors, and the only 
thing they saw was what they were...and what happened...the fact that 
they were lacking a whole bunch of things...and they didn't know how 
to put those things there, so they couldn't develop themselves in 
their own visionary and intellectual level...and they became very 
bitter with themselves.

That bitterness was reflected back through the mirror...I'm just using
a room of mirrors as an example...but that bitterness began to reflect
back on them, and what that did to those particular leaders through
history, is that it created a realm of degeneration, in the sense 
that it turned in on itself; it started to consume...they started to 
consume themselves in many ways.

It was kind of like a form of cannibalism, a form of spiritual
cannibalism, but it was being inflicted to themselves, they were
devouring themselves...and they realized subconsciously, if only
subconsciously, that this was destroying them...the way they were,
it was destroying them...and they reached out for hand-holds to get
away from it...and what happened is, they tried to push it away from
themselves, and they placed it on another Nation.

They found wrongs in other Nations and things, and what they did,
they reached out in the form of war, and created a war with another

And from that, it created a separation within both those Nations, and
that separation not only separated the two Nations...and created a
conflict, war, and killing, that came from it, from the armies--and 
that's a tragedy...and war is a tragedy...it's real easy to 
understand that it is a very, very, tremendously big tragedy, and it 
should be averted in any way possible...that's the last thing a 
person ever wants to ever come in contact with...

...and it's not natural...war isn't natural at all for us to even 
have to experience!

It's an unnatural type of destructive expression, and it's also a 
form of spiritual cannibalism, a kind of a form of a high hostility 
of some sort; it is only there, because it has no way of 
understanding or gaining the spiritual nourishment it needs!

You see, it those leaders in history that created those wars, were in
contact with their loved-one, in one way or another, I think they 
would have been in a higher healthy state...and they wouldn't have 
been unhealthy spiritually, they would have been in a higher healthy 
state, and they would have had spiritual nourishment coming to them, 
that would open their visionaries...and it would have also broadened 
their wisdom, and their knowledge, and understanding of what was going
on around them...and the direction that would be healthy for all their
people in their Nation.

But by not having that, and having that bitterness, they created a lot
of wars, and from that everyone suffered.  And it held things down,
and in a lot of cases it shut down whole cultural developments...and
created Dark-Ages and suffering, and plagues...it destroyed the 
habitats in many of these regions of the world where they've had this
kind of problem...

...I think if those leaders...I think in a lot of cases, those 
particular leaders would liked to have stepped down, and given the 
leadership to somebody else, but who was around?  There wasn't anyone
around to even let them (the leaders) become aware of where the
problem was...

...so everybody...all the powerful individuals that were in their 
circle, were in the same problem also!  They were all suffering from 
the same kind of ailment...you know...because it became contagious, 
you see, and so...it's no different with any kind of contagious type 
of thing, the only reason it manifests itself, is because something 
is missing, there's an imbalance of some sort there...a spiritual 
imbalance also.

If one strives to be complete within themselves, and be in touch with
their loved-one within themselves, and understands this defination,
and the way I've laid it out on this tape...and realize that your more
than just yourself, or just with one-twin...there's quite a few other
couples that are all attached to you also.

...and that you're all linked together, and that each human, each
individual human, has all the multitude of links within themselves,
once you get into all that, and begin to realize that it's a reality 
and truth, and not just something Alexander Volenski said, it's 
something that he also...he realizes, because he's tried to define 
it, and found the true answers that he understands are true...but 
also it's written about in all the ancient myths and legends of the 
world...and you can see it depicted in the artwork of Michelangelo, 
as one example...and in a lot of the literary works...

...the musical area is an extremely powerful zone, it links with the
spiritual realm very directly, the musical harmonic's are very 
powerful, and if those harmonic's aren't developed in the spiritual 
direction--you'll run into all kinds of conflicts...and it creates 
all kinds of destructive elements...elements that manifest out of it 
because...it creates a paradoxical-contrast...contrarieties really 
get strong--extremes...

...I think you understand what I mean, these contrarieties create all
kinds of paradox's, and that creates all kinds of different things 
that lead to discontent and separations...I think how I got into this
particular few minutes is that I was talking about the fact that 
the...I was trying to communicate to the young generations that have 
come up from broken families...or unmarried couples.

...you've got to realize, that in many ways we're all orphans on this
planet, and it doesn't matter who we are...we're all in some way an
orphan, we're alone in that aspect...that we've got to reach out and
make contact with the loved-one within us...the one that's really part
of us, 'our completeness'.

Once we do that, then something else will take place, we'll be
transformed into something else, and what happens is that...until that
takes place, we're like orphans, all of us, "so you children out 
there, and you young people that came from an orphan background, 
realize that--everybody is an orphan on this planet, for the last 
7000yrs they're all orphans in one way or another, so we're all in it 

So that will help...when you understand that, that will help you to
understand also, that your not alone in any of this, that we're all

That a lot of individuals may not say this to you, or express it to 
you, but I am, because I know it's a reality, it's a truth!

And that will give you some strength and realization that your not
alone in any of this, and we're all struggling, but we're all 
struggling for a greater-good, and we're all part of a greater-good,
because we're part of the Galaxy itself, and that is the pure greater-
good of it all...and that we're a form of consciousness of that, and 
we're on a planet Earth, we're isolated in many ways...but there are 
things out there in the Universe that are trying to help us in one 
way or another, and they're communicating through our loved-ones 
within us...and if we can make clearer contact with our loved-one as 
we strive to be more complete...we'll be able to open up and hear 
some of those messages, and infiltrate them into our cultures, and
share them with the other orphans on this planet...

...Some of the barriers that have been created, and kind of manifested
themselves in the last 25yrs, are extremely potent and dangerous...we
can counteract those things and dissolve them, and move into a
better social and cultural dimension.

And one way of doing it is...what I harped on so much in the majority
of these tapes is..."hey, let's open up and not isolate our cultural 
development in such a small percentage, in proportion to the
population we have," let's open it up, and that will help reach these
goals that I'm talking about on these tapes...the 'Universal Goal,' 
the Altimates are there, and we have to have them...otherwise you 
know, the struggle will continue in one way or another--you can't 
get away from it...

In many ways there's always a happy ending, but why have thousands 
and thousands of years of turmoil and tragedy, that we can see in the 
history of the last 7000yrs; there's been a lot of good phases in the 
last 7000yrs that haven't had a lot of tragedy and turmoil, but 
they're hardly ever talked about, and brought out into forms of 
communication, that can be recognized and shared with the present 
time world.

Most of what we see are the tragedies in history, and that really is
accentuated and magnified in many ways...it's sort of what I was 
talking about, the ancient leaders that turned in on themselves, and
ended up in a room of mirrors. and the only thing they saw was the
bitterness within them...

...If you focus on this area of love, it's a universal thing; it's
'Cosmic', it's part of the Galaxy itself... 

...One must realize, that love is the link, the 'immortal link' to
yourself, your immortality, that's where it is...

So...well I don't know if I'm going to break camp and go to town
or not...it's getting late in the day, and I'm running low on this
tape, and also running--getting a little bit tired, running down on
energy, there's only so much I can do...each day I try to do the
best I can though...it's a beautiful afternoon, maybe I'll just take
a drive down the road and think about it for a little bit, we'll see
what happens...

It's raining across the valley over there, a whole bunch of rain
drops coming down out of that one cloud, and I'm thinking there's
probably a couple clouds coming over the top of me here that are
going to have some of that also...I really...it would have been
nice to take a panoramic-view of all this on video, however I
imagine someone someday will do something like that...I hope they do.

Ok...I'm running down on this tape...what I'm going to try and do on
tape-12, is see if I can do some of this immediate-poetry, polyphonic
verse; I'll try and do a little bit and see what happens, see where
it goes, it will be quite an experience.  I don't know whether or
not I'll be able to present it in this series---that's why I'm
going to put it on another tape.

It's kind of a very personal thing too, I don't mind sharing some
of the personal things about what I'm looking for in my own
development...but, I'm not going to stand in the way of whatever
comes; I'm just going to let it happen...


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