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Prose Poetry

Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997, (C)1998, A. Alexander Volenski

Prose/Poetry, expressions in the immediate.

Tape 12 cont..

Ok...side 2 of tape 12, with just some momentary 'wilderness
expressions', trying to open up through an example of momentary
channeling within self, without any preconceived directions, just
letting it all naturally radiate and take place.

Whatever came to mind, questions, statements...and also when you
listen to side 1, realize it's more than in first person...all those
statements came from a multitude of parts of myself.

I shared those communications because I made the effort to do it; and
what you heard on side 1, is actually a kind of a simple example of
showing various composites of one individual.  As I said, "the human
species is a multitude in one, it's a multitude of things,"
personalities and characters.

...And that, they all have a love bond, they're all linked together 
and tied together--it's a form of immortality that is an example, or 
an expression of the Galaxy itself...it's a Cosmic Connection, or 

Like the expression of the flower--is a very good point that I talked
on on side 1, the 'flower' comes, and turns to seed...but it
doesn't (die)...you see a lot of times an individual gets caught into 
that kind of a dilemma, because they say, "well, the flower turned to
seed, and it died".

It didn't die!  You see this death-thing is false, and this is an 
example, because the seed is another flower.  So in other words
there's no such thing as death-in-a-flower...it's a continuation that
never ends, it just goes through different phases.

And...I thought that was kind of a neat point, I never thought of it
that way before, but I was able to record it here because I asked
the question, and the loved-one within me expressed it that way; and
it's always the same loved-one.

That's something I've come to realize myself, it's a real personality,
a real thing, it's always the same.  There are other...when I first 
began to realize this, years ago, it confused me in a lot of ways,
because there were a variety of different feminine genders attached
to this loved-one, and I couldn't understand whether or if there was
such a thing of just one loved-one for me--where those other feminine
genders fit in?

Then I began to realize as time went on, and I asked, searched out in 
one way or another, I began to realize that I'm part of several 
love-bonds.  That my loved-one and me are linked with several other
love-bonds also, who have their feminine and masculine genders.

So when...then I began to learn that the loved-one that I relate too
as me, (who she) is...and then when another feminine comes into focus 
that I recognize as a loved-one also--I'm not confused anymore, 
because I realize that-that other feminine loved-one there, is 
attached to its twin--we make up a cluster of twins...of love-bonds, 
is what we have.  The reason for this, I don't think there's a real 
definition...how I see it is, the reason there are a multitude of 
love-twins together with one love-bond, is because of the vastness of 
the Galaxy itself.

What it's saying is that, we're a form of its (Galaxies)
consciousness and immortality, and that it is a little more complex 
than just one simple entity...or just one-twin, it's a multitude of 
twins within itself, or even...who knows, even outside of itself.

Maybe the entire 'Universe', with all the different Galaxies out
there, are represented within the human species, through the
love-twins, and the variety of love-twins that are attached to each
individual.  I mean, this is such a wonderful thing; and also realize,
that each individual human has this combination also, that's unique
in their own way.

That these clusters of love-bonds are each individually unique in
themselves, and when you look at the population on the planet Earth,
you begin to realize how vast all this is...billions of love-twins
out there...

...and when these love-twins all become aware of each other, and link
in, and become complete--they become extremely powerful in themselves;
and when they link and combine, and interact with other complete
love-twin combinations, they are extremely powerful, extremely

...and there's a bonding there that has gone through many different
types of transformations and struggles; and that even makes them
stronger.  And the fact that we've all gone/going through this kind
of thing...that unifies us, and combines our strength if we want too;
we combine in a multitude of different ways with other-ones.

This is one of the features of the Galaxy itself, the Milky Way
Galaxy...so this is a little bit about some of the things I know
about, and haven't recorded on other tapes.  Like I said, "there's
a whole bunch that I haven't got into (told), but that I know about,
and little by little I'll try to do what I can to get it down some
way, somehow."

...I find that the way this works, this spiritual level, it moves so
fast...it's traveling faster than light, that's why you can't see it;
otherwise you could see the transmission, or you could see what it
is, it would be there.

It's traveling faster than light, the light that we are able to
perceive in our visionary-optics, and it's traveling faster than
that...and that's why you can't see it, that's the only reason.
If it wasn't traveling faster than that, then it would...or if you
could speed up and somehow get in touch with that speed of what it's
traveling, you'de be able to actually see it take form.

There are a lot of individuals, through history, and even in our
contemporary time, that have that ability, they call that 'vision',
a visionary-ability.  Some people in history, that's been recorded,
that have had that kind of ability; to be able to see the...they 
called it a spiritual type of imagery, but it's more than spiritual;
it has physical form, and it is a physical form...it has human 
features to it--I know that for a reality, because I've made contact;
and I'm not the only one that's made contact like that...

If you take this format, that I'm talking about right here, and you 
keep it and concentrate on it, and look for parallels, or examples
of it...you'll find it all through history in all the different
cultures and races...it's there...I don't know why it hasn't been
expressed this way before, at least I haven't come on to it being
expressed this way--for one reason or another maybe it has, and I
just haven't stumbled on to the documentation or book or whatever...

...that's how it is, it's a real thing...it's traveling faster than 
light itself, and that's why you can't see it, but it's there.

And there are individuals that have somehow developed themselves,
or are born with the ability to be able to have that kind of sight;
they are able to see it.  Because they're so rare in this dimension,
in this time, they're so rare, that over the Centuries they were
looked down on.

...during the Inquisition times of the Catholic Church in Europe
500yrs ago, there were a lot of these individuals who were able to
see, make contact that way, and converse with those individuals...and
those people...a lot of them eventually didn't dare even tell they
had the ability, because they would have been grabbed, and said
they were witches, or something, and thrown in a dungeon.

The reason they were thrown into the dungeons, was to close that
sensitivity down, so they wouldn't have it, and wouldn't give birth
to children that would have it/still be activated.  That's one of the
things that happened, what took place--now there's an example where
it got around it.

A woman by the name of Hildegard von Bingen, [Hildegard, Saint;
b. at Bockelheim, in the diocese of Mainz, Germany, 1098; 
d. at Rupertsberg, near Bingen, Germany, 17 September 1179,
German abbess, noted for her visions and ability as a counselor,
she founded the convent of Rupertsberg in 1148], Saint Hildegard,
she was sainted 125yrs after she went.  She was born a 1000yrs ago
(actually 900yrs ago), in 1098, something like that in Germany...in
the city of Bingen (Mainz).

She was born in that city, a daughter of a huge large family of a
Mayor of that city; she was given as a gift to the Church as a small
child.  That was her father and mother's gift to the Church, the
Catholic Church...was their daughter; I don't know if she was the
12th child, or which one, but she came from a very large family...

She had these visionary abilities, she could see faster than light
type of thing; they were actually real...most people only dream
about these kind of things...communicate on that level in a dream
stream type of thing.  They...when they go to sleep, they're able
to focus, and pick the faster than light realm out...and it manifests
through what's know as the dream-vision, or a dream-stream...that's
how I've defined it.

But Hildegard von Bingen, she was able to...she had the ability,
and this is all documented, because what happened is...this woman is
extremely outstanding and talented, and she wrote over 77 songs, and
musicals for the Church, and for herself, and she wrote several books
on science, and on the creation of humanity; she wrote all kinds of
things and weaved them/expressed them through the theology of the
Catholic Church, so it could be understood through how they perceive
things; how they perceive-creation, etc.; she weaved all kinds of
different analogies and philosophies in that, so it could be

Hildegard von Bingen is quite an outstanding personality in herself,
born 900yrs ago in Germany; I came on to her through a CD that
Angel-Records put out a couple years ago, called 'Vision', and it's
her music--they found some of her music that was recorded on paper,
it was put down, and they made a CD of her music.

...when you hear this music, and read her poetry and lyric to her
songs, and read her books on science, and philosophy, you begin to
realize, "here is a real visionary," and what I mean by that...she
struggled, she had a hard time believe me...in those days, even if a
woman was a nun in a church, she was not allowed to read and write,
that was against the rules...the only individuals that ever learned
to read and write, were the individuals in the Church who held high
levels, and some of the monks; women weren't allowed to do that.

What happened is, after she (Hildegard) was about 40yrs old, she told
one of the monks in her parrish...she explained some of the visions
she had, and he listened and finally talked to one of the Cardinals,
and the Cardinals recognized suddenly that they had a nun in Bingen,
Germany, in the mission there, that/who was a visionary, a woman 
visionary--and they became extremely focused on her and wanted to
know everything...because they realized there was a link there, an
important spiritual link to the Church, the Catholic Church itself.

So what they did is, they allowed her to be taught to read and write,
and she was schooled by a couple of the monks that lived in/were a 
part of/attached to that mission.  And that's part of the story in
back of her; so she started writing it all down.  And those things 
were given and recorded, and that's why they still exist today--and 
her songs are there, but when you find out about what she was really 
able to do, you realize...because there's no censorship here, at 
least the material I got a hold of...this woman here describes it, 
she's able to see it; I mean she talks about visions, but they 
actually appear.

In many ways she calls them Angels, but they're part of her love
connection, they're part of some of the love-twins that are a part
of what she is as a-completeness.

She talks about the fact that even when she was a little girl she saw
them, they would be actually in her house.  One time she was sick and
had a bad cold, a little girl, and she was in bed and had a fever and
everything, but was starting to come out of it.

She had somebody, her sister or nurse, someone that was there, who
tried to help her with her cold, mixing probably different herbs
together, broth's, and things like that...anyway one day her
visionary opened up, and she saw one of the individuals in the room
with her--actually, they could talk back and forth; isn't that

So she said to the nurse, "do you see them"?  The nurse said, "no,
I don't".

You see, it was blocked out, the nurse wasn't able to be in touch
with that part, and so Hildegard or Hilde, became very scared to
even mention this, because she was afraid they may do away with her,
somebody may say she was infested with demons; so she was very
hesitant to even mention it.

And that's how it was for a long time all through Europe; one was
afraid to even mention this aspect of the human quality and ability.

The reason I'm bringing this up, is because you can get a hold of
this music, it's on the market, it's out there, and you can listen
to this music first, before you even read any of her stuff...I tell
you, this music is really something...and another outstanding thing
about her music is that--these songs were written 900yrs ago; their 
some of the most beautiful compositions you can believe, 900yrs ago.

Then you can read the things she wrote, at least what's been made
available for us to read, and read between the lines; she even was
very artistically...Hildegard is quite a talented woman...she not
only has the visionary abilities, she wrote 77-songs, it's alluded to
the fact that she probably was the first producer of a musical of
some sort--so she's a mother, that kind of thing, of Opera.

She wrote about this stuff, and she's also an artist, she painted her
visions, she painted all kinds of things she saw in the visions...and 
these things are Universal patterns, and she used colors, she
combined the significant fashion of how-color and spectrum work
together in an energy source; she's describing it, it's all there--so
if you can get a hold of any of that stuff do it...if you really feel
drawn to it, because I'll tell you there's a whole-bunch there, and
it was done 900yrs ago.  Which goes to show you, you don't know where
you're going to find this stuff, but like I said over and over in 
these tapes, your ancient myths and legends have it, have a lot of
things...just research and find them, become interest in that field.

But she saw the visions, the people that were part of her, even 
though they were moving faster than light, that's how I define it.
Maybe she was able to look into a dimensional shift of some sort,
I don't know about that, all I know is that I've had dreams of
Hildegard after I researched her, and she's a physically beautiful

...You see, this is a very beautiful thing to be able to have a
dream-vision on that level with her, even though she was in this
dimension, time dimension, 900yrs ago...you see, I'm telling you,
there's no-limit to how all this stuff is hooked together; once you
get going with it, you'll begin to realize, what I'm talking about
is a reality for everybody--it's just a matter of tuning-in to it!

...That's why I'm talking about her on the tape also, because she's
an extremely important individual, and she is extremely important
to women...because the women-gender has been held down and censored
so harshly over the last...for a long time, for many Centuries.

The women have a lot to say, and have a lot of ability, they have
hidden a lot of it over the Centuries, because of the way they've
been treated...and I'm saying that--"there's an entire area there,
that must be respected equally with the masculine-gender".

That's the way it has to be, Society has to undersand that we're
made up of love-twins, that we have a feminine-gender, we may not be
able to see her...a man may not be able to see her, or make physical
contact, but he has that part of himself--that he was always part
of that...

That at one time they were both together, the ancient legends talk
about the fact, that at one time, in some locations, they weren't
separated; in other words my loved-one wasn't separated from me
physically and visually, she was present.  And that we functioned
together that way...they talk about that kind of thing in a lot of
the different myths...if you can find it indexed some way--because
sometimes these things aren't indexed, and it takes a lot of reading
in order to even reach, wherever it's described.

Anyway...that's why I say, "there shouldn't be this masculine
domination over femininity," because, it kind of completely goes
against what we're really all about--and what it does is, it holds
each individual back that has that kind of problem, and it 
(domination) also creates a lot of problems; because we're not able 
to do what we're supposed to do!

The only thing that we're supposed to do while we're here is to
complete-ourselves, and that's it...as best as we can; at least 
that's one way of looking at it.  I think there's more purpose
to what's going one here on planet Earth, than just that kind of
thing...I think there's a riddle here also, a mystery, that's very
important to the Galaxy--I need more feedback from other individuals
in this particular area, in order to really develop it, and bring
it up into an open-way of realizing it.

That's another point that's been on my tapes also, but to move on
here...Side-1 of this tape, what I've done there is, I've made
contact with different portions of these love-bonded/love-twins,
that are attached to me...I made contact with them.  When you 
listen to the first side of this tape-12, realize that those
expressions on that entire side of that tape was feedback basically.

And toward the end of that side of the tape, I asked questions, and
then gave answers; but those answers came from an immediate-channeling
I did with that part of myself, that I'm in contact with; I've
always been in contact with it...

...it was covered over for the majority of my life because of the
type of life I lived, the type of things I did--it was always there,
but I didn't open it up, because I had the same kind of fears that
a lot of other individuals have about not getting to sensitive.  I
was sensitive enough when I was first born, and something happened
to me...a lot of that (ability) was barricaded off.

I was born telepathic, like everybody is, every-human has that
ability, they're born with it, it's part of being a human being
basically.  The human being is basically--telepathic, clairvoyant,
paranormal, it has all those abilities, and much more than that;
and it's completely an empath...is what the human is...those things,
for some reason on this planet, at least in a multitude of the
population, those things are somehow shut down, I don't know why;
that's another mystery that should be unraveled and understood.

Once we recognize the problem, we can take care of it, and if we
don't even know what the problem is, all we have to do is say, "hey,
what ever is going on in this particular area is unnatural, let's
correct it," just being aware and acknowledging it, makes the
difference; it helps.

So that's what you were hearing in/on side-1, was a little bit of
that (empathic communication), it would be nice...that's what I was
thinking the other day, when I was walking down the road after 
dinner...I was thinking, 'it sure would be nice to do a whole series
with this kind of communication,' and putting it down on tape.

I asked myself, that part of myself, whether it would be a good
idea, and it seemed to agree that it would be, but I would have
to...that it would be a good idea to do it, but I will have to
have freedom somehow to be able to do it in the sense, financial

That's why I said on one of the tapes, it's a paradox in a way, of
being aware of the things I'm mentioning here, that are realities,
and these tapes are meant to help others...to do some good...but the
paradox is that, what it takes to reach/be able to get this stuff
together, it takes/demands a tremendous amount of time and effort.

A lot of this stuff only comes once, you've got to realize something
also--this is a feature about...a lot of times, things are only
transmitted once (the theme's), and then they're moving on, they
don't repeat a lot of stuff.

So what I may have been able to put together, or what I've put
together in the last 5-days, is an example of that, it only comes
now...that's it.  Another five days, some place or what ever,
there will be something else...and there is a whole bunch to talk
about, and this is what I said on tape 10 or 11; I said, 'I need
help,' I need some interaction with other individuals who
understand what I've put down here; so I can complete myself, can
raise myself higher, so there will be more that can be told.

...It's a struggle, a struggle all the way around; and the clouds are
starting to close in, so I don't know how much...I may just break
camp and go today (this is the 6th day camped in the wilderness),
I don't know yet, it's going to be colder...I mean it's going to be
a cold-cold bugger, I can feel it already in the air...it is starting
to chill down; but that's all part of Autumn and September,
especially when you're up at this elevation--it's a lot colder up
here--I'm sure down at sea-level it's quite warm and nice today.

Anyway, I hope that all of these tapes will, as I said before, I hope
they'll reassure a lot of individuals who know or feel some of the
things I've tried to lay out and discuss in a simple way; I hope it
will help them, and give them some security and positive assertive.
That the questions, and the unknowns within them, that may seem
baffling, are only because they (individuals) need to be reinforced 
by somebody else; and I'm trying to be a reinforcer of some 
sort...and that's why I speak on these terms, and go beyond the basic 
common barriers that have been placed, in our cultures for the last 
7000yrs, in a multitude of different ways.

...I also had a lot of spiritual help from women and men, but mostly
women have helped me in a multitude of ways, a lot of highly
intelligent and advanced femininity' in my life have helped me
tremendously in raising my spirituality levels, and awareness
levels, intelligence levels; and I want that recorded also, "that
I respect that, and have a lot of gratitude," -- and thanks for that
also...wherever you might be and listening to this recording,
realize, that the things I've done, or am doing, are part of what I'm
all about...but the sharing of your spirituality has also helped me
immensely too.  That's why a lot of things have taken place, and
been recorded the way they have...


[and here ends another tape, Wilderness Expressions]

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