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Journeys 2

Journeys 2,(C)1995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski

This is the 'home site' of Journeys 2, an Empathic Fiction Novella;
a book in 9-chapters.

Journeys 2, is an extension of the novel, 'Journeys of the Mind',
which one can find also at this site. 

Style: romantic, polyphonic prose/poetry, vitalism, empathic fiction.

  With this begins the second book which I have placed in writ
of two people, Stilly and Harry; two who came to realize their 
immortal love-discovered.  A love which did embrace and share--
a love which reached complete as before written of in the novel,
'Journeys of the Mind'.
  It was there in that book, where Stilly and Harry learned about
their bonded love, a love of love, a love which they were born to
comprehend and live for all time.  A love to meet all challenges,
a love filled with emotional levels infinite, where passion--natural
beautiful passion, lives free to be all which it is meant to be.

  Stilly and Harry have learned that they are 'continual loves', that
somewhere within the folds of time and space, they without exception,
exist as an ultimate two-in-one love.  Yes, a two-in-one love, an
immortal love, where the extraordinary sparkle exists, forever exists;
an-ultimate of love which can and does exist for every human.

  Stilly and Harry's, immortal love has joined and fused--an immortal 
love embraced also by a 'love-wish', a love wish, where promenading 
hearts dance and glide, even frolic upon the floor of ever-again and 
again (together, they reach a spiritual realm of love).  A place of 
totality, where the ever-present, swirls, twirls, and spins, to the 
emotion of compassion, courage, humility, and the natural essence of 

Immortalized, infused, complete, their love flourishes, for they have 
sealed it with a love-oath spoken, and physically declared, one to 
the other.

  This book expands and describes new events, which these two come to
experience as their journey together continues to unfold, and takes
them to elevated heights of realization; an ascension of love has

  Also, those personalities, which helped shape the events of 
'Journeys of the Mind', namely Melody, Maro, Minuet, and Ab, are also 
expanded upon and included here-in; along with new personalities
which are to arrive as the 'quest and saga' of a complete-love

  In Journeys of the Mind, the basic beginning's were presented.
Those beginnings are as a kind of foothold or path, where the theme 
and concept of an immortally-bonded love, is established; and 
also describes how Stilly and Harry's future, present, and past, are 
uniquely entwined within a universal embodied-dimension of love.
  As they both step forward, their realm of completeness and love's 
power, is found to exist within a world of the future (a dimensional 
transition occurs) where total enlightenment, even (their) cosmic 
connection, is realized within an 'absolute reality'.  Thus, Stilly 
and Harry, proceed beyond present-time into a clear domain of the 
future, where both that future, and known-past, are perceived by 
them within a present-level of consciousness.
  Their consciousness, and subconsciousness, undergo a metamorphosis, 
becoming oneness, disclosing to them a hidden mystery, a unique 
quality, which had always been there -- only hidden from them; a 
realization of which all humans surely have, and are born to perceive 
and experience.

  Now the episodes of immortal love, continue and advance, as these 
chapters of love ever move toward other levels of development; 
developments, which in a multitude of similar-ways, one may find 
hidden within the confines of themselves.

  Journeys 2, reaches toward truth and love, and aspires to open 
those hidden, veiled, or barricaded realities of love which are 
linked to the inner self.  Realities, which are ever censored and 
dominated, by the confusion and chaos of this world.  The book 
highlights emotion, mystery, and love, and describes area's which few 
may have imagined or acknowledged; it also reflects upon the control-
system of a 'loveless world'.

  Within the lofty reward born within us are the ever reaching arms 
of our original-source, the absolute source of which all are born 
freely to perceive, see, and understand, and be embraced by -- for it 
is born within us.  And though it seems the human is caught somehow 
within another kind of source, still onward humanity strives as it 
must to know and understand that which is born within them in total!

  Journeys 2, as with 'Journeys of the Mind'-- both written with hope 
and perception, to convey a message for those who do read and strive 
to overcome their mistiness, and learn the total-truth about 

        "Born within the human are the ways of truth and love."

So, if you care to read further of this author's expression of love, 
please follow the links.


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[eventually as time permits, excerpts from each chapter will be 

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