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Dawn Rising

Journeys 2, (C)1995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski

Unedited excerpt from 'Journeys 2'.

Chapter 1
Dawn Rising

The shades of night
stood in shadowy forms of twilight,
seeming to drift like floating clouds or mist,
they were unusual forms
those shades of night,
who were likened to a standing image
of a woman and man
with clear seeing eyes;
cloaked Harry imagined them to be,
surrounded with dim darkness.

The shades of night,
dark silhouette forms,
now came and stood motionless
in swarthy hooded robes
looking to Stilly,
who saw them too in her imagination.
Silent and probing creatures they appeared,
and under the hoods Stilly saw in one,
fair long hair, feminine hair,
and as the light of dawn approached,
the shades of night
suddenly seemed to slip away
within a horizon line obscured from view.

Nighttime shades,
like ecliptic shadow-forms
brought on by the spinning of Earth,
as it whirls onward, 
shadow-forms of twilight
nighttime shades,
who roam endlessly within that darkside region,
eclipse ever and always there,
and one may wonder and ask,

"...nighttime shades,
oh where do you stay during the light of day,
and what is it like,
darkness of night --
oh darkened night,
so quiet and calm,
peaceful and silent,
what mysteries would you have
which light of day may behold?"

And one heard 
those shades of darkness in their reply,

"...sprinkling dew
whispering moon,
with twinkling stars
our nighttime is soothed."

And the now disappearing shades of night
drifted on and away,
their lingering whispers fading with them
into that often mysterious realm of night,
a realm of which Hades too is aware...

  Stilly and Harry lay together in each other's arms, closeness alive,
their energy entwined, as pulsing warmth with its fluttering wave, 
slowly brought them awake with the approaching light of a new day.
The white bed and walls of their bedroom, now emerged with
illumination reflecting dawn's shimmering glow, and they both moved
and breathed deeply while ever so slightly eyelids did open.  Yet in
that first fleeting moment, their minds were still drifting along
together sharing, and replaying images -- nighttime shadowy forms,
'shades of darkness' appearing in cloaks of concealment, with eyes
peering toward them too.
  Reflected images of self, mirrored momentary expressions,
personified semblance, reflected images presented as upon a stage, a
site, a platform built and made to exist within the energy belts of
darkness, and meadow of dream.  A realm privately alive, a domain of
and in darkness and light combined.  Darkness and light both
satisfying an innate world which shares a complete consciousness --
  The two hooded beings of 'darkness', a woman and man, seen by Stilly
and Harry, just as their slumbering minds reached toward the arms of
dawn, were two beings one in the same with Stilly and Harry.  Yes,
alive and living as 'children of light', Stilly and Harry were, as so
too existed a part of Stilly and Harry who lived as 'children of
darkness'.  And the legendary and ancient records of cultures from the
past, all seem to indicate a dark-side (does) exist, as in the
message written in a multitude of languages, which carries the same
significant testimony, "out of the darkness there came light".
  Stilly and Harry were now discovering that they possessed a quality 
of being both, children of light, and children of darkness.  The 
childlike, a feature of personality, which we all have and are born
with, is a characteristic to be in-tune with, as one travels the
portals of time and consciousness, reaching ever so steadily toward
'completeness'.  We must not isolate ourselves from our own unique
abilities, we must not isolate ourselves from our own individuality,
we must not close off our minds from that which destiny holds for us.
We must remind and enliven our thoughts toward wider horizons,
limitless horizons, and realize and acknowledge that the human
species does exist within many levels of actuality; levels which are
physically touchable and tangible; a palpable link, of, in, and within
our own origin.
  There is nothing singular about the human being, for human 
distinction and substance is a multitude in one, and is alive in many
dimensions at once.  The human is a universal strategy, immortalized
by its very own existence; and is vastly more compassionate then the
non-humans, who taking the form of human, would like all to believe.
Open up the individuality corridor of the mind, and see all which you
are and can be, realize too, that you exist in many more places than
just one living zone of life.  For even on Earth, there are a
multitude of dimensional levels of life, a multitude in one; we must
explore ourselves, communicate (within) and develop ourselves so we
may traverse beyond the ever present control of singularity-thinking,
and its conditioning.  The part of ourselves which is a 'child of
light', too, is akin to the part of ourselves which is a 'child of
darkness' -- we must learn to love and understand our other selves.
It is not wise to separate one's self from self; which is what Stilly
and Harry both realized.
  Stilly opened her eyes and stretched lazily up against Harry,
feeling his warmth and masculinity, smelling the scent of his body,
touching the smoothness of his skin, perceiving the passion within
him.  A passion she could affirm, a passion which showered her body
in waves of tingling sensation, as its soothing and pulsing energy
fluttered and swayed upon them; one to the other, passion arousing
them both.
  Clearness encompasses the heart of love, and in so doing it free's
the splendor of 'necessary transition'.  Short the span of limited
time, and grand is the beauty of feminine poise, which has endless
time; and watchful eyes blink flutter focus, for where sight sails, so
sails the heart, a heart encompassed with the clearness of love.
Cradled within the warmth of awaking eyes, embodied form feminine and
yielding, moves reaches touches, with fingers soft and tingling,
fingers which know how to brush and assure, fingers meant to be always
alive with passionate and gentle understanding, fingers of sensation,
sending a pulse like message to penetrate the brow and awaking eyes of
  Opening his eyes, Harry looked to Stilly, and pulled her close to 
him, feeling her body, skin to skin caressing, and within the perfumed
sweetness of the moment, they both kissed with the kiss of awakening,
as first light of day came twirling into the room.  Sweet glimmer of
day approached like a chant from an ancient time, as past and present,
continually unfolded and portrayed a subtotal which was always
leading (onward) to the future which holds the total -- all is there 
within a muse like melody of prevailing existence.  Sweet glimmer of 
day, is ever and always nearby to climb upon the horizon of thought; 
and 'love' knows well how newness too rides there amongst the 
drifting clouds of sunrise.
  Across the room from the foot of the bed was a wall of open windows
which presented a view toward the sea.  High upon a hill this
dwelling was stationed, overlooking a cove with mountainous ridges
that stretched to meet the sea, a sea with riffles sparkling and 
shimmering where light shown upon them, and the waves of that sea came
tumbling in upon a very sensuous and open shore.  The sky this morning
was light blue and clear, except far out near the distant horizon,
where a line of lingering clouds were hovering.  Clouds too which
stretched as though they were coming awake with the approach of dawn-
  Stilly and Harry laying as they were, both looked to those clouds
floating motionless, and as they watched, the clouds suddenly began to
fill with color, soft pink at first, then came a lavender-sheen, which
covered all.  The soft purple held its hue for quite awhile as Stilly
and Harry quietly watched, then the line of cloud began to change into
a yellowy gold, with a little bit of crimson on the edges, spectrum
blend, atmospheric combine, and eventually those clouds became
opalescent like a soft and pearly white, as the sun suddenly sprung
free and above the horizon.
  "Over there...so many leagues of time," Stilly whispered to Harry as
she turned her head from the sunrise and looked into his eyes.  Harry
smiled, and softly spoke, "the beings in cloaks, cloaks of darkness,
from our shared dream last night...is that what they said to you?"
She nodded in return.  Stilly and Harry were able to share dreams
together, move, talk, play, look and discover within their world of
dreaming; all was as clear as the awake-time and everyday
activities.  When they slept, there were always the normal bodily
sleep periods, and after awhile their conscious & subconscious would
enliven and manifest them together upon a dimensional plane, a plane
of dream, which was actual, clear, vivid, and precisely alive.  It was
within that sharing where they came to learn and discover many things
about themselves, and their purpose, and things also about the 
wondrous sphere, planet Earth.
  Stilly and Harry both rolled out of bed, and walked over to the open
windows arm in arm, to gaze across the tree covered terrain and then
out across the sea, both taking in the warm rays of the rising sun.  
After awhile Harry spoke, "over there...so many leagues of time," and
looking to Stilly he asked, "what do you think they meant?"  Stilly
standing on his right continued to look toward the sea, then she
answered, "over-there...is a name we can give to that place with them,
the one's in darkness, and the 'many leagues of time', I see as
referring to the unending story of what we are about."  She continued,
"the two cloaked-ones, I see as being us -- our place somewhere in
another existence."  Harry nodded and responded, "I see what you mean,
it did feel as though I knew them."  "I think they are something we
must pursue," Stilly acknowledged, and Harry conceded what she said
was true.
  Standing as they were in their nakedness, arm in arm, they continued
looking out across the water, letting their minds free to roam and
wander together, as their visionary twirled along scanning sea and
horizon.  Perceptive feeling, singing as though a voice of chant,
perceptive perception, harmonious and lovely its melodious song, as it
traverses the pathway of imagination.  A pathway leading as though
into an enchanted forest, a natural and beautiful forest, made up of
all which is within human individualism; a place to be shared too with
the one of love.  Stilly and Harry were so joined in their closeness
that they regularly dreamt together, having dreams in which they both
interacted.  During their awake time, they  continuously attempted to
develop that ability, as in a joining, a sharing with their awake
consciousness. For they knew, that everyday-activities linked the
energy necessary to function in dream.  Thus, they were learning to
project in mind their own imaginings, and then converge them with each
other; they were learning about 'perceptive perception' and how it
reveals.  From that site of learning, they would project a dimensional
kind of space, in which both would join hand in hand, and once there,
together they would fill that realm (by) manifesting and materializing
from their imaginative source, anything they wished or desired.  Their
dream site was a kind of 'vision zone' communicating through their
minds, a kind of networking region, and it was all done while awake,
or in a spontaneous state of consciousness.
  The developing sensitivity which they pursued, was a form of
meditative sharing, telepathic sharing, a love sharing, a form of
being shared with oneness, oneness shared, identity sharing, sharing
an innate wonder; their beings were sharing completeness, completeness
shared, and that sharing was very stimulating also to the senses of
the body.  For with such sharing came heightened feelings and
sensations, as their senses seemed to levitate and fuse with a pure
kind of energy; sight, smell, touch, taste, sexuality, sensuality,
increased many levels above what they normally would feel.
  Draped over the couch, where they now stood, were pull-over shirts 
and trousers, and knee-high leather boots, which they now put on.  
Then Stilly and Harry sat down on the couch next to the window and 
kissed a little, and after awhile Harry asked, "want to do an awake-
dream?"  Stilly smiled and answered, "yes, let's see how we can be 
this time," then she moved closer to Harry as both shifted themselves 
into a relaxed position and then closed their eyes.  Stilly let her 
mind free to glide upon glistening sparkles of spectrum light, and she
visualized a whiteness with thousands of rainbow color speckles which
blinked and reflected in an illuminating way, then she began to 
project words in thought, "we live to see...come to me."
  Harry saw in his mind a whiteness too, with a pathway colored in a
rainbow sheen, and he let himself follow that path as he heard her
thought-words calling to him, then he responded, "we're both too
believe."  Stilly heard him, and then together they spoke in mind,
"come too and love me...come too love me...come too let me love you."
  Suddenly Stilly saw Harry appear in the whiteness, and he was
holding in his hand a small golden ball which glowed, and he
tossed it to her, and she caught it, and as she did a warmth filled 
her body and mind, then she released the ball, and it floated up into 
the air, radiating a very bright light, and transmitting a kind of 
high trumpet like sound.  They both now reached for each other and
followed the ball, stepping through a misty-arched doorway; now they 
were there, and each clasped the other's hand.  Together they walked
out of the misty whiteness into a world of their mind and spirit, a
place now linked as one, a uniquely separate site, a plane or
dimension once-removed from the present; they had reached their own
'providence in private'.
  As they continued walking, the white-mist lifted and dispersed, and
their surroundings became normal with a sky of blue; warm sunlight 
too, with the sound of many birds singing everywhere.  Looking 
around, they recognized the place they were, for over the past 
months, this is where they had always come -- a site which they were 
creating and developing with each visit.  To their right was a lake 
which glimmered in sheen-like glow from the sun, and high above an 
eagle flew, gliding, and looking down from its realm on high toward 
the log cabin which was built near the lake.  A large watery expanse 
the lake, a lake which existed within a valley surrounded by a range 
of snow-white mountain ridges.
  Aloof so it seemed, watery expanse high within the mountains, where
only two who knew of this place, walked and talked, as aqueous lake 
glistened, positioned as it were within their wilderness domain.  A
dominion like place this area where whispered messages were often
heard, messages fluttering as upon a breeze, messages echoing as if
coming from a streaming brook, messages as though formed by lips of
dew within the misty air, messages which seemed linked to the very 
center of earth, messages to hear, messages also for the muse within,
messages to contemplate upon.
  The airy and misty atmosphere which often floated in a gentle drift
at dawn, or in quiet stillness of a starry night, appeared at times to
be the very source from whence the voices seemed to quietly carry
their message.  The two (Stilly & Harry) who walked and talked, and
resided here, were very intrigued by those clear and often whispered
reports which came as though from a great expansive region.  An 
expanse which could be imagined to be like that of an Ancient Empire
or Kingdom, where great Oracles may be known to exist.  Oracles of
truth, Oracles of the mind, Oracles of love.
  The ancient world of Oracles and its people of that time, may too
have had a similar kind of expanse, 'providence in private', from 
within which the message of the Oracle did spring.  Oracles, where
words and expressions came as whispers of prophesy, messages to help
guide one along the shadowy and often obscure pathway which led them
upon their way.  Oracles (of Ancient Era's), which now were only 
historical points marked upon the endless ribbon of eternity...to 
convey that which was, that which significantly took place, that 
which must be remembered, that which is all important.
  The two who walked and talked within this peaceful valley, knew too
of those ancient Oracles of another time, and the marvel which
surrounded that place in history.  The messages which they now
witnessed, here in this valley, were similar in many ways to those
Oracles from the ancient past.  The mystery of this forested terrain,
surrounded by high mountainous peaks, often seemed to present itself
to Stilly & Harry as though there were other worlds somewhere nearby,
worlds attempting to reach out and link to their's.
  This was a valley where the natural environment of Earth and all
which is comprised within its purpose, also communicated in a
multitude of ways with Stilly and Harry.  Though the mind within its
complexity and substance has much to express, likewise too do the
natural surroundings of nature have much to share and express--if only
we perceive what is so neatly placed there within the confines of its
expanse; as dear Earth attempts to converge, merge, and unify, the
confines of our mind.  A friend dear Earth, who can help to find 
answers to the enigma-born with the human being.
  A short distance from the water of the lake, was a meadow which
angled up to the hills, which reached a ridge above where they now
stood.  They were standing in a meadow filled with wild grasses and
flowers, it was there that Stilly and Harry, over their many visits
(to this heavenly domain), also had built a log cabin in which to 
reside.  A warm and cheery dwelling, a dwelling where these two loves 
would spend many years and experiences together, for this was now one 
of their 'homing places', designed by them, and built by them; it was 
what they called their 'providence in private', something which every 
love-couple can truly have.
  The lake laid south from the cabin, a large lake with a small island
at the far east end, 'aqueous marvel lake of Ten Thousand Dreams', 
where now and again sweet whispering messages were heard as though
drifting on the airy.  Couriers, heralds, emissaries, they seemed to
be, with a spirited voice of comprehension and understanding, voices
which existed somewhere within Stilly and Harry.  Although many may
not think in terms of dreams and the messages shared in that realm,
still, Stilly and Harry were open to all that transpired there, and 
desired to see clearly and precisely all presented.
  The awake world and world of dream, were all one in the same to them
as their conscious & subconscious love continued to develop.  For if
the human strives as it must to be beyond the immediate, and to see
clearly into all which the capable human can connect with, then too,
the place 'of dreaming', and the place 'of the awake', and the place
'of the awake-dream', all become merged as together within the source
of a-living; an absolute source, like that of the light of the stars
which shine within the breath of darkness.
  A sparkling expanse the night sky, showing the human how both
darkness and light are bonded together, a coupled bonding, and though
each (darkness & light) have their own individuality, and zones of
life, still, both depend upon the other as they perform together.  And
that is the natural way, the unmanipulated way, the way where spirit,
soul, and self, all can travel together freely.  Thus, the child of 
light, and the child of darkness, which the human is a part of, must
both be recognized and loved equally, else they become unbalanced,
and deformed physically and mentally, and lose their way as one 
traverses the circle of life.  The dark-side and the light-side of 
the human, are both of equal value and must be loved, understood, and 
shown compassion, if we are to survive the turmoil and confusion 
around us.
  The dream is more than a vision, or event -- it is a link of the
mind that allows the human to be free of the cold confines of an
islolated world, a world made to appear very deadening...
  One of the struggles in reaching completeness, is hurdling beyond
the concept of death.  Leave death where it is, a concept and theme
meant only to herd and confine the immortality born within all humans.
Go beyond the safety zones of the mind and emotions, where ideas of
'heaven and hell' swirl round the great cicle of time, go beyond the
obscurity of oblivion and control, and break free into the source of
yourself, and perceive the immortality of which you are; perceive the
absolute source, 'perceive the perception as it reveals'.  And know 
that the child of darkness & light which is within you, are both 
there to help and guide you onward.  The only impossibility in life 
is the idea of death, and every human must truly know that there 
doesn't have to be such a thing as the impossible.  Do not allow the
manipulations sent to control your mind to have any quarter, throw
them out, and see and become all that you were born to be.  Remember
also, "if a thing exists...then it is not possible for it not to
exist."  Thus, strive to recognize that which exists for you, and be
not led by influences which try and tell you to be other than what you
truly are.
  Freedom is more than a word, but it is nothing if it is let or led
to be other than what it truly is.  Censored freedom, is an attempt to
create a logical-lie, where truth is hidden, and uniqueness
manipulated.  Do not be censored, hold fast to the truth, do not be
dominated by a logical lie!  And as with the Oracles of the Ancient's,
where the truth was spoken and became reality, so too, open the Oracle
within yourself and bring it to life, and learn the truth about
  Within the love of Stilly and Harry, the piper plays its musical
melody, a melody which travels upon its own wave; like a fragrance of
flowered dew travels, as it is sent early upon the airy of a morning
mist.  A spell of desire is with them, a spell of happiness, a spell
of lover's who kiss in the light of the rising sun.  Kissing lips
touch lips with unspoken pleasures for a love-wish to reach beyond.
  Hovering and open is the garden like meadow where Stilly and Harry
now stand, a meadow wild and natural as it shines forth crimson-pink
flowers, with minted leaf.  The floral arrange is presented to fulfill
a clearness, which glides within the mind and sky -- sky so blue, mind
so clear.  A clearness to behold, a clearness all entwined and in-
blend with this mountainous valley moment, 'providence in private'.
  Stilly and Harry were now standing between the cabin and lake,
surrounded by the meadow of grass, and flowers and butterflies could
be seen fluttering in the sunlight.  The air fresh and sweet smelling,
the nearby lake smooth and quiet.  High above and across the lake
stood a mountain range, mountains with snow tops and ridges which
angled along the far perimeter of the lake.  The sides and slopes of 
the mountain, swept down to the lake, a lake of ten-thousand-dreams.
Stilly and Harry sat down on the grass and leaned back on their
elbows, looking to the sparkling lake and snow topped mountains.  It
was then that they heard a stringing harp being played, and then came
the voice of a woman, and she said, "a Euphrasy will now be shown to
you...known as The Legend of the Meadow Nymphs".

When dawn sweetened the spring so came the meadow flowers,
whose colors touched the minds of tender Nymphs;
minds of pure memory,
a memory which evolved into music
as harmony came
to soothe the hearts of those wondrous Nymphs.

which shared the warmth and tingling sensation
of dear Earth,
that could read the clouds
which caressed the sky,
hearts that heard the music of the meadows,
touched by the divine;
so were the Nymphic hearts of acknowledgement.

The Nymphs,
pretty maidens of the meadow,
slender with long hair of various colors,
eventually would become known to all
as the Nymphs of Muse and Memory...


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