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Dawn Rising 2

Journeys 2, (C)l995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski

Unedited excerpts from 'Journeys 2'.

Part-2, Chapter 1
Dawn Rising-2

...What Stilly and Harry were to witness was a visual depiction with
sound and real-life personalities and surroundings.  A kind of 
virtual-reality experience, where all shown to them there where they
sat, appeared in living actuality, as though they were a part of it.
Words recited by real characters, words to tell a story with
beautiful women and men acting out that story, and as Stilly and Harry
now watched and listened, that story began to be told.

[Here the Euphrasy of, 'The Legend of the Meadow Nymphs', begins.]

  A volly of trumpets sounded and then a young man appeared who wore
large canvas shoes, a plain gray cloak, rope belt, and a cap of
brilliant green color.  The man looked at them and then walked to the
left and stood under a plum tree.  They understood, that he would speak
now and then of what was to transpire.  Then two women appeared, both
wearing open sleeved frocks short to the knee, leather belts, and
sandals.  One had black hair and carried a lyra, the other had white
hair and carried a lute.  Both instruments were gold with silver
strings, and engraved with a relief very intricate and beautiful.
Then a girl and boy appeared, who were similarly dressed, both 
carrying golden flutes, and they walked over to the other's.  All now 
sat under the tree, each upon a tall wood stool, they would be a 
musical and narrative accompaniment for the Euphrasy which was to 

When dawn sweetened the spring,
so came the meadow flowers
whose colors touched the minds
of tender Nymphs,
minds of pure memory,
a memory which evolved into music,
as harmony came to soothe the hearts
of those wondrous Nymphs.

  The Nymphs all had their own individual physical appearance, very
beautiful they were, and as Stilly and Harry gazed upon them, a
warmth reached out and touched with that encounter, and sensations
could be felt.
  The sky as seen by the Nymphs, was endlessly alive and seeking, a
sky which became mellowed by the tunes of rhythmic lyric, which 
breathed out its verse to advance the notice of spring -- springs
'pure' hidden beauty was freed.  And the sky was silent while it
watched, waiting for the sounds of spring to come awake, for with the
music of spring the sky was totally charmed, and would send gentle
showers, mixed with sunlight in return.  The hidden beauty of spring,
was a beauty which only the gentle Nymph's of Muse were first to know
of in the beginning.
  The highland Nymphs traveled the earth freely, and often would be
seen wearing a cloak of Muse, which was sometimes very transparent,
thus, the truth under the cloaks kindled many thoughts within those
who viewed them.  For the Nymphs were very pleasant to look upon, and
when one saw the pure energy and beauty of the Nymphs, that beauty 
would remain in their mind as they looked away; and the body and mind
of those who were lucky to meet them, felt totally in unison and 
balance after that view.  The Nymphs face and skin and physical shape 
were exceptionally rare in beauty, their eyes penetrating, very
beautiful eyes of many colors and blends; green, blue, lavender,
hazel, brown, black, some with specks of various colors in them too.
Eyes which could see and captivate the spirit and soul and speak with
it; eyes it was said that could, 'see the spirit of a person and know
its reality'.
  Besides their radiating beauty, one felt a warm current within their
approach, and when the Nymphs spoke, the tone of their voice was so
soothing and harmonious that it touched through to the bone, thus, 
their words and expressions spoke clearly and deeply to all.
Sometimes they wore a frock, other times a gown, or short skirt, and
their sandals were inscribed with wings, they also were often seen
bare footed, walking in the meadows and wading small streams.
  Around their necks was worn a jeweled madallion, each Nymph with a
different gem, and shape design, and over their shoulders they wore a
long silken scarf which was tied to a wide girdle with colors of the
rainbow.  And it was said that if one were to see a Nymph in the light
of the full moon, that persons life would be forever guided and
protected by that Nymph.  The medallion with large jeweled center, was
held by a silver or gold necklace, which was attached to each side of
the medallion clasp, and that gem laid just below the base of the neck
and above the heart.
  Each Nymph had a special ring which was worn on different fingers at
various times, depending on the occasion or the symbolized impression
which she was trying to convey, either to another, or for reasons of
which she desired.  The Nymphs also carried a whistle in a small 
special pocket, a whistle carved and made from a large gem stone in
the shape of a bird, and that gem whistle was companion to the jewel
around their neck, both jewel and whistle were similar in color and
composition.  From the tonality of their whistle, they could call
another Nymph to speak with them in mind; distance could not impede
their communications.
  As Stilly and Harry sat on the grass, all of these things were
either displayed to them in living actuality or spoken of by the man
with the green-hat, while lute and lyre and flute could be heard.
They saw some of the Nymphs dressed as they were in different styles,
and watched as they walked here and there talking, and doing things
which Stilly and Harry understood had taken place somewhere near to
the beginning.  It was as though Stilly and Harry were invisible to
the Nymphs, watching them as they moved in among the actuality and
surroundings, as though in spirit form; for the Euphrasy was presented
to learn and witness all.
  These young and beautiful Nymphs were electrifying as they walked,
their clothes clinging to their shapely form; clothes of various
colors and patterns.  Silk, cashmere, wool, are some of the materials
Stilly and Harry recognized; however, there was one Nymph dressed with
synthetic material, which was padded and fit snugly with a short
skirt and top combination, and a very wide girdle -- she also wore
high boots and a trim hat; her hair was blond, and she had very brown
eyes.  Stilly and Harry both wondered about that one, and who she might
be, for they both felt they knew her, yet, couldn't understand how;
and her clothes were completely different from the other styles.
  The Nymphs hair was long, and swayed as they strolled laughing and
whispering to each other, and it was then that one of the Nymphs
stopped and looked directly at Stilly and Harry, as if she knew they
were there; extra-sensory perception was very keen with the Nymphs of
whom so little has been written.  They truly were (are) overwhelming
and magnetic--and as one gazed upon the Nymphs a great desire to be
with them would intensify for a yearning to-know everything about
them, and of which they were comprised.  Their presence radiated a 
power, pure power, and with it a peacefulness too, and one sensed a 
great and expanding love within their character and personality.  One 
also knew that the Nymphs were capable of an overwhelming-power too, 
which was part of their sternness; a point clearly understood as one 
realized, 'it would not be wise to ever anger a Nymph of Muse'.
  The Nymphs often visited the realm of desire and enchantment, and
after returning from that place to their highland-domain, it was there
they would tell all to the Oracle of Wisdom.  The Oracle of Wisdom,
could be imagined as something like the Holy Grail, an absolute source
which few have seen.  Thus, in this way from their exploring and 
travels, the Nymphs grew in the knowledge and understanding of loves
most powerful desires and persuasions.
  One thing they also learned, was how to share a tender kiss with a
bee and not be stung.  They shared the sweet secrets of the bee
through its kiss, and were astonished and nourished too by the
tingling sweet secrets they learned from all the flowers of the world;
secrets found through the flowers perfume blend.  That floral eddy of
spray, which soars upon the wind, was filled with the power of vision
and enlightenment.  When that tingling aroma sent by the flowers, was
inhaled, it would open areas within the mind which in turn showed the
Nymphs many things.  From those breaths of enlightenment, the Nymphs
of Muse became so clear of wit, that they understood the language of
all the birds; who sang cheery matins within the cathedral of day.
  They learned too the secret of how to fly in mind and spirit above
the land and over the sea, and were ever enchanted by such gentle
glides upon a breeze, where they soared with the eddies of airy,
looking to streams which touched every mountain, meadow, and forested
domain.  Some of the birds would glide with the Nymphs, for birds too
fly in mind and spirit.  Playful and chirping were the birds as they
soared within the continuous folds of cloud, and that delight of being
aloft, hovering in the sky, seemed as within a sweet swoon of sleep,
a sleep which touched the mind as though it were within a stream of
dream, as it caressed the spirit of imagination.
  There were also spells of the Sun, which would continuously appear
often in rainbows, rainbows which began to enchant the Nymphs
curiosity with a wonder toward its secret-way.  Mother Earth, would
often be asked by the Nymphs, about the rainbow, how its color and
shape came to be, and how it could appear and then disappear like the
bee's and flying birds, which flew in the air and (then) suddenly
disappeared from view.  The Nymphs wondered too, what a rainbow dream
would be like, and if a rainbow could share its mind as within a
dream-shared spell; a spell like they had with bee's, birds, and
flowers.  The Nymphs wanted to learn the secrets of the rainbow, yet
all they knew about it to that point, was that the rainbow had both a
living light, and a living darkness.  It seemed to them as though
light and darkness were married within the pure presence of the
rainbow.  The inability of understanding the rainbow, seemed to
multiply the Nymphs curiosity toward that spectrum glow every time
they saw it hovering over a meadow of a thousand flowers; flora of
various shapes, sizes and colors, all arched from above by a rainbow
  It was there in the wild meadows that the Nymphs of Muse, pretty as
they were, would spend their days surrounded by the perfumed spell of
each flower.  They would open their minds with each fragrant scent, a
stimulation which let them travel the spiral color-corridors which led
to where flowers originally came from, and that was one way they 
eventually became acquainted with all the flowers.  And from learning
of the flowers, they began to learn also about the colorful touch of
rainbow, sparkling and shining its hue in-hover within the drift and
sprinklings of a gentle afternoon shower; and the rain drops poured in
gleaming sheets as the sun shown upon tall white billowing clouds...
  ...The Nymphs even with pure minds and virtues of the body, still
took many Centuries to learn what so far has been described, for not
only did each flower show them something, so too, the same type of
flower at a different place on earth, would too show something
different and varied; nature is a multitude of wonder.  So one must
realize how all encompassing this learning became -- and if it were to
be all described to you, how long a story it would be, a story also
which would be very sweet to hear and good for the mind to read.
  The Nymphs eventually became known as Muses, and were protected by
the Mother and Father of Earth and Sky in a secret code of mazes, a
code that never identified in detail one or more of the Nymphs; and
later in the histories of mankind, some things were written of them,
but before that time, they were only known as the 'Guiding Nymphs'.
  But to continue, it is quite something to sit and listen to a
Nymph whistling, as one looks upon her pretty face, watching her lips
move, hearing her tune echoing over the hills and meadows, very
hypontic and capturing their whistling is, as one considers.  While
one visits a meadow of summer, where a multitude of birds are
chirping and singing songs, one may imagine and wonder if perhaps
some of that whistling being heard, is coming from the warm and
tender lips of a Nymph of Muse, or even from her unique-jewel
whistle.  And if it were from such a whistle, then one would know
that two Nymphs were speaking to each other in mind.  At such a time
if a rainbow were seen, that very sight could also mean, heaven and
earth were sending messages to each other, thus, as one ponders these
things, it would seem one may very likely be having an 'imagining of
actuality'.  Perceptive perception reveals.  One must not be so tied
to the present, that they overlook the invisible which surrounds them.
  Musical lyrics were sung by the Nymphs, and so beautiful were their
voices and chanting of song which echoed over the meadowy and
mountainous lays, that the clouds above would often applaud them with
a shower in the afternoon sunlight, sprinkling them with a warm 
soothing spray that warmed their slender bodies, pretty faces,
blushing cheeks and also tingled their thoughts.  The small birds
would play in the delight of those showery clouds, and the flowers
who lathered in the light misty rain, would send their perfumes high
into the air, a fragrance which endlessly caressed the minds of the
Nymphs--to inspire them to sing and speak more of love-spells.  'Love
spells' were ever new and refreshing to the bee's, birds, flowers,
grasses and trees, and the clouds heard all too as they billowed,
cascaded, and drifted across the sky.  Together all was shared and
very splendid within the living and loving seasons of those who were
  At night when the dew would reach and dust the land with its
soothing touch, and the moon appeared to mesmerize the sky and far
reaching meadows, the Nymphs would then walk in dream, and ever speak
and describe the enchanting spells of their previous day.  It was
there (a dreaming) that many enlightenments were learned by the
Mother of Earth, and Father of Sky.  Englightenments, which to this 
day are realized only by a very few, however, those enlightenments 
all can be known to anyone who may ask or search for answers to the 
wonders of Earth and Sky.
  There were many silver-moon rainbows, and when the moon was shining
golden, golden rainbows would appear.  Often sweet nectar and ambrosia
were brought to the Nymphs, and from the sip of that splendid drink,
and taste of ambrosia, the message and knowledge learned by the
Nymphs, would be relayed and recorded, to be stored completely within
the Chronicle of Earth, or Oracle of Wisdom; a record which exists now
and forever.  Frequently there were earth parties too, with
personifications of Mother-Earth and Father-Sky; and many other's
would also attend.  A party where the 'mysteries of other worlds' 
would be shared too.
  Stilly and Harry leaned toward each other as they sat watching and
listening to all that I have humbly tried to describe.  Then they saw
many tables appear, which were being prepared on a very green lawn; it
was late afternoon, and it seemed there was to be a June party to
celebrate the summer solstice.  There were tall tripods made of metal,
very black in color, situated here and there as lamps for the evening.
Each tripod had a large alabaster oil lamp or cluster of candles 
resting on top, and some lamps were glowing with illumination; a
golden opal shine.
  Then Stilly and Harry looked to their right across the lawn and saw
many luxurious tents, all were saffron in color, with very green 
designs printed on the (tent) entrance.  Each tent had its own symbol
or signature indicating who resided within, and also a flag which
signified their ancestry.  This was evidentally an earth-party with 
visitors from all imagined worlds; guest's from the many realms of
Earth, and also travelers from starry places in the Universe...
  On the tables were enumerable flavors of honey and dew sprinkled
ambrosia-cakes, and vessel's filled with sweet nectars of all
imagined colors; some transparent with a gold tint, others deep blue,
orange, yellow's, silver's, greens and reds.  These nectars were
prepared at some lofty place, which was not known to Stilly and Harry.
A white table cloth covered each table, and there were long wooden
benches to sit upon, that were covered with deep green cushions.
The attendants were all dressed in white fluffy shirts or blouses,
with white tights and stockings.  On their feet they wore fancy blue
or pink shoes, very deep sapphire blue for the men, and deep clove
pink shoes for the women.  The men wore blue silk belts and a long
wide blue ribbon around their neck where a silver medal was attached
with the seal of their identity.  The women attendants wore pink
silk belts, and a pink silk scarf in their hair, and upon their left
wrist, a keenly woven pink silk bracelet with a small golden seal,
which indicated their identity.  These attendants were all very busy
arranging the tables, tripods, foods, and drink....
  Then far across the lawn near the tree's, Stilly and Harry saw two 
deer, a buck with velvet antlers, next to a doe standing on its right.
The deer were looking, and very curious of all the cheery activity
which was taking place here in the meadowy wilderness place, and
watched the attendants; and now and then the deer nibbled on the
foliage nearby.  Stilly and Harry saw on the tables many musical
instruments--flute, lyra, lute, horn, and percussion; many varities
in shape, type, and size, were there.  Also there were many scrolls
laying all in a row, each wrapped with a colorful laced ribbon,
and Stilly and Harry wondered what was written within those scrolls.
  Now and then a small finch or chickadee, or another bird of
similar size would glide to the table and land to have a look around,
and occasionally a hummingbird would fly in and sip some of the
nectar's from the containers which sat open on the tables.  Even 
several butterflies hovered over the tables, fluttering and then
resting on the rim of a glass or tip of an unlit candle.  In the
background Stilly and Harry heard the sounds of many birds chirping
and calling to each other, as evening and twilight approached; there
was a full moon coming too.  A moon which Stilly and Harry now saw
far on the distant horizon, rising with a slight tint of gold, yet
very pale, because the sun was still above its setting plane;
horizon of night.  Stilly and Harry would have liked to have walked
into that cheery and joyful place; but they knew sitting as they
were was what they must do, however, their spirited selves seemed
to be there amongst all taking place.
  Later many of the guest's played and sang the Lyric of the Mind;
lyric's written upon the scroll's were also sung--for those were
special scroll's brought from the Hall of Everything.  Songs were
sang about places that these wayfarers knew of--songs of that which
had been lived, songs of experiences and adventures from other places
of time and space.  Those songs told of star streaming travels
beyond the Moon, and also described courtships and affairs of dear
Love's in the Heavens, Love's which these star-traveler's had
encountered within their journey through the star clustered Universe.
  Some joys, and some very deep heart felt loves were sang of, and
described by the drift and hover of song, within the warm and 
pleasant surrounds of nature.  Those present would listen and see the
loveliness within the episodes described, narratives which shared
and inspired emotional feelings; all was openly expressed by those
who sang.  Stories told of lost-love's, and of how each love
struggled to find the other, and how sad their separation was to them.
A full description was told of the longing of an immortal love-pair
separated, and the wondrous things they had done as a couple.  How
they had helped many people in their travels, saving lives and 
insuring peace to many a world, and sadly how that couple through
their generosity and giving, became separated by the forces of a 
mean and ignoble lot.  For in the Universe, one must know, there
are all kinds of people, and forces.
  As that story was sung and unfolded, it was said, 'this song is
sung throughout the Universe, in every Galaxy, on every planet, 
even the astroid-homes knew of the truth of what had happened,
to the beautiful 'love-couple', a story known to everyone; a very
sad case of events were thus described of that love-couple-two.
It was told that a group had gathered from many different worlds,
all coming together to help find those two lost love's, with a hope
to bring them together again.  A mission, that was still unsolved,
so the song and lyric told.  The Nymphs did cry many a tear, while
they sat at the table and heard in song of that sad event, for it
moved their inner-hearts and compassion, and the melodious theme,
sent all--into many a wondrous imagining, as all searched for the
truth; while tears slowly tumbled and rolled over warm and tender
  So moving and deeply rooted in emotion was that song that all
present felt in some way they were part of it, and many suddenly
declared with a shout, that 'they too would join in this cause',
to help find the separated immortal-loves.  The Nymphs all looked
to each other and declared they also wanted to help, and when that
was heard, suddenly small birds and butterflies fluttered in among
all present, for the Nymphs were friends with all the creatures of
Earth, and shared many heart felt feelings with those flying 
creatures.  From the commotion of a multitude of birds and 
butterflies, the immediate mood changed, and thoughts were conveyed
by all--that the sudden presence of birds and butterflies, could
indicate that there still might be a happy result to that sad tale.
  ...Later the Nymphs told of their dreams of walking upon the clouds,
and dancing within the heavenly, where every form of splendor was
marvelously arrayed, a site to soar within--where the fabulous
imagination was free to be all it was meant to be.  The sweet nectar
and ambrosia was very pure and would manifest 'a dreaming' with its
wondrous power.  A dreaming which portrayed in song a living
realiness, a site in which the treaties and experiences of a 
multitude of love resided, and always would reside.
  ...It was during that point, where Stilly and Harry's Euphasy began
to come to an end, and as it did they suddenly saw what appeared in
the air to be a large sapphire gem, very blue the jewel was, and its
blueness was illumined-shining as though a light were within it, and
its facets could be seen clearly upon its pear or egg shaped
exterior.  Then slowly the gem faded away from its suspended position,
and Stilly and Harry felt a shifting, a tingling sensation, and heard
a very high-pitched ring like a chime; it was then that they
realized the couch which they both lay upon near the windows
overlooking sea.
  Opening eyes to the present surrounds, Stilly and Harry looked at
each other, and then both smiled and began to laugh, and their
laughter continued on and on for quite awhile, for the exhilaration
and thrill of what they had shared together, carried with it much joy,
glee, and delight.  Climatic pulsations of laughter warm even
sensual, were enlivened within them as their passions, natural
beautiful passions, touched every cord of their feelings.  Then Stilly
rolled over on top of Harry, rubbing her warm and sensual body upon
his, and he ran his hands over her shoulders and down her back; then
they kissed a long and warm kiss, where tongues touched tongues to
convey their yearning sensuality and love.
  Oh powerful love, coming in so many ways, coming to open our eyes
to the truth of ourselves, coming with warmth, compassion, and wisdom,
love touches the very heart which pulses within us.  And why is
LOVE so powerful; it is because dear LOVE has been to the very 
source, the absolute source, a location which could be visualized as
stationed somewhere within a dimensional space.  Cosmic location,
innate inner self, where dimensional time folds may be, a site where
wisdom and creation, understanding and compassion, humility and
truth, and very much more reside.  Love has traveled, touched, and
kissed, to help us free ourselves from the confusion, pride,
arrogance, and closed-off thinking which ever attempts to hold us
prisoner, fogging the beauty of which we were born to be.  Seeing our
struggle in this life, immortal-love hovers and gazes upon us, seeing
and knowing our individual purpose, perceiving our individual destiny,
caught or held as it is within the cold confines of a veil of
amnesia, and obscurity.  Thus perceiving, LOVE lifts off from its
hover and glide, and zooms into a cosmic like circle, the very center
of the absolute source, and while there gathers powerful forces, and
returns to us with that divine power--LOVE travels a great distance
to reach us.  And if we are alert and treat love with open-arms,
arms of warmth and compassion, arms of humility too, then the love
which is traveling to find us, is helped as it tries to lead us out
of the realm of obscurity, confusion, and amnesia.
  As we look with open eyes and arms, we are embraced and eventually
realize our embodied love standing neigh in silent beauty calling
'come to me'--as smiling and reaching with the kiss of completeness,
a love-couple becomes reunited.  The powerful eddies of love, lift
both up together, and as with Stilly and Harry, a bonded love,
a love with love--they began to see and learn together about their
true reality.  Stilly and Harry eventually stood up from their
couch of sharing and looked to the sea, the sky, and each other,
and then went to explore the new day.


[here ends Chapter 1 excerpts, Journeys 2]
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