...Deceptive treacheries...

Alexander Volenski


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Apocalyptic View

Journeys 2 (C)1995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski; unedited excerpts.

Though it is in my heart to write the verse of love, to convey for
love, still it is also necessary for all who read my verse to realize
that I know much of those worlds of bitterness, arrogance, and of the
loveless kind, and some things of them too must be brought to the
written page.  Harsh as the loveless world is, still with steady hand
I write.


Chapter 7 unedited excerpts
Apocalyptic View

  It is quite strange the world of love which ever hovers near and
sometimes seems to come and go unannounced.  One would guess when love
came, it came to stay and would never go away...does love go away or
does one drift into a similar world where love does not dwell?  A
manifested duplicated world with small portions copied from the world
of love; the duplicators, a captured control kind of methodic system
designed by a manipulative source.  Perhaps unknown to some -- one
steps as within a cryptic maze which leads them on a path into a 
loveless world.
  As time goes by and years do pass, one comes to realize a loveless
world in much control, a world so very old.  The world of love with
natures surrounds (the natural world) does seem to have been
duplicated too, within a loveless world.  To make a loveless world
seem to be a world of love, many similarities are duplicated from the
world of love--the loveless also are very busy attempting to hide a
lie between two truths, or the truth, between two lies.  So once one
is caught within the labyrinth, very concealed, puzzling, and
enigmatic all begins to be, with many angles and charades.  Like a
snare with pitfalls, a lurking place, secret-cloaked, disguised,
shaded, veiled, where masquerades of concealment work to keep one held
within its grasp.  A stealthy surreptitious underhanded in a whisper,
in the sly kind of site a loveless world, where those held in its
folds are often simply called 'a fool'--as the one who searches 
struggles and does try to find their love so fine.  A love they know,
yet somehow it is not there, a true love-divine is not far away, and
also knows completely the danger and the threat of a loveless world.
  There are many lies weaved in the culture of a loveless world, most
of which are veiled with truths, bits and pieces of the truth.  A
loveless world is a pirate world, a world made up of warring, chaos,
and confusion, that is one way to recognize a loveless world; 
illusion so unkind, meant to abuse and prey upon loves energy 
divine.  A highly valued energy, a booty the loveless world works to 
seize and plunder devour and victimize, like loan sharks preying on 
the poor, or as slave traders bargaining and bartering the innocent 
and meek.
  Seeped in blood, the loveless world colors mind and self, and often
even clothes.  The cardinal sings and listens while it's perched on 
its branch, head bowed with slightly peering eyes imitating sleep, 
while soldiers rob and kill the poor; loafing soldiers all pretending
to work at making a true way.  And the blood of the inquisitions,
harsh, reckless, and so cruel, with lack of regard or mercy, were
given a fancy name, tribunal, of a kind.  Built on lies and deceit,
the loveless world does reap, as it hides the truth from the ones
caught within its keep.  Someone hiding from the truth, would love a
loveless world, they also would be proud of living a multitude of
  A loveless world cares very much about preserving its domain of
illusionary truth, where confusion, fear, contradiction and secrets,
are all important to them.  Deceptively they trace-over the truth with
words of deceit and lies, often blaming greed for that deception, and
greed doesn't really care!  A loveless world where greed resides is a 
world not filled with helping those in need, nor is it really free;
and twisted in the thoughts of greed are deeds a loveless world pays
highly to receive.  For with that payment lies are fed, making for an
illusionary bed.  Excuses, oblivion dereliction, eyeserver, slacker,
irresponsibility, immunity, license, absolution, exonerate, and more,
are the springs which make up that bed, surrounded by imitation roses,
roses not of love.
  Hypnotic thread mirrored light, spinning so it seems is a loveless
world apart from truth, a world far from the world of peace.  Mixed in
the whirling cadence, the truth is held or put on a shelf; giving form
to a loveless world is a design to create strife, a plan and
prototype, archetype pattern in a matrix form, minted sealed stamped; 
a burlesque caricature in parody, so conflict quarrel struggle and 
clash can replace the truth with a lie.  An in itself, strife 
survivies to bring an end to life, made by the bold and loveless 
world, where living lies abide.
  ...Within the crystal glow the truly true reveal, and with lies the
truly true are made illusionary by a loveless world.  To hold it all
in place with illusion of control, the loveless world gives out little
bits and pieces of the truth, for surely as boldness knows, if all the
truth be known--then illusionary hold would no longer be control.  The
illusionary world is teamed with many of its kind and will do all it 
can to trick the truth of mind.  For the mind divine, where total 
truth is known, in a loveless world that divine is veiled away,
showing less than a fifth of truth.  And then the loveless world of a
lie-builds, preserving in consistency, illusionary nonexistent world;
consisting of many holds...  The loveless world is very keen, been
working so it seems to make a lie a truth, and a truth a lie.
  ...Do not let the loveless world which does not care for truth,
divert you with variations of the truth, variations which are a 
novelty of the un-identical; a form to duplicate the truth and you!
Woven in the imitation, is mockery, forgery, falseness--molded to seem
complete, yet, non-existent altered truth, is every only lie--for a
loveless world is unwilling in itself to have the total truth.  The
'unwilling', aversion that it is, reluctant backwardness, loath and
indisposed, grudgingly tries to force a truth to be a lie, and a lie
to be a truth--irresponsible and unstable, the unwilling loveless
  In the loveless world, mischief pain and bane, harm and 
disadvantage, misfortune, clamity and woe, ever strive to be in
control, as they try to force the truth to be a lie.  The loveless
world throws mud at the truth, indulges in personalities, browbeats,
scoff, and sneer, taunting, flouting, burlesque-hiss and hoot; force-
feeding lies to you until a lie seems to be the truth.  Once caught
and conditioned to this wayward theme, one finds it very hard to find
the truth--and eventually one may wonder what the truth can really
  Disrespect, disparaging and insulting, rude, sarcastic, a cavalier
of disguise and secrecy, and so very proud--is there in a loveless
world--to prepare the way for outrage and disaster.  Outrage and
disaster both breathe the breath of catastrophe, tragedy, ruin, 
adversity--and are there knitted to the cloth, draped with harm and 
injury.  Outrage and disaster, made of veiled control, meant to aid 
the magical-mystical loveless-world; illusionary, hypnotic trance, 
immured manipulative, a lie within a lie--beware of the magic of the 
loveless world.
  A magic which condemns the truth, denouncing publicly the truth,
saying, 'truth must be censored', for the people want the illusionary
lie!  Illusionary lie--remolded to be a truth, becomes a cultural
phenomenon, impressive and remarkable, making the lie the only object
of knowledge, or the only form of reality.  Duplicity double-deals
the truth, and is a deceitfulness in/of speech, a state or quality of
maneuvering the truth into a lie.  And if the lie is questioned, the
common answered is announced by the authority--'that the lie is what
the people wanted', or, 'the people are not ready for the truth'.  Of
course once the magic of the loveless world has built a wall of lies
around the truth, then they will let that truth be known, yet still be
in control.  When the total truth is known, all the holds, waits,
stops, vanish in the air, for they never did exist for you; 
illusionary lie and the loveless world, are a thief to control you 
and your mind.
  The loveless world of consumption, loss and waste, squanders all it
can, a depletion always wanting more is the way of an illusionary lie.
To hide the truth, the total truth--unimportance is a must, making the
truth seem a triviality, or a joke, or plaything, small or a matter of
indifference, nonessential, irrelevant is how a lie wants truth to be.
To hold a lie together, there are things like undesirability,
disadvantage, and inadvisability, embarrassment, and guilt; tools the
loveless world knows how to use; to hide the total truth.
  The loveless world is very cunning, crafty, maneuvering with
concealment, duplicity, and foul play--using bits and pieces of the
truth, to build a world of lies.  Its strategy often is to dodge with
trickery, schemer, sly, and deceptive, imposture, skillful in itself,
with shifty, shrewd, astute; knowing ever how to change into
profound & mysterious, the truth which never lies.  The loveless world
is known in many ways, and can be recognized as allied with hindrance
and prevention, restriction and restraint, interference and
obstruction--all standing in the way.  Impediments of the many,
encumbrance and burden, objection and difficulty--intentionally
impede and hinder everything, to undermine the total truth with 
confusion of the mind.
  Discord and clashing opposition, a loveless world does have, to 
bring war with daggers drawn, cross-purposes in spite, clashing and
collision, where no-trust can be found.  To the loveless world, its
adversary-opponent and enemy, is truth in the total, or completeness
of yourself.  At the cannon's mouth, or at the point of sword, one
finds belligerence, arrogance and pride--all on the warpath, to keep
the field of storm; for in the loveless world one is expected to sell
one's life for war, murder, rape, and more.
  In the loveless world, one is expected to conform, submission in
compliance--to be against all truth and love.  One is expected to bow
kneel and pay homage too, surrender, or capitulate, resign, and even
prostrate self, and be unsupportive to ones inborn total truth.
  ...The loveless world, built on restraint, confinement, imprisonment
and limbo, wants custody to keep charge over all your truth and love.
For in that repression, a repressionist does rise to keep all check 
and control, to smother you, to shakle-bridle-muzzle-gag, to keep your
truth confined.  The loveless world keeps the total truth away and
under lock and key, promising retirement to exist in a nonexistant
world.  The loveless world inhibits, forbids, disallows, and hinders
love; "forbidden fruit", it does say, 'taboo and unauthorized', for by
the loveless worlds authority, they want all humans to submit, or 
retirement be denied.
  ...In a loveless world, mental suffering is the order of the day,
where dissatisfaction, discomfort, and discontent, annoyance,
irritation and worry, also scurry on their way.  Grief, sorrow, and
distress, are abundant to control the truth; and cheerless as they
are, are common in a loveless world to control you and all you are;
even your dreams.  Grim and horrid, nauseous, revolting, nasty,
lothsome vile--as coming out of the depths; it is in the air and
everywhere, pollution at its best, abusive destructive and insincere,
the loveless world infests.
  ...Illusionary magic, hypnotic trance, a lie weaved, manipulating,
controlling, uncaring and with despair, stagy is the loveless world.  
As the bird of ill-omen, Apocalyptic-View soars the sky screeching on
its way--and so too over the loveless world another bird does fly,
illusionary-mystical magical bird indeed.  In the loveless world where
intimidation-terrifier resides, arrogant and so proud, terrible and
horrid the ghastly, and the awful who also soar the sky.
  ...In the loveless world, slavery at its best, toady whiffs of
prostration floating in the air, as servility and funkyism,
timeservers that they are, bow and stoop, kneel and fawn, to carry
lies along.  'Go with the stream, follow the crowd, worship rising 
sun,' be a timeserver, sponger-crawl and grovel, servile mealy-
mouthed, one is expected to be in the loveless world.  Animosity 
leads the rancor way, aversion hate dislike, as the loveless worlds 
antagonism is always keeping the truth at-arms-length, so malevolence 
and hostility can bear malice displayed upon their banner high.  The 
loveless world has an enemy -- public enemies number one, are total-
truth and love-- "traitors to a lie", the loveless world does shout, 
inbetween puffs of smoke and dust.  Excommunicated, banishment, 
exiled in exclusion, is the truth you have, as darkness all around 
keeps you dumb and blind, so ignorance can be in bliss; never telling 
what you missed!  And if by chance you find a small glimmer of your 
love and truth, the loveless world will be quick to label it 'ill-
breeding', and find a way to have you sterilized.
  In the loveless world the hymn of hate is sung, while in the spleen
of bitterness a bitter-pill is drunk; drank from a glittering vial
filled to the brim and over flowing with the hymn of hate.  Vexation,
wrathful indignation, in storms of violence and anger, huff and puff
from the smoke stacks, towers built with madness.  For in the loveless
world, insult, heckle, offend, kindle and fly out, all rabid-savage,
and convulsed with hot and fuming furies in an ecstasy of rage.
  The hardness of the heart, venomous malicious malign, galling harsh
disobliging and unkind, diabolic churlish pitiless, a loveless world;
foundation with no-mercy.  For it feels no obligation, single minded
as it is, ungrateful thankless unrewarding vengeful office that it
has.  'An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, give no quarter, take
no prisoners', is its motto; keep the wound open and harbor revenge;
vindictive ruthless, unforgiving is the world of lies.  The green-eyed
monster lives in the loveless world where suspicion, doubt, envy, and
jealousy reside, where jaundice-spite, with its covetous begrudging
breaking spree, does terrorize all--wearing helmets reflecting
belittlement, laughing in their glee.
  ...Many will use intuition, instinct, or rule of thumb, as they try
to find verification and evidence for their inner truth.  Most of
that will be overturned and refuted, invalidated, or enclosed with a
defeated kind of cloak which will bring on silence.  Some will go the 
extra-mile and perhaps find some things important to them, but still
that will be labeled misjudgment, misconception, and
  While all of these pursuits of many are going on, much energy of 
truth and love will be drained from them--energy very important to 
their very source of self.  Beguiled and misguided, misunderstood and 
misjudged, even foolish and senseless, will be the surrounding 
reflections that they will feel and hear.
  ...(So in conclusion) when one finds a world of total-truth and
love, never leave that place, else one finds themselves caught in a
loveless worlds imitation theme--a place made to capture, hold, and
keep the human, even after it ceases to breathe...


      And as I bring to a close this chapter-7, of Journeys 2,
      and feel the critical wave of this writ--an author comes
      to mind of an American explorer/traveler of the 19th Century,
      Theodore Winthrop (1828-61).

      His wilderness classic, 'The Canoe and The Saddle', pg 24;
      Binfords & Mort, publishers, Portland, Oregon.

      "Every sincere man has, or ought to have, his differences
       or quarrels with 'status quo', -- otherwise what becomes
       of the millennium?"

      Theodore Winthrop, as with many of our ancestors of America--
      there is much we can gather from their knowledge and expression,
      to help us overcome the barriers/problems of a European dilemma,
      which the immigrants of that region left behind them as they
      came to a 'new land, the free world', 'America the Beautiful'.  

      America can remain beautiful, free, compassionate, forgiving 
      with mercy, and also not-war-like.  We must look to our 
      founding-father's, the men and women of this Nations history,
      individuals like Theodore Winthrop--they had a lot of good 
      things to say.  Their insight and direction is keen and clear,
      derived from real-life experiences, and secured our Nation--
      And I'm convinced that all of our Nation's founders will agree--

      With peace there is freedom--
      with war, only tyranny/oppression, confusion.

      Theodore Winthrop, a Major in the Civil War, died in battle,
      June 10, 1861; and one must sincerely wonder what more he could
      have recorded in written text, had he been able to sustain his

[the end of excerpts, 'Apocalyptic View']
[note: page is yet to be proof-read]

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