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The Ramet Protocol

Love Verse 96, (C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski;
a book of analogies, essays/reviews, prose/poetry, fiction.

Several years ago (1995-96), a friend asked me to do some research on
eggs to help them on a college report which they had to write; this
seemed fun, I had the references and would do what I could...

So I checked my reference library and printed out a multitude of
notes, historical data, and some information of present time.  It was
during that study that an article came up--related to DNA research and
human embryos.  This of course was not the subject of my friends 'egg
study and college paper,' but that article stuck in my thoughts after
the original study was completed; thus, came the following piece,
written to focus on the ethic's of human-cloning, etc..


Unedited excerpt from LoveVerse96 - a 'fiction', some
thoughts/analogies, and again I repeat--this is a fiction piece.


The Ramet Protocol

  "...tears are not enough anymore, life is not enough, I am not
enough...enough of my real--my realness has been..."

  And what would you say to the eyes and emotions of a woman or man,
a child, who has been captured and infused with the Ramet Protocol?

     ra met (ra mit) noun; An individual member of a clone.
     [Latin ramus, branch. See ramus + -ET.]

...in 1993 the cloning of human embryos...the technique had already
been used successfully with various animals, now successful in the
human...the experiment provoked an outcry from ethicists; then
everything was hushed, something like, "hush puppies, we don't want
anyone to know."
  Ramus, looked at me over a cup of espresso, and continued, "the
cloning of humans--since 1970's, a highly secret file, a file which
would make the X-files seem like a comic book."

  "Tell me more Ramus, tell me all, tell me the truth, the 
total-truth, and I shall write it."

  The man Ramus, was silent a moment, then nodded, and this story
began.  We both sat at a sidewalk cafe on a boulevard in Geneve,
Switzerland--both sipping espresso and also surrounded by many people,
many laughing and innocent people, children, grandparents; a sunny
spring day.
  Ramus sipped the espresso, and then started, "as I have already 
said, tears are not enough to show, enough is to know and live this
  Ramus continued describing how it was for him: "it all started like 
a dream, and as things progressed I began to realize that the mental
link I had to my dreams were actually links to other bodies which were
somehow connected to me...and I wondered if this was a natural thing,
or something controlled and manipulated?"
  "Sadly for me, I learned it was manipulated and postulated, produced
by a government agency; they used clones of me to carry out their
activities--because of the clones link to me, so too I knew them and
what they did."  One of the important findings which came is that the
cloning of a human body wasn't the only phase; the agencies had found
that they could also use this cloning to overtake an existing body--
this was done with simple technic's; oral, and also injections were
used.  "This is a side issue which I shall return to perhaps later, 
but necessary for you to know now (Ramus was very calm and clear in 
his description), also realize that women were the most easily 
controlled by this system.  A nightmare system, which has far reaching
implications, and is of tyranny; a system which was produced so as to 
have adult-human-clones almost instantly."
  Ramus looked at me and smiled, but it was a smile mixed with much
knowledge and also sadness, for he was still of his original-self,
yet knew that which was done to him and also to her--for as with all
things, there is always two, a pair; man and woman.
  As I sat listening, I could feel emotions, inner feelings of anger
and also a gateway of compassion, and knew these emotions were of the
telling--of how a beautiful and unique human had been taken and
manipulated into something else!
  To live in a war and chaos hateful culture and society, which this
world is, that in itself is hard enough to adjust too and survive in,
and now a biological system of control was being introduced; a mind,
body control, with vexation.
  Why and who?  How and for what purpose?  What kind of minds with so
much power would do these things, and for what reason; only to capture
something, some secret, something from another government, and in the
process they took a living human, and used it like a piece of
machinery (a kind of 007-spy clone, etc.).
  ...Ramus, looked across the street and saw a pretty woman, and he
smiled, but still there was a sad feeling in his smile, it was as
though something was missing--the innocence is of importance, as also
its beauty.  For innocence is of the simple and complex, combined
within a field as to meadow-flowers of spring; the innocent, a
complexity unique, original, natural, like a flower.  The innocent is
a simplicity of the heart, the immortal combination in things, like
meadow flowers of spring which were never meant to be controlled;
control is not freedom, and without freedom--there is only tyranny.

   TYRANNY: A government in which a single ruler
            is vested with absolute power.
            Absolute power, especially when exercised
            unjustly or cruelly; extreme harshness--tyranny;
            tyranny, 'a high hostility toward other human-beings'.

  And a quote from Henry Miller came to mind, "It is the American
vice, the democratic disease which expresses its tyranny by reducing
everything unique to the level of the herd," from, The Wisdom of the
  Ramus knew what I was thinking, for he then said, "even in the
democratic governments, it is all tyranny, for one man or woman--a
President, has total control; absolute control--nothing, nothing has
changed since many thousand years; and under the tyrannical are many
lesser tyrants, and also a vast line of miltary tyrannical Generals.
...Everyone obsessed with uniform and political-money power...in the
process the governments are piece by piece stripping the unique
quality of nature, of the inborn, the uniqueness of the human;
stripping humanity like strip-mining the earth and forest--and in the
process are polluting the waters, killing and bringing extinction
through war, destruction, hate, violation, consumption......."
  As we sat suddenly a woman appeared and came to sit with us, she was
pretty, and like Ramus knew all which he was conveying to me, he
introduced her, her name, Ramie--they were very human indeed, very 
warm and filled with energy, a caring energy, one with love and
compassion; yet they were very stern and not naive, for she also knew
of the other, 'the cloning'.
  Ramus called a waiter and ordered her, he and I, an espresso, then
explained to her that I was a writer and would write this thing;
cloning manipulation, bio-chip-conversions, electronic control, and
virtual-reality domination over mind and body.
  Ramie looked upon my face for a long moment, her hair was fine and
long, clasped with a barrette, her hands slender, and then her lips
moved and she said, "you know, even if you write, write it all...still
what are the chances, chances you will survive, and your writ
published?"  I understood what she meant, and conveyed to her that it
would be hard, difficult, yet it must be done, all must be told...the
abuse brought to ground.
  Ramus and Ramie touched hands, and I could feel some quiver of
wonder, as though both were not convinced I would succeed, succeed and
live through it...and I knew what they were implying, yet, the truth
must be told--there is no other way--and to continue.
  The waiter arrived with our espresso, and in the surrounding
atmosphere we could hear much laughter of children, and also felt the
warm touch-sun of afternoon, an afternoon which reached steadily,
steadily toward eventide and sunset.
  Then Ramie said to me that it was common for the agencies to take
newborn babies from mothers on the street, to kill the baby, and use
parts of it in the cloning process; once they had a clone, they often
used it extensively for more experiments.  That this system was not
really any different than the experimental-systems of Nazi Germany,
under the rule of Hitler.
  And another quote came to mind of Henry Miller, "Hitler is no worse,
nay better, in my opinion, than the other lugs.  He makes the German
mistake of being tactless, that's all," from a letter to Lawrence
Durrell; (1939, published in The Durrell-Miller Letters, 1935, 80,
  So you see, this is not a new problem, this is not something that
just suddenly came to be, this manipulation and domination of
humanity, the killing of everything, man, woman, child, baby and
fetus--the abortion of life is rapidly becoming a reality of a social
law.  This abuse and killing is old, has been present in this Century,
and for thousands of years of recorded history; only now has it become
a full force, a force which is looking to an horizon of total human
slavery, slavery of the mind and body, identity and spirit,
originality, and even the inner-psyche.
  Then sipping her coffee, Ramie said, "it is now becoming more and
more difficult to know who to trust".  Nodding, I looked her way and
answered, "one can only trust the truth...the total-truth, only the
total truth and love, nothing else".
  Yes, that is the bottom line, total truth--the truth alone is no-
longer enough; one must have the total!
  Then Ramus mentioned some of his feelings, feelings of what to do
about this cloning.  He said that now the agencies were able to
produce a clone which would live many centuries, that there were old
clones, children clones, adult clones, clones of all ages and races,
even some clones half-human/animal, bird-human, that every imagined
possibility of combination was experimented with and developed.  Even
clones with artificial intelligence were being produced, clones for
pleasure, clones for reproduction, clones for war, miltary soldiers,
clones which did not need food, clones which lived in the ocean; the
list was long, the moments many.
  Ramie reached out and touched my hand, a warm touch, and she smiled
and said, "you know, the Islamic [Moslem] and Oriental [Asian] races,
Nations, they are not very happy with this news of cloning, and they
may turn...turn against the developers, the Caucasian race, the white
race".  Ramus,nodded and said, "yes, a race-war could very well begin
at any time, and last for Centuries; in the process the planet would
suffer greatly, and a new dark-age begin".
  ..."And in all of this," Ramie added, "eventually humanity will
plunge or fall back into more and more ignorance."  Ramus looked at me
and said, "this all is like a Tiger chasing its tail".
  ...As we sat for awhile in silence, many people passed on the
street, and I noticed a man and woman walking arm in arm, two who came
near our table, and I heard them speaking a language of the Eastern-
European, Slavic dialect; it was clear they were enjoying the spring
day and also were much in love...'yes, love'.  ...And a thought came
to mind of a East-European man I knew some time ago, and he said to me
one day in June, "you know, I grew up in the Communist-World, and
eventually got free and moved to the West, and to my surprise, found 
something of another kind...you see my friend, in the Communist State,
there was no secret that freedom was not allowed, everything was in
the open, we were told this is how it is, and so on...but here in the
West, the controls are the same, but those controls are hidden 
secretly behind the back; this false-freedom is the worst kind, worse
than Communism could ever be...as time will prove".
  And as I sat with these moments, letting those thoughts slip within
the moment to moment, I began to understand what a Salvic meant, and
could see much truth in his comment.  For with this cloning which was
secret from the people, along with many other things of question, was
also a form of censorship and control; a censorship and control 
exactly the same as Communism, but only with the title 'Freedom'; and
to continue.
  ...Ramus then leaned forward on the table and said, "you know in
America, for over a decade in some hospitals, new born babies are
implanted with a small micro-chip, and tagged that way...their parents
are not told about this; at the same time things are taken to make a
clone of that baby".
  Ramie sipped some of her espresso, and leaned back in her chair, a
slight watery in her eyes, she I sensed was feeling much grief for 
those new born babies, and also much heartache for even being here in
this life, considering that which was being done, and also because of
what this world rapidly was manifesting into.
  The author George Orwell (1903-1950), a pen name of Eric Arthur
Blair, in his book '1984', wrote much about Big-Brother--Nineteen
Eighty-Four is a cold projection of a totalitarian-state, whose
authorities exercise mind-control--"Big Brother is Watching You".  

    Big-Brother: an omnipresent (something present everywhere
simultaneously), a seemingly benevolent (obedient) figure representing
the oppressive control over individual lives; a control exerted by an
authoritarian government; a state of tyranny.

  Comments and phrasing of Mr. Orwell of that time, seem today 
becoming more and more a world-reality as I listened and also
considered...listened and also looked to the children in the small
park across the way, all playing and happy, natural joy and innocence
at its best, children and even parents unaware of a lurking monster.
And a thought came to mind of John Milton (1608-74), English poet;
Paradise Regained, bk. 4, (quote) 

    "The childhood shows the man,
     As morning shows the day."

  Then turning back to my two friends, I quickly looked to her as she
spoke--Ramie leaned forward and said to me, "the artificial world and
its power, is rapidly surrounding the natural world, and the natural 
worlds uniqueness--the artificial world will kill the natural, kill
and exterminate without regard, without regard to mercy, compassion,
understanding, or life itself...this is a very cold reality which all
natural humans must acknowledge, and in that reality do something,
something to save themselves--this is real and not a fantasy!"
  The warm and liquid crystal of the blood, is a crystalline which
generates more than the physical substance of which it is comprised.
The science of atom's and splitting atom's, is a science I could see
which was leading...leading ever further away from that which is of
the most important; 'the importance', the link of humanity with
itself, a link which will not be found through further splitting;
humanity in a way arrives here already split--the cloning process only
aggravates and extends an already difficult dilemma.
  Humanity from its birth appears surrounded with a riddle emcompassed
with mystery and unknowns, unknowns about individual-self, and to take
that unknown aspect of self and spread it over a long clone-line, that
only makes the human problem become a multiple of problems.  It is
obvious that even in a normal life, without war, chaos, cloning
manipulation, it would take an individual much time and effort to
piece together their individual mystery!  By taking an individual and
cloning it, the original mystery of that individual instantly becomes
confused and creates a multitude of new mysteries for that identity.
The irony--which relates to the book by Percy Shelley's wife, Mary
Wollstonecraft Shelley, who wrote of the artificial monster
Frankenstein, 'a creation that ultimately destroys its creator'--that
is what cloning is doing to the species human--science and the
artificial are leading into a new dark-age.
  And a little variation on this subject, of the effects of cloning
upon individuality.  Example: look at a clustered diamond ring, a
beautiful ring which also has many beautiful memories shared through
it, as it is attached to the finger.  A diamond ring of love,
friendship, companionship; many enjoyed and sincere values are
attached to such a ring.  Yes, diamonds-are-forever, and in a way a 
ring of that description, symbolizes a part of the human, those human
emotions, feelings, experiences, times and places, struggles, joys and
sorrows.  All those are like diamonds in a cluster, diamond-moments
witnessed, recorded by memory and also by the ring--through the rings
attachment to that human.  Both human and ring form a link of 
vitalism, moments of experience, which in some cases may be all which 
remains or survives of that human.
  Cloning of a human would be very much like taking a clustered
diamond ring, and dis-assembling it piece by piece, and placing the
diamonds elsewhere, with only the ring, void of all diamonds,
remaining for the human to have...and perhaps in some cases even the 
ring changed into something else.
  What does this tell you?  One can try and explain--but the reader
can explain for themself...just imagine a little.  Let the inner self,
the identity, imagine and acknowledge.  And how would it feel, to have
such a ring, such a human and ring, and all their vital elements taken
and cloned?  Even if all the diamonds of that ring were collected and
re-assembled, still would that result carry the same natural, the same
feeling-emotion of that original-ring, before it was taken and
cloned, disassembled?
  "You see," Ramus said as he conveyed to me and also Ramie, this
example of a diamond ring, "you see, tampering, manipulating,
experimenting, leads only to more chaos, confusion, and dead-ends; the
science of this Century is becoming a total dead-end".
  Ramie looked at me and responded, "when each human is born, it is
unique and encoded, it has an individual purpose, and also must find
its way; this finding is very hard, and it often takes many years for
one to find their complete-self, to learn the riddle of their
identity, to come face to face with their total absolute self--to
find how they are immortalized through love; this cloning only
exasperates or confuses the already difficult task which each human
has, and also endures".
  Ramus nodded and added, "and in all of this, the agency knows what
it does, it is totally aware of the upheaval caused, the confusion
that cloning generates--the agency is not naive or unaware that
through cloning it is disrupting the Universal-Strategy.  Tampering
with the Universal Law, is very arrogant, and also leads to disaster;
yet still this is done, and why?  What kind of human mind, what type
of human being would do such a thing to another human?"
  Looking to both of them, I thought for a moment and then could only
answer, "there are many non-humans in human form, do you think this
cloning, it is all non-human activity?"  They both were not quite
convinced that this was a total non-human thing, for they knew as so
did I, that human's often will do things to their own kind which are
deadly and also painful.  So I nodded again and re-iterated, "until we
know more, let's just agree that this agency and cloning is of human,
and non-human elements".  And now we all three nodded and understood
each other, and also that we three were on the correct path, lane,
road, and open-avenue.
  I began to realize that in many ways the human has helped this
cloning along, thus, it is a part of it--the sad reality.  The
stupidity of it all is that the human is being herded like cattle into
a cloning system by something which appears non-human--but in human
  Rami knew what I was thinking, for as she took a small mirror from
her purse, she looked into it and said, "life in many ways is a 
reflection of self, but, society and culture are a reflection of
something else...a very controlled something else."
  Few intellectuals or scholarly individuals have ever focused 
upon the point, of a culture and society being 'the controlled
something-else'; a very realistic point of view--which Ramie 
confirmed with her short message, while also looking into a very
feminine mirror.

    "Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains,"
     Jean-jacques Rousseau (1712-78), 
     Swiss-born French philosopher, political theorist;
     The Social Contract, ch. 1 (1762).

  Love of the heavens, stars which shine in the light of golden
sparkle--a heavenly woman adrift in the stars, surrounded by the
triangular, surrounded by darkness--she looks to him who is chained,
and he in his struggle looks to her...they must be free to go their
way together!
  Just one expression of one dilemma--'she who looks to him, and he
to her'.  There are as many struggles as there are stars,
constellations, galaxies; many things to overcome for the human.  The
human element is filled with much wonder, and the human-born to know
and realize, finds in its innocence a truth, and attempts to free
itself, as it learns of its mystery--through an inborn self-guidance.
A self-guidance similar too sincerity.
  As Ramie put the mirror away, Ramus watched and then said, "there
are hybrid-tomatoes, hybrid-wheat, corn, and cloning--cross cloning
is actually a form of a hybrid-human.  This crossbreeding has become
an obsession, and in the process runs the immediate risk of totally
losing the original-link."  Ramus continued, "can you imagine
severing a DNA link--and then what, actually none of this makes sense
to most individuals, but, if the stock market-crashed as it did in
1929, and a world depression occurred, or if the Earth suddenly
wabbled and flipped over--actually that is what it would be like to
lose contact with an original DNA link; this can easily happen within
a cloning manipulation."  "Another view," he went on, "cloning is the
same as counterfeit-money, and one wonders what would happen if
suddenly the world was saturated with such money, or what would
happen to the gold standard, if gold could be made from mixing water
and salt under the light of a special lamp--gold would be of no-value,
yes, panic everywhere, total economic collapse of Nations, anarchy,
revolutions, madness, open-tyranny, and the military controls then 
would be put in place, 'Martial-Law'--and another nightmare would
  Ramus stopped speaking, and after taking a sip of my espresso, I
smiled a little, and then said, "martial law by the military would
make a lot of General's very happy, and also would open the way for a
total world military control--of course if history is any indication
of how Generals of differing Nations universally get along, than I
would say, life everywhere would become very explosive and highly
active--yes, high-explosives, with unlimited deadly sanctions toward
powerful people; yes, the assassins would surely become extremely
busy--for the military mind knows only to conquer, and until that
point is reached all efforts would be made, good or bad."
  It was then that the waiter arrived and asked if we wanted another
espresso, we all three declined, for the afternoon had passed, our
meeting fulfilled, and it was time for us to move on to other things.
We paid for our drinks, and stood to leave--the children across the
street were gone, few people at the sidewalk cafe remained.  Then
Ramie stepped forward and put her arms around me, a warm hug and a
soft kiss on my cheek, Ramus smiled and likewise shook my hand and
embraced me...then like a dream, they walked away hand in hand along
the sidewalk, and I in my direction; and I must admit there were 
tears in my eyes -- yes, and why?
  Thus, when one lives in or visits Geneve by the lake, one can expect
to find much to learn and discover.  Yes, Geneve by the lake is to me
like a song, 'an ancient, and modern kind of song', have you heard it?

    "Geneve by the Lake."


  And as I end this piece, one remaining quote comes to mind--
the Scottish poet, Thomas Campbell (1777-1844),
Pleasures of Hope).

    "O Star-eyed Science! hast thou wandered there,
     To waft us home the message of despair?"


[the end of 'The Ramet Protocol' excerpts]
[note: page is yet to be proof-read]

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