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The Black Island

Journeys 2; (C)1995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski; unedited excerpts.


Chapter 8
The Black Island

  At first light a steady blowing wind came out of the east, as high
over-head a solid line of cloud, traveled south.  The sky was clear in
the east, clouded in the west--like a blanket shroud the clouds came,
moving from the north, while the wind continued to blow from the east,
as the sun appeared on the horizon.  The clouds were tinted gray,
except for the lined edge which shown pink, then turned to yellow gold
and then to white and gray, as the sunlight brightened.  Above the
clouds the moon was hidden in its last phase, and could not be seen.
  Then in a little while, from the southwest came a vulture with large
out-stretched wings, dark it was, bird of Apollo, and two hawks
soared round that bird as it circled over the very top of a pointed
mountain.  The hawks flew at the vulture, and the vulture would flip
over in the air trying to catch the hawk as it came by, yet even with
all of the diving by the hawks, still the vulture circled the mountain
peak, and then flew away gliding on the wind, returning to where it 
had come.  The line of cloud continued to move southward, the east
wind blew, and vulture and hawks were gone.
  The evening of the same day a large black bear walked out of the
forest near to the mountain, and it went into a meadow of berries and
fed for awhile, then it seemed to disappear either into the forest or
somewhere on the meadow.  When the sunset that night there appeared an
opening in the west within the cloud covered sky, near to the horizon,
and in that opening the clouds were bright and deep red, almost blood
red, and to the southwest the clouds were also deep red, tinted with
purple glow; all became darkness as the sunset and the evening star,
or planet Jupiter shown through an opening in the lower western sky.
  Twofold meaning and symbols--wind, cloud, sunrise birds in sky near
mountain peak next to meadow of disappearing bear, and perhaps all are
credence with a cause, displaying meaning for things to come, or
giving validity to that which is to be.
  One may wonder what a mystical-magical illusionary loveless world,
would derive from such a natural manifested display; message of a 
rising sun, what omen of truth, what prevailing power soon to arrive?
  ...Up from the watery depths, rising quickly, came a black island.
It was blacker than a Ravens wing, awesome black as that of a black
hole in space, and it glistened and resembled metal, but was another
kind of material.  The island blacker than black, was apocalyptic,
ominous, and foreboding to view, and a massive force resided on that
island, numbering in the tens of thousands.  They declared that they
had come to take control, piracy their cause, and all would submit or
be disposed of in a variety of torturous ways.  That it was wonderful
how the loveless world had created so much for them to plunder, and
with technical advances which could operate without the need of a 
human being; they declared this world would now be used by their kind.
Those of the Black Island, had power over the sky, land, and sea, and
all the weapons of the loveless world were useless against such power;
nor was wealth of any value, for the Black Island declared they owned
all and everything.
  Surreptitious, stealthy, the Black Island domain, who immediately 
placed a base on the moon from where they would control the entire
planet Earth and its population.  All communication networks were
seized, and began transmitting a multi-binary wave which controlled
all living humans.  For the atmosphere was sprayed with melocular 
receivers, which were either breathed in, or drank in the water; and
the people were controlled through those receivers by a melocular beam
from the sky.  Within a few days or weeks, the imaginative, innate,
and identity, were paralyzed or shut-down within the human, resistance
was futile--all the population would be sold into slavery; the old,
weak or disabled, terminated, after some torture to retrieve any
valuable knowledge they may have accumulated.  Even those mystical and
magical illusionary powers of the loveless world were captured with
ease, there was no-escape.  Such became the fate of a loveless world.
  The Black Island power said it had been here on Earth for thousands
of years, hidden beneath the water.  That the material to build the
island, they had strip-mined and processed from the Earth, selling
some to other merchant space ships.  The Grand-Canyon is what remained
of that mining; so one can understand the size of the Black Island,
and the massive amount of material processed.
  Those of the Black Island used the Earth as a collection site, to
trap power and universal-intelligence which visited or were already
on the planet when those of the Black Island arrived in the far
distant past.  Once in full control of the people, after first
arriving (in ancient time), they then invented religion, all the
religions of the various races.  And though the Black Island was all
powerful, still they conceded that there were yet greater powers--and
that God, deities, or supreme power, was present in the Universe, a
power of which they were striving to become, through their gathering
of intelligence and control.  Thus, a web to catch and isolate,
control and sap, was devised by the Black Island, to capture the
universal-intelligence which was present on Earth in a multitude of
forms, and in the human being.
  With that basic description, which was transmitted by the island to
everyone on the planet, much upheaval and contradiction arose within
the many cultures.  Those with a thirst for power asked to be taken in
by the Black Island, and they were ignored, many of the wealthy asked
to be taken in too, and they were laughed at, others wanted no part
of it, still others remained undecided and in limbo.  Some abandoned
the cities and went to hide in the mountains and wilderness, others
complied, many sought death--but death was not easy to come by.  For
the identity, psyche, soul, spirit, or mind, and their motive-force,
the Black Island wanted, and went to great effort to preserve and
collect; so one who sought death could not find it before those of the
island appeared.  The unique features of the human species, are very
original and free willed, a commodity of value to the Black Island, a
commodity which others in the Universe would also buy from the Black
Island power.
  The Black Island said it had appeared many times through the
millenniums, to take control and sell what they could plunder, always
leaving a few humans to re-populate and begin again.  Those humans who
remained were unable to pass their knowledge from generation to
generation, only small bits and pieces lingered within the confines of
legend and myth.  For living was hard battling the elements of weather
and hunger, for all modern conveniences were gone; and little effort
was given to learning, or the recording of knowledge and history.
Within a Century only a small amount remained of the truth of what had
happened--which was passed on by word of mouth; though much remained
hidden within the subconscious, which could still be recalled and
known.  And from time to time other space travelers would visit Earth,
being curious or coming for some other reason, and many stayed awhile
in control of the people; while they lived among the natives, so
it seemed.  The Black Island often was able to capture some of them in
a hidden way, some (space travelers) did get away with great struggle
and effort, while the native people watched in amazement, not really 
understanding all which took place.
  As the Centuries passed, the language of a race became altered, some
cultures even lost their language all together, thus what ledgend of
significance which remained, was also lost or mixed with different
theme's; the total truth became even harder to find.  The multitude of
various languages (on the planet) one would realize, represented the
many different races or off-shoots of an original race or culture.  
Some of those were inundated with the language and symbols of space 
travelers, which added to the already confusing situation, and of 
course helped to hide the language used by the Black Island power.
  Seeming to appear (born) at random intervals, were exceptionally
bright individuals, some of which used their ability to control the
already unfortunate people.  The Black Island would learn of those
individuals, but rarely intervened, for there was no great threat from
small cultures or civilizations, and that also helped to conceal the
presence of the island; Earth appeared like a developing planet with
backward races, and no real threat or value to the advanced races who
visited from space.
  Cultural changes were gradual, and some cultures disappeared
completely, while others grew and then dwindled.  As a culture grew 
and living became mild, so too increased those with knowledge who used
that knowledge to gain more power and control over the masses.  During
those times, the mystical and magical, the illusionary and
manipulative, established roots, and began to delve into creating a
non-existent-dimension which appeared very real; from one of those the
loveless-world came to be.  Very clever and unique the masters of
magic saw this 'illusion' take on substance--and a reality of a kind,
a world of a lie made to seem true.  The Black Island smiled upon that
development, for it saw in those developments much from which they
could plunder; so they allowed it to continue to grow to see what it
would become, however the Black Island was no illusion and would
utilize such a dimension for its own purpose.
  In order to hold the loveless world in place or make an illusion
seem real, the total truth and reality would be subdued, censored,
dominated and corrupted, by the authority of the masters of mystic
magic; who were of both-genders.  The complex and simple were weaved
into an icon, and would lead the masses--giving them much to believe
in as power (political), and wealth establised a reality of its own
too.  Perplexing, uncertain, difficult, puzzling and distracting was
the loveless world to those who realized it was a hold within a hold.
A side road of sorts, which once one was free of, if they could get
free, one would still find the beginning dilemma of the Black Island
present and in control of them.  Understanding this perplexity,
the Black Island, shrewd and cunningly created yet another side-road,
a road mixed into the religion of the cultures--thus, though religion
was to help one free themselves, still in that belief would they in
reality become free?  Only where the total-truth was known, was there
true freedom.  One of the important truths which was hidden, was that
all human's were star-born, and immortal entities, caught within a
maze meant to capture their total essence and being.
  The ancient legends, also were very difficult to interpret in a
loveless world, for much altering was done to hid the truth.  The
Black Island valued the truth, for it led to the supreme power, a
power of which they wished to have, so they worked at controlling
portions of the truth along with those humans within their sphere
of control.  The masters of the loveless world feared the truth, for
it would dissolve their illusionary world; and like a black foreboding
cloud, the total truth hovered over the minds of those of the
loveless world.

     History if altered and manipulated to fit a set of needs,
     can have a great influence of control over the masses,
     and if done with care and thoroughness,
     can eventually close or hide the true doorway out!

  And that became the undoing of the loveless world, for when the
circle enclosure was completed, where all the truth was controlled,
it was then that the Black Island appeared--to reap the harvest; for
the loveless worlds dimension was then sealed from any other opposing
force, forces which would definitely appear to deal with the Black
Island, of which they knew existed.
  Thus, is a small description of what reclines in wait for the
loveless world and all those caught within its hold.  A hold which
many by their own choice agreed too--not realizing what was really
within that agreement.  So easily herded, like cattle for slaughter or
chickens tied for butcher, the loveless world and Black Island viewed
the human race.  One important point to realize--was that after the
Black Island appeared, there would be no possible way of escape from
it, all ways would then be closed.
  The power of the total truth, with love standing at its side, divine
as it is, is also woven to the Universal Law, which the Black Island
was fully aware of--a law which they too had to comply.  Such 
compliance was not of an opposing kind, but as a universal-truth, a
cosmic order of the divine, of which the Black Island in order to gain
such power, must also conform too and observe.
  Enigmatic, the Black Island seems all to be, and it may be very hard
for some to believe such an island could exist, be that as it may--as
one believes as they wish.  And if one was tied to 'seeing is
believing', then they would remain tied; for after the Black Island
appeared, it would be to late to find a way of escape--thus, as they
saw, so too would they be captured.


[here ends this chapter-8 of Journeys 2]
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