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Hi-Tech-Caves and a Cyclops

Love Verse 96, (C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski

Unedited excerpt from LoveVerse96, a book of analogies on various social
subjects, and reviews of several outstanding authors.  The following
is one of the analogies.


Hi-Tech-Caves and a Cyclops

  As I wander through this world reading and listening, and also
letting a little bit of imagination free, as I try to grok my mind,
some thoughts arrive like star-dust glimmers...night sky.

  Thoughts asking questions...is there 'something', something there
yet not quite easy to reach, something to be seen, yet not quite
heard, something which appears impressive, but only to view, something
curious, interesting, and even passionate; ahh, "the passionate 

  And what are these 'somethings' which continue arriving as they do,
and how did the life which I have somehow come to be surrounded with
"something this...something that"?

  While I walk each mile, or cruise the open road, or sit and eat
much food, I smile and hear all the non-sense, breathe and smell
the pollution and grime; after-breath sometimes seems better than
the air of a systematic-city.

  Yes, it is quite frustrating being aware of all the ridiculousness,
all the Artificial-HYPE...so many artificial unnatural things!  I
continuously try, trying to hear importance, while listeing to all 
the pettiness, all the tit-for-tat between so many, and while the
time-clock of my life ticks away, the world seems to get even deeper
into its stinking-mess and breath -- misplaced minded world, and the
cesspool water levels rise.

  Nobody gives a hoot about any of it, all the men and women,
children or grandparents, are locked to their TV-screens, letting
it form and dictate their every move, every moment, every thought;
all mixed with the theme, "want more money this week," buy this,
have that, what about the Jones...where are Mr & Mrs Smith traveling,
what are the Smith's & Jones wearing to the party???  Only a few care
about anything else, so give the Green Peacer's a cheer, at least 
they have courage enough to carry the banner, and make the point--
but there are so many points, and so many needs, that I sometimes
wonder if...

  ...if one of these days the Earth will just roll-over and start
anew, a roll which will flip completely, pole to pole--wobble and 
whirl, becoming a new dance.  Goodbye tide and seasons, equinox and
solstice, tides and water ways, goodbye pollution sapping core,
good bye human abuser...

  The Earth can do it whenever it wants too, just flip, wobble,
whirl, and dance itself into a better time and place; and has it
happened before?  Of course it has -- many many times, all while
humanity took the ride, the ride of their life; only a few humans
surviving...but now to the Cyclops.

  The Cyclops was a computer hidden in a cave, it had one lens like
a light, which was placed in the center of its head shaped top...the
cave was secured with an invisible-electron door, so one could enter
but not exit, at least exit the same way they entered.  Once inside,
eventually the person was transported to another location; there can
be any number of thoughts as to what that cave entailed, and also 
what it looked like inside.

  The ancient Greeks may have known of such a cave as far back as
1000BC, just as they knew of the various Oracles--the Oracles werer
locations, "very energy filled portals," which worked similarly to
the Cycloptic-Cave.  At one time there were a multitude of 
truth-mediums 'Oracle', very cryptic energies placed here and there
in this world.  Have you read Homer, an ancient Greek writer who was
supposedly blind, yet wrote classical stories--lived around 850BC and
known for several books of outstanding expression; one is the Odyssey,
which now is a classical book of verse--the Odyssey has a chapter 
on the Cyclops.

  Who knows, maybe Homer was a victim of that cave, transported into 
the ancient past where he wrote classical literature, and maybe 
eventually he was transported away.  That is a nice thought,
'transported away', seems more civilized than the crude form of
death, funerals, cremations, and burials, which are in this world.

  It is quite remarkable how many varieties of thought suddenly
drift-hover through the air as one thinks of a Cyclops and hidden
cave, Oracles and truth-mediums--thoughts inspecting reason; and I
realize too that reasoning has its own images-cave.

  Cyclops, Oracles, and also there was one called, 'The 100-Handed'...
Yes, they all represent a kind of wisdom meant to team the mind and
populous into one factual line--a very thin-line indeed, thin like a
wire, that's it...a 'wired-thin-line'.  And they (Greeks) gave the
Cyclops a human form or persona, and said it ate humans, which it
didn't...every had your e-mail lost...something the computer ate--
however the Cyclops didn't eat anyone or anything, probably just sent
them to an unknown location?

  A location imagined harmful or not connected, if you know what I
mean. Sort of an out-of-the-way-zone, like the hidden-away-zone-Earth;
a zone as it seems, where one's original composite is held in limbo,
stymieed, caught, confused.

  Of course the location (imagined) might also be a location which 
could be found easily...not harmful...perhaps a paradise;
some nice place like...

      Elysian fields
      The Happy Hunting Grounds in the Sky
      Koranic Meadows
      The Empyrean

...or any one of the numerous paradises which have been written of
through history.  If the truth could be known, much of course would
be told, but the Cyclops as described by Homer, was said to be
distroyed (the cave hidden away), and only known to the husband of a
woman named Penelope.

  And dear Penelope, such a pretty name Penelope, soothing, warm,
sensual, and true, true to her man Penelope was...and is!  Penelope,
sweet, gentle, and also stern; beautiful like a spring flower in 
bloom, fresh like the air after a summer shower, lovely like the 
sunrise colors and sunsets, ever faithful like the moon is to the 
earth.  Yes, Penelope, the love and loved-one of Odysseus, the man 
who knew of the hidden cave and Cyclops; as Homer did record 
approximately 2850 years ago.

  Moving on--another piece of survived info from Homer is that the
Cyclops and the 100-Handed, were both taken to a place deep within
the Earth; hidden there and out of commission, probably just a
shut-off switch.

  And what would it be like, if the 'great and powerful', or those
coy & sly government agencies of this world in present, were to
become aware of such a find...Cyclops and 100-Handed?

  Hidden in the Earth, the Cyclops and the 100-Handed, if truly known
about, would surely have a price on their heads like the one placed
on Big-Foot, the Abominable Snowman; and how much is the reward placed
on Big Foot?  $1-Million, 'Dead or Alive'...what a message humanity
transmits, what a world modern-civilized-man has made...$1mil,
Dead or Alive.

  And what is Big Foot?  There are a few pictures of the creature, and
photo's of its tracks.  Big Foot, 'something which leaves tracks in
the mud or snow', big tracks, which suddenly stop--every get stopped
in your tracks?  If you have, maybe you know something about Big-Foot!

  Batman, Superman, and Superwoman, may know of, or be related to
Big Foot, and all four of them seem to be able to make tracks which
just end; where did they go?

  Maybe somewhere out there a Jacob's Ladder swings, which Batman,
Superman, Superwoman, and Big Foot, know how to find...an invisible
Jacob's Ladder, swinging quietly too and fro, sort of a musical kind
of swinging, just waiting for someone's arrival; the arrival of one
who knows, the arrival of one who can see.

  And maybe those of the disappearing, as Batman, Superman,
Superwoman, and Big Foot, have yet other ways and means, perhaps
they can really fly, or maybe Jacob's Ladder is a flying-ladder
which weaves, swings, and sails through the sky.

  ...and to fly...of course how-days a lot of people like to
fly-and-get-high, but that's another subject--days gone by.

And who is that over there, Penelope or Miss Love?

And as this soft-satire comes to a close, one can smile
and muse too...muse?

Yes a muse,
and now the muse within me says,
"that's enough for now my friend,
time for us both to -- fly-high."


[here ends this excerpt, on Hi-Tech Caves and a Cyclops]
[page yet to be proof-read]

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