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of Gomb

Love Verse 96, (C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski

LoveVerse96 is a book of analogies on social-views-oddities, also
included are reviews on some author's/authoresses; style, vitalism,
empathic-fiction, prose/poetry.

The following unedited excerpt from LV96.


of Gomb

  "...and tell me, what is a Gomb, not a comb...but it sounds like
comb, except the 'b' is distinct--like a short ba; so comb, spelled
with a G...and then Gomb with the ba, you've got it...Gomb, or Gombs."

  Ever seen or met a Gomb, ever heard one?  I have never seen or
heard a Gomb, but I know they are around.  Something like a
translucence--not visible, yet present, something which comes and
goes like frost, something which can feel like a feather; yes, those
are Gomb-traits; things of the still unknown kind.

  So I asked myself one day, "what does a Gomb look like?"  And I
received a real-cool answer; cool like in chill, for a
quiver-chill passed over my body as I strolled along and thought
Gomb.  Then as mind un-blanked (listening to inner-voice), an answer
came that a Gomb could be short or tall, yet always oblong; oblong
like a feather.  And I wondered if the Indian's knew of Gomb?

  Then the message came that one time (long ago) someone had asked
an Indian if they knew of Gomb...and the Indian nodded and said they
had, that a Gomb was their mothers cat -- mother, meaning the 
Earth-Mother, and Gomb had been around for at least a thousand years.
Around that is, in the Pacific Northwest, Cascade Mountain Range, or
there-abouts the Puget Sound area--you know, near the Emerald City;
a city named after the Indian chief, Seattle.  Around perhaps too and
near Mount Olympus, where Indian-legends say, Mount Rainier originally
was located, poised next to Mount Olympus.

     ...something about two Dragons, one dark and one fiery--both
     having a big-battle; and she said goodbye to them both (she
     being Mount Rainier), and then she moved to the Cascade Range.
     There is another legend of the ancient, to go with that one,
     both legends leading to the same conclusions; placing that
     beauty-volcanic Mount Rainier, where she now is.

  Yes, quite a whereabouts, the Northwest, where that Indian speaking
of Gomb, did his wilderness roam, thinking of the Old-Ones,
Dragons, Dinosaurs, and of a beautiful Woman.

  The wilderness is a very old place which has much to tell, much
to feel within ones thought.  Ever walked in the forest and wondered
about the shadows, moss, ferns, trees, birds and insects--lot of
spiders, flies, butterflies too; ever wondered what it was about,
that place of the ancient?

  Ancient trees, moss, hills, valleys, creeks, forested domain of
the first, ancient like always there, ancient like the old-ones,
ancient as of-the-beginning.

  ...and the shadowy forest transmitted a feeling, as though something
or someone were watching, suddenly I felt as if I had been there
before--a euphoric sensation of mystery and intrigue seemed to
suddenly awaken around me.  Euphoria coming into the present, as
though from another dimension, another place in time, another
Gombian realm or dominion--a feeling from within, an expression
strong and alert, indicating that some how, someway, I had already
passed by here before; but how could that be?

  Ever had the feeling you were being followed, ever felt as though
something was standing next to you--yet, what could that something be?
Ever lost your keys...where did they go, almost like that something
next to you might have borrowed them for a moment or two--and what
is that something?

  That something is probably like a Gomb, for a Gomb has yet to be
met in the clear light, or shadowy of day, or in the dim-glimmer of
quiet nights--yet still as that something, which you feel now and then
near you, is yet to be met or seen within the known of what you are,
realize it is there and justly so...just for you.

  So for now a Gomb can be something present, yet unknown--a
translucent-feeling, even lost-keys; something which resides within
a Gombian Kingdom and is known to be near, yet not quite visible;
sort of a good feeling a Gomb can be--and now I am beginning to
understand that Gombism has been around for a long time, just like
the moon-beams and similar things.

  You see, there is much more going on than just taking a nod, making
money, eating, sleeping, going too...or taking showers, doing
laundry while talking on the phone watching television and sipping
a drink; all at the same time.

  There is more going on than the artificial worry of Congress, that
ever needs more money to spend on defense, luxuary, and re-election,
there is more going on than the new grocery-cartel shopping-center
located down the street, or the latest price-report on beans and
hog-bellys, there is more going on than whether it will rain
tomorrow or just snow--there has always been more going on while
humanity is herded and diverted like sheep, into a multitude of
mazes and puzzling phases.

  Ever had your continuity scrambled, that fine and precise
concentration-moment (which never ever really stays very long),
that clear sensation when everything fits just as you know it must,
sort of like that getting-it-on moment can be.

  And that clear-continuity moment which came complete when you
first took a breath, what happened to that perceptive and
enthusiastic ability?

  No-one seems to know where that clear-moment, that vivid
sensational high, that climatic surge and tingling warmth, really is 
located or how to find it...or how to have it always?  However, 
everyone was born with it -- and who controls it, who turns the 
switch, and is such a control-system immoral?

  Yes, in the 60's & 70's they said, "don't drink the water, don't
believe anyone over 30"; what are they saying today?

  Today, everyone is quietly going about their-business, if you know 
what I mean--passive silence will never make it, nor will dramatic
loud-noise; it is going to take a little bit of the intelligence
you have, your emotions, and also some help from something like
a Gomb.

  Yes, there is a lot going on within you, within the confines of
self, self determination, self-will, and the beauty you are.  A lot
more is going on than what those distractions of TV, politics,
cartels, hog-bellys and beans, can ever come near to giving you;
need I say more...

  So let's move on and return to that elusive yet mind inspiring
Gomb, which does not try to dominate your mind or your body, or your
highly taxed pocket book.  Take a walk and look around, you will
begin to see there are a lot of somethings, somethings which a
Gomb might be; and those somethings all truly have a message
which is meant just for you.

  And I wonder about things translucent, and whether they can be seen
on the otherside.  The other-side, is a very difficult thing to
write about--for I have always felt there was more than just
the other-side.  To me there have always been multiple-other's,
never just one other-side, and few people have I met who feel the
same.  Thus, I sometimes sense as if, I am more alone then this alone
planet in its alone solar-system, floating round and round like an
'unknown something'.

  Have you ever loved someone, I mean really loved that someone,
and lost them?  That is the kind of alone feeling, or the unknown
somethings, which I am writing about--a kind of something love
feeling, which I have felt every day and moment of my life, and I 
know I am not the only one!  Such an enduring thing this life all is 
with its somethings, Gombs, and so many other lines and expressions;
so come along and let's continue.

  Perhaps a Gomb is something which tries to reach us, touch, feel,
help, so the alone-world on which we have arrived, will somehow
show a part of the aloneness within us--that we can free-ourselves;
perhaps a Gome is that something, an invisible translucent
sensitivity, a something Gomb.

  You see no matter how powerful a person is, or how highly born they
may be, still they have the same dilemma as everyone, for they
surely (must) know of that something Gomb, which too is near to them; 
a something which I have now realized is very hyperesthetically 

  You've got it -- 'hyperesthetically', extremely sensitive to
atmospheric, an acute sense of pain, heat, cold, or touch; sensory
stimuli increased, touch and sound extremely active; and does that
sound like something dear Sweet Love could be, or would be?

  Imagine that, a Gomb is hyperesthetic, also spelled:
hyper-es-the-sia, aes-the-sia, esthesia.

  So when one begins to feel 'cool as in chill', or has 'a flash as 
in hot', perhaps what they are feeling, having, living, at the 
moment, is a shared Gomb beam.

  Now as I continue my walk, thinking Gomb, some other important
thoughts come to mind.  A Gomb can be very hyper-sensitive, and they 
also are aggressively inclined, when they know the open way, even
'possessively-encouraged'.  Does that sound like something every human
must know of; possessively-encouraged is a very strong and curious
phrase.  And I wonder if a sputtering-meteorite, or shooting star,
which flashes across the clear night sky, as one looks within their
silence, if that star is also possessively-encouraged to find its way
to Earth?

  Some would say that shooting star was a random occurrence, and
they are totally wrong.  For as one gains in grey hairs and wrinkles,
or becomes hairless and hard of hearing, or perhaps walking with a
stick, one will also know and realize that there is not one single
accident as to why things happen the way they do--including witnessed
shooting stars; and one can truly trust, the Universe to in
someway tell them how things really are.

  Shifting dimensions, manifesting twine, shaping, duplicating,
ability sublime, and in the complexity, simplicity combined,
I wonder if perhaps Mentality, and Miss Certainty, have reason
true and fine?

  As the seasonal does shift surroundings, as within an energy-belt
of climate, surely one must know that the ever present sun and moon,
sky and sea of blue, Gomb, and Gomb Dominion, along with dear
Miss Love, have answers through and through.

  And now that dear companion of muse and verse so fine, looks my way
and says to me,
"...that's all for now my friend,
come -- let's fly to an opal-moon".

 [and here ends this excerpt, Gomb, from LV96]
[page is yet to be proof-read]

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