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The Lake

Journeys 2, (C)1995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski, unedited excerpts.

Chapter 3
The Lake

Hidden in our hearts
the beginning circle starts,
and round we go as it unfolds
the benevolence of our heart.

You sweet maiden
of the spirit,
can see two loved-ones there
walking hand in hand with the summer air,
meadow place
quiet lake,
where weightless light of sky
seems sent as luminary
to kiss those tender brows of two.

It is the will they share
which creates their motion there,
as warm and touching love does see,
those gentle love's both talking,
laughing smiling joking,
youthful two both walking.

  Minuet and Virgil ambled along the path which led from on top of
the meadow hill, a hill which overlooked 'the Vally of Whispers'.
The lake was east from where they were, with the open meadow reaching
to it.  The height of the meadow grass was above their ankles, and
some of the flowers rose to their knee's.  Pausing for a moment,
they both looked skyward to their right to see the white snow covered
ridges of the mountain, a mountain which they too called "Whispers".
Turning to their left they gazed to a lower meadow with a cabin
nestled next to the lake.  High above the cabin was another mountain
ridge, but no snow was there, only a very green and peaceful expanse
with alpine-trees and small open meadows.
  The maiden-spirit who watched these two, was filled with a charm
made to do no harm, for she had feelings bright and true, and was
for the love of those two.  The wonderment of summer, is often
camouflaged in our quiet-feelings which we only see--as we listen.
For the maiden spirit watching Minuet and Virgil, could not be seen,
at least not now, yet her thoughts and feelings surely could be read,
and heard in mind by them.  Feelings heard can very well come to us 
if only as a whispered-sudden thought, arriving as a surprise often
does--while we dance along with emotion-contemplation reaching,
coming as upon a breezy-breeze, within a pleasant summer moment-
afternoon; meadow lake and mountain high, is a place where spirits
may be revealed.
  Minuet and Virgil had strolled some distance after leaving the 
meadow hill, both meandering toward the peaceful quiet lake.  As they
wandered, their bare-feet were tickled by the grass, and Minuet
mused to herself while thinking thoughts of love--"if you wonder how
I love, do you wonder how I wonder...?...it's very simple how I 
wonder walking next to you, for my wonder is very as 'I love you'...
a spirited love is here with me, the cherry tree is awaking, I feel a
warmth of you from a tranquility which lives inside of me...time does
seem to stop, yet I am still moving in my thoughts, and I wonder if
my thoughts are a part of your mind, transmitting-coming clearly
straight to me."  High upon the stem a budding flower opens to a
whisper motion breeze, and releases a perfume contact message;
perfume-floral symmetry, sent along the windy-way.  And as the lofty
seeking scent of perfume-aery, does glide-drive and meander, it comes
as a hope to touch upon a sweetness there with musing senses
youthful two--two who walk slowly breathing freshness-airy field,
scented lake and valley too.
  Minuet and Virgil slowly reach the lake following the stretching
path which led the way.  On the left of the lake were tall green 
trees, the same on the right, like a prehistoric dwelling place this
shimmering lake seemed all to be.  Across the water on the right,
the mountain stood alone with its snow top ridges white, elevated
site, that summit which touched cloud and sky, a sky with towering
clouds--which now were billowing high, 'if thunder surely rain'.
Next to the shore a grassy stretch, it was there they both did
pause to sit and rest, and to gaze up, watching birds in atmosphere,
who were gliding having fun.
  Swallows sailed everywhere darting diving fly, clouds so dazzling
far beyond, bulging swelling high--the breeze was warm and blew
steadily as they sat or laid on cushion grasses green, both gingerly
looking up, watching flying-feathered friends briskly whisking-through
the air.  Then Virgil slowly turned his gaze, from sky and rippling
lake, toward Minuet and asked, "the swallows I like to watch as I
listen for their chirping, tell me, what do you think they're singing
of?"  Minuet who had been thinking thoughts of love, glanced in
Virgil's direction, and then up into the sky to-spy on high flying
swallows, then calmly answered, "they're singing of a love they have,
perhaps a love like your's and mine."  As she gazed into his eyes,
he glanced in return--they both now felt and traveled with a current
they both knew, for they were entirely in contact with, their inborn
'telepathic-message love'.
  ...Love and charm positioned inborn in us, is secured with the
message from our pre-birth place, a source and site to understand.
For bonded to our mind and encoded in our love, is a source-reality
link, a link to all we are...  Love and charm like happiness, abounds
with beaming light, and pre-birth importance, from our source-reality,
is there too, just like a spirit of delight.  Child-like realm, and
consistent faithful love, both come from a place where telepathic
love abounds, a sphere contained and known to all--if one only looks
and perceives; a splendid realm we must strive to recall, and get in
touch with.
  Virgil leaned over and spoke to Minuet with words that came from
his heart, "there is something which I want to share...to tell."
He paused for a moment then slowly began to speak openly, "I love you,
I think I have always loved you...will always love you."  Minuet
smiled, her eyes sparkling with hidden tears as she heard his words
of love so clear, and she whispered to him, "I love you too, I think
we have always been in love...it feels so good and true."  Then
Virgil looked at her and asked, "do you know 'the dream', the one of
love?"  She answered, "yes, I have had it too."  "I'm so glad to hear
that," he responded.  "I'm glad you mentioned it, for now I know you
know," Minuet answered with a soft and mellow voice.  Looking deeply
to her, Virgil glided as does a spirit-fly (to be within her soft and 
gentle eyes), finding a pathway there, a passage-open...open arms 
within.  Then he responded, "yes, it would have been hard if only one
of us knew 'the dream'."
  The charm of love divine, its source as from above, is careful now
to let these two slowly find their way, while sweet maiden of the
spirit, standing nigh in silence, thought of love and play as she
looked skyward-bound to the swallows gliding soaring on their way.

['the dream', a spirit-link to the divine]

The swallows up above
chirping on their way,
are singing their song of love today,
a singing message love,
one united within two hearts.

A song of love their chirping,
broadcasted, to awaken emotion and response,
singing sent from deep within,
a timeless song they sing,
swallows in the air--
a song
which in the telling free's an ever-blend,
a song
sent to join a love that's there,
a song which too is shared so keenly well.

A singing song of love
they sang,
swallows in the air,
a song from two alone that day
near meadow and a lake,
a lake all glimmering with the light
of afternoon--
and perhaps that is truly only why
the swallows sang their tune.

In their chirping nature heard
and soon opened a path,
for nature knew a swallows signal
is a signal, meaning all is well.

For love and grace, had now
a holding spell on Minuet and Virgil,
and could also see 'the dream',
the one of love,
for it was now approaching.

Love of grace and modesty,
rarely ever needs but one-love,
for in 'the dream',
the one of love,
love of love resides--
as within a two in one love.

  ...As youthful two lay peacefully, both closely clinging so,
suddenly there came a spirit breeze with a dream-like-mind connect,
which traversed, reached, touched, and converged to take hold.
Within natures realm, where heavenly wonder surely does reside, an
energy is present to make a blend-consolidate to rise and elevate,
perceptive selves of two.  Minuet and Virgil have now drifted 
together as upon a swoon of heavenly dream, both reaching for the
other, as a dreaming time of love approached.  And while their eye's
were closed to all surrounding them, just then did the spirit-maiden
suddenly materialize, becoming fully present there next to sleeping

Sweet maiden of the spirit
a youthful woman in poise,
looked to her right and saw him standing there,
a youthful handsome spirit man.
He saw her standing gazing at him
and knew she was a spirit-one of love,
and as she neared he reached for her hand,
a hand so warm and smooth,
a hand that tingled too.

  'The dream', the one of love, was where these youthful spirits 
were, youthful woman and man, a realm of their entirety, a realm
where two can be as one.  The spirits (maiden & youth) were simply 
known as 'the loved-ones'.
  Arm in arm they stood nigh-observing all that was near, seeing
Minuet and Virgil who laid upon a meadow couch beneath a sky of blue.
A meadow couch with green tints of color, greens which seemed to
reach as arms around those two, two whose white clothes glowed with
a little blue of sky, perhaps it was the very peacefulness of that
moment and their slumber, which opened all towards those blushing
aura colors blue and green.
  Spirit maiden and spirit youth were one in the same with Minuet
and Virgil there within that valley-fold, a summer-day in June.  The
spirit maiden and youth now sat not far from youthful two, and this
foursome as it seemed--was in reality, twosome Minuet and Virgil,
who were now within 'the dream', the one of love.
  The divine is there for all to recognize as it meets all human
needs, and perceptively we can perceive as we learn to recognize
our divinity.  Divinity comes weaved within our inborn pre-birth
trust, it's there for us and is a must.  Inborn pre-birth trust,
is likened to be everything imagined, lived, dreamt, and though
seeming aloof or often separate, as we do take note, surely we
must know our inborn pre-birth trust was born within our divinity,
where we imagine, live, and dream; a gift of birth, which truly is
complete and within us all.
  To reach our love a-dreaming, is to speak truly as from the
reaching pulse of love, a pulse--the place of love, which youthful
two Minuet and Virgil have learned to recognize, a place too,
which they have come to know simple as 'the dream', the one of love.
  There is a wind in light, a wind which leads or sends one to a
site-where their path of emotion finds a doorway, an instant
entrance one does see, which seems to materialize from deep
within; an opening now toward which Minuet and Virgil both do glide.
  As these two ride upon that beam, a journey space it seems to be,
a space too, which happened to be foursome-twosome, with dream-like
mind connect.  For in 'the dream', the one of love, there is a
telepathic love enlightenment, which able's Minuet and Virgil to see
clearly through the eyes of their spirit-love's (spirit maiden and
spirit youth), and within that very vast world is their 'source-
reality'--a complete and solemn place only their's; such are the 
rewards of consistent faithful love.
  Within the unfolding dream, two golden-brown butterflies flew 
twirling and kissing through the sky, a sky in which dreaming
youthful two could now clearly see.  Bright sun above warmed their
face, a keen touching sun, reaching-ever to their peaceful minds,
coming as a total stillness that bright light, to touch as tender
fingers would touch a fluttering leaf, or flower and its petals;
a light to calm its shaking from a sudden brisk wind.  And that
bright-light with warm stillness-calm, streamed too with messages
to help 'completeness' clearly enliven, strengthen, secure, two
swooning-napping dreaming.
  Spirit maiden and youth also saw and watched the golden butterflies
in flight, wings of polished gold on top, burnished bronze-brown
underneigh.  The golden butterflies were very spirited navigating
through the air, reflecting golden flicker-flashes like signal-mirrors
with beaming sparkle twinkles of the sun.
  Golden butterflies both streaked along, also sending their symbol
messages, transmitted by their mystic flutter-flight; they were
winged-wind messengers, sent to declare that love had arrived and
was in tune with 'the telepathic mind connect'.
  Then maiden spirit spoke to spirit youth, who warmly held her hand,
"our temperament is very like those two rising golden butterflies,
swiriling, twirling, kissing upon the airy, so embraced they are by
the meadow summer breeze."
  Spirit maiden and youth, now looked from butterflies to each other,
and spirit youth responded, "you know as I, how difficult it might
be if we were to play the fool, and did things away from each other,
for what we truly both do best, comes when we are together."
  Spirit youth smiled, and then continued, "you sweet maiden spirit,
see our two love's there (Minuet and Virgil), and up above us here,
two butterflies swirl about like two love's in the air, perhaps those
butterflies are as two-golden starry lights, shining in the sky--two
stars for us which shine, stars which we must find...you maiden
spirit, who's features are surrounded with a universal charm, and I,
the one for you it does seem, would like and wish to know...know you
in all ways, ways I shall describe to you."
  Spirit youth paused for a moment, thinking long and true, then he
began, "your long hair cascades upon slender shoulders soft and fair,
your face is beautiful, you are pleasing to my mind, and also quite
enticing, yes, very enticing...your chin from its beginning follows
along to a gentle neck which traces to your shoulders warm, you are
so very feminine, and I see passions buoyancy reflecting with a
spectrum blush upon your cheeks--a blush as from determined self,
a self of whom I feel I've always known."
  He breathed deeply and now glanced toward the lake, then turned
back to her and continued, "as I relax my sight and let myself go,
I rest my passions upon you with an intent to find ourselves alive
within our sight and also within our 'insight', a glory to pursue...
as I proceed upon this relaxing-motion sway, a pleasing silence
comes, one which I feel is undivided, informed, and very intimate--
a motif-like pattern beam, silently signifying that we both do
chose to be complete, complete within a love of love...looking to
your eyes, I feel us teeming upon our sight, entwined-light we
glide upon--entwined light, like a circle haze round glistening sun
or silvery moon, atmospheric blush, or like a rainbow-radiant glow,
infused by the rain and brightly shining sun...dear rainbow's
spectrum-florescent flare, joined compact interlaced, radiant sheen,
rainbow spectrum shine, just as our teeming light of love...and from
these natural atmospheric wonders, halo-light and rainbow-sheen,
we both must surely know and understand that our beings do inspire 
us with a great desire, to be two as one."
  Youthful spirit paused as he looked upon her face, looking and
reading her emotion-message form, then he continued to speak to her,
"upon a nighttime near to sea when sky seems so alive with twinkling 
stars, stars appearing so pure and bright, seen now and then through 
an opening of a moon kissed whitened cloud, cloud all aglow in hover 
twilight shine...like so it seems to me, we to are linked to be joined
as a moonlit night delight...a zephyr blows, hard it comes, like 
windy sea waves moving too and fro, yet standing as you do here next 
to me, I perceive a gentle quiet spell arise from you, to calm that 
gusty-sea and wind; for a vast and spacious tranquility-realm does 
emit from deep within you...an empire, a lodging only you possess,
command and have power over, where waves of love in rhythmic symmetry
reach, transmit, and coax, to intensify my love for you, and I feel 
the love which reaches from you is to touch me with your spirit 
message true...a message-messenger your spirit blend, like golden-
butterflies and swallow gliding high, conveying to us that if we wish,
we two could be soaring high as those clouds that hover so, for we 
both are capable, able both to share and be together within that 
natural starry-sea, atmospheric nighttime light with gentle moon 
complete, or daytime billow-cloud, where angelic birds do glide and 
  Maiden spirit heard her handsome spirit man's message-emotion words,
and felt his feeling of entirety-intensify, and smiling in return,
she nodded and responded, "you are to me, as radiant shining-sun all
aglow, and I am as the planet earth, transforming as you know...oh,
radiant shining-sun that you are, please remember your sparkling 
rays of light bring forth life from me, as spinning faithful earth
is brought life from the sun...and as we both do dwell, spirit
beings two--let your-love illuminate as of the sun, to lay warmly
always here upon me, your truth to penetrate with passions soothing
sheen, bringing growth to multiply, yearned fulfillment dream...for
you and I are all prevailing entities, just as sun and earth are all 
encompassing and prevailing, as also too is our love...let our love
be like the tides--powerful yet free rolling, allow our love to shine
like the sunlight, warm and penetrating, allowing our love to ever be
unconstrained, unobstructed, liberated, emancipated, for if our love
became captured, then our love would surely be something which we
both would see, as much less."
  Spirit youthful man smiled and responded, "I see your love to be
like a shower in the month of May, love sent by you to help the 
flowers grow, while warming shining sun, reaches there to you as
flowers all do sing, 'warming-shower with some sun is so good',
and rainbow in the sky proclaims that this is all as to signify,
'a message me to you'."
  Maiden spirit thought for a moment and then asked, "will you look
into, into all that I am my love, and if you will, will you open too,
and show me all that you are my love, so we both may share our love
of two, as with girl and boy...a love, girl and boy, who need much
care--and can we convey to them our love in a clearness, so they
will perceive and know the love we both do have, as everlasting love,
an all prevailing love, like dear sun and earth."
  Spirit youth then looked skyward for awhile, and answered, "yes, we
can and must convey our love to them, and I will give to you my arms
wide, yielding all for love to love, generous liberal open all, I
shall be love of love with you, reaching ever for your tranquil
warmth so free...yet we know much does depend upon youthful girl and
boy, who lay so peacefully within this meadow grassy field near lake
and mountain so--youthful girl and boy a 'bonded two' whom we now
  For as before expressed, this foursome in the meadow was in
reality, a twosome, namely girl and boy, yet loves verse does
surely insist within a gentle demand, that though a twosome is
to be seen--surely foursome truly be.
  Spirit maiden and youth, both knew loves verse really did
communicate in an absolute way, for spirit maiden and youth were
bonded to those two, youthful girl and boy, and even though their
spirit self was free to roam and see, think and know and speak,
still it is in girl and boy that their embodied spirits-wise, must
be; as they all four ever reach unto the realm of their divinity.
  Girl and boy with their child-like selves, hold a fundamental
key, for they are in touch and listening to their hidden-language
free.  A shared language, silent spoken unknown, with invisible
spirited selves, spirit maiden...spirit youth.  Empathic so it
seems, telepathic love does beam--at least as now with Minuet and
Virgil, within the charm of summer scene.
  Dreaming, may seem more real to some than the awake life can seem
to be, and often enough as within an Ovid-whisper sent through time,
I am awed to know, and even wonder whether real-awake is ever
known, enjoyed and felt, or just offered to us as a kind of fond
  The dawning comes to us, it opens like a flower, unfolding time
perfumed flowered scent, sweet sight a flowery view, and then as
flower closes quietly when all has passed the day, I see in mind as
eyes are closed, flowered blossom is still there, pictured clearness
mind colored flower-petal blend.  Lovely days are very well, yet can 
the lovely day be merely as the night within another life?
  Now the dream began to fade as Minuet and Virgil slowly came awake,
and the maiden of the spirit mused to herself, "and in the meadow,
where no-one knew us nor could find us, else it was inside our
minds-desire, spirit youth and I spirit maiden, would love beyond
the moon, we would love into the star charted paths of ourselves,
seeing heavens spiral image Milky Way, colorful and full--and our
joy, our love, would always be known as youthful girl and boy, two
bright love's, two love's revealed in a consciousness."

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