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The Lake-2

Journeys 2, (C)1995 (C)2007 A. Alexander Volenski, unedited excerpt.

Chapter 3, continued.

The Lake-2

  Of the world of consciousness, which ever describes the sensation
of loving, and the air of desire--and whom among the many recognizes
Desire to be more than an illusionary-form encased in consciousness?
Arms open, and warmth fills both body and mind, for there within the
sweet caress of time and innocence, so abides a conscious wish to be
in love--two as one.
  There upon the spiral circle, which surrounds the heart, maidens
sing, and men do stand, as talking child-youths perform a spiral
  And as youthful girl and boy lay upon the grass, adrift in a kind
of day-dream state, napping in the afternoon, spirit youth stepped
into the realm of the maiden spirit, who was sitting nigh to him,
and now she opened wide herself, and he listened and did see.  For she
had asked him to 'look into all' that she was, a place that he knew
could only come moment by moment, day by day, night by night--so vast
the universe she held-within; and he sat quietly not speaking, only
to listen and to allow her loveliness to open wide; and as he
listened and saw, he heard clearly this her beginning maiden spirit

"What will you do my dear
when I am near,
what will you do
what will you do,
what will you do my dear
when I am near,
near enough to you...
and what will I do my dear
when you are near
when you are near,
I'll do what lovers do
my dear,
that's what I'll do
when you are near,
near enough to be...
to be what my dear...?
and what do I hear my dear
of lover's near--
they kiss and kiss
as lovers do,
they kiss the kiss of bliss
my dear,
for that is the lover's wish,
and what will you do my dear
when I kiss you,
what will you do...
do tell me please."

Spirit youth must answer, and he now felt a warmth tingling through
him, a blushing warmth, and then he spoke.

"What will I do
when you are near,
what will I do,
what will I do
once kissed in bliss
by you my dear?
I will then 'become',
become with you my dear,
a becoming very unique to us,
a becoming that all loves truly understand,
and what will you say
after we have kissed?"

Maiden spirit smiled and answered.

"What do we do
when we have kissed,
kissed the kiss of lovers bliss,
we shall embrace each with our arms,
and our hands too we shall hold--
and yet continue to be here
near this meadow lake and mountain high,
just us
with youthful girl and boy."

  And if the spirit maiden and youth were to kiss, how would that
kiss effect youthful two, Minuet and Virgil?  In a multitude of ways,
good ways a spirit kiss does perform, yet how will those youthful
two respond, what words will come from those tender lips;
enchantment-charm and the kiss is meant to bring no harm.

The spirit maiden reached up and touched his brow, spirit man,
and ran her fingers through his hair, and spoke again.

"There is a star in heaven,
one for loving and one to share,
there is a star in heaven
that comes in the day,
comes in the night too,
just for you and me...
reach into my center
and touch my forever,
for in that touch
love does reside,
and when we smile
it will be as a dream of loving,
a dreaming with love,
and if your pleasure comes
and asks for more,
just kiss my lips of love
and let us dream."

  Spirit youth looked deep into her eyes, he felt sensations with
emotional and passionate responses as she moved her warm hand upon
his brow and through his hair, and as the intimate warmth increased,
so did the melody of her words sing everywhere within him, and he
spoke. "Of all my fondest dreams, only 'the dream', the one of love,
will I regard thorough, as our dream of loving rises to the occasion,
so that our hearts know...for I see you as an Angel that has stepped 
as though through a portal-of-time to be in a world where we can be 
together, you do seem to me like that...and as I wander amongst my
dreams, I'll follow upon your path of impression, a path semi-
concealed--like colorful sea-waves, upon wave they shine (your
impressions), some concealed some open, as the depths within you
reflect and pulse, radiating outward."
  Maiden spirit laid her warm fingers upon his lips and gazed into
his eyes, then she responded.  "My feelings of inner desire are as
those which carry the ever glowing mind, feelings which swim with
each moment, feelings internal inmost with desire, a desire which
ripples like aqueous-soothe to a swimmer, warm summertime plunge in
a lover's lake of delight...I am within your self imposed silence,
a knowing-invisible quiet place like floral bloom-fragrance hovering
upon the wind of a summer day, while quietly kissing the senses;
perfumed flowered array...time has furnished an appointment, a spell
of happiness for us, and also a site to transpose within...
continuation will ever cherish the hope and wishes which inspire
our love, as spectrum rays color the day, an in the night the glowing
stars shine through to touch our stillness with merit as we drift
within our passionate arrangement, an arrangement like moonlight
that shines upon yonder gentle meadow and lake...as dew fills the
airy, so does the feeling of dawn, while stars slowly fade into the
covering of sky as the blue veil of day comes to cover, so the
meadow lake and mountain may awaken to dawning luminous...luminous
an awakening to enchant and charm the light of our awareness, an
awareness which contains emotion, passion, and sensualities of the
living, which are all inspired within 'the dream', the one of love,
for youthful Minuet and Virgil."
  Maiden spirit paused and then continued.  "The complete perfection
of a day in summer blends with streaming ribbons of the sun to
touch the changing meadow field with new living blossoms...the spell
of enchantment is alive to inspire the beings of the air and also the
little flying creatures who comb dew away from flowered; and they too
all know the spell of enchantment which palpates their minds, for
natures blending smile arrives as a gift in spectrum, brought forth
as 'a cheery' of dear earth."
  Maiden spirit spoke on as she looked into the eyes of her handsome
spirit man.  "Summer ever to anew its loving caress upon the 
blessings of the land I see in you, described in a form of clearness,
a trueness presented with open-arms, a clearness distinct, discrete,
diverse, which has become immortalized and recognized by me...I know
that clearness to be and to become 'loves persuasion'...the rainbow
colors, kiss the conscious mind to enhance the energy of the spirit,
which will forever bring summer alive, a summer to eventually slumber
into autumn, while the slowly tilting lean of earth continues to
perform...and you sweet man of the spirit and I (also as so does
time), shall persevere and transform our endless task of immortality
while we are here--as too will the stars who send their continuous
message of love and arrangement...so soothing to the night are the 
stars which touch us through our sight and hearing, a sight and
hearing also known by youthful two, Minuet and Virgil."
  Then the spirit maiden and man suddenly stopped speaking, as they
did not want to expend all within those moments, for they both
perceived a great vastness within their love, a vastness as to the
Cosmos of which they and all are a part of--and as they paused,
they also felt overwhelmed by each other, for their love had now
truly opened with 'arms wide'.
  Love, with an enduring spell which is slowly brought to life,
carries much pleasure.  The spirit maiden and man were maturity
within young Minuet and Virgil.  Alive, real, and more than spirits
that maturity, for the word 'spirit' is a way of describing
innateness, a quality all possess inside themselves.  An innateness,
girl and boy both knew, as they are very aware and advanced within
their own development, for they know 'the dream', the one of love,
and the spirit realm of which they both belong.  Born within us
such spiritedness resides, yet far more than spirit is that human
quality and uniqueness born and engendered in humanity.
  ...And a woman somewhere in another fold of time, once spoke of
a man love, not in voice, but in written word, verse from her
hidden-language which she privately chose to share; a very beautiful
woman, one who moved in dream too, one who knew the way of truth.
As she felt love, so too she wrote a poem from her hidden language

have shown your light,
have shown me
which way was right.

For now I know
it's drops not rain.
it's stars not skies,
it's ideas not merely words.

All along it has been a fight
trying to see the light,
but now I know
it's not to hear,
but to listen,
it's not to look,
but really see,
it's to have calmness
not strife.

It has been a long dark night
and all the way
you've always been there
as you held me tight.

And now I can see
it's sensuality not sexuality,
only my control,
not depression,
not yesterday.

And to have reached
this new height
is a magnificent sight,
and all because
you've always been there
and have shown your light.

  ...Now to youthful two, Minuet and Virgil, both slumbering quietly 
in the meadow next to nearby lake.  As the shadowy slant of sunlight 
sprayed upon the surrounding hills, the mountain ridges shown
brightly with snow, and a breeze now blew upon quiet lake and meadow
floral fields.  Then out of no-where a blue-jay called from atop a
tall tree, fir, hemlock, alder, maple, aspen, mountain-willow--a
playful place for blue jay's to flutter-about.  In the distance,
crows were cawing, time-of-day messengers indicating afternoon now
approached eventide; black and glossy the crows and ravens, purple
aura hue sapphire tinted color true, the feathers of crow and raven.
Robins chirping everywhere, compassionate bird just as swallows who
fly high in sky.  Jays and crows were very busy calling loudly,
excitement was their tune, for flying-high does glide a hawk, 
patrolling-searching, looking for morsel creature mouse or small bird.
  Upon the riffling lake, mallards and loon's swam, aquatic featured
friends, quaking duck, whistling Gavia-loon; natures blend of tune.
High up where meadow reached green and grassy toward mountain 
sloping ridge, black bears grazed quietly, searching for herb and ant;
mother with her cubs.  Near to young girl and boy, the forest aligned
and angled along the meadow, to eventually reach the far side of lake.
The meadow was large with much level ground, and there situated on the
north-side of lake, facing the mountain to the south, a small cabin
shelter-home built for comfort.  Here among natures blend of earthy,
was a place where Minuet and Virgil had come, a site where they
could continue to open toward their 'complete selves'.  A realm for
linking, answering, finding-conveying, sharing special blends from
within all of what they were; for their innateness does desire it
so...that they both together develop and learn of that which they
are capable, that which they both were born to understand and know.
  Natures atmosphere, home of immensity, is vastly more than earth
and rock, water, vegetation, living creatures.  Natures atmosphere,
is an immortal reference sphere for the human to walk through, a
world for the human to find its way and learn of that which it is
about.  A place to discover the answer to an inborn riddle.  Natures
atmosphere is full of help, energy, expression, beauty and more,
all placed together to help woman, man, girl and boy to better
understand.  Natures atmosphere is the place to learn the way.
  In order for Minuet and Virgil to link with their complete selves,
they knew and understood it took energy, pure unblocked energy,
energy which surged and glided with truth.  The meadow land, where
mountains reach toward the sky, where watery streams and lakes
reside, was a place Minuet & Virgil had learned of--a place to
discover all they could about themselves.  The innate universal,
absolute and ultimate, of which they were born, is free there in
natures atmosphere, to do all it is meant to do.
  ...The afternoon was warm as Minuet and Virgil both laid on the
meadow grass so soft and smelling fresh, the lake was quiet again,
but still had many riffles; both were sharing a slumber-land as
they continued to nap and share 'the dream' together.
  ...Then everything slowly began to fade as Virgil awoke next to
Minuet on the meadow near to the lake, and both realized everything
which had just transpired (spirit maiden & spirit youth) was of 
'the dream', the one of love, then Minuet awoke also.  They both
smiled at each other and giggled a little, for their dreaming
together carried much exuberance and energy; very thrilling the
experience a-dreaming, especially if shared with someone who also
knew and could do it with you.  Minuet and Virgil sat up and
stretched, yawned and breathed deeply, then stood and walked hand 
in hand toward the cabin, both talking about their shared dream--one
of many which they would have together, and were to have in the
future, as they both traveled the pathway of 'the dream', the one
of love, within the 'Valley of Whisper Mountain' and lake of "Ten
Thousand Dreams'; a shared domain of Stilly and Harry's 'providence
in private'.

[and here ends chapter-3]


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