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(C)1999 A. Alexander Volenski


This page was put together to lay-out important points for anyone
interested in copyright procedure, and protecting, or promoting,
their creative-written material.

First--written or narrative creations, sketch-books, etc., can be
instantly copyrighted.  One simply inserts the icon (C) year name;
an example, (C)1999 A. Alexander Volenski.  The copyright-
notification symbology is recognized by law as indicating, the
created work is owned by that-individual, and not just a piece
of public property.  It also indicates that the individual 
puts-claim to their work, and holds-title to it.  That they take
their creative work seriously, hold it in high-value and respect--
that it's more than a moment to moment whim, nor is it insignificant
to them, and they are clarifying these points by inserting the
icon-year-name upon the 'title-page'.

To make the created material even more binding to the protective
copyright laws, one can 'register' their work with the Library of
Congress in Washington DC; copyright application forms obtained at:

email: http://www.loc.gov/copyright
phone: 202-707-3000
Library of Congress
Copyright Office
101 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, D.C. 20559-6000

There are 2-types of copyrights, an 'individual-copyright',
and a 'published copyright'.

Published Copyright
A name, and local business-license, will establish a publishing
company; with that done--one can register their material with the
Library of Congress under, 'published copyright'.  It is advisable
to obtain a published-copyright, expecially now with digital printing
and electronic communications; plus any large publishing-house
interested in a certain piece, won't have to re-register the material.

Time Lapses
It takes about 8-months to process any application, but the
'date-received' by the Library of Congress is the active-date of the
copyright-application; of course the instant one puts the 
icon-year-name on the creation--that copyrights it; so one can get
their material out before receiving their registered copyright form.

Several years ago I took a day and just considered, and thought over
all that I knew of the publishing process in business, believe me,
there are a lot of loop-holes and barriers out there--more than I
want to get into here at this time.  Then, the idea came that in
order to by-pass some of the obstacles, one could take things beyond
the 'published-copyright' level, and create a 'license to publish'.
What that means--to by-pass all legal-contracts, etc., which
publishing-houses and agents require, one could create a 'license to
publish' from their 'published-copyright' material, and in-turn
sell that license to any interested party; and in the process avoid
area's which have/had nothing to do with creating the material in
the beginning--but would like a piece of the action!

There probably is any number of ways a license can be made, laid-out,
and even presented to a prospective client or even agent; note the
following example (only in text), etc.--

Publishing Latitude License
Presented by:
 [publishing company name]
 [author name]
 [name of license purchaser]
License to Publish [number of] Copies Each of:
[title of the book or narrative]

Publishing Latitude License
Latitide: freedom from narrow restrictions; permitted freedom of
action, opinion, etc..
License: the legal right to publish copyright material
owned by another.

I, [name of author or owner of the copyright material], author poet 
publisher and owner of [name of publishing company] [address] do 
herein grant a Publishing Latitude License for the following 
copyright book/books, or narrative-tapes, of which I have created and 
registered with the Library of Congress, Washington, DC., USA.

Title of Individual Book or Tape:

Latitude License: to publish [number of] copies of each title-book,
or title-tape, with payment presented as royalty to [name of author],
upon issue of this license.

This Publishing Latitude Lincese was purchased by:


Signed: [name of author, publishing company issuing license]


The license will help 'open-up' ways of publishing, and also link to
a direct-form of monetary return for the work, time, and effort--

One also must realize that this license-format will energize one of
our Nation's most important values and securities, namely--
our cultural-heritage.

Here ends Open-Publishing.

Perhaps soon ideas for a 'paid electronic-publishing' will be 
presented also--where creative individuals can be supported
through an electronic-banking system.


                                    Page created September99

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