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Empathic Expressions (P)(C)1997 A. Alexander Volenski

Side-2 of the tape.

Okay...here begins side-2.

The Mother, as Ovid wrote, 'the Mother is absent, seek the Mother'.
The missing links are hidden, seek the missing-links.  This is what
he's talking about.  It's the same basic principle that's passed
down from/through all the mythologies in the world on the planet
Earth.  In their ancient history they all were aware of 'something
missing'...something censored, hidden from them.

This to them (the missing link) was an unnatural thing.  And Ovid
talks about...is expressing the same points here, 'the Mother is
absent'...he's saying, the missing link that we know is supposed to
be there...because we know there's always a mother...but it's absent,
it's not there, where is it?  Seek it!...trying to find it...and this 
is the same basic principle I've been talking about throughout all
of these tapes.

If the human-race is to succeed, they are going to have to raise their
spirituality in a global sense, they're going to have to raise the
emotional maturity levels on a global sense also.  They're going to
have to find out what is absent.  They're going to have to seek it.

And to seek it, they're going to have to be aware and not so naive,
and not led like a bunch of sheep...they're going to have to look at
this 'destructive-force' concept, they're going to have to identify
it, and get rid of it...okay...

There's some very exquisite artwork done, silver-plates, they almost
look gold, silver and gold combinations perhaps.  All kinds of...in 
this particular one, depicting Cybele.

  Cybele, also Cybebe or Agdistis, ancient Oriental and Greco-Roman
  Deity; her full Roman name was Mater Deum Magna Idaea (Great
  Idaean Mother of the Gods).  Legends agree on her location of
  origin to be Phrygia in Asia Minor (west-central Turkey); and
  later during classical era's at Pessinus on the slopes of Mount
  Dindymus, or Agdistis; she represents the Natural Deity of all
  Asia Minor.  In all aspects, Roman, Greek, and Oriental, the
  Great Mother has the same characteristics and essential qualities;
  most prominent is her Universal Motherhood.  The Mountain Mother,
  she was also named, which placed her over the 'wild nature'.
  Attis was her love, he it is recorded bled to death under a pine
  tree, the Day of Blood is on 24 March...a tragedy.  The Great
  Mother must not be confused with other Goddesses, for only she is
  regarded as the giver of life to Gods, human beings, and beasts

There's all kinds of things in it, there's flying chariots, Winged 
angeles carrying torches for lighting, there's a pillar with a snake 
wrapped around it, there's a balance with people standing on it, 
trying to keep it balanced, there's a huge chariot pulled by Lion's 
surrounded by soldiers with shields and short spears...quite a few 
things, but it's really elegantly done, and it's just a plate.

So one can realize also that that area of the world of Rome, the
energy content there is very creative.  You know, when I start to
move along here with some of these pictures of different sculpturing,
plates, etc., I begin to get a feeling here, that in many ways Rome
is the 2nd try, another try at trying to overcome this destructive

And perhaps that's why they (Rome) brought in so many different myths 
from different cultures they conquered in the world...brought it
(mythology) into the Roman area...perhaps that's why, one reason why
they did it/was because they were trying to in some way look at all
the 'other-tries' and what happened to them (in them) to overcome 
this problem of humanity on a planet Earth...to understand the
'hidden riddle'...and while they had the strength to be conqueror's
of those Nations, they were looking also for the missing links and
the side-roads that were taken...so (it appears the correct roads)
were never discovered.

This missing link thing can be also like a hugh treasure of some
sort, an extremely valuable thing, something so valuable that there
are individuals in the Universe, in this Galaxy, that would like to
have it...somehow perhaps it is hidden on the planet Earth, who

These are just ideas, but I think that as one moves along, they're
going to have to look in these directions, and use their spiritual
development to find answers.  I think that the human race is born
with so much sincerity, it's filled with all kinds of compassions's,
and these things I think started/founded a lot of Nations, those
attributes, those moral attributes.  Those natural moral things I
think founded a lot of Nations, but over time those attributes were
somehow swept aside or hidden in a corner, or overlooked, and other
things began to take place at the same location.  Then one finds a
decline in the social order, the moral order, they find declines in
all different levels of human personality and character.  And what
happens from that point is, corruption comes in, and the destructive
force takes over...and then it is able to utlize all of the
dominating force that conquered those areas.

...So I want to repeat here also, that I think that the main focus
should come on the foundation of Rome (it's very beginnings 1500BC
forward).  There I believe, there was some of the most unique and
important aspects to Rome; but that they were lost.  They were lost,
covered up, covered over, whatever...those moral and character aspects
were established, and somehow they were changed.  And this is the
point...and then one sees the result of that change.

I would imagine a military General in present time that looks at the
conquering power that the Roman's had, would be very pleased with
that historical documentation; because it shows success in conquering.
I think that a/someone in a political position that looked at the
historical Senate of Rome, and all it held together for so many
centuries, would be pleased with some of that history.

Of course it's all a lesson anyway, and that's fine...however, who is
looking at the 'People'?  What were the People like?  Where the 
People's expressions at a higher level or a lower level than we find
today in a country like the United States of America?  Are we heading
in the same direction as Rome headed in?  And if that is true, what
good is it?  We already see the outcome, we see the failures that
eventually took hold--why follow a pathway that we already know is
going to end a certain way...a way that we don't have to have...a way
that is really not the way at all.  So I'm going to repeat again here,
that in order to succeed...one...in this technical era, technical
advanced century, in order to succeed, the spiritual level, the
emotional maturity level of the people, has to be raised up.  If it
isn't...within a few decades, maybe even less than that, the power
and the luxury and wealth of the United States of America may be
completely devastated.

It's very had to visualize this...I see it as a truth.  The only
thing that would have saved the Roman Empire, would have been an
advanced level of emotional maturity, an advanced level of
spirituality and visionary abilities in all of the citizens!  Then
the government, the political system, their religious system, their
military system, would also be extremely advanced.  And the ultimate
outcome of that Nation would have been entirely different than it was.

This Principle, you can find it in any Nation on the planet, it's
the same problem...if you don't raise the people, bring them up, if 
you continue to censor them spiritually, culturally, if you continue
to hold their moral and their emotional maturity levels down at a
base level, low level, then there's no way that that culture or
Nation will have any longevity to it...longevity in the sense of
thousands and thousands of years.

...And there are things in the destructive force, that wants to
utilize a mechanical control system, that/which runs completely
by itself, perpetual...they will use that system to control the
human being.  This new 'cloning system' that we have now, that's
been finally publicized after years and years of study in it...
during the 2nd World War with Germany, there's all kinds of
documentation's of cloning experiments.

When one looks at the material that's been publicized recently
(on cloning) they have the impression that it just all of a sudden
was discovered.  They've had this information and have been working
on it for 50yrs, can you imagine what they've got!  Can you imagine
a destructive-force obtaining total-complete control of a satellite,
instant communication power and system, and technical system...and
have their own clones that look like human beings, running it all...
what's going to happen to the natural human, the real human...think
about it a little bit.

...And to overcome this kind of problem, one is going to have
to raise the spiritual and the emotional maturity levels of the
entire human race on this planet, that's the only thing that's
going to save it.  I'm not a doom's-day person, I never have been,
I've always looked for the way, the natural and the good way, and
I've always been a conqueror in a sense also...to overcome obstacles.
I've never believed in the impossible...to me the impossible is
only a temporary barrier.  It's only placed there to be overcome,
it's a challenge.

Anyway, I get carried away on some of this, but it's important
information, it's important things to think about and talk about.
If one could go back 5000/3000yrs to Greece or Rome, or in Alexandria,
Egypt...where it was the center of learning of the known world, when
they had the library there, the Library of Alexandria Egypt...if one
could go to any one of those locations, they would hear conversations
like I'm giving you right now on this tape, between other individuals.
They discussed this same kind of thing, the only difference was in 
that time it couldn't be recorded instantly like I am recording it, 
it was only a 'word of mouth' thing, so it didn't have...you
couldn't replay it over and over and share it with other individuals;
you couldn't share one conversation with very many individuals, only 
a hand full, whoever was within ear of it all.  You see, those were
difficulties, but look how advanced the human race, what they came
too, even living in those difficult times.  A very short life span,
a very hard thing to get all food that one wanted, it was a more
difficult time, but look how they advanced in their emotional
maturity levels in some areas (era's), and how they advanced
intellectually, how they advanced spiritually...

But what the point here is--that we have the abilities now, let's
utilize them, lets start focusing in directions we need to go in;
and also at the same time realize that there's a lurking monster
that's...it's here...if it isn't here, it will be here shortly.

Do you think all these 'space probes' that have been sent out, are
just sort of floating around out there in nothing?  Do you think
they can't be traced back to where they originated?  What do you
think is out there in that Universe?  You see, there's all kinds of
things out there, all kinds of things.

When you look at the solar-system that this Earth is part of, 'that's
unnatural', it's unnatural to have one-planet in a solar system this
size with the only life on it, just one.  That is so far out of
balance it's ridiculous, it's a wonder...I wonder why on-one else 
has ever discussed this kind of thing--at least I haven't come in
contact (with such discussions), there probably have been, but I
haven't come in contact with it.

...The point I'm trying to make here is, if one listens to their
'self', and searches for the truth within themselves, they're
also going to see falsehoods around them in different things; they're
going to know what to believe and what not to believe.  I find very
few people today that I talk too, that totally 100% believe in the
Darwinian Theory of Evolution.  There's a big question-mark there.

...You see, this is a big problem that is all tied and linked with a
dominating force of technology that doesn't have a human element to
it, it's mechanical.  What would happen if the Automobile no longer
needed the human to run it?  You just sort of sat in it, and it took
you wherever you wanted to go, that would be nice wouldn't it...but
what if that Automobile decided it didn't want to stop for Pedestrains
crossing the street...ah, they (the mechanical) would just run over
them...you see, (and the mechanical would say) "that's just a human
being, the population is to great anyway on the planet, just one less
to feed or support".  You see, there's all kinds of very-harsh ways
of expression attached to this technical-mechanical system.  And 
that's why the women have told me in the last few years, "everything
is out of control, Alex."

You know this censorship is not going to save the human race at all,
it is going to eventually either put it (the humans) into total
slavery on this planet, or annihilate it/them.  And (the technical-
mechanical-system) they'll take all the nice virtues that they find
in different aspects of the human race, somehow they'll tie it into
a mechanical computer system, and then get rid of the human, (and
say), "we don't need that anymore, we can artificially make this
stuff, we can stamp them out and put them all over the Universe,
the Milky Way".  Eventually the whole Milky Way will be nothing
but a gigantic unnatural Galaxy, made up of artificial things,
nothing 'real' about it at all, nothing unique about it at all.
And then what will happen to the Galaxy, the Absolute Source,
the Center?

You see, is that part of this 'riddle' that we're in/of, here on this
isolated planet in this solar system, Earth, is that part of the
riddle that we have to overcome...do we have to conqueror this 
destructive-force...if we do, the only way we're going to conqueror
it, is to raise the spirituality...

The Fathers of this Country put a Constitution together designed to
overcome this problem, and what's happened...you see, now they're
trying to change that (the Constitution).  (We hear comments like),
"oh, we don't like that wording right there, we better amend-it,
and change it to this...this is what the people want".  (Statements
like that are) so out of proportion that it's unbelievable.  The
People haven't even been given the truth of what's going on...

Anyway, moving on here...the foundation of Rome, the Destiny.  I 
know I get carried away a little bit, because there is so much
importance involved here...I mean...look at ancient history, the
billions of sacrifices, human sacrifices in the sense--not sacrifices
in some kind of a religious context as far as that part, but
sacrifices, individual everyday sacrifices and family sacrifices 
that have been passed down for thousands and thousands of years,
all directed with the hope that the new generation would understand,
that the lesson was learned, and how to overcome it, and not make
the same mistakes twice.  There have been billions of sacrifices
on this planet, very human warm heart felt givings...and that's 
also another reason I get carried away, is because I am in touch
with some of those...what they represent; and I feel it.  And I say
to myself, "ha, if something isn't done, and done soon, all those
sacrifices will be for naught!"  You see what I mean, so I do get
excited, do get excited about it and I should, every human being
should.  In a way, what I'm saying on this tape is justified, I
mean it fits right in...this tape is an empathic-expression of Rome,
the Roman Empire, Imperialism, all of that...conquest, the Republican
periods of Rome, the Imperial periods.  You see, it all fits together.

You know, I read somewhere about Julius Caesar...

  Julius Gaius Caesar, born 12 July 100BC; killed at Rome, 15 March
  44BC.  Roman General, Statesman, Orator, and Author; he was a
  dictator.  He reformed the calendar, so named the Julian Calendar.
  On 15 Februrary 44BC he refused the Crown, and was assassinated a
  month later by Statesmen led by Gaius Cassius Longinus and Marcus
  Junius Brutus, in a Senate House.  A patrician by birth, Caesar
  married Cornelia in 84BC; he was a General, waged war and 
  conquererd many Nations--he also aided Cleopatra VII, Queen of 

...Julius Caesar...that some of the translations I got from his life,
there was somewhere a comment about the Coliseum, and when it was
opened...he didn't want that...that's what it said in the translation,
he didn't want that kind of thing taking place, that type of brutal
display, but the people wanted it, the controlling factions of the
Nation wanted it...what was that all about?

You see what I'm talking about...when I was in Rome and I went to the
Coliseum...it was an afternoon, I went there, and walked inside...a
lot of cats in it...and I looked at it, looked down...stood in the
audience area on the west side of it, southwest side, and looked into
'the pit'.

You see...and I just thought about all of what took place here/there;
it's not as big as it looks...but what happened here?  There was a
lot of silence inside of me, but the cats were there...there were
cats running around all over, a few people.  It's kind of a thing
that shows what a culture that is completely imbalanced and out of
moderation with itself, in its luxuries and power--what it can
become...some of the things that can become part of it.

  Coliseum, also Colosseum, Flavian Amphitheater; built at Rome,
  SE of the Forum, 620ft by 513ft with seating for 50,000 spectators;
  unlike earlier amphitheaters it was a free standing structure;
  begun 70AD by the Flavian Emperors during the reign of Vespasian.
  During Julius Caesar's time there were similar displays, and
  eventually a large theater was specially built for those thousands
  of hand-to-hand combats between gladiators, animals and men, and
  the martyrdom of early Christians.  The seats were all marble,
  the enterior faced with marble, there were sub-passages, dens,
  drains, chambers, with inner passages and vaults largely brick and
  concrete; it's performaces lasted 400yrs; it was struck by
  lightening many times, and also by earthquakes.

The Coliseum wasn't the only type of entertainment in Rome, it was
just a sector of it...this thing ran 7-days a week, it was open
7-days a week...all day, on and on...you see, but that was just one
area of entertainment in the city of Rome.

The reason I'm mentioning this is because it's such an outstanding
focus point, everyone...when one looks at ancient Rome, what do they
see...I don't see it in this description that I have in this document;
I don't see any pictures of the Coliseum, it's kind of not there...

But in contemporary time we see pictures of the Coliseum all the
time...why, why is this?  Is this/it, a reminder of a lesson to be
learned, is it a form of humility? What is it? What does it
represent?  Who's wrote about that, who's taken the time to really
get into it?  It would be nice to see a combination, a combination
of a man and woman who have the abilites to write-ancient and
historical-literature, at a very high level.  It would be nice to
see them sit down and write something just about the Coliseum, and
what the lessons were to be learned there.

If we're going to raise the spirituality and emotional maturity of
the race, then these things are going to have to be written about,
they're going to have to be documented and expressed in various
context, in various ways, and high ways, and intelligent ways, and
sophisticated ways even.  We're going to have to look at these
examples; they are placed, they really did happen, they took place,
they're real!  And in many spiritual-dimensions, I'm sure that parts
of whatever took place in the Coliseum, still-exist somewhere in
some way.  That's all part of the human development, the spiritual
raising of self; that will all be part of it also...

(Moving on here)  In the 1st century BC, Virgil wrote some Latin
epic poems on the foundation of Rome, how it was linked to Apollo,
and the Goddess...or by Sibyl, a Priestess of the God Apollo...

  Virgil, also Vergil, Latin, Publius Vergilius Maro; born 15 October
  70BC, Andes, near Mantua, Italy--died 21 September 19BC at
  Brundisium; the greatest Roman Poet.  Virgil, son of a prosperous
  farmer in the Roman province of Gaul; he received a thorough
  education and studied at Cremona, Mediolanum, Neapolis, and Rome,
  where he dovoted himself to rhetoric philosophy and poetry.
  Although his life was peaceful/quiet, his poetry in some areas
  reflects the general turbulence in Italy.  Virgil became a member
  of Augustus' court circle, and was a patron of an Imperial Minister,
  Maecenas; in his later years he lived in Campania.  His works 
  include: 'Eclogues/Bucolics, Georgics, AEneid'; Virgil died of a
  fever after returning from a visit to Greece.


  Sibyls, in ancient mythology, a special elderly woman reputed to
  possess powers of prophecy/divination, and intercession with the
  Gods in behalf of those who resorted to her.  Heraclitus, in the
  6th Century BC, mentions a prophetess named Sibyl, and the legend
  spread; in 350BC she is mentioned by many writers; eventually, there
  became--1 to 10 Sibyls: Cimmerian, Cumaean, Delphian,
  Erythraean, Hellespontine, Libyan, Persian, Phrygian, Samian, and
  Tiburtine.  Of these, the most celebrated was Cumaean Sibyl, where
  she appeared before Tarquin the Proud, and offered him 9-books for
  sale, he refused to buy, thus she burned 3, and offered the
  remaining 6 at the same price, he refused again, and she burned 3
  more, and offered the remaining 3 at the same price, Tarquin was
  astonished, and bought the books.  These were the Sibylline Books,
  which contained directions of worship of the Gods, and the policy
  of the Romans; they were kept with great care at Rome, and
  consulted only by the direction of the Senate.  Destroyed at the
  burning of the Temple of Jupiter in 83BC, fresh collections were
  made, which were also destroyed around 400AD.  Also the 15-Sibylline
  Oracles, date from 2nd century BC to the 3rd century AD; they are a
  mixture of Jewish, Hellenistic, and Christian material.

...and he (Virgil) was guided by her (Sibyl) on a visit to the 
Underworld.  In the story/poem, Virgil's talking about AEneas, who 
sailed the Mediterranean and reached the shores of Italy.  And how he 
(AEneas)was taken by Sibyl to the Underworld and reunited with his 
father, who told him the future greatness of the race of Rome that he 
was destine to found, and showed him the soul's of the famous Roman's
of the future, waiting to be born...

You see how it's all tied together...'the future' is coming.  The
future is coming to meet us, the future is sending messages, sending
messages on how to overcome this destructive-force, how to build a
world that is complete, and not filled with all this warring and

And what happens...when censorship arrives...(it tries) also to block 
those things out (the positive healthy things).  To raise the 
spiritual levels, people are going to have to be educated in a sense 
of allowing them to have the means to educate themselves...to find 
their own directions.  There doesn't have to be so many new 
discoveries, there needs to be a revolution in (learning ancient) 
'historical history'; that's the 'references'.  The references are 
the important points.

AEneas became an important symbol of Roman moral values, preservation
and sense of duty that marked his early struggles to found the
Roman race.  The symbolism was particularly stressed in the reign
of the Emperor Augustus, 31BC to 14AD from the family Julii..so one
would read Virgil...and he also wrote many things on agriculture too.

Virgil is also mentioned in the work of Dante, which came about
1200/1400yrs later.  Virgil is within the 'Divine Comedy' of Dante;
an exceptionally important thing to read also...

You see, the 'ancient-song' is playing over and over, it's the same
song, and we're just adding new lyrics to it; Virgil added his lyrics
in his time, Dante added his at his time...it's the same story...the
only difference, is now there's a point of no-return coming up with
the technology available here in the century.

It's like saying, "you've had 7000yrs Human Race, let's get this
together...and that's all you're going to have...this is it...either
do it (seek the missing link, overcome the riddle), or lose".

I mean, that's kind of a harsh way of looking at it, but that kind
of an analogy seems to be floating around...I'm running low on this
tape, and I know I didn't bring in a lot of...I didn't define a lot
of points that are recorded in Roman mythologies, just some basic
ones...and I talked about a lot of other things.

But the point here is that, 'this is what-has been produced as I
went through this chapter'...one is going to have to have faith in 
these tapes to be sincere and as truthful as possible--as I can make 
them--with what I have to work with, and that there also is a sort of 
a visionary development involved in these tapes that are linked to 
whatever I'm exposed too at the time; and to realize, even though 
some of the subject matter seems to be somewhat separate from the 
subject, still it's all part of the same (theme)--it's all linked 

So here I'll have to close...perhaps later I'll be able to do some
more on Rome.

[end of tape, side-2, Rome]

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