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Q's & Permission Planet

(C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski,
Love Verse 96; a book of analogies, prose/poetry, reviews/satires.
Unedited excerpts


"...how are you doing," the grocery clerk asked, and I answered,
"you should be asking, how are we doing."

He looked at me but didn't understand what I meant...sort of a blank 
look, one of those colorless blank looks.

And how are we doing as we exist on the earth, an alone planet 
isolated in space...isolated planet-life solar system and...how are 
you doing, how are we doing.

...isolated life and planet, planet pollution reaching core,
corruption, chaos, war, violence, hate, lies, deceit...how are you 
doing...how are we doing.

...isolated life and planet, planet drifting in a dead solar system,
planet pollution poisoning the last alive-zone, and why...how are you 
doing, yes, how are you doing?  How many times a day are you asked, 
'how are you doing'...over and over and over, and who wants to know?

Why all the redundancy, and how are you doing?  How are you doing?
How are you doing?  Every moment I turn, someone asks,
'how are you doing'?

Is it a trick-question, or is it a password of some kind, a password 
for something important.  And if the correct answer is given will the 
question go away and stop being asked?  How are you doing?
How are you doing?

And does that grocery clerk really sincerely care about you and me
and how we are doing...of course not, all he or she cares about
is taking the money, making money, and how long before they can leave 
and go home...how long before a coffee break or a smoke, or a 
peppermint-word or two with a short-skirt who works in the cookie and 
sweet-roll department.

The question, 'how are you doing', doesn't care about you--how you 
feel, who you are, or how to help you...it's a phony (question) with 
no human sense, it's one of those artificial-flavor 
unnatural-thing-systematic's--which doesn't give a hoot for you or 
your feelings...other than helping you spend your money, or lifting 
from you whatever they can...

The...'how are you doing's', are an artificial questioning media,
with no-real-true-human feeling attached, it is a false question zone,
an imitation expression ploy from a charlatan kind of mentality.
That's right...phony people with phony questions.

...'how are you doing' they ask, and why do they sound like a 
machine...one of those high-tech micro-systems with a computer voice.

Phony: not genuine, something counterfeit or bogus, a faker,
someone who sells brass for gold, a confidence game...ya, that's it,
a confidence game with a loan-shark department.

So the next time you are asked the question, "how are you doing",
you will know where that person is coming from, and need I say more 
as to what to do when asked, "how are you doing".

Questions like that are retarded...yes, retarded, mental-retardation 
has many forms, and the how are you doing's are a form of that 

And what happens when you respond to a phony question, with a sincere 
truthful feeling and answer, be assured that answer will allow you to 
be sapped...draining energy from you which recharges that question
machine, one of those new 21st-Century human-look-alikes.
Something the bio-micro-chip-valley may have put together with tax-
money, something hidden and censored from the public...reason being,
"the people are not ready to know about it yet"; then why build it?

And how are we doing?  Not very good for a lost-race in space,
floating around in a lost solar-system, one of those dead-systems,
something known as 'a solar-system grave yard'.  Perhaps the Earth is 
a kind of storage zone for trapped species, perhaps a pirate planet
with several races-human held as booty...Cosmic Treasure Island, 
planet Earth.

And what would be your ransom, how long before your ship arrives,
and if it ever did, what would happen?  They--the pirate-system,
would want the most dear and precious thing which you have,
something which they might learn of during your so-jour here...
yes, the pirate-system would want more than you would give--
immortal spirit, cosmic-order and data, your immortal loved-one,
what a commodity the pure-essence, that immortal vitality and spirit
of which you are...what a commodity it is in the Universe, for those 
who trade in such things.

...do not be mis-led or naive, the ransom would be something
which you would not pay, thus, the only way out of this will be 
through your own volition, and perhaps even with some help from 
others...those others who understand and realize the urgency and 

...when one begins to learn of the total-truth, one begins to realize
a foreboding comprehension with some 'hightly attached valuables',
namely 'the total-you-are'...  The pirate-system is not designed to 
give, only designed to take, and I don't know...perhaps they are 
something like: Mr & Mrs Take.

Look around, don't be so gullible, don't be so easily led, look 
around and think a little, 'does any of this day to day'
mean anything beyond a system sweat-shop...and the system,
does it have any common-sense to it...

...you know, why all the monetary hording and isolation, why all the 
information control, why are governments so suspicious and secretive,
why all the censorship; who is hiding what from whom--a world-power 
afraid of itself..what does that tell you--sounds like a group of 
pirates...yes, piracy would be afraid of itself--for whom could they 

The only thing one can trust is the truth, the Total-Truth.

How are you doing? How are we doing?

...does anyone think one will or can get off this planet, or out of 
this dead-solar-system, and then what is beyond?  Do you really think 
the electronic controls which are in place, will let you go?  And 
consider the traffic hazard trying to get around the 25,000 and more 
satellites up there; some moving some stationary, and who knows what 
is secretly sitting on the moon.

Better re-think a few things and also consider what the keyword 
'connection' really means.  Do you get it, listen a little--
"thin-lines threads wired connected"; what do they really mean?

And now that muse across the room smiles and says,
"...that's all for now my friend,
let's go for a walk in starlight."


unedited excerpt from LoveVerse96,
Permission Planet

"...is it alright if I do this?"  Can I, should I, may we,
what do you think?  What if I do that, I wonder if...do you ever 
listen to yourself trying to get through the day.

One permission-question after another--seems every move is controlled
by some kind of a permission-moment, permission-thought,
permission-thing, permission-rule.  And look around the city,
everywhere there are signs telling you where you can go, of giving 
you permission to go...even in that small private-room, sometimes one 
needs a coin in order to have permission to use it and the roll of 
paper next to the seat.

And the green-light is known by all who walk or drive city streets,
known as that informal permission-color, which means to proceed.

Hello permission, goodbye individuality.

And what happens when the electricity goes out and the green-light
is blank...does anyone have any common-sense of what to do...or do
they have to wait for a traffic-person to arrive and give
permission signals.

And here are a few permission-oddities, as a kind of misc example:

  Henry VIII appeals to Rome for permission to divorce Catherine
  of Aragon, so he can marry a young mistress Anne Boleyn;
  the Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care by psychiatrist
  Benjamin Spock, will be used to raise a generation of children
  along permissive-lines of behavioral standards; the US Supreme
  Court rules that police may board long distance buses without a
  warrant, and ask passengers for 'permission' to search their

And as ridiculous as these three examples are, still one must realize
how permission-obsessed society is...how many things do you do a day
without permission?  Permission to do this...permission to do that,
permission has been drilled into you, and independence, originality,
self-guidance, to name a few, have been thrown out the window.

Think about it...do you need permission to be independent, do you
need permission to be original, do you need permission to be
self-guided--of course not, those were things you were born to do
freely and openly.  But the world you were born into has a slightly
different view...it wants control over you, over your independence,
originality, and self-guidance...and to get that--the system has
devised a permission-syndrome, and from day-one, that syndrome is
transmitted directly to you from a variety of different sources.

Probably one of the first words which a new-person in swaddling
clothes does hear the most, are the words...no, no, no, or don't,
don't, don't!  Those pre-conditioning baby-words of no & don't
are designed to prepare one for the permission-zone of which this 
world is totally obsessed with.

It is remarkable how completely different things are within the
human social-world compared to the natural-world of nature.  In
nature, one doesn't need permission, one is always welcome to be
and do as they will--only in a civilized-human location does one
need permission.  And why is this?

Think about it and realize just where and what kind of a place
you are living in, and the effect all the permission-moments have
upon you and the direction you are going.  Where are all of the
permission-rules leading you, are they going anywhere, or just 
keeping you in a re-cycle zone of over and over and over again.
Even subject matter one learns in school is laced and filled with
permissions...okey, so some things must be a certain way, fine.

...and where do those certain-ways lead, and what are the permission
grants for--are they for something important, important to you...to
me, to our originality, our identity, and living self...are these
permissions positive, are they reaching beyond the present holds,
and do they have common-sense.  Where does one draw the line as to
where the permission-zone is needed and where it is not?

The human is led so easily, because it has a characteristic which
from its beginning tries to do things with a lot of sincerity,
sincerity...that is a human trait.  And after time and much
struggling, that trait becomes very worn, even over-looked or
ignored, and difficulties begin.

Maybe the reason no-one speaks to anyone on the street or subway,
is because they are waiting for permission.  Maybe the reason no-one
stops to help another person in distress is because permission must
be given first.  Perhaps the reason there are so many stress-related
heart-attacks, is because the permission syndrome forgot to release
a permission-vibe, which will let the heart-beat continue.

But these are only mild permission-zones, yes, take a look through
the history of this world.

...permission synod's of the Inquisition era, that tribunal system
which burned people alive--that's right, burning at the stake was
popular.  The Inquisition permission zone was very bad, which brings
to mind one example--the Duchess was a Lady who utilized her
husbands wealth by building gardens and studying botany, and she had
built a green-house which faced south, to gather the warm winter sun.
It happened that in December, a rose of that hot-house did come to
bloom, and was that permitted?  Who would have permission to allow
a rose to bloom in winter...and she, the Duchess was taken and
burned at the stake for practicing witch-craft...do not laugh or
smile, this is a true historical fact!

Burning at the stake was also done to Joan d'Arc, who finally after
500yrs was Sainted by the very permission-minded Church, from where
the terms Inquisiton and Tribunal probably did originate.

And several Centuries later, the permission zone of the Inquisition,
put on some different clothes...no-longer just vestments of the
church--yes, permission also was dressed in king's clothing, as with
an example.

Peter the Great, that Russian Czar during the 1700's, was one of
those permission-masters, a man who liked to create war, a man who
enjoyed power and the killing, a man who would even kill his own son.

The obsession, the self-centered obsession, the obsession laced with
permission, is an obsession of madness.  One must realize how the
permission-zone can be and become...

Alexis Petrovich, a born czarevich, Peter the Greats son, disapproved
of his father's reforms, and was tried for treason...given 20 lashes
with the knot, something which no-one ever survived if given 25--
yes, they didn't want to kill him out-right, sort of torture him,
then two days later, another go with the knot, and finally the next
day he did die.  Something similar was probably done to Afrosina,
Alexis Petrovich's Finnish mistress.

Yes, that czar, Peter the Great, with all of his permission training,
and his permission-power, became very much something other than
human; for what man would intentionally do that to his own son, or
a daughter.

And what is the permission-zone?  Is it a cutting-edge, is it a
cousin of the leading-edge, how is it weaved to the thin-line zone,
you know, that place of threads, sounds, and other things--things
which lead along a melodious lane, pied-piper perhaps putting on its
permission-hat-and modern clothes; sunglasses included.

The point is something which those in the know, and those in the
groove should realize...a point that, if one is not wise, hip,
bright, one can very well become a victim of the permission-zone,
that modern permissionism realm--a new high-tech-micro-bio-chip-zone,
which runs itself from satellite...one of those implant-things.

...you know, that thing which operates within the blood-system, that
bug which runs on body-heat, that thing which tells where you are
every minute of the day or night, that thing which transmits your
location anywhere on the earth; it even controls your sexual

So bright eyed present-time generation, human in the mix, matrix-form
and collage, better take a look around at all this permission-zone
stuff, and its cool sound and cyber moves--bio-micro-chip implants
are not chocolate chips, better have a think about the virtual-reality
weaved and owned by the permission-zone.

There is more floating around in your DNA than just some molecules,
your DNA is laced with information, important information meant
only for you to know...and the permission-zone wants it, perhaps
through some cool neat trick of the virtual-reality kind, that
information can be extracted...downloaded...stolen.

...ya, unless you want to be denuded, better get it on...and quick,
for the controls are very near at hand--need I say more.

And now that muse standing next to me
smiles and does say,
"...that's all for now my friend,
we too better be on our way..."


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