...Symphonic tones...

Alexander Volenski



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Overtures...and Harmonies of Love.

Love Verse 96, (C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski

Unedited excerpt from the book, Love Verse 96.


"...have you ever weaved a thread or two...
...ever rode the wave,
harmonic wave,
ever felt the message feel
polyphonic counterpoint,
that interweaved melody
harmonic motion...?"

Polyphonic or polyphony:
[pol-y-phon-ic, po-lyph-o-ny],
polyphonic music,
having two voices or more voices or parts,
each with an independent melody;
polyphonic composition.

There is also polyphonic prose,
characterized by 
the use of poetic devices...
...by rhythm not strictly metered,
something perhaps like

And now to symphonic's and overtures,
harmonies and love,
compositions and orchestration,
romantic emanations
emotions with a kiss or two,
a kiss to awaken heart,
which pulses dances
as it calls to you.

Yes the kiss of love
is a warm delight,
the kiss of heart
brings on sight,
and in that warmth
of delight and sight,
one finds the answer weaved
to explain their plight...

Symphonic overtures
harmonies of love,
are composed and given breath
within the night and day,
expressed and sent aloft
to be as they will be,
for heart of love does truly see
does truly hear perceive,
harmony of love
sent to you and me.

Harmonic love,
its melody so pure,
melodic overture,
like a kiss upon the lip
with a symphonic-hug or two...
...we dance upon the floor,
floor of our delight,
dance all through the night,
dance into the light.

Love so true
love so new
love is more than
being you,
love so fresh
love so blessed
love is of our heart,
of our being true.

"fly me to the moon,
and let me play among the stars,
show me what life is like
on Jupiter and Mars,
in other words...please be true,
in other words...darling kiss me..."

...and Bart Howard of the 1960's
really knew how to weave a tune,
how to sing that song of love,
yes he knew...that's why he wrote,
'Fly Me To The Moon.'

And where are the other Howard's,
what has happened to that which is true,
true to us...?

Ever wish upon the moon,
ever want to touch a star,
ever dream of being free,
and wanting to always be...

Ever had a love
one just for you,
ever had a dream
the kind which ever knows,
ever walked a path
to find your love alone...
love-waiting there for you.

You see,
there are all kinds of things
which seem just a moment away,
just a thought away,
just a feeling away,
all kinds of things...
...things with deep emotion
that natural passion,
a passion all are born with,
that passionate kiss
the pure natural passion,
passion without interruption,
passion without any pre-interpretation,
that pure lofty passion...love.

passion at its best
is natural and free,
passion is a positive-natural,
an original blessing,
something which is ever free,
free for you and me.

However the control faction,
that corruptive domination
and influence...
...would have passion hidden away,
for that control-faction knows full well
the power of pure passion,
and of passions healthiness to mind
and being.

The symphony and overture,
harmonies of love,
are weaved with a passion and a love,
are shown-expressed as
a symphonic poetry of passion,
...the harmonic and passionate...

Do not be fooled by those
who would steal your heart
by keeping love and passion from you,
in an attempt to starve your heart,
a heart of which you were born to complete.

This world is not as simple sometimes
as it may seem,
there are a lot of hidden traps
which one must be aware of,
one must realize and be keen
as they listen to the truth within,
one must keep in touch,
and in mind with love,
that love born within self...
...also one must search as best they can
to find the ever loved-one,
and to learn and know how it dances too,
how it dances to the harmony within...
...how it feels the love and passion
born and freely there,
there for one to perceive.

It appears very true
that some have strived to help,
help with many variations along
a melodious way,
a way which all can link too or tie-with,
even-if one only has a few thin-threads.

Threads lines
weaved interweaved
along with a counterpoint
and chord or two;
listen around and hear
some common on the street expression;
'threads, lines, waves,'
'coool-waves' lines threads...
are a few which come to mind
and fit this subject line.

What's the message,
and why is everything so cool,
why all the threads and lines...

Are threads and lines message-words of
or are they just cool-words for all to hear,
perhaps they are more than words...
...a kind of flawless chord
of romance and reality...
...are they a pure-link-harmonic
to love and passion and even kiss...

Those message-words,
what are they and how to understand,
and a few lines come to mind
from that beautiful woman,
Saint Hildegard of Bingen.

Hildegard von Bingen
has much to tell,
has written many lines and books,
and in the musical,
many songs,
songs which sing from heart,
songs with tones who touch,
touch the spirit
and open the doors...

And she did write
in one of her manuscripts,
"when the words come,
they are merely empty shells
without music...
...they live as they are sung,
for the words are the body
and the music the spirit."

There, now you have it,
'words are the body,
music the spirit...'

Thoughts from the mind and heart
of a very visionary woman,
one who was born nearly 900yrs ago
in a village of Germany,
a village named Bingen,
Hildegard, a woman who endured...

And if it were that one would listen
to that which she did put to music,
and read of that which she shared in word,
shared from her visionary
and her heart of love...

So you see the message-word
in order to survive,
must in some way weave itself
to the spirit of music,
that Muse of love and heartfelt kindness,
that Muse of love and completeness.

Musical composition,
threads of harmony,
lines and chords,
polyphonic verse and tone...

Counterpoint & timelessness in motion,
symphonic overtures weaved sent
along a melodious way,
what do they really mean,
and what was it like in those far
and waking yesterdays,
say...400 years ago,
somewhere about the year 1596,
that year seems appropriate,
and I suppose that would be
a place one may visit
in order to envision another overture
from the world of Musica.

Candle light at night,
firewood to heat the stove and cook,
'mother always helps with needs,
lots of broth and cheese,
nuts and ale, some wine too,
and the nights were quiet
just a passing horseman or two,
life was very good but hard.'

And the carpet weaver with his spools,
busy interactive man,
weaved a thread or two,
yes the carpet-man weaved his way
through many a room and hall,
often even into a loo.

The carpet-threads were many colors,
many thin-lines to follow,
pattern after pattern
carpet-man did weave,
patterns that were as a whistling way,
were patterns known very well
by one carpet weaver of that time,
Johannes Bach.

Johannes (Hans) Bach
musically inclined in his own right,
was the grandfather of
Johann Ambrosia Bach,
and Ambrosia was the father of
Johann Sebastian Bach.

Of the twenty children
of Johann Sebastian Bach,
the eldest was
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
a brillian composer,
and also of the youngest-Bach
of that line of twenty,
was Johann Christian Bach,
who was known as the "English Bach,"
Christian also knew a young composer
of that time,
whose name was Mozart.

Thus the threads weaved
by that carpet-man Hans Bach,
and the many thin-lines he surely followed,
thin-lines of that weaved carpet design,
surely do reach 400yrs
into this time and place,
presented through the music and inspiration
of that persistent musical family of Bach's...

And why mention any of this,
what purpose,
although the music of Bach
is famous and loved by many,
still how is this all tied
to the importance of your life or mine?
Perhaps these are merely
musical moments of honorable-mention,
one of those link-connect moments, 
a kind of history wave,
one of those weaved-wave kind-of tones...

Yes, as one walks the alleys
and the narrow streets,
and spends some time in the rough,
perhaps a cafe, pub, tavern, bar or two,
one will often hear small spoken phrases:
the coded language of the musically inclined
is heard most everywhere,
chords and threads, lines and waves,
a vibe or two,
are some which come to mind,
many more are out there.

Is that lingo-linguistic
linked somehow to a carpet-man
who weaved many threads,
a man, who's genealogy was gifted
and smiled upon by a symphonic Muse,
a Muse to inspire and establish a Bachism
of harmonious overtures,
overtures sent as upon a lofty breeze
to weave their way and touch our psyche...
A psyche which is present everyday,
for every human has a Psyche,
just like every human has a spirit-known.

And what is that-keyword 'thread',
which is weaved to a carpet-man,
what is the mystery of 'thread'
which has somehow become an interactive-link
woven to a composition of the melodious...

Is that keyword 'thread',
a magical theme or something,
a kind of ancient 'thereabout's',
something known as a mystery,
and have you heard of the Mysteries?

However, before we move into the realm
of the Mysteries,
let's spend a little more time
with carpets...

something which threads-eventually can become,
even give birth too.
Carpet: from Medieval Latin Carpeta,
carpire-to pluck, Latin carpere;
a covering over a floor,
weaved woolen.

And there are carpet beetles
also known as buffalo bugs,
and there also is a carpet viper,
which causes more human fatalities
than any other snake;
the military even coined the words
'carpet-bombing' during the many wars;
there are even flying or magic carpets
which have been written about in fiction;
and there also is the legendary history
of Cleopatra,
the last Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt,
who it was said,
"secretly was presented to Caesar,"
first-Caesar Emperor of Rome,
rolled-up in a carpet,
need more be said of the exploits
of that very intelligent and passionate

Yes, symphonic's and overtures,
harmonies and love,
threads and lines,
weaved carpets...

And as one as myself does sit and write,
this very moment I do pause,
for I suddenly feel and hear
know and understand,
understand within this small
and humble moment an imagining,
a moments imagining,
one of those moment-visionary glimpses...

...it is a sunny afternoon,
a cafe with tables along the sidewalk way,
and there I see them,
a foursome,
sitting and sipping Cappuccino,
some smiles and much beauty...
...who are they,
and from whence did they come...
...ah-yes, and if only perhaps...

Hildegard and Howard,
Cleo and Bach,
...could it be...?

And now the Muse within me
smiles as she says,
"that's all for now my friend,
let's go have a talk with them..."


And here ends this selection from LV96.

                                        This page created April 98