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Alexander Volenski


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Opalescing The Moon

(C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski,
Love Verse 96; a book of analogies, reviews, prose/poetry.

Unedited excerpt from LoveVerse96
Opalescing The Moon

"...and how will it be
for you and me dear love,
how will it be...?"

The man stood alone, it was a night time wintery, the snow was
white and glowed--moonlight shine.

The man stood and gazed into the sky at the faraway which he did
see...yes, a new half-moon there for him to perceive.

This was a quiet night time, no breeze no sound, a pure quiet 
stillness, everywhere a stillness which reached to the bone,
that inter-center of the man, a stillness which touched to
the heart-felt, that inter-love of the man, a stillness which
expressed to the intelligence, that inter-known of the man,
a stillness which kissed to the spirit-all, that inter-loved
of the man--a stillness which whispered to the natural yearning,
that inter-one of the man.

And he did feel much as he looked to this moon,
whose luminescent-light met wintery snow;
and now too he did breathe deeply.

Between man and moon was a blanket of cloud, a thin nacreous cloud
with color like that of white opal, a cloud which appeared to be
opalescing the moon, (a thin halo edged moon) a ringed pink
to crimson circlet, with encompassing outer region of opal shine,
bright-moon in its center (moon, red edge halo, opal cloud shine).

The man contemplated as he gazed, yes, that banded luminary glow of
cloud appeared as a disk of light, light-aura of a majesty seemed
that halo opal-blush, luminary timeless poise awakened to be adrift
upon the moment; a man's moment alone with night-sky, wintery cloud,
snow and moon.

"Ah," he sighed, "a sight to beam homeward, moonlight love so fine,
and 'what be thee oh wonder', what be thee dear and gentle wonder,
what is it sweet moonlight, which you would and must convey with
opalescing cloud this night--and of what must I perceive?"

Cirrostratus flush, high transparent scarf like cloud, Camellia-pink
corona colored ringlet sign.  (The man mused) 'that semi-transparent
misty cloud is so like my life enclosed-held upon this earthy sphere,
you, cloud above too do seem held enclosed as you move, stretch, and 
sway upon and within the heavenly'.

"A cloud, opalescing moon and me--
cloud crossing high above, between that which I perceive to be";
lunula moon, moon in the half.

What messages, oh yonder Seraphim,
Angelic so sublime,
what knowledge oh reaching Cherubim,
Angelic so present,
what wisdom oh conveying Throne, third of nine,
Angelic so perceptive,
what meaning love, fortitude, and goals,
oh Dominions, Powers, Virtues,
Angelic's of the wise,
what striving hope, compassion, and deeds,
oh Principalities, Archangels, Angels,
Angelic's of understanding--
yes, what messages would you have me perceive,
I a man, a human,
a human who stands alone in the night,
a man
who looks through an opalescing clouded-veil;
a lace between myself an dear sweet moon.

And again the man did breath deeply, inhaling the chilled air, 
and he felt a wavering, a kind of instant light-headedness,
as though something momentarily touched, and he relaxed himself
as he peered to the sky, seeing only the opalescing cloud moon,
and thin red halo ring.

In the silent instant, he knew the feeling he sensed was that of 
a spirit kind, and he eased his mind to glide and soar momentarily
as within a spirit-meld, and he beheld of the sudden an awareness,
a presence near an unto him, a presence with mind so clear, 
emotion so enduring, feelings so alive--and yearnings with so much

Yes, those were the feelings of the moment, feelings with a moment
instant message, message to convey pure clear understanding, 
message coming fast and aloft--truth being heralded quickly;
'much to perceive, much to remember'; and thus, loves truth does
shine for that which has endured--Centuries of Time.

You see, within the lightness of the moment a flicker known was
understood of a refinement highly held, a significance of great need,
a hidden truth of importance (ancient message); a knowledge weaved 
and kept by one who endured--a hidden-known which was sent to be 
shared with this moments pause, Opalescing Moon...
man alone in the night.

And the man now knew how it had been on this spheric planet Earth,
of a time ago, long ago--and of an overwhelming need which 
continuously did call and transmit to the heavenly; starlight
field, enduring spirits-love.

The man thought of his love, and she then conveyed to him in mind,
"for you and me, we shall always be, just as opalescing cloud which
now and then has a shadow-glow, while dear moon above takes its
position so--yet, in all of this beware to not become caught-captured
within the entanglements--corruption and chaos."

As the man relaxed his mind while holding sight of that opal shine,
pink ringlet, silent-known, bright moonbeam coming as a chorus
singing--chorus of Ten-Thousand Maidens singing, all calling-pleading
simultaneously, "come to me...please come to me."

And the man then suddenly understood how a pureness and yearning was
being directed, and he knew that yearning truly did exist.  For that
Angelic Chorus came strong and clearly within the present silent
moment, 'a known, as from the Halls of Immortality', those great
halls of everything, the halls of truth, the hall of records,
the halls of love, the hall of the all--the halls,
where one found sincerity, the halls where one found total-truth.

And again the man took a deep breath, and focused his eyes upon the
cloud, a cloud which was like a thin smooth silk, and the soft
brightness of the moon flew within his mind, just as a spirit would
glide, and his senses were instantly heightened--eyes now shifted to
the pink ring, that very thin and soft color-band, and he felt
emotion suddenly tingle through him.

"Ah," he said to himself, "such instant power, moon radiant shine
does have, and if I open to it, what will it tell me--open and

Thus, he opened his mind and feelings, and as in the short time of
just one breath, all which was sent to him by that message-moon,
with opalescing cloud, came clearly and touched vastness.

And it was from a very distant time, a time worth remembering,
it was of 'the Resourceful Ones', those who were the loving ones,
those who were the loving ones of star-shine, those who came to
Earth--a visit held.  A visit held, 'somehow caught within a strange
thing, like a window it semed to close', closing the door to home,
course to glide no-longer there...

[their high perception spoke within him]

"...though we be Immortality, much is yearned for ever-too, and the
conscious mind does see, it does record everything, thousands of 
years--there is much wonder to be told, and will we be rescued from
this plight?"

"Is there someone who will find the way, is there something which
will transmit, so this dilemma is found and known to those of
which...our home...a dilemma which is keen--our concern deeply...
who will be the one?"

When the man heard these thoughts, emotions opening a pathway to 
the innocent, empathic-messages, human emotion transmitting truth--
he suddenly realized a great importance, and also became more
aware of that which shared this moments meld of mind, as he looked
to opal-moon.

Perhaps they both (the Resourceful Ones and he) were gazing upon
the same opalescing moon cloud, perhaps both sharing the same view
as from separate dimensions or locations, both perhaps knowing of
the other, yet not where or whom...

And the man sensed that there were many thousands-thousands of
messages accumulated over the eon's--another thought was that,
perhaps something was on the moon, or in the sky above, blocking
messages sent, and what could that be?

"...we sing our song
we endure as we are
we ever call
we continue to hope
we feel alone
we know our heaven home
we are held..."

And the man suddenly realized that even the Angelic-Spirit, or
Immortality, with all its power and endurance--yes, even Immortality
too had limits, and he wondered as to how long that yearning 
could continue?

The man, perceived this all to be as of a sincere regard message-sent,
message of an Emissary, opalescing moon, and he felt a solemn truth
within all which he realized and understood at that moment.

Now the man had a feeling of soft-sadness, as though the tranquility
radiated by that spheric lunar orbiter moon, was sending him a 
message which had endured for so long--a message also now rarely
transmitted--for the time too was so long, many thousand years.

A calling kind of message--it felt like a yearning, yes, an 
often-yearning, as loves calling did attempt to find.  Love, has
a way of speaking, telling, knowing, understanding, when sometimes
one is alone and with nature and the heavens.

What could he do to help, was there a way of helping, or was it all 
just something for him to understand, acknowledge, and also to be 
able to keep as within his inner memory; awareness of the many who 
are held.

And now the man began to realize that it could be very difficult
to travel beyond this solar system--that a space blackout could be
in place, like an invisible web, a world wide web--and thus, those
who came in, could not get out, or even transmit an SOS.

Pirate Planet System--and a very hidden away place, the planet Earth.

And the man alone, wondered what the ancient-one, Lonkhar, of the
Seventh-Hall, would have to say of this entrapment?  Pirate planet
system, which has done so many bad things, and created so many
snares--now it too could be caught within its own web.

"Who will fight against this system, which has been present for
thousands of years, who will step forward and act, act in the
cause for humanity--who are the ones of courage, who are the ones
not afraid?"  And the man nodded, and wondered how long it would be.

Then he brushed these thoughts aside, and glanced again at the moon,
and felt much compassion for those trying to free of that which
held them, and also much sorrow or soft-sadness; for the fact--
that only an elevated experience like this opalescing moon-moment,
may link to such awareness of that hidden reality.

And the man mused to himself, "what good is all the money, if one
cannot even have a simple dream, what good is the wealth, if one is
entrapped and not free, what good are the luxuries, if one is as
caged within a mind block, what good is this life, if one does not
gain their completeness and become free to go their way?"

Now the man turned and walked down the stone steps to his abode,
where there was warmth and also light, and a means in which to

...And now the muse within me turns, and slowly does say,
"that's all for now my friend, we must look to find a way."


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