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Compose A Rose

Love Verse96, (C)1996, (C)2005 A. Alexander Volenski

unedited excerpt from LoveVerse96

Compose A Rose

Compose a rose
a rose compose,
compose a rose
a moon rose compose.

A snow white rose
on emerald stem,
a thornless rose
moon rose compose.

Compose a rose
a thornless rose,
a white moon rose
a rose compose.
Emerald stem
so green and smooth,
petals soft
with fragrance true,
touch alarmed
moon carrying charm,
give to me
this rose unharmed.

A whitened rose
on thornless stem,
a sweet perfume
of petals blend,
a harmless touch
warms dreaming friend,
as thornless rose
the moon does lend.

Compose the rose
of moonlight so,
the bloom will show
how petals glow.

Arrange in circles
rounded blends,
sweet fragrance sent
to airy friends.

Compose a bloom
in full of moon,
compose a bud
to open soon,
compose in spring
for all to sing,
compose a rose
for love to cling.

When blossoms full
are open wide,
their colors bright
are all so kind,
their petals soft
to fragrant mind,
arranged like lace
to tie all time.

Reach gentle hand
to touch the rose,
feel how grand
and smooth it goes.

Smooth and soft
rose petals are,
that seem to come
from a place afar.

Listen mind
to thoughts and sight,
of soft fresh petals
the moon's delight,
and when you awaken
be sure to tell,
that petals bloom
a casting spell,
where roses loom
from silent moon,
to compose a rose,
moon rose

                        this page created 2000