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Good Spirits, Love and Angels;
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Mon Ami to Love and Thee

First, greetings to my page!

I'm a woman who has traveled a little, read a lot, and do keep in 
touch with things...also I write a little poetry, but usually just 
for me or a friend; poetry seems personal in many ways.

Where I live is a nice place in the SW -- kind of hot and dry,
especially during the summer.

During my free time, studying 'lingustic speech patterns' is my
hobby -- which for all my life has been both positive and at times
negative -- for reasons I now not why.  If you would like to share 
your findings (lingustic patterns), or have an interest in learning 
what I have discovered in this unique area, feel free to email.

And for now, to not seem a bore just talking about myself, I shall
close here with one of my poems, a kind of an introductory poem 
and message...perhaps later there will be more poems I will share...

The Eye of Time (C)1998 Judee Pendleton

The eye of time is full of growth
it floats in a world still clear,
and views the tour of passersby
with such a simple stare.

The tourist sees a lonely thing
caught in a Crab like claw,
while the seeker views the dignity
of the new and old in awe.

The eye of time is open wide
held firm on an Ancient Throne,
and sees the movement of us all
in search of a God to own.

The interweaving of our souls
is often never lacking,
yet when we speak of vanity
we over take our passing.

The fugitives of 'time and space'
are petrified and solemn,
while leaving us a legacy
of silence without felon.


And here is something I came on to at a used book store
not long ago -- a nice kind of spiritual message; something
which Abraham Lincoln did write, along with other poems.

Creator Spirit! by whose aid
The World's Foundations first were laid,
Come, visit every humble mind,
Come, pour thy joys on human kind,
From sin and sorrow set us free,
And make us Temples worthy thee.

Oft have I turned my eyes within,
And brought to mind some latent sin,
But pride, the vice I most detest,
Still lurks securely in my breast.


Yes, those messages by one of America's President's
is kind of nice for us to read, and even contemplate.

Next, this is a 'Science Poem', also a focus
on a health product Cellfood;
as follows.

(C)2002 Judee Pendleton

"The Rebirthing of Our Essence
through Cellfood and Distilled water."

Science has established that "nothing" is faster
than light!

Using this 'principle of nothing',
in regard to the di-pole valence,
the body electric combines two interactions
through using Cellfood,
the dissociation of oxygen
by the molecule separating into two parts
of the same whole.

Through deutrosulfazyme
accelerating cellular reduction
and combining in an improved form,
the enzymatic action within 'Cellfood'
causes nascent oxygen to burst forth
from each and every molecule,
'adding God's perfection'
in the wholeness of time and space
by 'reduction'.

In addition,
being faster than light,
plus the body being the receptacle of light,
allows the body to become it's own on going
'reduction chamber'.

The catalytic balancing of our own water table,
and the conversion,
through elimination of catabolic waste
within the body,
can synergistically rebuild the cells
through reduction and regeneration.

end of quote.

Science can be somewhat difficult to comprehend
sometimes, especially when one sincerely tries
to describe molecular levels,
because such levels are more or less invisible
to the human eye. I hope the poem is understood,
that the hints are perceived.

So, that's all for now -- thank you for your visit,
'health & healing' to you all.


                                Page created 1998
                                   updated 2005