The Pacific Northwest

Alexander Volenski


The Ancient Book: The Ancient's...Egypt...important info..
Compose A Rose: A poem, an excerpt from Love Verse 96.
Ewe's Milk: A piece of Italy...Volcanic Mount Vesuvius.
Labyrinthina: WebWeaver Kathy :-) a large presentation--Mazes of Time & Space.
The Vesuvian: A little piece of Italy.
Wafting: From Love Verse 96...A Song for Science.
Miss Love: 'When I arrived here on an aura-beam traveling faster than light...'
Genji: The Tale of Genji...Japan 1000AD...Lady Murasaki
Henry Miller: Essay on Henry Miller...quotes/comments.
Text of the Pyramids in Egypt: The Utterances
Bruce Chatwin: Essay on the author...Australia, S America, Europe.
Empathic Expressions: World Mythology/Ancient Legends; 18 area's of the planet.
Wilderness Expressions: 'Home-site'; 14 tapes recorded at a rough camp/the Pacific Northwest.
UFO's: The visionary and para-normal realms.
Overtures: A few lines and threads...Bach...a little information on Bachism.
Q's & Permission Planet: LoveVerse96 excerpt, soft/satires.
Opalescing the Moon: Excerpt from LoveVerse96--prose/poetry.
Elizabeth Browning & Percy Shelley: Essay, a love-poetry duet; excerpt from LoveVerse96.
Hi-Tech-Caves and a Cyclops: Excerpt from LoveVerse96, a book of analogies/prose/poetry.
of Gomb: Excerpt from LoveVerse96.


Author/Poet/and Longshoreman
A. Alexander Volenski, Owner of Alexander Publishing

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The Mountain, A Visit to Mount Rainier, Daily Hikes, Dreams, Thoughts
Concepts, 20-year Dream Record, visions, paradise, off-world events, Abstractions
The Man in the Courtyard, and The Tablets of Solon, 600BC Athens, the Statesman Solon.
October 99, narrative-text of a 11-day wilderness camp, nature, animals, spiritual feelings and poetry. 
Love Verse 96 analogies, essays, fiction, critiques, satires, a study written in 1996
Journeys 2, the pure love feature, various essays

The Mountain,(C)1994 (C)2005 a visit to Mount Rainier National Park
Journeys 2, (C)1995 (C)2007, the pure-love feature/fiction
Love Verse, (C)1995 (C)2007,prose poetry/romance/fiction
Concepts, (C)1995 (C)2004, 20yr dream record, a wide range of happenings and visions
Love Verse96, (C)1996 (C)2005 prose poetry/analogies/essays/fiction
The Man in the Courtyard (C)2000 historical fiction, Athens/Solon, 600BC
The Tablets of Solon (C)2008 historical fiction, Statesman Solon
October 99 (C)2008 narrative text from October 99 20 audio tapes
Concepts II (C)2009 narrative text of dream visions 1998-2001
Empathica (C)2009 narrative text from the Empathic Expressions series
Champagne and Music (C)2021 Fiction/Romance/Pure Love Feature/immortality and a love couple's experience finding each other

*Audio Recordings*
Empathic Expressions, (P)(C)1997; 25-tapes; world mythology/legends
Wilderness Expressions,(P)1997; 14-tapes backcountry recordings
Empathic Expressions98, (P)(C)1998; 5-tapes on various subjects
Genji, (C)1998, 'The Tale of Genji' review/comments
The Eye of Time, (P)1998 (P)2005 poetical presentation
Empathic Expressions99, (P)1999; 8-tapes
October 99, (P)1999, 20-tapes, theme, Search for the Original
Empathic Expressions 2000, (P)2000; 13-tapes
Wilderness Expressions, (P)1997;
empathic series of 14-tapes recorded at a camp
in the Pacific Northwest; each tape 90min.
Empathic Expressions, (P)(C)1997;
expressions on World Mythology-Ancient Legends; narrative and text.
Global-vitalism, world-spirituality, universal-links, cosmic-laws and
order.  The narratives are 90-min per tape; some have been placed in book form.

'Empathic Expressions', are immediate narratives, impressions,
perceptions, analogies, from a first reading of a book on World 
Mythology and Ancient Legends.  No-editing or pre-dialogue involved, 
no-filtering or scrutinizing by a team of secretaries.  Comments and 
analogies are immediate and focused on universal links related to 
various Cultures, Nations; their human immortality aspects on 
planet Earth linked in myth & legend.

The Tapes:
Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China, Japan, Greece-3 tapes, Rome,
E. Europe, Celtic, N. Europe, Arctic, N. America 2-tapes,
Mesoamerica (Central America) 2-tapes, S. America, Africa 2-tapes,
Australia 2-tapes, Oceania 2-tapes, SE Asia.
The Man in the Courtyard historical-fiction.  
Ancient Greece 600BC, a man of that courtyard, his everyday
expression, experiences; his journal entries.  The Man in the
Courtyard represents a Greek lawgiver, Statesman, ship-owner,
and poet, Solon, who lived in Athens.  Plato, most likely
was related to the Solon family, a family of the most ancient
people, tribes of Athens; Athens, a realm of Attica, located
in Southeastern Hellenic Greece.

Solon, one of the seven wise men of Greece.
The first Greek to write of the continent of Atlantis.

The Man in the Courtyard, narrative-text has highlights of Greece
during Solon's lifetime.  Several analogies are developed in
the narrative to assist theme and character of the
history presented.

The Man in the Courtyard, though a fiction of the imaginative
spirit, still it is written to be near the actualities recorded
by historian's of that era, 600BC.  On Amazon Kindle/Amazon Books
The Tablets of Solon, historical fiction of the Statesman Solon,
his travels and 'the special tablets', Part I, is at the Shrine
of Delphi and Temple of Apollo; available at Amazon Kindle/Amazon Books
October 99 Narrative text of the October 99 series recorded while
camped at a mountain Sore Thumb in the Pacific Northwest, Washington
State.  The narratives theme and thesis, Search for the Original,
subtitle, An Indepth look into Spiritual and Visionary Development.
Alexander Volenski, poet, author; attended Kalamazoo College,
Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Institute of Art,
Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA.,
and presently, a Longshoreman in Port Angeles.

Travels: Europe - Florence, Rome, Spain, England,
Monaco, France. Visits: Virgin Islands West Indies,
Bermuda, and most of the USA;
Owner of Alexander Publishing,
Port Angeles, Washington, the beautiful Northwest

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