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UFO'S...Charmcar Episodes...Dream Vision Mt. Rainier.

Concepts,(C)1995,(C)2004 A. Alexander Volenski; a 20yr dream record.

An unedited selection from Concepts:
Area: Mount Rainier National Park, The Pacific Northwest.

Charmcar Event: 1993.925

[first, this is a long dream-vision, it was very clear, vivid, and
lasted several hours...if you have an interest in this subject, then
one would most likely print a copy of this page.]

  As this event opened I found myself piloting an Air Force fighter
jet, there was another jet along side, my wing-man.  The location of
our mission was over the skies of Washington State.  It was during
the day, late August, some clouds.  We had been sent to investigate
unidentified flying objects somewhere near Mount Rainier.
  As we sped along I spoke to my wing man on the radio, "do you read
them yet?"  He answered, "no, not yet."  Then as we traveled at high
speed our conversation became active and excited.
  I saw the objects, two UFO's, and said, "there...I have them up
close on port...they have split, and one is coming straight at us...
it's really moving!"
  My wing man responded, "do you want me to go after the other one?"
I answered, "no, stay close."  Then I heard him yell, "YEEOOO...WOW!
they're at 10:00, my sensore--traveling--
I see them...look at that one!"
Then I responded, "put on the after-burners and camera's,
let's go after it."
  It looked metallic, dull-silver-bronze color, maybe a few tints
darker, very smooth, but it wasn't round, it was a rectangular disc
shape.  There was an aggressive even hostile appearence to the craft.
Its persona, if one can give such a thing to mechanical objects, was
not intimidating, it was more like, "here I am fella, see how long
you can stay with me."  However if that craft was forced to use
weaponry, there was an impression that it would be massive and
completely devastating.
  It moved quickly, very fast, like a small bird on the wing darting 
in any direction at any speed.  It seemed to have massive power and
able to utilize the air currents that were present, riding with the
air and atmospheric turbulence.  It seemed to slice through the air
not float upon the air.
  A uniform compact rectangular shape with rounded edges, every
surface was smooth, and there were configurations or portals in the
front, black in color, and they looked like eyes; the craft was very
thin, slick and sleek in appearance.
  As it came out of a small cloud, it was heading from our port side
at about 10 degrees, straight at us, then it dipped down a fraction
and lifted up turning 180 degrees showing its under side, and headed
away in front, making it easy for us to follow.  There were two port
holes in the rear of the craft too.  Then we lost sight of it in the
clouds, for even though we were traveling at top speed, it still out
raced us.
  Then my wind man called, "here comes the other one...
it's approaching from behind."  Quickly looking through the canopy 
of my jet, I saw it fly by on the left.  It was very close, 
estimating within 50yrds, and it sped passed making us seem as though
we were standing still.  Then it disappeared in the distance following
the course of the other one.  It seemed that they were just playing
with us up here, but why were they there, was the thought which came
to mind.  The dream level then shifted.

  Now I was inside a large enclosure standing as with a poise, I felt
a composure of refinement and balance, a completeness of being.
Gazing forward I saw the rectangular disc vessel, it was calm at rest;
this enclosure was small and made of material not like the material
that one sees here in the 1990's.  I felt a stillness within, a silent
kind of peace, a stationary calm; a tranquility peaceful in its
incorruptible even enduring form.
  Looking at the vessel, I gazed over its entirety, the lighted 
surroundings were like rays of moon-light only brighter.  I walked to
the vessel, yet did not touch it, for this visit I knew was to view
with musing contemplation and reflection.  This vessel was not rare,
for I felt as though it were a part of me (as though it were a
familiar); I wanted to be unobstructed observing as I walked around
its perimeter.
  Starting at the front right corner of the vessel within a foot or
less, I stood and let my intelligent acumen (insight) relax and
listen.  The front edge was smooth, rounded like a wing of an airplane
with a slight flattened surface about 8-inches, which formed the 
upper and lower portion of the edge, it was like a lip or outer edge.
The vessel material seemed metallic and yet I knew its composition
comprised of much more in strength than any metal.  The edge-lip had
engravings all along it, very fancy scroll designs.
  Looking forward along the front toward the two portals, I examined
the configuration and noticed how the construction from the portals
swept back in a slight raised roll reaching the rear of the vessel
connecting to the portals there.  These portals looked like elliptical
windows, they were black in color and made of different material than
the outer surface of the vessel.  I moved toward the portal area and
stood in front of it and gazed at the black material, it seemed like
a no-see-in type of composition.
  Where the material of the vessels outer shell connected to the
portal material, there were no seams, all of the ships construction 
was a seamless composition.  The black portal was not circular, but
more orb in shape or elliptic, however very slightly.  Moving along
further, I noticed the edge (front) came not straight and realized
this vessels construction consisted of only curved surfaces.
  Before reaching the center of the vessel, I noticed on the upper
edge something that looked like a vertical rectangle, as a painted-on
print or marking, I stopped and observed.  On my first sight of this
marking, it appeared slightly light green and as I moved my head a
little, the color faded and became dull silver.  I looked, but did not
see any writing, just the vertical rectangle; I felt I knew what it
was for.
  Along the edge further, I saw a small rise like an opening very
small about 1X5 inches, a black lattice, and as I moved on I did not
know what that may be, for I was not now supposed to make conclusions,
only absorb and observe deeply.  For I knew I must give myself, open
myself, let myself merge freely, give my mind and identity what it
needed to learn and understand.
  Passing the other portal, all was the same and I realized the ship
was very symmetrical, this vessel was symmetrical in every way.  When
I looked and then listened to my feelings, those inner expressions
seemed to convey a great completness in design, harmonious, almost
melodious and instilled with passionate depth, almost as though this
ship were vivacious; I felt absoluteness present here.  There was 
also a great love inside of me for this vessel and all that it held
inside.  This love was like the love that one would have for a special
person, a complete and true love, a love without reservation in any
way.  This bonded feeling expressed an immeasurable and universal tie
to an encompassing all.
  Reaching the far end of the vessel, I turned to my left and looking
closely, noticed at the corner a seamless portion which was raised
slightly and appeared like a sensor area, perhaps something to do with
dimensional motion or shifting.  Looking along toward the rear, the
side edge had more raised places, and I walked along slowly listening
to the meadow of my mind, feeling the passion within me natural and
alive, allowing that inner part of myself freedom to explore my depth
of self and also to glide freely through the vital object next to me.
  After completing the perimeter walk of the vessel, I reached the
point where I began, and I stopped and stood.  I looked up above the
vessel at the room enclosure, then to my right trying to take in the
form, shape, depth of the place where I now was.  Relaxing myself to
let mind float, allowing my entity and all which I am, that joined
fused connected realization of self...and suddenly I sensed a
'presence'.  It was then that the level shifted, and instantly I was
standing inside the vessel and looking to my left.
  There I saw a young woman several feet away, who was walking toward
me, there was a clear white background lighting around her, she had
blond hair shoulder length, and was very beautiful.  It was then that
I realized why in this life I had dreamt of such a woman so often.
  She wore a white soft blouse with long sleeves and a high neck, and
there were thin small designs on the white material, and her hair
fluffed out here and there giving a provocative and lively personality
to her character; her leg garment had a soft brown color.  She came
near to me, however I think our awareness of each other was more
telepathic, the subconscious perhaps serving as link with
  The feeling and emotions which radiated from her felt strong with
fortitude and an understanding rationale, combined with a clear 
bonding to me.  There were no apprehensions, and it was truly known
to me that she was exceptionally intelligent.
  Then I glanced to my right and saw the interior portion of the 
portal window and saw what appeared to be a reflection at first of
myself on its smooth surface, and then I realized it was a man outside
the ship, for he moved.  The man was youthful looking and had brown
hair with streaks of blond, he also had a mustache.  The length of his
hair the same that I had, the mustache like that of a youth with a
soft appearance.  As my inner consciousness observed, I felt aware
and good with what I saw, and began to realize a vast comprehension
of self within my living consciousness.
  I felt as though this man (outside the ship) was part of me, 'could
this be that part of myself,' that protected elusiveness and private
identity which comprised of my total form and fashion; I knew that I 
must find the answers to these thoughts, for only there would I learn
and understand my completeness.
  And when I saw him move and look at me, I felt a sudden realization
that I was actually seeing myself in another form, for he looked as a
twin, and that sent a surge through me shifting the level,
transporting me to my bedroom where I now lay, and I awoke.

  Coming awake, I began replaying this series, moving along slowly,
retracing everything.  The woman and man and the vessel were very
real, clear, and precisely actual.  As I contemplated and reasoned
within myself of how I really fit into all of this, many things
crossed my mind.  For the inhibited life and society I lived in here,
did not seem on a level with the uninhibited realm or conscious
depth and perception which I experienced with those two there in that
place with the vessel.  I then felt a great need to know, and I 
questioned myself for the truth.  I reasoned about how truly connected
I was to all of this with vessel and two people.
  Getting up out of bed I walked outside to the backyard, and stood
in the light of the moon.  The moon was full and near its zenith, it
was a gentle moon, silent, alone, a remembering moon, a speaking moon,
and silent-though it was, it seemed to reach out to me as I looked up
toward its place in the night sky.
  The Universe with planets, stars, and constellations, shown in their
living existence, immortal and generously spanning in vastness.  As I
gazed into the heavens, I realized that this world (society) I now
was in was insignificantly small and especially petty.  And I thought
of that pettiness with its warring, hateful, selfishness, that
prevailed with mankind through thousands of years and also at this
time.  However I cast those thoughts out and began to focus upon the
moon and the stars, for I knew they were sincerely supportive and
rational.  They were reasonable in that which they were, and
represented much to one as me, placed here within a dimension of time.  
The moon supportive of the tides and growing of nature, and the
heavens too supportive in ways, which were yet to be discovered
by the troubled mind of mankind.
  Then gazing from the full moon to my left toward the Pleiades, a
constellation that my father pointed out to me as a boy.  I remembered
that I had asked him about that little cluster of stars.  A star
cluster which radiated in glowing warmth to me, and he said they were
sometimes called, "the seven sisters," and I liked the sound of his
expression, and felt much completeness.
  Now I looked lower toward the horizon and found Orion just rising,
and Ainitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka.  I remember my first sighting of
that constellation as a small boy, and of asking my father about it
too.  He said, "that is a big constellation, and if you follow the
line of stars leading from the three in a row, there is a Nebulas
world like gaseous cloud."  And as he said that, I felt a curious
sensation within Orion, as though one should be careful in such
a place.
  Looking now to the shining brightness of the full moon radiating
serenely, I asked myself about the man with the vessel, and spoke
looking to the moon, "how is he related, connected to me?"  Instantly,
I heard a serious voice speak within the confines of myself, and it
said, "he is you, you are one in the same."  Then I asked myself, "if
that is true, what is the motive for having me live here in this life
and place as I do?"  I listened deeply and heard a conveying thought
which said, "there is no motive in any of this, for it only is
something necessary at this time, at this juncture, and all you are
shall prevail."
  Then I began to think through these momentary expressions, and
reasoned, that I am a living substance (body), formed and alive with
consciousness, placed to perform with a purpose, a purpose difficult
and trying in many ways, yet a necessary one.  I asked myself, "what
must I do to be complete, and there with her and the vessel?"  And the
answer came, "you must continue on your course and do the necessary
things that will bring you there."
  As I continued to stand surrounded with the nights light, I realized
that I must encompass my being as I encompassed the vessel.  I must
gain in strength and become knowledgeable, more aware, and go there as
within the dream stream, for the answers were there and would be true
to me, and these words came to mind, "sky so high, ride the wind."

  You see in dream there is no emptiness, no aloneness, no pain that
cannot be overcome, no anxiety, as you are where you know you must be.
Of course there are nightmarish dreams, sent to confuse and to
disrupt the clear mind of self, a form of censorship perhaps devised
to hinder the rationale of self, identity, and being.
  The living essence, the true and loving self that I am, is a natural
uninhibited entity, born out of itself, from a realm of pure energy;
a place no-mind can intentionally create without the order of the
Universal Law.  The result of this life here in this disruptive
society and zone of madness, with warring, killing, hate, and
intensional cruelty to others, is not of what we are to be, thus, we
would be free of the chaos.  For we belong to a world where the mind
is purely open and free of projected fear, abuse, and chaos.  The
human must realize and know the reality of their real self, and not 
remain caught in such turmoil, confusion, and chaos.

  Now I turned my thoughts away from the negatives of this world, and
focused upon the positive.  The clouds were placed in a broken array
around the moon, and there was wetness upon the grass and ground from
a soft rain a short time ago.  I walked upon this abundant form of dew
and felt its coolness on my bare feet.  The sky with cloud was quietly
poised as though in slow motion, a tender drift I did perceive.  The
moon transcended its glowing light in dispersions of blush, radiating
that flush in a shower of pure cool lightness; all now was lit around
me, and I could see clearly nearby.
  I looked up to the moon veiled slightly by a soft cloud of tinted
gold, a slight shade this color came, like the hue one would find
upon a gentle tender petal of a blooming yellow-gold rose.  And the
cloud I saw seemed soft, smooth, alive, like the touch I knew when
my fingers caressed a flowered rose.  I also could sense in my hearing
a very high tone, a chime like ringing that floated upon the
surroundings as I stood all alone, under light of a peaceful night.
  As I glanced again toward that nightly luminous, the moon now was
covered by a motionless white cloud; I saw an opening between (wide
openings), and as I looked to the eastern-horizon, clouds lay upon it,
but between moon cloud and horizon cloud, there was an opening where
the Universe appeared in a deep sapphire blue hue.  The opening free
of cloud, showed the bright constellation of Orion with its three
bright stars, which lay open with much space between (no other stars
shown)...an opening like a window with the moon cloud above and
horizon cloud below.  A wide open slot there was, where Orion
stretched out/as in almost a projected astronomy study.  Bellatrix and
Betelgeuse, toward the north, Saiph and Rigel, to the south, four
corners, and aligned they appeared almost to form the shape of an
hour glass with the three bright stars of Orion in the center (middle)
where the sand of such an hour-glass would trickle.
  Further to the northward within the opening, I saw Gemini, a 
constellation with Alhena, Pollus and Castor, all brightly visible
like signaling lights placed by maidens of the night; lights to give
this meadowy sapphire blue night sky, a harmony of teeming
significance.  And I longed to be free in the beauties of the
Universe, to fly on high and ride the cosmic wind, to silently sail
upon the way, to view with sereneness and awe the flickering candles
of uninhabited emancipation, starlight homes.  The Universe, a world
placed high and complete, within the fervent consciousness of

  All of this feeling of awareness and freedom with knowledge and
understanding, passion and love, pulled at my inner being, in
recognition to a deep consciousness within myself.  I was pulled by
an aloneness within me toward that yearned for domain there, where one
could fly on high.  Such sweetness in and beyond linear time may be
hard to imagine unless one frees themselves to go there, and share and
feel the soft touch of love upon their brow.  An unlimited touch and
sensation, all whole and undivided.
  As I stood and thought of gentle wishes, looking to the moonlit
folds of cloud, I could not help but feel a slight reprieve from this
bitter world of cultivated violence, weaved in such a sophisticated
manner within the mantle of this century.  And as reality came back
to me, very little peace of mind was there for me to hold.  Stillness
though a sweet repose with reflected memory, is often a mere delight;
still filtering in my mind I found other less gentle thoughts where
anger intermingled between the lines of positive thought...like
twisted and chaotic scribbles across a written page.

  I returned to my bed in darkened room, and lay still and thought all
of this episode through to that place deep within, and still found
harsh new thoughts not thought refined, but thoughts surrounded by
another kind.  And I wondered of others, and how they may survive and 
quell the negative current of such a bitter society, as this world
continues to be.


Here ends the event.

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